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December 28, 2016
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July 26, 2000
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September 1, 1963
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Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA000800010075-8 NO FOREIGN DISSEM Copy 13 Pages N P I C/R-220/63 September 1963 TEN AIRFIELDS IN CHINA AND TIBET Handle Via Control Only This document contains classified information affecting the national security of the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws U. S. Code Title 18, Sections 793 and 794. The law prohibits its transmission or the revelation of its contents in any manner to an unauthorized person, as well as its use in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign government to the detriment of the United States. It is to be seen only by personnel especially indoctrinated and authorized to receive TALENT-KEYHOLE information. Its security must be maintained in accordance with KEYHOLE and TALENT regulations. NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION CENTER OOOF NO FOREIGk DISSEM -d 1 1 Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA000800010075-8 Approved For R"s Rf l l : f ~Wf RUf PA000800010075-8 NO FOREIGN DISSEM PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION REPORT TEN AIRFIELDS IN CHINA AND TIBET N P I C/R-220/63 September 1963 ' NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION CENTER 1 Approved F"Iea" l$6$/2'C-b NO FOREIGN DISSEM 8 7% Approved For R~I0 NPIC/R-220/63 This report, NPIC Project J-47/63, is sub- mitted in response to CIA Requirement ORR/ 45/63. It presents the best current information on ten selected airfields in Tibet and Western China. The photography* utilized represents the latest good coverage for each target. The information on each airfield provides, where quality permits, runway length, width, surface composition and condition; the location of primary support buildings; other installations; types of aircraft, if any were observed on the photography; and each airfield's approximate ~ J. T Hsi-an IND~A so &~1i7T: c&4i[SkfBBa455O'A000800010075-8 NO FOREIGN DISSEM elevation above sea level. The areas listed below were also searched for the existence of reported airfields but none were observed on available photography. 1. Chamdo (31-05N 097-15E). 2. Kar-tzu (31-38N 100-OOE). 3. Tash Kurghan (Pu-li) (37-48N 075-10E). 4. Rudog (33-27N 079-42E). 5. Tashigong (32-32N 079-41E). 6. Gartok (31-45N 080-22E). 7. Zhikatse (29-17N 088-54E). 8. Gyangtse (28-57N 089-38E). 9. Tsona Dzong (28-OON 091-58E). 10. Tingri Dzong (28-35N 086-38E). L N D I A N ?, _ P [STAN( . ~~ Kum A U M A ORTH ??2..3 ~~`?. VIETNAM f ~. LAOS HAILANj ~ ./ ?~?, SOI TU C: HI.\'A SF-A NORT S E- A OF JAPAA YELL.(, SL--'A SOUT. 96 KOREA EAST (EI SA SEA Approved For Ref fD200 ? Kan-tzu Chen -tu LAKE LO" RyPe aJi-IiPng-miao WING Tai- uani 4L. - ~t...ti~ ~\ :leg I) \ I ~t?.J ?~'. \~-~_ Ha-erh-pin /.. g ~ .g-thing J Chang-shah` REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES RF.~CIA 04 Q ti 000800010075-8 NO FOREIGN DISSEM Nan-chin Wu-chang J uang-cho Approved For f Qgse offl : 1" VA000800010075-8 EX W The Cheng-tu/Wen-chiang Airfield, 6.7 nm NW of Cheng-tu at 30-43N 103-57E and just west of the Cheng-tu airframe plant, has an 8,200 x 200 ft, NNE/SSW, hard surfaced runway. First observed on Mission it was in an early stage of construction. Presently in a 25X1 D late stage of construction it will probably be utilized as a fly-away airfield for the plant. Facilities include two loop taxiways to the east, one still under construction; a possible GCA system 2,400 ft south of the runway center; a possible communications center in the NW corner of the airfield; an aircraft engine test revetment under construction and a new hangar NE of the runway and NW of the airframe plant; POSSIBLE GROUND CONTROL Approved For rse~ /ffi1 : E frEgg78 NO FOREIGN DISSEM and a POL storage area containing five buried tanks immediately north of the airframe plant. All administration and support facilities are part of the airframe plant. Photography on aircraft. The airfield is approximately 1,700 ft above mean sea level. MAPS AND DOCUMENTS: AMS Series L500, Sheet NH 48-6, 1st ed (U) ASSOTW, Vol 31, Apr 61 (SECRET) RCRAFT ENGINE EST REVETMENT E 71 NEW HANGAR I 25X1 D' Approved FcTWWeas(i"M/21(C1A NO FOREIGN DISSEM NPIC/R-220/63 Kashgar/Zang Karavul Airfield, 5 nm north of Su-fu (Kashgar) at 39-32N 076-OOE, has a serviceable, 4,500 x 150 ft, WNW/ESE, graded earth runway with a parallel taxiway and five hardstands on the SSW side. An administration building, ten support buildings, and a secured open storage area are also on the SSW side. Since TALENT photography of_Mis- sion = three new areas have been con- structed near the airfield. The first (Area A), just SW, contains eight possible barracks and 18 probable support buildings. The second (Area B), one nm WSW, includes a large secured area and six possible storage-type buildings, one in- side the secured area and five outside it. The 25X1 D 25X1 D third (Area C), a possible barracks area one nm SSW, contains 26 possible barracks and approxi- mately 25 other probable buildings. Large barracks areas were also found SE of Su-fu. No aircraft were observed. The airfield is approximately 4,000 ft above mean sea level. 60A000800010075-8 7% MAPS AND DOCUMENTS: USATC Series 335-2AL, 1st ed, Dec 60 (SECRET) ASSOTW, Vol 31, Dec 58 (SECRET) Approved F" easM,(0 121~''qP760A000800010075-8 NO FOREIGN DISSEM Approved For ReIiF20cjO 7CIA NPIC/R-220/63 1L'%0400800010075-8 Kan-tzu Airfield, approximately 1.5 nm east way center on an abandoned runway. of Kan-tzu at 31-37N 099-55E, has a service- No aircraft were observed. able, 10,550 x 260 ft, ESE/WNW runway with a The airfield is approximately 11,500ft above probable crushed rock surface. Facilities in- mean sea level. clude five administrative or support and one 25X1 D probable maintenance building, all immediately REFERENCES 25X1 D north of the runway center. Photography of ^ 25X1 D _ revealed activity underway probably to extend the runway 1,200 ft at its WNW end. A probable military camp with approximately 30 MAPS AND DOCUMENTS: USATC Series 200, Sheet 0436-4, 1st ed, Oct 60 (SECRET) buildings was observed one nm SSW of the run- ASSOTW, Vol 31, Sep 60 (SECRET) FIGURE 4. KAN-TZU AIRFIELD 25X1 D -4- Approved For Ref~00yAEIA- 045 0800010075-8 NO FOREIGN DISSEM M Approved FcTiQ@ea /21C P-S 60A000800010075-8 NO FOREIGN DISSEM SO-CHE AIRFIELD, CHINA So-che Airfield, 5 nm NE of So-che at 38- The airfield is approximately 4,400 ft above 25N 077-17E, has a 5,400 x 1,350 ft, NE/SW, mean sea level. sod landing strip. Facilities include three prob- able support buildings immediately north of the REFERENCES landing area and one possible support building adjacent to the SW edge. No aircraft were observed on the photog- raphy of - Small scale and haze pre- clude a detailed interpretation. MAPS AND DOCUMENTS: AMS Series 1301, Sheet NJ 43, 4th ed, 1955 (U) USATC Series 200, Sheet 0335-8A, 1st ed, Jun 60 (SECRET) Approved IeaSfLDRt;98/2C.P 60A000800010075-8 NO FOREIGN DISSEM Approved For Rely s ? 00,1kOlUYCIA M NPIC /R -220/63 W, Kun-ming Airfield, 3.7 nm SE of Kun-ming at 25-OON 102-45E, has a 9,800 x 200 ft, NE/ SW, hard-surfaced (probably concrete), primary runway with a 1,250 ft overrun at the SW end; a 6,500 x 175 ft parallel runway immediately NW now used for parking; a parallel taxiway connect- ed by five links to the primary runway; an assem- bly apron at the NE end of the shorter runway; three parking aprons on the north side of the field; and two loop taxiways, one to the north and one to the east. Other facilities include a com- bination control tower and administration build- ing, repair and maintenance hangars, a 2,500 x 950 ft secured administration and housing area "` CONTROL TOWER AND s ADMINISTRATION BUILDIN PARKING !APRONS SECURED ADMINISTRATION AND HOUSING AREA REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE HANGARS FIGURE 6. KUN-MING AIRFIELD _ -6 - Approved For ReIeM01T11q--FTf"PS45 to the NE containing approximately 80 buildings, a probable instrument landing system, a motor pool, and POL storage. Photography on - revealed 22 25X1 D FAGOT, 5 FRESCO, 2 CAB, 2 COLT, and 2 COACH. The airfield is approximately 6,220 ft above mean sea level. MAPS AND DOCUMENTS: USATC Series 200, Sheet 0496- 17A, 1st ed, Sep 59 (SECRET) ASSOTW, Vol 31, Jan 59 (SECRET/No Foreign Dissem) REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE HANGARS "IF Approved Fob sj[90"08'/21 CV, P7 1 ably serves to reduce sand and snow drifting on the airfield. Photography of - revealed no air- 25X1 D craft. The airfield is approximately 12,525 ft above mean sea level. MAPS AND DOCUMENTS: AMS Series 1301, Sheet NI 47, 2d ed (U) ASSOTW, Vol 31, Feb 59 (SECRET) Yu-shu Airfield, 20 nm SE of Yu-shu at 32- 53N 096-47E, has an 11,200 x 590 ft, E/W graded area. Snow cover precluded delineation of the runway. Housing and support facilities immediately north of the airfield center include one operations building, one administration building, 4 barracks, 5 storage buildings, 6 other buildings, and one probable POL tank. A secured ammunition dump with six medium- sized storage buildings and one small build- ing was observed .5 nm NE of the support area. A low fence or wall on three sides prob- Approved F of /21-RIL&ff P7R 60A000800010075-8 Approved For ReIf s ?, M A00800010075-8 00017 j,CIA NPIC/R-220/63 NAGCHHU DZONG AIRFIELD, CHINA M Nagchhu Dzong Airfield, 14 nm WNW of craft but the field appears operational. Nagchhu Dzong at 31-33N 091-44E, has a 12,610 The airfield is approximately 15,000ft above x 325*ft, ENE/WSW, graded earth runway. The mean sea level. only facility is a communications site south of REFERENCES the runway containing four buildings surrounded by an earthen parapet holding gun pits. Eleven stick-mast antennas are mounted outside the parapet. 25X1 D Photography on MAPS AND DOCUMENTS: USATC Series 200, Sheet 0437- 2HL, 1st ed (SECRET) Approved For Relenp01ff(t1 RA-F @I~7~9'~45" NO FOREIGN DISSEM Approved FoY&kasii ON21 W 0&7 maintenance and refueling stand on a parking apron NE of the main support area with four additional buildings immediately SE of these. Probable navigational aids are approximately 4,500 ft distant from each end of the runway, and two possible GCA radars are between the taxi- way and the runway. Photography on revealed no air- craft. The airfield is approximately 9,000 ft above mean sea level. Ka-erh-mu Airfield, 67 nm NNE of Ka-erh- mu at 36-45N 095-35E, has a serviceable, 12,685 x 400 ft, ENE/WSW, probably claybound, crushed rock runway. Facilities include aparkingapron at each end of a parallel taxiway connected by seven links to the main runway, an 1,800ft over- run under construction at the east end of the run- way, a 2,000 ft overrun completed at the west end, and an aircraft parking apron immediately south. Housing and support facilities immediately south of the runway center include a combination con- trol tower and administration building, eight probable barracks, and approximately 20 support buildings. Southwest of the runway center, a secured housing area contains 21 barracks-type buildings and six support or administration buildings. Three buildings probably used for 4OA000800010075-8 MAPS AND DOCUMENTS: AMS Series 1301, Sheet NJ 46, 2d ed (U) FIGURE 9. KA-ERH-MU AIRFIELD Approved Fob eas~~"r'RR 121 I ?P7$ Q~-IOOA000800010075-8 NO FOREIGN DISSEM Approved For ReT 20#,V NPIC/R-220/63 I cIX-SB e&aw Ho-tien Airfield, 7 nm SSW of Ho-tien at vicinity of the airfield; however, Ho-tien contains 37-01N 079-52E, has a 5,610 x 250 It, ESE/ several possible military storage and barracks WNW, graded earth runway. Facilities are north areas. of the runway and include an aircraft parking The airfield is approximately 3,600 ft above area, an operations building with a probable mean sea level. control tower, 16 support buildings, a secured POL storage area, and one secured area of REFERENCES undetermined function. 25X1 D Photography on - revealed two CRATE aircraft in the parking area. No other airfields have been observed in the Ho-tien area and no military installations in the MAPS AND DOCUMENTS: USATC Series 200, Sheet 0335- 20A, 1st ed, Oct 60 (SECRET) ASSOTW, Vol 31, Dec 58 (SECRET) FIGURE 10. HO-TIEN AIRFIELD - 10 - Approved For Rel 00? 1AfffffjT4Vfff 0800010075-8 NO FOREIGN DISSEM Approved F4easir2 W f ct/21 C NPIC/R-220/63 Lhasa Airfield, 15 nm NE of Khochhe and 50 nm north of Lhasa at 30-30N 091-06E, has two runways. One is a serviceable 9,100 x 175 ft, NE/SW, runway with a probable asphalt sur- face and a 1,500 x 590 ft crushed rock parking apron at the northeast end. The other is a 12,100 x 110 It, ENE/WSW, crushed rock runway, ap- parently serviceable, but probably not in use. The facilities, all SE of the runways, include a taxiway, a parking apron, an operations building with a control tower, two radio stations and 16 support buildings. An adjacent barracks area contains approximately 40 buildings, a motor pool; and secured, open storage areas. Photography of -revealed no air- 25X1 D craft. The airfield is approximately 14,000 ft above mean sea level. r60A000800010075-8 MAPS AND DOCUMENTS: USATC Series 200, Sheet 0437- 6, 1st ed, Jul 62 (SECRET) ASSOTW, Vol 31, Sep 60 (SECRET) KHOCHHE 15 NAUTICAL MILES ,_RADIO STATI3 NAUTI ' rte, Approved Fc t0jf2l 0P7 %-a It PARKING AP --?---7 . -- le0A000800010075-8 Approved For Release 201/0't1RDP78B04560A000800010075-8 N FOREIGN DISSEM Approved For Release TISRDP78B04560A000800010075-8 NO FOREIGN DISSEM