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December 28, 2016
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June 25, 2008
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September 3, 1966
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P 032 00'31 Approved For Release 2008/06/25: CIA-RDP78B04558A001400030057-2 r;. FM NPIC AFSSO 327 ADS TAIWAN ZEM T 0 P S E C R E T OUT59699 -1966 SEP 3 20 52Z CITE NPIC 8362. THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE CONSISTS OF THOSE PORTIONS OF THE OAK ON MISSION 4031, (DATE OF INFORMATION 17-24 AUG 66) DEALING WITH CHINA, AND SOUTHEAST ASIA. MISSION 4031 17 TO 24 AUG 66 OAK/SUPPL 2 SEP 66 PT 02 (TEXT WHICH FOLLOWED WAS IDENTICAL TO MISSION CITED ABOVE.) T 0 P S E C R E T --END OF MESSAGE-- Approved For Release 2008/06/25: CIA-RDP78B04558A001400030057-2 r:, r 4 i. +.i Approved For Release 2008/06/25: CIA-RDP78BO4558AO01400030057-2 'AISSIOt. 43 17 TO, 2' G 66 ............ KALIr) T; F'I'SSILE T'AI" IN'G CFNTE'? ARE OCC+PTFn 87 EPAPTY l A MiCHERS/ ~AK/SUPPL 2 SEP THE CE sTPL;L, GLI10A -CE AREA CONTAINS 6 v S . No cO \ 5TR1JCT T0, 0! SE',V TAI-YUAN A"'RFIFL CH 3745N 0633S 1 74eE A. L 3' lc 4 V)CCUPIED. SONG RADAR AREA. 1237E NO COP" OR O8 -- I ;OL: T AND 6AX ?. TAI-YU N AIRFIELD CH 3747N112314E NO COMOR CHANG-4.. AIRFIELD 12t` 11348E NO COMA (J~ -- I ~; V'_ 1 . b h h h A A'Ac. FLOATIi, G DO'C+ I LST-1-CLASS LST. AT mfiviiL RAc ' SS* 7 SK.. RYY-CLASS DDr s .?,. IN PORT HA,1P0P -- I SVFROLCV-CLASS CL TN A SUt ABAJA NAvL BASE AND SHIPYARD ID 0712S 11214E PP,09 ,BLE BK-?V-C! r SS PGAr .7 T-43-CL. SS , SF' 5 KELABANNG-CLA;?,S P i?