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December 28, 2016
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June 25, 2008
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September 13, 1966
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Approved For Release 2008/06/25 :CIA-RDP78B04558A001400030017-6 P 1302332 FM l~PIC -OPCEN Yf1HAV~ClCINCEUR CINCPA~FL.T FICPAC COMNAVF014JAPA1~ AFSCC AFSSO PACAF AFSSO ACIC AFSSD FTC AFSSO BSD AFSS6 ESD AFSSB SSA AFSSO USAFE INFH' FICEUR ZEM T"APSECRE ~ti9U6 SES~ 13 07 22 Z OUT59785 13 SEP 1966 ~~~ I ~~~ ~. _~-~_ 1 ~~~~~~ ~ ~ ' ~ 25X1 CL?E NPL~~,.8~~8. MISSION 1036 i'0 TO 22 AUQUS? 66 DAK SUPPL 12 SEP 66 PT 04 PREFACE. ?HIS IS ?HE FAURTH`?F SEVERAL DAK SUPPLEMENT REPORTS ON MISSION 136 Ap? PROVIDES INF?RMAT3HN ON THE CHMMITTEE ON'HVERHEAD RECONNAISSANCE (C4MOR3 ?AR6E?S HHSE1tVED HN ?HE PNO?OGRAPHY At+>D NOT. INCLUDED IN ?NE AAK REP~R?S FOR THIS MISSION., CtEXT WHICH FALLAWE? SAS .IHiEN'TICAL TO THE FOUR?H DAK SUPPLEMENT REP~1R? ON MISSION 1036) T ~ P S E C R E T -ENp ~F MESSAGE - 25X1 25X1 (ALS4.:PASSED ?4 ~ 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/06/25 :CIA-RDP78B04558A001400030017-6 It -- -- - -- -- 1"NA S~APiCE. rrp~#Op~x figRGE Approved For Release 2008/06/25 :CIA-RDP78BO4558AOO14OOO3OO17-6 ,_ t~36 A>ut~ PRU a ItAF.S I?'FORMATTC#d ` .. w ~ v- f + f ~ 4 f,,. v f.r y, v a t V f! t ~;, t fa n, F"'\ ~~#CLUDED IN THIS REF~RT ^~''" -~ REFLECTING 5I6NIFIC~~''T C'-ar?3?n.'r INDICATEi~ ~-Y T?-,{.? CC~tJ~ITRY CCDE A#v';= Tl~p' C,r~JRDXNATES. SELECTED PF~~pXC~C~?;~.~'~;IC FtEFEf~_~:t~3CF'S F~~_= E~,~,'-' TARGET FOLE.-,!~Vr' THE t~ES---C-1R PTIOr3 DF T!~?i. Tn~~CET. SYr.ri~c~j,~ '^r~; ;,,,~"~!ITING C0~"'"'ITIONS AFF~CTI~`Sf PHOTC~G~ ~~~'Y ~ RF C ~CL~1~~~ SC '1~SCATTEREC~ C~ 4UD COV~'Rxtr COt~t`R T~,~~ sFT~i.. LCCQTi0it~S OF T/+;kt~F'TS 7'v THIS REPORT r~RE ._., __._ TARG~'T~ ;,-r~~~--,~RRAt~1GEC? I*.~ _~'t-?~ 3"~^,,~_ St{rPLE~1ENT BY SUBJECT At~'D WITNI~- EAC'~ ~tf",JF~`T '3Y COM4R TA~GE i ~ ;; ~P~~3ER. NON-COMGR TARGETS ARE LIST'~C~ ~- ,~s`:`-~ T~'E APPROPRI:AT~ a?.~JEGT A?' ER THE LISTI~3G OF IY~E^'TIrI~-.{^ Q??IILNOWtti SUT "FP~:~"~ , , HC ~HE~`~(Y C --- - - - ~ LOUD C~''JER~tr M !nHAZ.E~r CS ~:L%~~;n SHAD4H~r S #~SNOWzcr O (aOBLI'7;ilT~rs- ~~? t~`~SEMIpd~RK~'ESS?~r ~ '`~t~t4,~_ES ttr _~~.:~~Qy...~~R~,_.., CF f~?CAW't~t~~=L~?eGEzxr t~"{~ GR (~G?20E.rS~"? RESGi.,t_?TIr'~~n. INTERP~ STABILITY OF THE !~#-~u7t~~!~APF~Y ?S CATEr=~RT.~ED A5 ~ i~;,GO~ti~z~- F t~FAIR~r OR - _ -- - - f~PC`CRtt. T-'I F'XTE{?~~T CAF p~#~TOGRA~~Iu Cti+VER.I,?E IS DE^{DYED BY THE 51`M~3CLS ~' "TCTALtz OR PT iwPRRTIA_i~^. TtiE '?~DE__QF COVERgGE-- ___IS-INDICA'fF0 ~'~ ST f~'STERECxsr ~~ '?P~1~~.TIAL STF~tEOttr OR IBS ~J ANON-ST[wREt~~. ~'~ '.~", .. ~ N ~'.C31~T~J'I`~ ARE pNQTOGRAPHY C~l1T ONF'D T;~AT T~~F i~'4:tTI,AL SCAN OF Th~!~ IS ?cI~#G RrCO~"RUSHED Ira A S~?ORT TI~~~' A'=~ PRIOR TG F?#~'AL --- - - - ~IE}?F,~~'Trl~~ ~'F'S-En~ R S '~~:T:~. ~~!S'F~IJ~~vfit.,Yr FOfiURE ~E1`AIL.EO Ai~#AL.YSI~: %?AY F~ESJLT IBS MT#~`Ow? ?~:LTE~'?ATT(3~~S? !'9flREOVERr RECIPIENTS -- ARE C~+JT-~CRE~} Tf~~^+T ''`HE ~Et.~TZFICA'~I~ ~ Or= TAR~aE'TS IS ASEt~ PRx'~AftILY Of Pr,dOT ~RAPHY A,,,,n ~?OES ^C%T CO#~dSTITs,JTF ;~ FI~~ISHEI~ INTELLIGENCE THE OAK REPORTS Ft~f? THIS MISSION. TNT Fa:RST T#~REE OA~4 StJPPLEMEt~T F'CR ?'~F C~`"~t~sPs~ilE'~!CE CF T!~#F ~~SEpr Ali IR#DEX TC ALI. TARGETS IN THE _ _ _. __ _ -?-- - -- -- - - ~ FOR TRACK MAi~Se ~~ F#IGHL~Gt~TS COMMFivCI~=G yIT-! T!~IS ~~!ISSIG{~r T#~r X ~,NS.J Y Ul??~I'JERSAL REFERENCE ...GRIM CCC1;tJT1.~A~S_-~ERI~~E~F~_-~~tH-~ ~~IS~I+~'vS gR~_RECO~?DE~7 ONLY. ON '*_#E~tiLY I#~F*`TIrIED TAprPTS. ~?'`#LY THE ~ COOf?pINATE IS RECORDED S T -- y t ~ ,___FQR CT~i~~ TA?~~;'CS. Tr#IS- BRIO ZS IE~t~;iTl~t~~ ~S U'VIVE~SAL GRIP? E iyU I r FECS 84. ...._._ ~ F. _.." R ~^ ? T7n t ~ ~r n ..~ ..... `~T: 1~E~b`~~TY~ ~` C: CO ~? 0 aG RA i SA~ LEX A _ ;- = , C .~~.. . A NE1~Rl.Y COr#~L~'TEO " A4K ,,?;'~~iITT~"F ;~~ OVERHEAD OESER4'ED ^'~d THI= P~-!;,~TO~RAf'NY TS FOR THIS ~~ISSIO~#. ALSO USL.Y =~E'"Of~Tl~~? r?.{Ong-COMDR fiAR6ET5 TS ~~, ITH SIG~aiFIC~,"!T ORDER T~`=TS ~'-HICH aRE EI`~#E!~ M ~'~`~is? T~iE FIRST TIf~:E ,FAY ~:~IC. FT~~'~'~?~` Approved For Release 2008/06/25 ~ CIA-RDP78B04558A001400030017-6 Na MISSTLESr MISSiI.~_+~EI.ATEi~ ~~l~aP-~~~~~'i~