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July 26, 2000
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September 1, 1963
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PDF icon CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010068-6.pdf1.41 MB
Copy a: 42 Pages MISSION COVERAGE INDEX MISSION 8003 31 JULY- I AUGUST 1963 Handle Via Control Only N P I C/R-213/63 September 1963 This document contains classified information affecting the national security of the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws U. S. Code Title 18, Sections 793 and 794. The law prohibits its transmission or the revelation of its contents in any manner to an unauthor. ized person, as well as its use in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign gov- ernment to the detriment of the United States. It is to be seen only by personnel especially indoctrinated and authorized to receive TALENT- KEYHOLE information. Its security must be maintained in accordance with KEYHOLE and TALENT regulations. NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION CENTER Approved For Release 20011ilSIGN'isl-F2bP78B04560A000800010068-6 TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF 1 MISSION COVERAGE INDEX MISSION 8003 31 JULY - 1 AUGUST 1963 N P I C/R-213/63 September 1963 NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION CENTER I Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA00080 E CHESS RUFF T Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA000800010068-6 TOP SECRFETN DI CHESS RUFF NPIC/R-213/63 PREFACE 11 This Mission Coverage Index (MCI) furnishes a compilation of intelligence targets covered by this mission. Items in the compilation are arranged in three sections: Section I provides summary information for a) newly identified targets, b) previously reported targets which show a change, and c) all targets showing order of battle information. Section II provides a listing of those targets which reflect no change in facilities from previous target description. The mission number shown on the photo reference line (e.g., NAC 9000) refers to the MCI which contains the most adequate description of that target. Military installations where no order of battle can be determined are listed under this section. Section III provides a listing of those targets which could be identified but not interpreted. All three sections are arranged 1) by country, 2) within a country by subject, 3) within a subject by WAC area, and 4) within a WAC area by coordinates reading from south to north and from west to east. The map base used (when available) for the derivation of coordinates in this report is the latest edition of the US Air Target Chart, Series 200. For the convenience of the user, a subject index to all targets has been in- cluded following Section III. Targets in the subject index are listed 1) by cate- gory, 2) by country within each category, and 3) alphabetically by place name within each country. An explanation of column headings and photo reference data used in presenting the information is contained in the appendix. T CET CHESS RUFF Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA000800 100 -40 FOREIGN DISSEM Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010068-6 TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF PREFACE (Continued) NPIC/R-213/63 The user of this MCI is cautioned that the scan of photography was ac- complished in a relatively short time and often without the aid of precise ana- lytical and mensural techniques commonly employed in detailed photographic analysis. Consequently, although the information presented herein is essen- tially accurate, additional, detailed analysis may somewhat alter portions of the information. - iv - Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78B04560A000800; W 6s ESSRUFF NO FOREIGN DISSEM t 1 ' TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF NPIC/R-213/63 NO FOREIGN DISSEM I TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Mission Highlights ....................................... vii Listing of Intelligence Items for: Country Subject Section I Page Section II Page Section III Page USSR Missiles 1 15 21 Air Installations 5 17 22 Nuclear Energy 22 Military/Naval Installations 9 18 22 CBR Warfare 9 22 Electronics /Communications 18 23 Industry 10 18 23 Basic Services 10 Ports and Harbors 19 Storage 11 19 Urban Complexes 11 19 China Missiles 11 20 Air Installations 12 Military/Naval Installations 12 CBR Warfare 20 Industry 20 Urban Complexes 13 20 Subject Index .......................................... 25 Appendix ............................................. 33 Approved For Release 2001/08/2: CIA-RDP78BO456OA0008a O6 CRZT CHESS RUFF NO FOREIGN DISSEM t t r t TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF MISSION HIGHLIGHTS NPIC/R-213/63 Mission 8003, utilizing the KH-6 camera system, was accomplished on 31 July and 1 August 1963, and provided 15 passes over the USSR and China. Approxi- mately 46 percent of the coverage is cloud-free. Missile activity newly identified on Mission 8003 includes: Anastasyevka MRBM/IRBM Fixed Field-Type MRBM Drovyanaya Belomorsk Support 1 u/c 1 poss Approved For Release 2001/08/21 :.CIA-RDP78B04560A0008 1116~J CRLT CHESS RUFF - vii - TO F NO FOREIGN DISSEM, Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA000800010068-6 Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA000800010068-6 SECTION I THIS SECTION PROVIDES SUMMARY INFORMATION FOR A) NEWLY IDENTIFIED TAR- GETS, B) PREVIOUSLY REPORTED TARGETS WHICH SHOW A CHANGE, AND C) ALL TAR- GETS SHOWING ORDER OF BATTLE INFORMATION. I Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA000800010068-6 t I 25X1 D TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF NO FOREIGN DISSEM City, Installation Coordinates WAC Installation Numbers BE NPIC -USSR- MISSILES BELOMORSK SAM SITE 25X1D 6434N 03451E 00917 3-C 3.5 NM NE OF BELOMORSK AT 63-?34=- 034-51?111111111111111. NEWLY.IDENTIFIED4 POSSIBLE SA-2 SAM SITE, STATUS UNDETERMINED. USATC_SERIES 200w SHEET 091-251 2D ED, NOV 59. 25X1A LENINGRAD SA-3 SAM SITE D-30A 601ON 02923E 0103 48-B 31.5 NM NW OF LENINGRAD AT 60?10-= 25X1D 02923- 25X1 D COMPLETED SA-3 SAM SITE. SKRUNDA HARDENED IRBM LAUNCH SITE 5635N 02149E 0152 15 8 NM SW OF SKRUNDAO TYPE IV (HARDENED) IRBM LAUNCH SITE. SITE APPEARS TO BE IN LATE STAGE OF CONSTRUCTION. NIGRANDE IRBM LAUNCH SITE 25X9 5631N 02202E 0153 144 2.5 NM NW OF NIGRANDE. COMPLETED TYPE III (ELONGATED-PAD SOFT IRBM) LAUNCH SITE WITH A FACILITY. MOLOSKOVITSY .MRBM ;LAUNCH SITE I 25X9 5928N 02906E 0153 135 5.5 NM.NW OF MOLOSKOVITSY0 COMPLETED TYPE II (ELONGATED-PAD SOFT MRBM LAUNCH SITE WITH A Approved For Release 2001108/21: CIA-RDP78E104560A0008Qf) TTecRE-r 00 CHESS RUFF NO FOREIGN DISSEM NPIC/R-213/63 P SECRET CHESS RUFF 0 NPIC/R-213/63 NO FOREIGN DISSEM City, Installation Coordinates Installation Numbers WAC BE NPIC 25X1A LENINGRAD PROS-;AMM LAUNCH COMPLEX D25 5943N 02918E 0153- 3&-A1 33 NM SW OF =LENINGRAD. 25X1 D NO SIGNIFICANT CHANGE SINCE = EXCEPT THAT; CLEARING CONTINUES IN THE AREA: JUST WEST QF THE CENTER LAUNCH SITE BETWEEN THE FENCE AND COMPLEX SERVICE ROAD. IN THE PROBABLE ELECTRONICS FACILITY.2 SMALL OBJECTS ARE EVIDENT ON TOP OF-.THE TALL. UPRIGHT STRUCTURE AT?THE NWLEG9 HOWEVER9 NONE ARE OBSERVED ON THE STRUCTURE AT THE SE LEG. ONE ADDITIONAL BUILDING, CONSTRUCTED SINCE IS IDENTIFIED:IN?.THE 25X1D BARRACKS AREA. 25X1D 25X1D GORKIY SAM :SITE C?35 5642N 04339E 0154. 13?U 25.5 NM-NNW OF:GORKIY.AT 56?42?= 043?39?M COMPLETED.SA-=2 SAM SITE. SIX REVETTED LAUNCH POSITIONS AND REVETTED GUIDANCE AREA APPEAR OCCUPIED. GORKIY SAM-SITE B-01 25X1D 25X1D 563IN 04400E 0154- 13?Q: 12 NM:NORTH OF GORKIY AT 56?31.= 044?00?M COMPLETED SA-2 SAM SITE. THREE LAUNCH POSITIONS AND THE CENTRAL-GUIDANCE AREA APPEAR- PIED. GORKIY SAM SITE B?11 25X1D 25X1D 5616N 04418E 0155 20 13 NM :SE OF GORKIY.AT -56?16?M 044-18-M COMPLETED SA-2 SAM SITE. GUIDANCE AREA APPEARS AnnrOved Fnm- RAIPasp 2fifilifift2i RIA Rn ~?ftRft45RfMnnnRn0Uj UU6z--T--- - TP SECRET CHESS RUFF t I I 0 Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA000800010068-6 P SECRET CHESS RUFF 25X1 D 25X1 D BALAKOVO SAO SAM SITE B?06 14.NM.NE OF BALAKOVO AT 52-10?M 048?05 0 COMPLETED SA-0 ICATEGORY II SAM'SITEfl FOUR LAUNCH POSITIONS AND GUIDANCE AREA APPEAR CUP I ED. 25X1 D 25X1 D BALAKOVO SAM SUPPORT FACILITY 2 NM SE OF BALAKOVO AT 52-00-M 04748?M COMPLETED TYPE II SAM SUPPORT FACILITY. FIVE POSSIBLE MISSILE TRAILERS AND 2 ROWS OF UNIDENTIFIED EQUIPMENT OBSERVED AT SIT.E0 RAGNIT MRBM_LAUNCH SITE 25X9 6 NM EAST OF RAGNIT. COMPLETED IRREGULAR TYPE 1 (ROUND-PAD SOFT MRBM) LAUNCH SITED A PROBABLE FACILITY IS LOCATED ONE NM.NNW.OF ITE DROVYANAYA.ICBM COMPLEX SAM SITE SUPPORT 23.2 NM WSW OF DROVYANAYA ICBM COMPLEX FACILITY AT 51?22?_ 112?26?M 25X1D NEWLY.IDENTIFIED9 SA-2 SAM SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. SERIES 2009 SHEET 201-49.1ST ED,; NOV 59o DROVYANAYA ICBM LAUNCH COMPLEX 42 NM SSW OF CHITA. 5210.N 04805E 5200N 04748E. 550IN 02211E 5122N 11226E 5132N 11301E Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78B04560A0 TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF NO FOREIGN DISSEM NPIC/R-213/63 25X1 D 25X1 D TOP SECRET CHESS`pP(j For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA000800010068-6 WAC NPIC/R-213/63 NO:APPARENT CHANGE IN COMPLEX SUPPORT-FACILITY AND RAIL-TO-ROAD TRANSFER POINT SINCE REMAINDER OF COMPLEX IS CLOUD ANASTASYEVKA PROB ALTERNATE MRBM LAUNCH SITE 205 NM :Std OF ANASTASYEVKAO NEWLY IDENTIFIED PROBABLE ALTERNATE MRBM LAUNCH SITE (FIXED FIELD-TYPE) CONSISTS OF 4 PROBABLE ELONGATED LAUNCH CLEARI-NGS ALIGNED IN A NW/SE DIRECTION AND ARRANGED ON A SOMEWHAT RECTANGULAR ROAD PATTERN0 AN UNIDENTIFIABLE OBJECT IS OBSERVED ON THREE OF THE PROBABLE LAUNCH PADS AND A PROBABLE CONTROL POSITION IS ASSOCIATED WITH AT LEAST 2 PADS. NO IDENTIFIABLE EQUIPMENTS SUPPORT BUILDItGS9 OR SECURITY. EVIDENT AT THE LAUNCH SITEO CONSTRUCTION STAGE OF _THE LAUNCH SITE CANNOT BE DETERMINED0 COMPLETED TYPE II )ELONGATED-PAD SOFT MRBM LAUNCH SITE WITH A FACILITYO ANASTASYEVKA_ MRBM LAUNCH SITE 1. 205 NM NE OF ANASTASYEVKA0 ANASTASYEVKA MRBM SUPPORT FACILITY APPROXIMATELY 3 NM NE OF ANASTASYEVKA0 INSTALLATION CONTAINS A LARGE HOUSING SECTION WITH APPROXIMATELY 30 BUILDINGS AND 3 SMALLER SUPPORT SECTIONS0 ONE9 A POSSIBLE ELECTRONICS SITE9 IS LOCATED JUST EAST OF=THE HOUSING 4832N 13531E 1 0204-I - 141-C I t t 4835N 13538E 10204 ' 125- I 41 4836N 13536E 10204 125- I 41?B TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF r Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA000800010068-6 NO FOREIGN DISSEM I TOP SECRETEIGNCHESS RUFF NPIC/R-213/63 Cit I t ll ti C d Installation Numbers y, ns a a on oor inates WAC BE NPIC SECTION AND CONTAINS A DOME-LIKE STRUCTURE9 2 ASSOCIATED BUILDINGS9 AND 10 SMALL BUILDINGS. ANOTHER SECTION9 APPROXIMATELY 39000 FT TO THE SOUTH9 CONTAINS 4 LARGE BUILDINGS9 2 BUNKERED BUILDINGS9 A T-SHAPED BUILDING9 AND 3 MISCELLANEOUS BUILDINGS. A ROAD LEADS SOUTH FROM THE LATTER SECTION TO ANOTHER POSSIBLE ELECTRONICS SITE CONTAINING AN UNIDENTIFIED TALL STRUCTURE9 ONE LARGE BUILDING AND 3 ASSOCIATED SMALL BUILDINGS. SUPPORT SECTIONS ARE CONNECTED BY GOOD ROADS TO NEARBY SOFT MRBM LAUNCH SITES. 25X1A 25X9 ANASTASYEVKA.MRBM LAUNCH SITE 2 4836N 13541E 0204_ 41?A 5 NM NE OF ANASTASYEVKA. COMPLETED TYPE It (ELONGATED-PAD SOFT MRBM) LAUNCH SITE WITH A FACILITY. VOLSK SA-0 SAM SITE Aa17 25X1D 25X1D 5154N 04126E 0235 29 8.5 NM SSE OF VOLSK AT 51-54-- 047-26?~ COMPLETED SA-0 (CATEGORY I) SAM SITE WITH 6 LAUNCH POSITIONS AND GUIDANCE AREA OCCUPIED. AIR INSTALLATIONS TIKSI AIRFIELD NORTH 7201N 12829E 0029 1 24 NM NNW OF TIKSI. 149100 X 660 FT NW/SE GRADED EARTH RUNWAYS PROBABLY SERVICEABLE. AIRCRAFT ?? NONE OBSERVED. Approved For Release 2001/98/21 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA00080 6! CR CHESS RUFF TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF NPIC/R-213/63 Installation Numbers City, Installation Coordinates WA C BE NPIC 25X1A ASP.IDNOYEAIRFIELD 6921N 16134E 0066 1?A 25 NM SW OF AMBARCHIKO 159000 X 650 FT N/S GRADED EARTH RUNWAY WITH APPROXIMATELY 29000 FTOVERRUN AT SOUTH END OF RUNWAY. AIRFIELD IS PROBABLY UNSERVICEABLE DURING SUMMER MONTHS :DUE TO MUD AND DRAINAGE ACROSS RUNWAY. AIRCRAFT ?? NONE OBSERVEDO TIKSI AIRFIELD 25X1D 7141N 12853E 0068 5 NO APPARENT CHANGE SINCE AIRCRAFT oo ONE-PROBABLE CUBS ONE PROBABLE CABs 4.PROBABLE TRANSPORTS AND APPROXIMATELY- 15 SWEPT-WING FIGHTERS FOUR-PROBABLE25X1D TRANSPORTS AND 7 PROBABLE FIGHTERS _ 025X1D KEM/UZHMANA AIRFIELD 6455N 03416E. 0091, 8 8 NM WSW OF KEM. 79000 FT NW/SE CONCRETE AND BLACKTOP RUNWAY. WIDTH.. VARIES FROM 165?265 FT. APPROXIMATELY 19400 FT ON THE NW END OF