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December 28, 2016
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June 5, 2003
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September 1, 1963
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Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 Copy ~`~~ sa~~ ~~~ f:.A~~{GH''5~~~~ .t~I~~' 25X1 D 25X1 D PAFL~I4A_;MRBPI'.LAtl~1CM SITE 2 c?~t~~.~~~c~ ~r~~~lvl~ r~~lr ~ It~t3UN~?PAfl s~~~ > IsAU~CH SITIs ~flT~i ~ LICPL~JA _SAI~ St3PF~I3RT :F~,CILI~'~ 25X1 D `~~~~~ 25X1 D 25X9 25X9 5b31I~ f~~I~6E NPIC/R-22$/63 25X1A s~A 25X1 e ease - DP78B04560A000800010083- roP s~cREr Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 25X1 TOP SECRET 25X1 ~ 25X1 Q 25X1 D 25X1 25X1 D 25X1 a 25X1 D COMPLETED SAM SUPPORT FACILITYa SKRUNDA H~,RDENED IRBM LAUNCH SITE 8 NM SW OF SKRUNDA AT 5b-35-45N 021-49-15Ep TYPE IY tHARDENED IRBM) LAUNCH SITEo SITE IS IN AN EARLY STAGE F IDNo PAV I LOSTA SA--3 SAM SITE 05 NM SW OF PAYILOSTA AT 5b-53-10N 021-10-00Ea SA-3 SAM SITE UNDER NIGRANDE IRBM LAUNCH SITE 205 NM NW OF NIGRANDE AT 5b--31-00N 022-02-15Eo COMPLETED TYPE III IEIONGATED-PAD SOFT BM) LAUNCH SITE TEYKOYO ICBM LAUNCH COMPLEX SAM SITE 12 NM SSE OF TEYKOVD ICBM LAUNCH COMPLEX SUPPORT FACILITY AT 5b-45-55N 040-35-00Eo COMPLETED SA-2 5AM SITE TEYKOVO ICBM LAUNCH COMPLEX 3 NM NNE OF TEYKOVO AND b0 NM SSW OF KOSTROMAa DNIY LAUNCH AREAS A AND C ARE VISIBLE IN CLOUD-FREE AREASo LAUNCH AREA A IS COMPLETE AND LAUNCH AREA C IS iN A MIO-STAGE OF CONSTRUCT ION ~, 5653N 02110E 5b31N 02202E 5b45N 04035E 5652N 04035E NFTC/R-228/b3 25X1A Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000~~j10(~RET I I 25 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 TOP SECRET GaRiE~:~ SAt~ 5~~~ ~?.11 25X1 D 13 NIN ~?~ SAID ~~~~ 25X1 D ~`W[7 -i-~i~~E ~Ct~AR F~~''~1;3 ~,1~A~ ASE .C~tJ~~1= V{~LK011~S1{ SA~3 5A~1'~ SI.~E 8?~9~ 52.55~V i~2~~~1 i~168 133?A :. I5_ ~~ SQU~'i~ t~F ~IpLKf~VYSI~ ~ ~5~~ 25X1 D ~~ 25.0 25X1 D COA9PLF~Ei3 SA~?3 5~1 S ~.~'I= I~aZH~;NQ1/1~HI `~I~~~ !~~~l~dCH ~I1?E 25X1D 5~1 ~2~~SIa . f~~b~ 156a ~~5 ~l~. SCI .DF ~~t~ZNANQVI~H1 .~~ ~2?~1?~ ~~?~~~a 25X1 D Ct~II~PLE~EI~ ~~l~u~.~~. ~~ ~ ~I~ouNt~:~~~1~ ~~ 25X9 Bt~_ ~~i~H SIE~ :~~ l3REGt~'E ~~ 'Gt3~1P~~X '~A ~~~ 25X1 D 25X1 D 5255(V ~~ ~~ ~~ NM _~ ~ ~RICH~IE :~, ~z-~~~~~a~ L0~9~~E~F~ ~? SI~1~ S~~?E~ pprove TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 25X9 25X1 D 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 NFIC/R-228/63 City, Installation Coordinotas WqC Installation Numbsrs BE NPIC 25X1A DYATLOVO MRBM LAUNCH SITE 25X1D 25X1D 5333N 02S1bE 01b8 152 7 NM NW OF DYATLOVO AT 53-33-0 025-1b COMPLETED IRREGULAR TYPE I tROUND-PAD S MRBM LAUNCH SITE WITH CLASS A 25X9 25X1 D BEREZOVKA MRBM LAUNCH SITE 533bN 02526E 0168 153 ~ ?a 4 NM OF E3El~EZDYKA AT 53-3b-~ 025-2b COMPLETED T~'gE-I~ {ELONGATEa-PAD FT M1 25X9 LAUNCH SITE NiTH 25X1 D URECHYE MRBM LAUNCH SITE 5311N 02758E 01b8 7?-B ~5 NM NNE OF _URECHYE AT 53-11-~ 027-5~-0 25X1 COMPLETED TYPE I~ tELONGATED-PAD SDFT MRBM) 25X9 LAUNCH SITE WITH A 25X1 D 25X1 D GRESK MRBM LAUNCH SITE 1 5314N 02742E 0168 116-8 8nS NM NE OF GRESK AT 53-14-0 027--~42-~ COMPLETED RECTANGULAR.. TYPE I tROUND-PAD SDFT MRBM) LAUNCH SITE WITH A PROBABLE CLASS A 25X1 D MINSK SAN SITE A-17 25X1D 534SN 02738E 0168 46-G 9 NM SSE OF MINSK AT 53-4S-~ 027-38-~ COMPLETED 5A-2 SAM SITEa Approved For Release 2003/(~>~'04 : CIA-RDP78B04560A000~~~Dr100~~'~RET 25 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Release. 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 25X1 D 25X1 D ' 25X1 U I 5~2~l~ ~2E ~D~D I~A~t~~IdFl~ i RBA ' ~,~~~~ ~E C~3~~~~~Ei~ ~~ i ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~ 5X1 D ~~~~ 5X1 D 25X1 D 2 g ggqq $$~*y, gp gg ygypp gp~;fiyy~~~;~+ g 8 ~ lyl~ 510 ?F ~a~1~~~~ ~ ~5?5~~~ ~D~p~F~' ~l~i~~~+lle :FE ~ ~RgUi~ ~P~~ SQFT .~RB~ ~~t'~CR~ 5~*~3 SA?2 SA~4 SI~'E~ TWQ URGE ~~~Gt~~AR #~EE~~EI~ AREAS Af~E ~~}~,4~E~ [~U~SI~E TF~E QU1=R 25X1 25X1 II 25X1 D ~~ 25X1 25X1 t~UK~;CHEfl I~RBM ~AL~N~I~ SE I ~~ ~r~ s~ ~~ ~~~~~H~ ~ ~ ca~~~~~1=~_ r~~~~A>~v~~~ A~c~ ~ ~ 25X1 D 25X1 D ~c~v~~~~A13 soy I~UICA~~1=~0 ~IRB~ ~AU~C~ SCI= 2 ~ N!~ '~IDR~H Q~F BEREGflttt3 `:A~' ~ X22?37-0 25X1 D 25X1 D cc~~~>el_~r~l~ ~~e~~~a~ut~~~ ~~~~ ~ ~~t~u~g~~~~ say ~tRB(~ .~A;f~AiCH SIT:Ea VaLGa~RAt3 SAt~ ~~ Ca~~ 25X1 D ~~~~~~~ 25X1D SA~?2 -S S~T~ APPEARS 1~Nf~CC~1PIE~~. R~1tF~~iE~1T5 t~IrI~A~~1 81~~ :~11~ .:I3~ ~F 13P~~3R~ 1~1I1~f~~a5 v~~~Elr~ ~ 5.1'Al~INGRA~-~ Tl~E .flN~ .SI~I~IIF~~GAI~~''~FIA~~E SIA~GE 13~ :5 ItV. 't~~ 'NE~i Af~EA MFRS' -: EA~;~ .13F 7~ F~1= i~C3~,t~ A,t f~.RD1~~ u LA~11~~~ ~tI?~I`1~~ ~ ~:I~~ 4t~~~1 dF .3~ I~?El!!7 ~~~~ ~~z~~~ ~ 481~N ~J22~~Ir 1232 ~ ~~~~ ~~ 85P~ ~~5~-. ~~5 ; 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/004 :CIA-RDP78B04560A00080~~~}08~~CRET NPIC/R-228/63 25X1A 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 25X1 a 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 a SUPPORT AREA. ONE LARGE BUILDING AND AT (EAST 3 SMALLER BUILDINGS ARE NOW PRESENT AND CONSTRUCTION CONTINUES A POSSIBLE RAILBED NOIi EXTENDS TO THE AREAo ORSK SAM SITE C-23 25X1 D 28 NM SW OF ORSK AT 50~-46-Q B5?-57- COMPLETEO SA-2 SAM SITE. 25X1 D 0 ORENBURG SAM PROBABLE TRAINING SITE A-25 6a 5 NM 4iSW OF ORENBURG AT 51-45~ 25X1 D 05.4-56-0 5 1 COMPLETED SA-~ ~A~ SITES PROBABLY FOR TRAINING PU'RP?SESo USATC SERIES 2889 SHEET 823b-2tiL9 3D EDfl JAN 63. ORSK SAM SUPPORT FACILITY 25X1D 25X1D 28 NM NW OF ORSK AT 51-24-~ 858-82-~ COMPLETED SAM SUPPORT FACILITY. USATC .SERIES 2889 SHEET 8236-4A9 2D ED, MAR 68. _- I SEMIYARSK SAM SITE 25X1D 1 19 NM SSN OF SEMIYARSK AT 58-34-0 25X1 D SA-2 SAM SITE PROBABLY COMPLETEo FIVE LAUNCH REVETMENTS ARE .COMPLETE AND SI~(TH IS PROBABLY COMPLETEo 5846N I~S757E SI45N 85456E 5124N 85$82E 5834N 87811E NPTC/R-22$/63 25X1A Approved For Release 2003/04 : CIA-RDP78B04560A000~p100~~9RET I I 251 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 TOP SECRET NPIC/R-228/63 25X1A 25X1 S~:RY _SI~A~Gd~t~ ':AMA BEST =~t~~PLEX t~a~;fit}MEIV,9~t~N ~~:FS 5~::;6v ~ :8 AI~g.; t~fl~~~Lls SIFS -~~ -Al~t~ ~ AF~I ;~C~~f~Et7 ;DID ?~"H~5 #~~SSIDA#~ ~~{E: ~Ai~~t~tlS "~" SF~A~~,N ~~RG~~ -ARE C?~~E~IrC~ L~>VbER ~iE. APPi~DPI~A.E NEA[~INGSo= SHE [~~1LY S~G.~I~F~At~~ ~HA~NGE MaF~' IS SHE CCIMPLE~IQN C]F A1~MS: E}~~E1~5Dt~ ~~ I` Fro 25X1 D 25X1 25X1 ~~t~F~A :SAM "SAM' S~~E B?21 ~~~~2~0~5~~~~~~ 25X1D ~'YLtRA ~'AI~[ SA?Ir3 :SAM ?S~~F 8?ZiA it NM _ ~as~ ~c~~~l-~~s~ 2~~~E~ 7{ 'P} F~' ,Nt~~SI. ;t~A~'~RA~ S4}R:FAE .R~N1~~~::. P:~B~BIs~f EI~~CFB.Efl ~~:ttCl~~ ~~ ~~~l 1~~ v ~ ~~~ 6 ~~i.IV~d t~F t3~a AP~I~C~}~~i~~l~'1=L 6~.~~~ :X 'ifd F: t+HA~F~'~~ N~i~A S1~FA Rt~tI~~v ',1~~[1~1~~;, -ER~I~EI~BE~ A~~i~~F~ o~:=AIDI~~ [lBSF#~~?Ft~r v~~A#~1~E i~~I~FE[~ 25X1 D 0 Approved For Release 2003~Q8/04:CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 TOP SECR 1 D ET NPIC/R-228/63 25X1A 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 TC)P SECRET 25X1 25X1 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 25X1 D 25X1 25X1 A,a -- 14 SMALL POSSIBLE AIRCRAFT. RUSHKIN AIRFIELD 16 hiM 50UTH DF LENINGRADd HAZEv SEATTERED CLOUEiSv AND SEMIDARKNESS PRECLUDE INTERPRETATION OF RUNWAYo -- ~ POSSIBLE AIRCRAF T LENINGRAD AIRFIELD NQ .APPARENT CHANGE IN VISIBLE PORTION FROM MISSION -= 45 UNID N IFIED AIRCRAFTa pOBR,yNSKOYE.AIRFIELD NO .APPARENT CHANGE SINCE MISSION IDENTIFIED AIRCRAFTo 25X1 D KIROY NORTH AIRFIELD NO APPARENT CHANGE FROM MISSION 25X1 D AIRCRAFT -- 3 MEDIUM STRAIGHT-KING AND 4 .MALL PROBABLE AIRCF;AFT~ 25X1 D NIZHNIY TAGIL NORTHEAST AIRFIELD NO APPARENT CHANGE SINCE MISSION AIRCRAFT -- ONE POSSIBLE SNEPT-KING AMD ON vtl~tiBLE STRAIGHT-WINGo 5941N 83020E 5948N 03017E 5615N H4035E 5838N 04935E 5759N 06015E 01 S3 NPIC/R-22$/b3 25X1A 5-L 25X Approved For Release 2003/0~~4 : CIA-RDP78B04560A00081~118'P008~'9CRET _ 5X1 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 ~;13~~~1 A~~~I~~ I~~ 'AFfi~~t~E~~' 1-~AiN :FRt}~i SSIC~N KUF I:~tl ;4I F~F ~ EI~i? I~f3:A,PP~4REN~!C1-~At~GE STAI:CE MISSflAt ~~~x~t~~~~ ~~ 'UI~DE~Eit#~iNED l"dUP4SE~ ~ ~#~T)EtVT~F~.Et~ ~IRC~.AF' t~~Sx SC~~J~:wwls~ ~3~~~~t~ NQ APE~A~F~1=N~ ~GF~~F I~CIr ~~5~~11~ AICI$~1~ ?a s ~Af~~E 'i~EP~Q~i~~ ;A~3 A~P:PROX2t~A~EL,~ _6 ~E~~:~7~ ~NI3 AI~PR[3X ~~~ A ~RCRAF~" OMSK; EASE ARI?EI~t~ 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D I 25X1 D ~[~ APP~REt~ ` GI~At~G` E I~ 55I C1N Agg-R~~-p~~F~ ~e APPRtl~~~'~ 5~3 ;UI~I~EI~F>~~ H 1k~7~ts ll~~ a ILuiJ,~iC~ttt*-C +t i~,s:RAf~~it~~tf~g E~#t ~.v IY~ EW~I (~F =6.~6ai7Bt7#~o.; 3~~~~'~ '6~~ F~ E~~i 'S[~L~ ~(t~NG~ 'RIPS SR~~GEABIE~ .~I3HI~1 ~ 5~~5~ X 5$L~f~~ F~ SDt~ or a ease CIA-RDP78B04560A00080~Q1~083$~CRET 52~~ /6~~a5~1 NPIC/R-228/63 25X1~A 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 25X1 TOP SECRET 25X1 D AIRCRAFT -- NONE OBSERVEOa KUSTANAY WEST AIRFIELD 205 NM WEST OF KUSTANAYfl 49b0H X 210 FT NNNlSSE RUNWAY UNDER CONSTRUCTION WITH 69088 FT OF CONCRETE POUREOo A PARALLEL TAXIMAY AND PARKING APRON IS UNDER 5313N 06332E CONSTRUCTI ~ NNEISS~i GRA AIRCRAFT AIRCRAFTo ON 70~ FT EAST 89200 X 300 FT OEO EARTH RUNMtAY9 SERVIGEA13LEa APPROXIMATELY 50 UNIDENTIFIED 25X1 D TROITSK AIRFI ELD 5406N 06132E 2 NM NW OF TNO 69600 X SERYIGEABLE TROITSKo 200 FT PARALLEL NNE/SSN RUNMAYS9 TINE BLACKTOP AND ONE GRADED EART AIRCRAFT -- Ho 28 POSSIBLE SMALL AIRCRAFT 25X1 25X1D UVELSKIY AIRF IELD 5424N 06121E NO .APPARENT CHANGE SINCE MISSION AIRCRAFT -- 7 MEDIUM STRAIGHT-WI 25X1 D CHEL~'ABINSK/B AKAL AIRFIELD 25X1D 5516N 06118E NO APPARENT CHANGE SINGE MISSION AIRCRAFT -- STRAIGHT-MI APPROXIMATELY 25 POS NGo S 25X1 25X1D KUBYBSHEY/BEZ YMYANKA AIRFIELD 5313N 050151E NO .APPARENT CHANGE SINGE MISSION Approved For Release 2003/04 : CIA-RDP78B04560A000~~10~t9RET I I 251 I`1PIC/R -228/63 25X1A Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 TOP SECRET NPIC JR-228/63 ~ "~ s~a~~ sl~~~~~~~~~~~ 25X1 D 25X1 D KIIY~St+~- KI~i~13i~CH ~, ~ RF ~ 1=LI~ 1~C! 'APRAI;tE~d~ '~k~At~ S~I~CE P~IS~I?~t, ; ~.~~I~taF~. oa s ~~I~~u~ ~ S~F~A~iGI?#19~lIAt~ 25X1 D ~?~~~~ >=~~v~ s~~~~~-~~~al~~_~4 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D ~I~ : ' AP F:A-~I~~' ~ I~~. ~ I~~ ti: I~~ ~5 ~i ~-~~,~~~ .aa 11 ;UN~t7EI~iTFiEt~ ~~~~~ X1D ~t~Ati:~~I~ ~~ ~#E[~IUi~~ At~~#~;i~l=T A25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D IiGI~kF ?? 2 Pfl5~~LE, ~~CRAFTa ~HFSal~l31/~,~ ::AF~~~ t~IRFIEt~ I~fl APF?-~itE~i~ C4~~N:GE F?t[~I~ ~I S~~CI~i .~t~1~C~ ~~:F~F 1=L1~ ~ :N~ ESE fl~ KAZ~I~o 3~~t~f~ X 25f9 F ?Nt~E~~,~ PRE~~;I~EE~,;Slli~FAC ftt)~,'~a SEItVi~EA81~E~ ~s~ll##i~~ ;X 3~ I^' -NI'~~I~SSE ~UXlti~cY St~l) L~-~t~.It~~ ~`#tIP~ I~R'V~EABE~. 3 ~'~~,~ X ~~~ F' IV~fdSE PRE#~ARI[3 Sll.l~I~A~E #~ill~~f~, ._ BEING EX~ENt7l=~ "~ 6~8~1~ Fla ?e .NL~IVE DB~E.RVEi~~ 5~4~.~1 413E 25X1A 25X1 pprove or Release 2003/0~/~4 :CIA-RDP78B04560A00080Q?1,(~83~CRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 25X1 D KA2AN NORTH AIRFIELD NO APPARENT CHANGE SINGE MISSION r AIRCRAFT -- 8 SNEPT- ` BOGOYAVLEFISKOYE AIRFIELD IMMEDIATELY NE OF BOGOYAVLENSKOYE a THREE PARALLEL NNE/SSN POSSIBLE LANDING STRIPS WITHIN THE 10v080 X 5x000 FT SOD LANDING AREA APPEAR SERVICEASLEo DIMENSIONS OF THE STRIPS CANNOT 8E DETERMINED DUE TO HAZE AND POOR OUAIITY OF PHOTOGRAPHYo AIRCRAFT -- 30 SMAII PO IRCRAFT~. MUROM AIRFIELD i l NM S E IMF MUROM ~, 8200 X 185 FT NE/SW CONCRETE RUNNAYo SERVIGEABLEa AIRCRAFT -- NONE OBSERVED.. YEFREMOV AIRFIELD NO APPARENT CHANGE SINCE MISSION ~ 25X1D -- APPROXIMATELY 30 POSSIBLE AIRCRAFTo BEREZA AIRFIELD NO APPARENT CHANGE SINCE MISSION AIRCRAFT -- 12 SMALL A I R o 25X1 D 5552N 04908E 531bN 04018E 552bN 04219E 53F/8N 03813E 5233N 02454E NPIC/R-228/63 25X1A Approved For Release 200~ItD8/04 : CIA-RDP78B04560A00i110~@Er Approved For Release 2003/0.8/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 TOP SECRET NPTC/R-228/63 NO `:APPAl~FN~ ~GH~P}C~E ~II~CE '~'~,t31~ - ~ ~ ~lEt3IU A~FtCRAF1C 25X1 CD B?~BRfl~~~H~ ~,II~F~EIt~ !~{~ '~PI~~C~El~T GHAlG1= SINCE 1~~55~C~N 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 e ~~~~~F oo 3b ~I~ki~~ _ P~DSS I E AI:#~~CR~F RC1S ~IRF~ELt3 i~t~E ~ ~~ D~ ~a5 7g;$!~0 X I~5 F3 Ai~I~SE: BLACK~.[lP :.R13(V~iA~~ SERVICEAB~E~ PARKING R~~iP ~,PPE~~S CtI3~P~.E'~Ea 25X1 a~ Zi St~A~~ ~,~~c~R~ 25X1[ St~GHLlG1i:N A~:f~FIEl;4~ tVQ ~~'p_ARI=N~ C~AI~G Ff~ `A~ISIt~ A~RCRAI=T. a~ [3NE GABS ~9 BEAG~1~~ ',ANQ 2~ :51+~ACC 8 25X1 _ ~! 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VILNIUS AiRFIELO NO APPARENT CHA SMORGON AIRFIELD 3 NM NW OF SMORGONo 74280 X 158 FT NNWl~SE PROBABLY BLACKTOP RUNNAY9 SERVICEABLEo PARALLEL PARKING AREA TO THE WEST? FOUR CROSSOVER STRIPSo PARALLEL TAKIWAY UNDER GONSTRUCTION~ AIRCRAFT -- NONE OBSERVED SI:AULIAI AIRFIELD 4 NM SE OF SIAULIAIo 538bN 82683E 5347N 82734E 5439N 82517E 5431N 8261~lE 5553N 82323E Approved For Release 2003'/8/04 : CIA-RDP78B04560A00~'~10gET IVPIC/R-228/b3 25X1A 251 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 NPIC jR-228/63 I~~~~s~-~~a~s ~:~~~~il~~s ~l~ls I~u~l~~~ ;~~ ~ ~~~ ~~~ Iexlt~sv~ ~a~ .sQRA~~ ~~~; A~I~ c~~H~~ ~~~I=~~~ ~ ~nss~~E ~1=~~u~ s~l:~~a~~~~~ ~I~o .z~ ~~,~ ~~~~r~~~~~~~fl ~~~~~ 0~ 25X1D 25X1A A~.~7:YSK~Na~TIF ~I~PI~AI~E =~~~,TI~I~ AP?~Al~EN~ CH~G~ SII~~E ~IS5~1~~1 tcA~.~~gI~G~~~~YIZ~U ~~.~~ hit3: AF'P:AREPI~' GHN~E ~Ii'~~E '~IS5C~1~ ~~~ 5~~~~ ARGRAF 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D NQ ?1~P=s~ ~~~ a1= ;c~~I~~a~I~~Q cR~~~ a~ I~~~tl= t36Flt'~ED~ ~~~ ~~ ~ ~: 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A00080~~~p83~CRET NPIC JR-228 J63 25X1A Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 25X2 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04.: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 NPIC/R-228/63 MILII~AR~NA11;~L ~ I~S~AI~~AT~Dt~S 25X1 D ~ ~1=1~~~~ I~~~~~ : ~k~~ ~tl~~ s~~I~~~R~ NCB i4Pi~AREN~ ~ CNA~]~E S ~hICE MISSIDAi ~iE5EL5 ?.~ ~I~I~ ~1= sA~Y sl-~~c~~ ~~1~1=~1=~~fl SATE 1v1~N7"AIIdS Aid il1`1sRFI~RI~I~Ie~FR ~~ .~f~ 'F~ 4~~~r~ ~7~~~1= I ~~ I I ~~ ~~~~ ~~ I ~~ I I ~~ 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/0$x;14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A00080~~~A83~CRET 25X1 raP sECREr Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 City, Installation ARMS9 A 111 FT DIAMETER DOMEff A 35 FT DIAMETER DOMES A TALL LATTICE TOWERv 2 LARGE STRUCTURESv A MICROWAVE STATIONv A LANDING STRIPQ ANO A 25X1 25X1 DI 25X1 ~ TARTUGAY AREAS INSTRUMENTATION SITE 2 NM NORTH OF TARTUGAYo SMALL SECURED AREA CONTAINS SEVERAL LARGE BUILDINGS INCLUDING 2 POSSIBLE DOMED ROOF BUILDINGS WITHIN A LARGE PROBABLY SECURED AREA CONTAINING NUMEROUS GROUND SCARS AND A SUPPORT AREA WITH APPROXIMATELY 20 BARRACKS AND ADMINISTRATIVE-TY So TYURA TAM INSTRUMENTATION SITE 29 6$ NM NE OF TYURA TAM4 PROBABLY SECURED SITE CONTAINS APPROXIMATELY 17 BUILDINGSo TWO NATURAL SURFACE AIRSTRIPS !PREVIOUSLY REPORTED AS TYURA TAM INSTRUMENTATION SITE 3O)v 49100 FT WSW/ENE AND 2g4O0 FT WNWlESE9 ARE BOTH PROBABLY SERVICEABLEo WIDTHS ARE UNDETERMINEOo AIRCRAFT -- NONE OBSERVED, INDUSTRY KAMBARKA AREA, OiL FIELD APPROXIMATELY 33 NM SSE OF SARAPUL AND 18 NM SOUTH OF KAMBARKAo FIELD iS APPROXIMATELY 20 SQ MI IN AREA AND CONSISTS OF NUMEROUS WELL LOCATIONS9 A 442'~IY 06618E 462~1N O644$E 56O2N 05410E Approved For Release 2003{$/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A00Q~O10~~Er NPIC/R-228/63 25X1A Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 ~X1 i 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET NPIC/R-228/63 Installation Numbers City, Installation Coordinates WAC BE NPIC A i11= ti J a ~IRi3V ARFA$ PROBABLE GH~~IGA~ :F'LA~" : 583.3N l~5~~l~E ~I55 -F ; 1~3 NM SSE ..DF KTRC~~1 `A.~ ~C1~EPE~C~KAYA~ A PR[~BABLE_:;CHE~~CAL :PLAN' ~P~tE~It1~JLY RIrP#~RTEd A5 AN UN~I~EN~IFIIU IIV~3llST#~~~ C~3VER~N~ ~, ~~. QF APPR?3~I1+~A7ELY 5~:5:~~ X 3~3PJ~ FTC Gf~iAi A LARGE 3?ST.ACK Pfli~ER PLANTS ~ CDDL~~ TL~I~E ~ ~iASTE p[}N~S~ 2 7A~tdKS ANA 1dU~fERC~US SI~AL1: BUILi3I~IGS~ _RAIL SER~IEt)~ 25X1A t7NI5K AIRGRi4FT 'PLANT lb?~ 5~~8N 87326E ~~~r3 ~ 5?A EASa 'EDGE I:IF flT~Slta PI~AI~T_'C~INTA~NS ~ Li~1RGE SU?3~A5SE~ISLY .BUI~i~INGSa /N4Ef~~11 t ~ P ~iC1 t~ T i Cl3~ SH ~ l S ~ ' A C~t~U~ R A~ 1 3 ~~1~I P 8 E +' ~~ ss y ? y ~ i27 yl( a~ .~ a '} try +Y~ ~~ j} ~ ]~t Sg ~.9 i } I~itiJ ~/'LLLANECIUS ~t~tV ~~ -ANIr3 ~al l~.~'i ~`~~~'L~~~~~{'~~~4 ~.. 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SUPPORTdHflUS~NG AREA IS 5X1 Approved For Release 2003/4$/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A0008~'~)08~CRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 25X1 TOP SECRET 25X1 I~1PIC/R-28/63 City Installation C di t WAC Installation Numbers , oor na es BE NPIC IMMEDIATELY TO THE EASTe MINE 1~ASTE DUMPS ARE ONE NM NORTH ANO ONE NM SW OF PLANTo AREA IS RAIL SERVED WITH SEVERAL SPURS TERMINATING JUST SOUTH OF PLANTe RAIL AND ROAD SERVED PROBABLE STORAGE FACIIITYv 3 NM EAST OF DZHETYGARA9 CONTAINS ONE TALL AND 9 LONG STORAGE BUILDINGS AND A SUPPORT/HOUSING AREAo 25X1A ~ UST KATAY MUNITIONS AND RAILROAD CAR PLANT Z3 5456N 05BI~lE f8Ib4 2I AT UST KATAVo RAIL--SERVED PLANT CONTAINS 5 LARGE ASSEMBLY- TYPE BUILDINGS AND NUMEROUS SMALLER ASSOCIATED BUILOINGS4 ZLATDUST ARMAMENT PLANT bb 5586N 855143E 01b4 2.2-F 5 NM 55E OF ZLATOUSfi~ PLANT AREA CONTAINS 6 LARGE ASSEMBLY-TYPE BUILDINGS AND APPROXIMATELY 25 SMALLER ASSOCIATED BUILDINGSo A RECTANGULAR SECURED AREA IMMEDIATELY SOUTH OF THE PLANT CONTAINS 5 LARGE AND NUMEROUS SMALLER BUILDINGSo A LARGE HOUSING AREA IS LOCATED IMMEDIATELY EAST OF THE PLANTo RAIL AND ROAD SERVED SALAYAT PETROLEUM REFINERY AND CHEMICAL CMB 5324N PJ5554E 8165 26 APPROXIMATELY ley NM NW OF SALAYAT AND 5 NM NEST OF ISHIMBAYo LARGE PETROLEUM REFINERY CONTAINS APPROXIMATELY 270. VARIOUS SIZE POL TANKS 40 RECTANGULAR OIL 570RAGE BASINSs 3 COOLING TOWERSv 3-5 DISTILLATION UNIT59 ANO NUMEROUS 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X~ Approved For Release 2003/~~/04 : CIA-RDP78B04560A000~~ OO~~~RET Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 25X1 TOP .SECRET NPIC/R-228/63 81~ILi~IN~Ss LARGE Hi~tISING AREA IS St3UTH ~F FtYa AREA I5. Rt~AU i~N~3 RAIL SFRVE~~ ISHI~BAY pE~ROLEl11'~ REFINI:R'f PFRE~LI~Ii~YY ~~ E~~1= t~~ ~s~~t~s~r~ REF~NE~tY GC~I~i~AINS 3~3_ LAk?~E AP~1~ ~9ANY 5~3~,LL PflL VflLZHSKIY ~91~~~L FAB~tI~~~~nN PL~I~~' t pRE'VIflUSt~,Y :~tFPC31:t~1fi? AS ~C~LGt]GR~,D~ 25X1 D 53.26i~ ~5&Y~:~E 25X1A Approved For Release 2003/OF~~4 :CIA-RDP78B04560A00080Q~D83~CRET 0 25X1 25X1 T~ p SECRET 25X1 D 25X1 q Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 UNIDENTIFIED PLANTe) ON EAST BANK OF VOLGA AT VOLZHSKIYQ RAIL-SERVED METAL FABRICATIONS PLANT CONSISTS OF 2 VERY LARGE SAWTOOTH BUILDINGSv A VERY LARGE BUILDING UNDER CONSTRUCTIONv 10 LARGE BUILDINGo AND NUMEROUS SMALLER BUILDINGSa A THERMOPONER PLANT IS ADJACENT TO SITE ON THE ORENBURG AIRFRAME PLANT 47 NORTH EDGE OF CHKALOVe AREA CONTAINS 3 LARGE FABRICATION BUILDINGS ANO 3 QUONSET-TYPE BUILDINGSo AIRCRAFT -- 4 SMAL T Go KARSAKPAY AREA, PROBABLE MINERAL EXPLORATION {PREVIOUSLY REPORTED AS AK-MULLA AREAS UNIDENTIFIED INSTALLATIONa) 70 NM SOUTH OF KARSAKPAYo AREA CONTAINS A PROBABLE EXCAVATIONp NUMEROUS GROUNDS SCARS IN REGULAR RECTANGULAR AND TRIANGULAR PATTERNSv AND AN 8-LEGGED GROUND SCARv ALL INDICATIVE OF MINERAL EXPLORATION ACTIVITYo. ALSO IN THE AREA ARE A SMALL SECURED AREA AND A HOUSING AND ADMINISTRATIVE AREA WITH APPROXIMATELY 58 BASIC SERVICES VOLOGDA9 NEW ROAD UNDER CONSTRUCTION ROAD COMPLETE IN CLOUD-FREE AREASo ROAD IS VI6IBLE FOR APPROXIMATELY 10 NM .FROM VOLOGDA {59-13N 039-54E) TO 59-11N 834-38Eo 5I4TN 0550?E 464t~N 86645E 5913N 83954E Approved For Release 2003/U8/04 : CIA-RDP78B04560A00~'>~010gET NPIC/R-228/63 25X1A 0 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 TOP SECRET 25X1 CD EI~#?~FLE~EU SE~I~ENT flF '-THE .RA~i~RC3AIl D NPIC/R-228/63 ~~r31~ ~912~E ABAIC/1,N?T#~YSHETg RA-ILROAt~ U~#~ER. Ept~S~RUET~Did ~SER~EQ FRAM A~AICAtd Ta -53a~5N ~92~1~E~ t~~IKAGFiEF~ RAIi~?~Ci?RC3A~ ~'~tA~ISFER P[~~TdT 3 a 5 N~# SW L}F NlUKA~H~VQa SE~UREI3 RAIL?TQ??RflAt? TRAPiSFER pDi~T Cfl#~~?RZSEI~ flF 3 PRCIBA-BLE :RAIL SPURS 1~I~'H A PREI~ABLE WATER TIaWERQ- 2 LARGE BUiLQINGSv At~U SEVERAL SI~IALL Bl33 Li3I NGS a ~ G[3C~t3 RUA~3. Et3~+iNECT S THE TR~NSF ER Pi7INT "Y+~ITH. 'T~tE :~#F,~I~~~H~V'~J- AI~~~~~~ FtIT#~ T~HI~H P SSIBLY' ASSt}CIATE?3o KAi1]iA~.ACi-1 RAILRQAU STATICIN ~ARt}S :AIVU SHt3~'S. AT TF~1=_ ~IUN:~TION :#~F >6~14TYL~~INSICAI~AILS~t R~Ii~ LIEF A~[~ THE ?RSitlCklRE'~~ RAIL. LIB-E~ AREA G(~NTAINS ~1~RS.HALLI#~G YAR#~s :AP~R.pXIATELY 3~~~~ X ~~~ .FTC ANE3 ASSfl~IATEU S~iUPS A~I~~ A TtIR(dING I~YE~ 1{ARA~ANI~A SDRT IROyC]GHI~AYA KARICARAl.:Ii+1SlCv ~R: RAILRt3AU CQ~IPLETE 1=Rt3~- 5~?kJ2~t ~--73?3b.E Tfl 4~?51~M 1~7~m14E; ::WHERE ;G[3R1~T:RiJC~'~U~ C[~~1'TIAt~E T~t~' unR~cetzA~~{dSK~ : 25X1 D ?~ TEt~IRmTAU AREA: `RAIL-:LICE RAIL :.LINE Cf7~9F?LETE: FRUt~ TEIR~TAU `Tt3 25X1 A ~'~28~1 ~`5T27E. 5~f~2N ~3~~E 53Rt ~T302E pproved For Release 2003/01~/~4:CIA-RDP78B04560A00080~Q83~CRET 25X1A 25X1 25X1 Tpp SECRET 25X1 D~ 25X1 D 25X1 a Annrn~icrl Fnr Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 NPTC/R-228/6 4415N 13507E KAVALEROVO THERMAL POWER PLANT KINTUKHA GRES 4 NM EAST OF KAVALEROVOQ THERMAL ELECTRIC POWER pLANT CONTAINS ONE GENERATOR BUILDING, 4 ASSOCIATED BUILDINGS, AND A TRANSFORMER YARDo ONE POWER TRACE EXTENDS FROM THE THERMAL ELECTRIC POWER PLANT INTO KAVAIEROYOd PORTS AND HARBORS VLADIMIRA ZAIIV PORT FACILITIES 25X1D NO .APPARENT CHANGE SINCE MIISSION VESSELS -- ~ UNIDENTIFIED SURFACE ELS TIED UP AT WHARF AND 3 OTHER UNIDENTIFIED SURFACE VESSELS AT ANCHORa STORAGE SENGILEY AREA, PROS AMMUNITION STORAGE AREA 15 NM WSW OF SENGILEYo RAIL-SERVED DOUBLE-FENCED RECTANGULAR AREA IN WOODS CONTAINS 19 STORAGE BUIIDINGS~ SMALL SUPPORT AREA TO NEB ANOTHER SMALLER, RAI".-SERVED9 SECUREDv RECTANGULAR AREA o5 NM EAST IS PARTIALLY OBSCURED BY CLOUDS PRECLUDING DETAILED IN7ERPRETATIONo CHAPAYEVSK PETROLEUM STORAGE BEZENCHUK NORTH 11 NM NW OF CHAPAYEYSKa POSSIBLY SECUREDp RAIL-SERVED AREA CONTAINS 4352N 13527E 5352N 04820E 5302N 04925E 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 20~3~/08/04 : CIA-RDP78B04560A00~'~10~ET Approved For Release 2003/08/04..: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 D ~~ LARGE ~~~ ~ s~AtL ~~~ ST~3RAGE 1'AidKS AI~I~ Ass~~~A~II~ s~~t~~~GS~ x~a~~v~cA~ >~~~ sTOIZAGE S17~UTH SIi7E .flF =KROTfl1/~A~ P[]~S.IBLY SECURI[l .AREA- Cflt~T~;INS 1.9 LARGE Pt31: c~rnRec~ :TAi+,IKS~ VDLK~3VY~~ STORAGE .FACILITY 19 NPR :;kiSW :i]F Yt1LKflV~!S1~4 REGTAPdGUTAR SEGUREC~ .AREA Iht WQOI~S GCINTAINS ~ PR08ABtE 'EARTH-CCl~tEREG BUNKERS 4 STORAGE BUItDINGS~ A "LAR~G+E UNIi~ENTIFIEI~ BIJ~IyLI.3y~Ij1~G~~yRAI -NT.~FACILII. ~E~Y~~FYi3~,H ~~r"~t]i'M1~ ~~t Pa~~i c, KC3TtUBAId ~ ~Ay'y~~~~g~ ~ ~~~~*~y~~+nT~{~ /~4~r1< ~~ ~~ ~-.77R . ~f ~~~t~31i #7 iS H~a RAIL-SERVEI3v SECUREfl SITI G(INTAI_NS 5I. F~EVETTEn `~'~T~F~l1,~GE SU ItflIi~GS~ SI~PP'flR~ AREA I~ AIIJA~EN3 1(flRNEYEYKA AREAS STORAGE AREA $ NNf WNI~ .CIF .K[IRNEYEVKA~ ROAt3?SER'itEGv- SECUFtEC~ AREA CCl1~TAi~iS 2b STt~RAGEm TYPE BUItT3INGS~ 5A9At~. AI3t~INIST:RATI1/E Af~EAv ~13RT< ARIAo AST?RA,~1#Cy~iA~A11~ 3'tIRAG~E# ARE~Ax tl~i~3ER CIINSTR~JCTIflN O IVI'i -t~1NW ~-`-AS TRAKI-IA.Na 25X1 53f~~h! ~24~3E 490t~N 4413E ~~..~ 34832E 462:7N ~4~.~bE ppr~or Release 2003/0>~/~4 :CIA-RDP78B04560A00080~~go83~CRET NPIC/R-22$/63 25X1A 25X1 25X1 rpp SECRET 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 SEIrURED STORAGE AREA CONTAINS 24 COMPLETED BUILDINGSo SITE IS LAID OUT FOR lE~ ADDITIONAL BUILDINGS. KAVALEROVO, SUPPLY AND AMMUNITION STORAGE AREA 5 NM NE OF KAVALEROVOo AREA CONSISTS OF 7 STORAGE BUILDINGS IN A RAVINE AND AT LEAST 12 OTHER BUILDINGS RANDOMLY LOCATED IN THE AREA. RAZDOLNOYE, AMMUNITION STORAGE 5 NM SE OF RAZDOLNOYEa SECURED AREA CONTAINS 9 STORAGE BUILDINGSe URBAN COMPLEXES U57 KAMGHATSK COMPLEX COMPLEX, APPROXIMATELY 3 SQ MI IN AREA, CONTAINS MINOR PORT FACILITIES AND RESIDENTIAL HOUSINGe 25X1 D 25X1 D LiEPA.1A COMPLEX COMPLEX, 18 SQ MI IN AREAS CONTAINS HATER AND RAIL TRANSLOADING FACILITIES, NAVAL BASE, AIRFIELDQ MILITARY INSTALlATIONSv AND POL STORAGE FACIIITiESa BELORETSK COMPLEX GOMPLEXQ APPROXIMATELY 5 SQ M!I IN AREAS CONTAINS THERMAL POWER PLANT AND SEVERAL 441fiN 1358bE 4328N 13288E 5fi13N 15229E 5632N 812188E 5358N 85825E NPIC/R-228/63 25X1A 251 Approved For Release 20068/04 : CIA-RDP78B04560AOOq~10Er 5X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 NPIC/R-228/63 25X1A 25X1 D S1-13TH ~DMPLE?t Ct31~PLEXQ .12 .Std ~lI iN ARE~~ IS PRIt~AR~LY RE~il~E~ITIAL WITH. ~Dl~ -i73=N5TY 813ILfl-t3P C#YEF~ /1 L;~~tGE AFtEi4p.:A~IT~ _Ci31~ITA~NS ~2 ~IIL~TARY ~' ~ ONS ANI~ RA I ~:;Rt~~fl '~AR~ g C~MPLFX4 i5 5Q '~l~ ~N ARIAQ. IvQtdTANS INi3USTRIAt..INSTALLATIQAIS~ RAID. FACILITI>:S~ BARRAC}CS? AREAS AN[? .A(d DRIII~At~1Gl= iIEP[lT SKQVLlRt3~IN? =GO~IFIEX COMRLEXQ APPRI~XI~ATELY :2a5 SQ ICI iI~ ARI=AS COC+ITAII~S RALRQ3lD 'REPAIR SHQPS ANfl SEVERAL SMALL`:WAREHt1U5E AREA'So ~1DRDNEZ~9 Gt3t~P1-Ex RA-IL?5I_RYED :INflUSTRiA1~ CEI~TER~ `2? 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CflI~P~'`E Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 8041 f~5545E sad ~~~~ ~~ 22 ~~~~ ~ -~ 2~ ~~- 5~2~ ~~~r~23E 'S~~td l~f~~?E -~~1'2'~N l :b31E ;57:3N 12~~2 51Z~ 1.2S~E. 42bIU ~622~ .~ i.66 X202 X23 Approved For Release 2003~~~4 :CIA-RDP78B04560A0008000"f0083~CRET NPIC/R-228/63 25X1A 25X1 25X1 Tp p SECRET 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D Approved F~ STARO-KONSTANTINOV COMPLEX SMELA COMPLEX KREMENCHUG COMPLEX 25X1 D;' ZYFtYANOVSK COMPLEX 25X1 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 25X1 D 25X1 a SEMIPALATINSK COMPLEX LENINOCORSK COMPLEX MELITOPOL COMPLEX NIKOPOL COMPLEX ARTEM COMPLEX SUCHAN COMPLEX MISCELLANEOUS ~r945N 02713E 4914N 03152E 4904N 03325E ~ '+943N 08417E 5025N 08015E 5021N 08330E 4b50N 03522E 4734N 03424E 4321N 13210E 4308N 13307E 164 TQP ~SEC~ET Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010 83- NPIC/R-228/63 25X1EA 251 5X1 TOP SECRET 25X1 a :t~~~ ~1`d5"~#~'~~.A3~~Q~15 25X1 D ~-~?`P~~I ~>~FI~ , 'Pf ~~N A 'itF'~ Et4 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D Sum ~~~~u~ ~~~~~~ 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D r Y>r~-~ 25X1 D ST AI~FE~~} ~ Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 u1?~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~Jfi~ ~,b~l ~r~.~"N "129.1 ~E 4+rt~~ 1:2~~2E 4~l~rtd 12355E ?~252~1 1292E NPIC/R-228/63 25X1A Approved For Release 2003/~~~4 :CIA-RDP78B04560A00080009'0083~CRET 25X1 ~ 25X1 TOP SECRET 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 q i 25X1 DI 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 DI elease 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 KUNG-CHU-LING AIRFIELD GHING-SHUI-HO AIRFIELD MILITARY/NAVAL INSTALLATIONS CHAI-KOU-PAOv MILITARY ,SANS CHI-IINv MILITARY INSTALLATION Ih1DU6TRY ERH-TAO--HO-TZUv MIN PITY WU-LANv PROBABLE CH M PLANT A-ERH-TU AREAS PROBABLE GHEMIGAL PLANT SA-ERH-TUv PROBABLE CHEMICAL PLANT ~tiX~~ PAO-TOU AREAv INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX( 4331N 1244bE 3944N 11310E 4040N 11424E 4356N 12bZ8E 4417N 12b48E 45S8N 12b38E 4638N 12454E 4635N 12500E 4039N 10951E NPIC/R-228/63 25X1A lb6 ~~~ ~~~2ET Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A00 010 25 1 5X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 NPIC/R-228 J63 25X1A 25X1 25X1 25X1 S~i3t~AGE ~ ~~~ s~'t1~tAG~ ~~>~~~~~~ 1-1Et~C~ ~flSI~~F; ~i~IC}S1~~~A AP:EF~t~l1~F~ ~~ ?~ #I~ ARFA~ ; P~I~ :Exp~CIS~~ES ~T.t~~GE 25X1 D 25X1 25X1 25X1 D 5X1 D 5X1 D 25X1 i ,~ ?Pltd~ ~+MMl~~1~~~tI~ S~DR~,t~E X355 i32E ~~~ 2~~ ~r533~i 12~~:1 ~35b~ 126~3~E ~t~~t~ ~~8~:s~ Approved For Release 200304 :CIA-RDP78B04560A00080~H~1v083~CRET 25X1A 25X1 25X1 Tpp SECRET Approved ~ i~iP IC R 228 6 / - / 3 City, I nstallation Coordinates yrAC Instal lation Numbers BE PlPIC 25X1 CHI-HSI cCHI-NI 2 5X1 A 4518N 13059E 0283 29 25X1 CNI-CHI-HA-ERH COMP 4121N 12358E 0283 28 25X1D PAO-TOU COMPLEX 4036N 11001E 0288 13~E 25X1 TA-TANG COMP '3 I ~ 4008N 11313E 0288 ~ 1 25X1D HUN-GHUN COMPLEX b 42s2N 13a21E 0290 39~a MISCELLANEOUS -CZECHOSLOVAKIA- IR INSTALLATIONS PROSTEJOV AIRFIELp 25X1 4927N 01788E ORAVSKA OSTRAVA AIRF Lp 25X1 ILITARY/NAYAL.INSTALLAtIONS 25X1 MYlVORANY MILITARY 4947N 0181bE 483bN 0181bE 25X1A 1b8 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A0008 0010d"$'3~ET 25~ Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 T?P SECRET 25X1 uR~~r .~~~~~~xl=s 25X1 NPIC/R-228/63 Nth Ct~MP1~EX 25X1 a tISTRl~lt~ .~tJ~P~Ex 25X6 25X1A 25X1A Q5X1 Approved For Release 2003~d8~4 :CIA-RDP78B04560A00080~~8083~CRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A00(10083-9 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 Approved For NPIC/R-22$/63 25X1 D 25X1 25X1 MISKOIC SAM SITE - r AIR INSTALLATIONS ~ FOLDES AIRFIELD MILITARY/NAVAL INSTALLATIONS MISKOLC ARMY BAR NYIRBATOR ARMY BARRACK INDUSTRY 25X1 MiSKOIC AMMO A VES RLANT SAJABABONY 25X1 STORAGE NYIRBOGDANY PETR - NERY 25X1C~SZERENCS AMMUNIT MONOK 4814N 82055E 4717N 82124E 4807N 82847E 4751N 02208E 4810N 02043E 4805N 02151E 4811N 02110E 25X1A 190-A 172 T SCI O'n83-~ET Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000 001 25 1 25X1 D 25X1 25X1 ~ p 25X1 25X1 T?P SECRET NPTC/R-228/63 Installation Numbers City, Installation Coordinates WAC BE NPIC 25X1A I~Y~RBA~E71~ PE~RLI~I_U~i '~~ Pt/G ~~~~ ~~~~, . ~'-~ UitSAI ~[~NtPLEXES A~IS~LIL'~OMPL~X ~~~~ i~2~? 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.CfM~PIIT_ :?P~A~IT 25X1 D ~ TEG 5~~~fltz~YS~: ~~~~~ PLANT i~t?I~D~'t~D 5X1 ~~~~ i~[~tt~v ;Ct~~~~~,~~ :PI`ANO' ~a~~7 @lAS:IIr SERVICES NAB pQlctEi PD~tTS Al~ll~ HA~t~RS cv~ Gf~1(AIIA Pt1~iT. FAIN 25X1 ~~~~ 5~f311~ ~2i38~ 5F#SfiN ~21~3E 5i15N ~~~~ 7:I~ I~ i 81 bl=: ~~~~I~ 132E S~I.~I~ HI:8~89I= 25X1 Approved For Release 2003~0~~4 :CIA-RDP78B04560A00080~~8083~CRET NPIC/R-228 j63 25X1A 25X1 Tap SECRET Approved For TORUN AMMUNITION DEPOT NORTH 5303N 01836E 25X1 D 25X1D OLAWA ORDNANCE DEPOT EAST 5056N 01728E 25X1D BOGHINA EXF~LOSIVES STO 5001N i 02018E KOLUSZKi ORDN ANCE AND AMMUNITI ON DEPOT WEST 5143N 01942E 25X1 D URBAN COMPLEX ES 25X1 G DANSK COMPLE X 5421N 01848JE 25X1 G DYNIA COMPLEX 5432N 01832E ZASIEKI COMPLE X 25X1 5145N 01440E I AUBAN COMPLEX 51dl7N 01517E 25X1 25X1 NONY SACZ COMPLEX 4937N 028143E KR OSNO COMPLEX 4941N 02147E 25X1 176 da~ o~~ET Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A00 010 NPIC/R-228/63 25X1A 251 ~ 25X1 D 4bIiN ~2i~bE ~rf4N t~2Z211 NPIC/R-228/63 TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/0~4:CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 ~ANi7K :CL~~A~'~EX I 25X1 D "`-=~ 25X1 D 25X1 D ~RUMAI~ I A? AIR i~S7ALLATIC1~i5 ARADdGE~LA AIfFI~~a I 25X1 D l~III~At~Y1NAi/Al:-; INS~AL~~~~[3NS ~IPLIVA ~;L~~~,R~ GAtZR~S[~N .~ ~'RAI~lIN~ AT~Ir~ Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 SUBJECT INDEX THIS INDEX PROVIDES A LISTING OF ALL TARGETS CONTAINED IN SECTIONS I, II AND III. THE INDEX IS ARRANGED 1) BY CATEGORY, 2) BY COUNTRY WITHIN EACH CAT- EGORY, AND 3) ALPHABETICALLY BY PLACE NAME WITHIN EACH COUNTRY. Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 i i i Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 NPTC/R-228/63 SUBJECT ' I~~EX -MISSILES- 99 AKTYtIBINSK SA-~9 SITE ~-1T X49 ~,I(TYUSINSK .SAKI SI~'E C-~3 ~~ AKYR-T[lBE SAM SITE I I~ I~ ASTRA~NAN SAID SLlPPt1R T FAC~l~ITY lf~l ASl`RA~i~AfV SAI~4 SI.~'~ ~ ~?~~ 15B ASTRAKHAN SATE SATE A ?~~+ ': b BA~AI?DYtI SA-~1 AItANCl-C3ftENBtIR SAKI 'SI GSKCIYE 'f~ B~ ~~~ :C~IM#~X ~~ SITS 17 18` B AM[3-URENBUR A GSK.C~Y ~ MRBH LAI,/NCH ~'~~ #~ 1 E3 R -RA~it~I~FIENBt~R tzSK>~Y ~ Mf~I3~4 CI~~iPLX S~~ 5 TTE ~19 ~, H1 B~ ARA~Ie~~~EhIBUI~ ~SK~Y ~ MRB~4 GQ~~~~ SAN SITB 1a-34 1 01 ~ $ ARA3~U-URENBU~ tGSI~DY E Mi~BM ~17MFLEX SA~1~ . SUPP I'AC , ~ i B SA~t#tdt7-C311EN$UR GSKdY I ~Itl~~4 CI~I~9P~X AID SITE B?~3 ~. I 94 gAR~ANt7VIGHI S A~i SIT E ~-~2 -~ < 95 gARANQVIC BAYKUNIIR HI SAI`9 SITE C PRC}BABL?- EIELf~-~~~`~ EAtJN~II EA~~~.Ii'Y 51~ SAYR~~ A~ $AYRAM?A1 -I SAldl SITS 8-~~ :1 SAM SITE t1-~5 ~~# BBi.~up#~S BERBZ[I~IC K~3YE SAS S~T~~ A MFt81~ LAIINGN SITE ~~ BREST SA GA SUPd~CIRT FAGI~iTY 20 $UKNAitA SAM ' S TE fd3 BUKFiARA S~I~! SI3E A`-19 i4#2 BURIVC~YE SAt~ S i 7E A--3E~ 88 B~JTC1/Q .SAI~f SITE $3 BYTEN ~~~ L~L3NIH S I E ~- ~~ HYTEN l~RB~I LAUNC~d STI 19 CI-1AF~I3ZHt3U SAS SITE B?2~ 2B ~HARDZHflU SAM SITE >~3.3 2B GHAFt13ZH~U SAID .SllPPdRT FACILI~'Y . 25X1 179 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A0008t~~08~~CREr Tt~N SECRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 CHARDZHDU SAM SITE B-30 CHELKAR FIELD LAUNCH PDINT MRBM CHELYABINSK SAM SITE CHELYABINSK SAM SITE B-17 CHELYABINSK SAM SITE 8-20 CHELYABINSK SAM SUPPORT FACILITY CHEPELEVKA SAM SITE DQLON AIRFIELD SAM SITE C-27 DOLON AIRFIELD SAM SITE B-30 DOLON AIRFIELD SAM SITE A-15 DDLON AIRFIELD SAM SUPP.pRT FACILITY DOLON AIRFIELD SAM SITE A-04 DYATLDVO MRBM LAUNCH SITE DZFiAMBUL SAM SITE A-2S DZHAMBUL SAM SITE 8-07 EMBA MISSILE-ASSOCIATED INSTALLATION FRUNZE SAM SITE A-33 GLAZDV SA-0 SAM SITE B-28 GLAZDV SAM SITE D-10 GLAZDV SAN SITE B-1~1 GLAZDV SAM SITE A~09 GLAZDV SAM SUPPORT FACILITY GORKIY SAM SITE B-11 GORKIY SAM SITE B-18 GDRKIY SAM SITE B-25 GDRKIY SAM SITE D-31 GORKIY SAM SITE B-01 GDRKIY SAM SUPPORT FACILITY GRESK MRBM LAUNCH SITE 1 GRESK MRBM LAUNCH SITE 2 IVANOVO MRBM LAUNCH SITE IVANOVD SAM SITE A-29 KACHA 5AM SITE KALININGRAO SA-3 SAM SITE B-21A Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560AOOb?~ 103 99 90 90 90 91 97 100 100 100 149 149 10 102 102 99 102 3 88 88 88 3 88 88 88 147 147 10 95 93 147 150 11 ~E~~ET NPIC/R-228/63 25X~ Approved. For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 TOP SECRET NPTCJR'-228J63 KAL~~iW~GRA~3 ~A-3 SAl~ iSi~~.C'-1~ , 1CA~ININGRAI3 SA-3 SAA4 SITE ~?f~2A ICAL~NiNGRA~ 5~4-~3 SAS S~T1= ICALIN~~I~RA1r1 SA?3 SAS SI1?E K.A~,IAdII~IGRAD SAS! SIIs /#~-I~ KALTNIIV~Rkl~ SA~1 SI1`E ~-2b KA~~~iIidGRAl~ SAAB SATE G-~ KAL~A~I~IGRA[~ SAS SIDE KALINiNGRA~ SAS SUPPI~RT FA~IL.IT!f i :: KALINIPIG~tA~ SQI~ 'SI:~E 8?~2 KAtiAITNGRA~ 5/1.~ S~-~E ~=~98 KAI:ININ~RAT3 SAID! SITE E3~Z1 1CALIidiGEtAD .SAM -SI.~'I+ 8?3 KALINNGRA~U StISPE~T NAVAL .I~TSi~E STt~RAGE KALNKt3VICl-fii -SAMI 'SI.~'F A?td2 KAFUS~IhI. YAR ~#1SSILF ~O.MPLEX SAA1 SI.TI 8? KAPt1S~IN YAR I~iSSILF CCIMPLE~ SA1~ SI7E KAPUSTIN YAR MISSILI= G#3k~PLIrX SAM :SI7'F. B?21 KAPUS`I?IN Y~aR MISSILE GCJ~IPI`EX S~,-fit .S~,I~I SI~1= tCr~Pt3S~'IN- YAR I~ISSILI= ~[3MPl.EX SA:~# SiTI= B?9 KAPUS~IIV YAR~V~.AD~M~RCI.k ~I~SItE. ~?ST GEAI3ER KARABALTY SAID Si_T1= 8?-3i KA~RMEL;4VA MRBM.' LAIII~ICI~I S I ~E ICAStT 5A1~ SIDE I(ASLI SA1~9 SITE I{ASLI SAM SUP13:~RT FACILITY .. ICAZAN SAM SITIr 8-3~ KAZAN SAKI SITE A-~I9 KEC1AiNIAI AIRFIELI? ,SAA9 SITE KHA[lA B11L,4K SAID SITI ~,?25 KiRQV SAlal SI7"E ~IT , ICi:R[l~J SAM SITI ~~~ IC I Rt~V SAID SUPPD~t3 I~A I L ~ TY KI Y1=~1 SAM 5I TE ?I2 9b 9b I~aB I48 9b 96 9b 96 1~8 1 ~~ 1~8 I2 94 ~~ ~~ 1~~ 149 X49 13 i~Z 9i 9~i 148 88 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A0008p?Q~00$3~..RET Aaaroved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 KIAIPEDA SA-3 SAM SITE A-17A KLAiPEDA SAM SITE A-17 KOLCHINO AREAy POSSIBLE LOX FACILITY KONKOViCHI MRBM LAUNGH SITE KOZHANOVIGHI MRBM LAUNGH SITE 2 KOZHANOYICHI MRBM LAUNCH SITE 1 KOZHANOVIGHI SAM SITE A-28 KRASKINO MRBM LAUNCH SITE KREMENCHUG DAM SAM SUPPORT FAGILtTY KREMENCHUG DAM SAM SITE $-2b KRUPA MRBM LAUNCH SITE 1 KRUPA MRBM LAUNGH SITE 2 KURUMOCH ROCKET ENGINE TEST FACILITY KUYBYSHEV SAM SITE KUYBYSHEV SAM SITE C-27 KUYBYSHEV SAM SITE B-2PJ KUYBYSHEY SAM SITE G--29 KUYBYSHEY SAM SITE C-31 KUYBYSHEV SAM SUPPORT FACILITY 2 KUYBYSHEY SAM SITE D-31 KUYBYSHEV SAM SITE C-32 KUYBYSHEY SAM SITE G-34 KUYBYSHEV SAM SUPPORT FACILITY 1 KUYBYSHEY SAM SITE B-8? KUYBYSHEY SAM SITE G-02 LEONIDOVO SAM SITE LIDA MRBM COMPLEX SAM SITE A-29 LIDA MRBM COMPLEX SAM SITE LIEPAJA SAM SITE A-H1 LIEPAJA 5AM SUPPORT FACILITY LUCHKI SAM SITE LUGOVOY SAM SITE A-29 IUGOVOY SAM SITE B-H6 LYALICHI SA-3 SAM SITE 96 95 148 14a 9 94 94 18 97 98 93 93 7 6 7 91 91 91 91 91 91 92 92 92 92 12 95 95 8T 1 i8 1~3 1H3 18 NPIC/R-228/63 25X~ Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A00~10~~Ej 5X1 TOP SECRET 25X2 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 NPIC jR-228/63 s~r MA~A~Ar~ sA ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ MA~~a~Al~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~ SAM :su~~a~~ FAC~L~-r~ ~~ MACI~~~a~fl~5~ SAM s~~r~ ~~~ ~~ MA~~~7~~a~51{ SAM ~~ ~?~~ ~ MA~r~~~rc~~~~sx ~ su~~~~~ I`A~~~~~~ ~ MA~r~~~~~o~sx SAM 5~~~ ~~~: ~ Ma~I~~~fl~ol~s~ SAM s~~l: s?~~ ~~~ 9~ MARI;~AMP[~LE .SAM 5~ - 95 MA~f1NA 'GC3R~~ 1~~8M 1.AtJ~d~~ SATE 1~ MINSIC 'SAM S~~I= A-17 95 MINSK 5AM SITE B~28 8 MflSCt3i~ :SA~1 .SAM SI~'E ~m~2 88 MDSCC3i~ SAmI SAM. ; SiT~ E?g~, 147 MflSCfl~i ~~~I:SAM SIDE C?36 8~ MD5~13~i :SAM "S~CI~A~E 'SITE ~GNE:RI+~AYAI 1~~ MflT{~L MRBM ~At~NCH SITE ~?' Mt~KACHE~/tl T~iSSIIE S1lFPC~FtT AREA 13 MtIKA~HEYC MRB~[ LAII~CH SITE I 13 MUKACH1=Vt~ MRBM ~.At~RlG~1 'S~1"F ~ 12 MUKA~NEVt~ SAM SITE 824 47 #~tfKA:CHI=lli3 51aM S I1E 8?I9 ~T. MUK,4GHE~~ SAM SUpPQ~T ?FA;CILITY 97 MUKA~HI=1/fl SAM SITE 8?2~ ~.~ ~IAIlRUZBEKtIV SAM SITE 11: NEtlRUPPII~ SAM SITE 2 NIGRAN~E IRBM LAUf~~N STTE 15~ NIK~IPDI: SAM SITE-B-~~ 89 NI~yI~YAYA TUF~A SAM ,SITE S-2B $9 NIZ~i1VYAYA 'Tt~#~A SAM SUPP~FtT :FAGLiT`/ ~. 25X2 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A00080~1Q~08~3~CRET 25X1 T~F~ SECRET NOVAYA MEZINOVKA REG MIL STGE INST SAM SUP FAC NOVITSKOYE MRBM LAUNCH SITE NOVOROSSIYSK SAM SUPPORT FACILITY 1UOVOROSSIYSK SAM SITE A-18 NOYOROSSIYSK SAM SITE 8-13 NOVOSYSOYEVKA HARD IRBM LAUNCH SITE 2 NOVOSYSOYEVKA IRBM LAUNCH SITE OLEVSK MRBM LAUNCH SITE 2 OMSK ICBM LAUNCH COMPLEX OMSK SAM SITE A-13 OMSK SAM SITE 8-17 OMSK SAM SITE 8-09 OMSK SAM SITE 8-34 OMSK SAM SITE 8-26 OM SK SAM SUPPORT FACILITY OMSK STATiC TEST FACILITY ORENBURG SAM PROBABLE TRAINING SITE A-25 ORSK SAM SITE 8-20 ORSK SAM SITE 8-14 ORSK SAM SITE C-23 OR SK SAM SITE C-10 ORSK SAM SUPPORT FACILITY OVRUCH MRBM LAUNCH SITE 2 OYRUCH MRBM LAUNCH SITE 1 OVRUCH SAM SITE 8-29 PALANGA SA-3 SAM SITE A-03A PALANGA SAN SITE A-03 PAPLAKA MRBM LAUNCH SITE 1 PAPLAKA MRBM LAUNCH SITE Z PAPLAKA SAM SITE PAVILOSTA SA-3 SAM SITE PAVILOSTA SAM SITE PERM ICBM LAUNCH COMPLEX PERM SAM SITE D-27 95 19 150 150 150 101 18 5 89 S 5 b 6'~ 5 14 100 100 14 100 14 '~8 148 98 9b 9b 1 1 87 2 87 4 5 NPIC/R -228/b3 251 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A0(~ 801 ~~Ej 25X1 TOP SECRET -Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 I~~TRr~~~~~~vs~~AMe~A~S~c~~ sAM ~- PNSK ~RRBM CD~P~F sAM SIDE ~?25 ~~~s~c ~RBM ~c~~~:~~ ~~~ s~~~ Ball ~~?s~~s ~~~ ~.~~~~ ~~~~~~x ~~~s~~s~. ~~~ ~~~~~~ AID ;s~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ; ~RUZM~~~ ~R~~ ;~c~r~~l=x s~ ~~ s~:~ Ri3ZY-1~N'!~ _~IRB~i ;~?A~P~I_~~ ~Aa~ s~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ S~iCNUCHi~I A~RFIEI~ SAM SI;~E A?2b S~fiCHU~H~Id A~RFIE~t~ :SAh1 ;SUPP.t~R~ FAGI~ITY SHISH~BiI~SX SAM. SIB' SKR~IIVI~A ~kRI?MF~; ~RBM LAUN~4~ S1~E SMC~R~L~N FiAR{~EIdFO' IR81+~ ~AL~NGH S1TF 2 S~Ii3RGflfd IRSM ;LA~INC~# SI~F 1 S13~~~E A~:~KSF~EVSKt~Y~ P~RI1M'LA~~~ S1F SpASSK~T3ALI~I~ SAID S SPASSK?~3ALA~i~ SAM SI~Ir ;PASSK?~ALM1Y SAM SiSF~':~3R~ FAC Ii.ITi Y SpASSiC?~3ALtdI~ SAM SI:~1= S~'ERLITAMAK 'SAM SIDE C?19 STERLI~A#~AK ;-S AM'SUPPL~R~ FAC~1~I~1~ NPIC/R-228 j53 ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ 95 11 95 101 101 i01 i ~# ~. 101 92 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A00080~~8083~CRET 25X1 25X1 roe sEeREr Approved For STERLITAMAK 5AM SITE C-35 SUCHAN MRBM COMPLEX SAM SITE B-O1 S 92 UROVATIKHA REGIONA 102 L MILITARY STORAGE SUROVATIKHA REGIONAL SAM SITE 8 MILITARY STORAGE SUROVATIKHA REGIONAL 5AM SITE 8 MILITARY STORAGE SUROVATIKHA REG MI SAM SITE 93 LITARY STORAGE SAM SVOBDDNYY ICBM LAUNCH COMPLEX SITE 43 TEYKOVO ICBM LAUNCH COMPLEX SAM SITE T 12 EYKOVO ICBM LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 TYURA TAN MISSILE TEST CENTER 2 TYURA TAM SA-? SAM SITE B-21A 16 TYURA TAM SA-0 SAM SITE B-13B 15 TYURA TAM SA-O SAM S[TE B-2bA I5 TYURA TAM SA-0 5AM SITE B-08A lb TYURA TAM SA-0 SAM SITE 8086 16 TYURA TAM SA-0 SAM SITE B-03A 16 TYURA TAM SA--O SAM SITE B-13A 17 TYURA TAM SA-0 SAM SITE B-32A 149 TYURA TAM SAM SITE B-~1 149 TYURA TAM SAM SITE 8-~13 15 TYURA TAM SAM SITE B-32 15 TYURA TAM SAM SITE B-03 17 TYURA TAM SAM SITE $-26 17 TYURA TAM SAM SUPPORT FACILITY 100 TYURA TAM SAM SITE B-08 100 UFA PROS STATIC TEST STAND 100 UFA SAM SITE B-31 92 UFA SAM SITE B-17 92 UFA SAM SITE C-H3 92 UKRAINA AIRFIELD SAN SITE B UKRAINA AIRFIELD SAM SITE B-15 97 ULYANOVSK SAM SITE 8-27 148 ULYANDVSK SAM SITE B-08 4Z URECHYE MRBM COMPLEX SAM SITE 147 1Bb 9 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560AOv~01~~3~r NPIC/R-228jb3 251 2.X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 lI(tEl;ki1~E MRBM LAUN~#~ SITE USH TUBE 5~4A~ 'SITE A~t~Z I ~s9 USSIIR~YS?~ SA~3 5AM SITE B? 19 USSIJRIYSK SAM Si`~ ~?t8 . ~9 USSU~tIYSK. ':.SAM SU6'#~C~fiT 'F1iCIi.TY 1~2 USSURIYSK SAS SI~`E 'A?~4 I.~2 UZHGt1RC~~ M#~#IM LAUfiIIi#~ .SITE VIII ~Etd~'SPILS SAt~ SITE A~3 8T YE~t~HI.3YAYA SAL~#A 'II;BM LAItIl-~ GCIMpLEX 5 1/ERICHNYAYA : SALQA .~ ~8M ;I~~IPILX SAPS . SITE I~?3.4 VILNIUS 5AM SI1`E A~~T 45 VLAT3IMIRCJYKA SAM :SITE A~~3 99 VLADIVCISiCIK 'SAA4;SITE iIIZ VtAt?iVI35T.(3K ;SAM :SITE 8?fd8 15~ Y~LGOGItAt~ S,4M S I E Iv817 I.3 itDLG13GRAC? .SAM SUPPJ~tT .I'ACILITY :2 9$ VtILGCIGRA~ SAM S I ~"E B?1 98 VUL~Q~RAC? SAA9 SITE ~?zl 98 '~CJI_GCIGRAI~ SA~9 ';SITE 8-27 . ~9 i/OLGCII;RA~ SAM SITE Bo~~ 9~3 'J13IIaUGFtAt3 SAM SITE 6?33 ~~ V~ILGQI;ftAI1 SAM SUPPflR~ FACILITY' ;:i 1tOLIatIGAI~ .SAM SITI 99 8?~3 99 V?LC[7CRAt} SAM ,SITE Cm~75 ~~ 1lL1LiCDVYSIC SAs~ SAM S IT:E . B~I~A 9 11C]tIiQ1/`l 5~,~3 SAM SITE A-~3~A ~~ ~/ClLi~tIVYS}i SAM SITE 8=1 9 VOLKtl~JYSI{ -.SAM SITE 3 A?3~ 94 V#ILSK SA-~ S~t~ Si~`E - A'?~,~ ,. 149 YC1f~i3FZH SAA9 ;SITE : ~ ?1T 3 ~+8 VURt~NEZH SAM SITE 8 . ~1~ 1~9 1/tlRC3tVEZH 5AM SUFf~Q~ T 'FAGIi~II'Y .: 98 Vtlt2C3NE~H~ STATIC TE ST :FACILITY ~} 8 YELSIC MRBh] Cf3MPLEX SAPI SITE 98 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560AOO~pQj~10(~8,3~RET NPIC/R-228/63 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 NPIC/R-228/63 YELSK MRBM IAUNGH SITE 1 PA GE 98 YOSHKAR-OLA ICBM IAUNGH COMPLEX SAM SITE B-2T 3 YURYA ICBM IAUNGH COMPLEX SAM SITE 8-23 3 4 YURYA ICBM LAUNCH COMPLEX YURYA ICBM LAUNCH COMPLEX SAM SITE 8-28 88 YURYA ICBM LAUNCH COMPLEX SAM SITE 8-12 89 YURYA ICBM LAUNCH COMPLEX SAM SITE B-04 89 YURYUZAN 5AM SITE B-15 90 YURYUZAN SAM SITE 8-22 90 YURYUZAN SAM SITE 8-09 90 YURYUZAN SAM SITE A-34 90 YURYUZAN SAM SUPPORT FACILITY ~' ZBLYANY MRBM LAUNCH SITE ~4 ZEMAICIU KAI.VARIJA HARD MRBM LAUNCH SITE 87 ZFIITOMIR MRBM LAUNCH SITE i 148 ZHITOMIR MRBM LAUNCH SITE 2 148 ZHURAVKA IRBM LAUNCH SITE 147 ZLATOUST SAM SITE 8-18 90 ~0 ZLATOUST SAM SITE ATOUST SAM SITE 8-25 ZL 9B , ILATOUST SAM SITE B-33 9i ZIATOUST SAM SUPPORT FACILITY 90 CZECHOSLOVAKIA OSTRAVA SAM SITE B-26 ~'~ OSTRAVA SAM SITE 8-22 ~'~ OSTRAVA SAM SITE A-16 70 OSTRAVA SAM SITE 8-09 70 DSTRAYA SAM SITE 8-32 134 DSTRAVA SAM SUPPORT FACILITY ?H 25X Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A00080'~0100>~9'REr Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 TOP SECRET 25X6 ~I~K4LC 5k~1 Si:TE B?23 NfTSK~LC SAM :5~.~'E B'-1~ MSKDLG SAPd SITE .B?84 BUNtLAU '' S~,M ;SITE : ~-l~7 CHORZflW SAKI 5I3E 819 CNDRZC3W :S~M'SITE G~~6 GNOf~ZDW SA>~ SITE 8-1~ GHQRZtlW :SAKI SiTE:,~ =1fd GH~IRZCII~ .SASS :SITE B?~!6 GHDI2ZCl~i SAS+~ 'SITE 8~~1 LH13RZ?I~t :SA~1 SI TE 0029 GH(IRZCIW SAS 'SITE ~?33 CH?ft~fll~ SAKI SUPPORT :F~,CILI'Y I_IEI;NI7Z SASS ':SITE A~~3 138 138 1Z2 NPIC jR-228/63 78 78 78 78 ~~ 79 7 9 ~RC~~Jt~ AI11FI'EL~ GL~I;CI~~S~I~IG~1~C~ A~FIEL~ GRClfl~ltl "A I RF EEi~ .Si~U~HEAS~ GRYAZ i A 111F I ~L I:! 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AIRF I ELF ~i~RTNEAST I~ALI~tIIU~Ft~D~i3EVAl7 A1:RFiEt~ KAI:NINGRAI3.~IC.NR1~SRt3Ya IRFTEt~ 14ALIA1IAlGRA~JLU~[~~t3'~6 :A~RI=IEL~ {CAI_IN~GRAI~~PRC31/EREI~ AiRFIELi~ KALIIUINGIIA~YEZAt# AIRFIELt~ KAI~EPI YBDLt3 A I F~F I ELf~ #CAPUS.~fIN, YAR ARFIE~:T3 KARAfi,Aldi3A Sfl~IT`~EAST'AIRFIEI.~ KAI~AAIKt7T AI RF ~ ElQ ~s ~~ 25 3 3 27 155 154 ': ~5 i~ 15 155 155 36 153 15 lfb3 151 1i~5 1~~ :. 151 i5 I55 29 153 152.. i52 29 1~6 I L~6 1~ Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A0008~'~08~CRET 25X1 25X1 TC7P SECRET KARMELAVA AIRFIELD KAZAN AIRFIELD KAZAN AIRFIELD NORTHWEST KAZAN NORTH AIRFIELD KEDAINIAI AIRFIELD KHOROL EAST AIRFIELD KHOTILOVO AIRFIELD KINEL-GHERKASSY AIRFIELD K[ROV NORTH AIRFIELD KIR~IVOGRAD AIRFIELD KIRDYOGRADlKANATOVO AIRFIELD KLYUCHI AIRFIELD K08RIN AIRFIELD KOMAROVKA AIRFIELD KOTELNIKOVSKIY AIRFIELD KRASNYY KUT AIRFIELD KREMOVO AIRFIELD KRIVOY ROG EAST AIRFIELD KUI3YBSHEV/BEZYMYANKA AIRFIELD KUMAK AIRFIELD KUPINO AIRFIELD KURAYLI AIRFIELD KUSTANAY WEST AIRFIELD KUYBYSHEY/KURUMOGH AIRFIELD KYZYL AREA, AIRFIELD LENINGRAD AIRFIELD LENINGRADIGORELOYO AIRFIELD LEONIDOVO AIRFIELD LESDZAVODSK EAST AIRFIELD LIRA AIRFIELD LIEPAJA AIRFIELD EAST LTPETSK AIRFIELD WEST LOUKHI AREAS AIRFIELD LUCHKI AIRFIELD 105 25 151 26 152 36 151 184 2Z 38 105 103 184 37 154 37 106 154 24 34 23 186 24 25 34 22 151 3H 187 27 183 104 20 36 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560AOO~P010~~~~ET NPIC/R-228/b3 251 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 js TOP SECRET NPIC/R-228/63 ~u~~va~ls ~~~~~.~ ~ul~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~ ~~ ~~E~g ~~~~~ ~.v~rs~ ~t ~~ ~ ~~n . ~o~~x ~~ru~~s~c~~ A~~:~~1= ~~~a~~~ ~ t l~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~a~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~QV~c~ ~~~~~ ~~xl~~ ~~~~~~~ta ~ ~~~ , ~~ ~ -~~~o~ ~~ ~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~~ . ~ ~~x~~~~flv~,~ s~u~~ ~~~~>s~t~ ~ ~ ~~~sx~r~~~HU~~~I~c~~ ~~~~~~ ~~ A~dSCDi~~SHERENlE7~`F~C~ ~I~Fb~L[~ MflZ~I~ ~~RF~~L~ ~.s~ I PJ 5 MtJi~~~#11=VD A ~ IMF I E~~3 3~ M~1RI~M AI RF I ELF 2 ~+ ~1AM~+IdGr~N AiRFIEL[~ 38: N~IGtI~AYE1/K~ AIRFIELC~ 15S 53 IdIK~lLAYEVSI~fl~E ARF~ELL~ 1 NiZHtd~Y ,~AGiL t~DR,~HF~;~~ AI'#~FI~~[~ 22 Id[~'Ll?SYStD~'E~K~ ~IRF~EL. i~~ 1~ (dCIV[3tVEZ1.9Nt3 =A~~FEL.~ Nt~VC~Rt~SS~~fA -~IRF~:ELi7 15~ '. 38 hlU~il7S ~SC3:Ut~ .AIRFIE~t 1VURI~ALi7'S~ A~.RFII~Lfl 15 flBflZl~1~~~ SflllTHEA~ !d,~RF~~Li~ ~. 5 ~. 21 flLA 1~I RF ~i.I3 1f~7 Z3 pN1~K EAST AIl~F~ILI~ O~1SIC `SQUfi~i~tEST'AIRFI~l 3 .. Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A0008~~~08~~RET 25X1 Tip SECRET ORENBURG AIRFIELD SDUTH 10b ORENBURG NORTHEAST AIRFIELD 33 ORENBURG SOUTHWEST AIRFIELD 33 ORSK AIRFIELD 33 OSH AIRFIELD 107 OSINOVKA AIRFIELD 35 PABRADE AIRFIELD 152 PALANGA AIRFIELD 185 PANEVEZYS AIRFIELD 152 PARNU AIRFIELD 151 PAVLODAR/CHERNOYARSKIY AIRFIELD Z3 PERM SOUTHWEST AIRFIELD 151 PETROPAYL01/SK/OZERO tCHALAKHTYRKA SEAPLANE STA 105 PETROPAVLOVSK/YELIZOVO AIRFIELD 153 PIRDOYLYA AREA, AIRFIELD UNDER CONSTRUCTION 20 POLESSK AIRFIELD 152 POVORIN^ AIRFIELD 105 PRAVDINSK AIRFIELD 151 PRUZHANY AIRFIELD 104 PSKOY AIRFIELD 150 PUSHKIN AIRFIELD ROMANOVKA ~iEST AIRFIELD ZZ 38 ROS AIRFIELD SANDAG Z7 OU AIRFIELD 10 5 SARABUZ AIRFIELD 3 5 SEHIPALATINSK AREA, AIRFIELD 15 3 SEMIPALATiNSK AIRFIELD NEST 15 3 SEMIPALATtNSK AIRFIELD 15 4 SEMIYARSKOYE AIRFIELD 3 4 SERGEYEVKA AIRFIELD SOUTH 107 SHCHUCHIN AIRFIELD Z7 SI:AULiAI AIRFIELD Z8 SLAPABERZE AREA, AIRFIELD 105 SLONIM AIRFIELD 152 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A00~? ~Ea~2ET NPIC/R-228/63 25X Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 TOP SECRET NPIC jR-228/63 Sr~a~~~N ~~~. SQLmILETSIC ~~~~~~~ so~~~~~;:~ A~,E,~ AII~FI ELLI SC~i/EI'SK~~tA ~.,~V~l~JV~tdIAlCI t~,Il;?Fi SPASSK~I3ALNIY AIRFII=L~ SP~,SS1C?1~ALNIY EASE z~I#~FIELi~ STARC~?I~I~AtS~A~iTINfl1~ ~.IF~FII~~-~~ xo~l~, ~~>=r~va~c ~~r~~~l=ler~ -~ ~~~~~~ >~~~~slcc~ ~~~l=~~~ ~~ ~~~ AIRFIFLI) ~~ ~r~l~~s s~r~I~ ~tl~~~~~.~ IGD1~C~l~IA AIRFIELl3 ~ 82 KATI~WIGE ~Rl'~EIW:I.? ~ KtIBYL~iIGA AIRFEL~ ~ ~ Kt3NIG58ERGl~EUI~ARK ARFIEL~ ~ l{R&~fl~ AIIIF~ELT~ r2 1 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A0008~'~D08~~RET 25X1 TOP SECRET LASK AIRFIELD LATKOWO AIRFIELD LEZNICA WIELKA AIRFIELD LIEGNITZ AIRFIELD MARKISGH FRIEDLAND AIRFIELD MIELEC AIRFIELD NOWE MIASTO AIRFIELD OHLAU AIRFIELD OLS AIRFIELD PENKUHL AIRFIELD POWIDZ AIRFIELD POZNAN/KRZESiNY AIRFIELD POZNAN/LAWICA AIRFIELD PREUSSISCH FRIEDLAND AIRFIELD PRUSZGZ AIRFIELD PYRITZ AIRFIELD REDERITZ AIRFIELD ROSENBORN AIRFIELD RUDNIKi AIRFIELD RZESZOWlJASIONKA AIRFIELD SAGAN AIRFIELD SCHNEIDEMUHI AIRFIELD WEST SEEGER AIRFIELD SEIFERSDORF LANDING AREA SIMMATZIG AIRFIELD SPALA/GLINNIK NOWY AIRFIELD SPROTTAU AIRFIELD SRODAIMAGT_NIKI AIRFIELD STUBENDORF AIRFIELD SZYMANY AIRFIELD TORUN AIRFIELD ZENDEK AIRFIELD ZEWITZ AIRFIELD 142 173 141 82 141 173 142 81 142 141 141 140 14f~ 88 173 173 141 81 142 174 142 141 141 141 141 142 81 140 82 8 L~ 141 173 173 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A00~~~01 C~B~RET NPIC/R-228/63 251 25X1 TOP SECRET Annroved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 ~~~~~~~~ A~?~i~~ NPTC/R~228/63 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A0008~p00>REr Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 25X1 raF SECREr -MIL/NAVAL INSTALLATIONS- 25X2 BAGRATIONOVSK ARMY BARRACKS 6 AMMO DEPOT BALTIYSK NAVAL BASE BARANOVIGHi ARMY BARRAGKS SOUTHWEST BEREZA ARMY BARRAGKS YASELDA BEREZA MILITARY INSTALLATION BLAGODATNOYE AMMUNITION DEPOT SOUTH GHERKASSY AREAa PROBABLE MOVING TARGET RANGE GHERNYSHEVKA MILITARY INSTALLATIONS GHUGUYEVKA ARMY BARRAGKS OROZDOV9 MILITARY INSTALLATION DZHAMBUL MILITARY TRAINING AREA FROLISHCHi9 MILITARY STORAGE AREA GLAZOV REGIONA a L ARY TRAINING AREA IMAN ARMY BARRAGKS SEBUCHAR KALININGRAD BARRAGKS AREA KALININGRAD MANEUVER AREA KAMEN RYBOLOV ARMY .BARRAGKS TROITSKOYE KAVALEROVO AREAS MILITARY INSTALLATIONS KHADABULAK BARRACKS AREA KOVROV AREAv POSSIBLE ARMOR TRAINING AREA KUYBYSHEV BARRAGKS ROZHOESTVENO LIEPAJA NAVAL BASE AND SHIPYARD MAGNITOGORSK AAA BARRAGKS PLOTINA NERCHINSK ARMY BARRAGKS NOVAYA MEZINOVICAv REGIONAL MIL STGE INSTALL NOVOGRAD-VOIYNSKIY ARMY BARRAGKS SOUTHEAST OLGA BAY SUBMARINE BASE OSTER AREAS MILITARY CAMP 110 156 41 109 109 119 15T 43 k3 44 111 109 I0g NPIC/R-228/63 I 25X2 41 110 110 119 119 44 156 199 199 41 41 157 42 42 44 157 25X~ Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A00~ D>~10~~Er Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 TOP SECRET NPIC JR-228 J63 25X1 2~3 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A0008~~~00>RET 25X1 TOE SECRET 25X6 r Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 FU-IA-ERH-CHI AREAS BARRACKS AREAS HA-ERH--P IN AREAS BARRACKS AREA HAO-lI, MILITARY BARRACKS AREA HUA-YUAN ARMY BARRACKS MiNG-CHIANGv PROBABLE MILITARY CAMP NAN-CHANG, PROBABLE MILITARY BARRACKS AREA TANG-YUAtV AREA, MILITARY INSTALLATION TAO-AN AREA, MILITARY COMPLEX TUNE-AN9 MILITARY AREAS WANG-CHIA-TIEN AREAS MILITARY COMPLEX YANG-KAO AREAS MILITARY CAMP YANG-SHU-HO-TZUq POSSIBLE MILITARY AREA YiNG--SHANg Mll1TARY ACTIVITY. PING-TAN ARMY BARRACKS EAST-SOUTHEAST GHYNORANY MILITARY DEPOT KROMERIZ ARMY BARRACKS SOUTH PRESOVq BARRACKS AREA MEtOTUR ARMY BARRACKS 1 MISKOLG ARMY BARRACKS 1 NYIRBA70R ARMY BARRACKS 1 61 131 131 63 62 131 bl 131 61 63 62 131 63 168 134 134 139 172 172 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A00~~~10,~9~~Ej NPIC/R-228/b3 25X~ TOP .SECRET ~~ B~i~tISZY~E AR)~~' =~AI;tRAC~S :3 ; ~ 3 BYI~GQSZC2 ~tZFA,~ P~tD8A8l~1~ Bt3#~8~~ RANG1= 1~ ~ LQt7Z ,SIR Ffl~2G~ ~3E~?aT 1 4~ ~~ IrIt~1~Y SACZ AA1~~! B/tiR~~GM~ 5C}U~i~ ~ ~ ' ` ~ .' . ~351 RC3~t ~1~~a1~iEG1CA'.AREA~ '~4ILi~~R'~ :S~[IRAE i ~ 3 -. S,4N~K ~RE~~ PI~SSIS~E ~9ILI~AR -CAMP UDC 1~ ~ S~E1~1~t~~~CZE APEA~ I~I~',~#t~ f3~PD~ 2~ ~ Sl31eE~ ~ IV ARMY BARRAC3SS ANA ~'RA I I~1I~iG AfiEA 8 ~ SU~IN(~~t0a P~ILiARY A.RA 8 3 ~C~I^~I~EI~ 'f~~F~~~ AI~I~ ~'RA~I~I~G :~f~EA /IRE ~~ ~ 3 ` ~ t RUN~ MZL.ITAF~If ~ .CIRA~E Ai~t~ ~'IA~~I.NG ~-RF,~ a ~ 25X2 SE I~35. ARMY :BAFt3iAGl~S LIF?t71tA t~IL:IT~;RY _GARR~StII+~ ~ ~~AI~i~NG AREA Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560AOOq> 4~D10~9RET NPTC JR-228J63 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET 25X2 25X1 -ELECTRONICS/COMMUNICATIONS- AMANGELOY INSTRUMENTATION SITE ~ rnr? fi~,c ecrT G~ FrTanFJ1 C`S INSTALLATION NPIC/R-228/63 pZHAMBUL AREAS 112 pZHEZKAZGAN AREAQ PROBABLE RApAR SITE 112 pZHEZKAZGAN INSTRUMENTATION STATION pZHEZKAZGAN RANGE-TYPE ENSTRUMENTATION STA ATION STA 112 KARltARALINSK INSTRUMENTATION/COMMUNIC STRUMENTATION SITE 111 KLYUCHI TEST RANGE IN SITE 158 KUYBYSHEV COMMO RECEIVING CY CURTAIN ARRAY '158 KUYBYSHEV HIGH FREQUEN TER STATION 158 MAKAT AREAS INTERFEROME CK 8 OF STATION 158 ORSK AREAv PROBABLE THI RACKING STATION 158 OZERNAYA GUIDED MISSILE T 158 PETROPAVLOVSK KRUG pF SITE 1 RAZDOLNOYE HF BROADCASTING AND PR08 COMMO STA 112 SARY SHAGAN ARE Av INSTRUMENT AVE S ATION TATIO SITE 8 N POSS 158 SARY SHAGAN ARE A MICRON ON SITE 5 45 SARY SHAGAN IN STRUMENTATI ATION SITE b 45 SARY SHAGAN IN STRUMENT ATION SITE 7 112 SARY SHAGAN IN STRUMENT STATIO N POS SIBLE 112 SARY SHAGAN MI CRO~iAVE E INST RUMEN TATION SITE 158 SARY SHAGAN PO SS MOBIL N 112 SARY SARY SHAGAN9 P SHAGANQ P OSSIBLE MICROMI OSSIBLE INSTRU AVE S MENTA TATIO TION SITE 13 14 i~~ SARY SHAGANv P OSS INSTRUMENT ATION SITE 25X~ TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 rs 1 TOP SECRET NPIC/R-228/63 - 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A0008Qi~'~008~CREr 25X1 Tp p SECRET 25X1 D m~a-~~n NPIC/R-22$/63 KALININGRAO SHIPYARD STATE 820 KAMBARKA AREA' OIL FIELD KARABALTY AREAS INDUSTRIAL AREA KARSAKPAY AREAS PROBABLE MINERAL EXPLORATION KARSAKPAY COPPER SMELTER KAZAN AIRFRAME PLANT GORBUNOV 22 KAZAN POWDER AND EXPLOSIVE PLANT LENIN 40 KIROV AREAS PROBABLE CHEMICAL PLANT KOK-YANGAK, MINING AREA KOPEYSK SHELL LOADING PLANT 114 KRASNOTURINSK ALUMINUM CMB BOGOSLDVSK KREMENKi AREAS CEMENT PLANT KUYBYSHEV AIRCRAFT ENGINE PLANT FRUNiE 24 KUYBYSHEV AIRFRAME PLANT STALIN 1 KUYBYSHEV EXPLOSIVES PLANT KUYBYSHEV EXPMT AC ENG Pl KR GLINKA 2 KUYBYSHEV PETROLEUM REFINERY 2 KUYBYSHEV PETROLEUM REFINERY 3 MAYLI SAY URANIUM MINES & ORE CONCEN PLANT MEONOGORSK COPPER COMBINE MUROM CHEMICAL PLANT MOROOVSHCHiKOVO NOVO TRDITSK META KHALILDVD NOVO-~TSURUKHAYTU'Y~ POSS ORE PROC INDUSTRY OMSK AIRCRAFT ENGINE PLANT BARANOVA 29 OMSK AIRCRAFT PLANT 186 OMUTNINSK STEEL PLANT ORENBURG ATRFRAME PLANT 47 ORSK AREAS ORE PROCESSING. PLANT ORSK9 ORE PROCESSING AND MINING PERM AREAS NEW INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT PERM MUNITIONS E CHEMICAL COMBINE K KIROV 98 PIKALEVO ALUMINA PLANT 159 46 117 5H 116 159 115 47 117 114 113 i15 114 114 114 115 1 ], 4 114 116 25X1 D 116 159 116 115 114 47 113 5 fd 118 116 159 159 113 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A00T0~01 ~~-RET 251 5X1 TOP SECRET 25X1 D 25X1 D Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 E AREAS P~t(~~E~SiN P Ru~~~ ~R~ flRE I~l~~~1G A~~ Gtr x SAIDA~A?~ PE~R~I~:EU~ :REF~ER~ ;A~ ~i~EI~iC/tl~:~~ s~~R~~~A~A ~c~~A ~RA~~~ IE~~~ S~AR~`~ LISKIJE~ ~DUS~'R~AL I~d~~A~. S~zRA~1 ~~~ RE~~~~R~ sxA~E ~~s~~~~~ ~~,~~ 25X1 D ~ ~~ AREAS CE~E~ PI..A~i7 use xA~AV I~~J~II~I{1~15 AI~~ ~A1~R~ ~3 VYLI~IiUS AfiEA~ PD55IB.LE I~1U1:1a~`RIA~-;C[~3~P'~E~C ~Qt~l-~Slc~ ~ 3~ETAL FABRI~A~ ~ Q1~ PtAN~ 25X1 D vYA~sx~~E ~t~~~A~~ ARI~~r~E~s I~~.~~~ ~~~ v~~rlc~.~vs~ A~~s ~~~~~ -A~t~ ~~'EEL. ~~.~il~~ 235 1tYATSKI.YE ppE~IAY;; b~I~DI PftDi3UG~'S PLAN YER~SAI~ 'FERRCIAi-E13~' PI_A~i~" Zi~ATCIUS~' 'AR#~AM -. ~ 25X1 D ANNA?CNAN AF?EAv D~~ F~E1:1~S CHAN~mCHl3N .~fD~~IR VEHi~LE P~A~~ 25X1 D ~~~~~-~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ 25X1 D ERtia3A[l?HLl?~Z~~ ~9I~v AC~iTY HU?LA~ pRClBABEE E~I~~,~: NIE~m~ZllmSl-tA(~~. PRDSASi~E ARSENAL PAfl~7'Q AREAS It~~3S~RIAL_ Cfl~1FLE~ SAmERN~t7 AiiEA~ f~RC38A8LE ~~E~AL PLAN SA?ER1-~?~'l~r Pi~(3A$LE ~!-EP~I~A~ P3~~;;~t NPIC/R-228%63 ~ 25X1 D mss i5 25X1 D ~~~ 25X1 D ~~~ ~,~~: 25X1 D ~~~ ~~~ D ~~5 ~9 ~~~ 25X1 D 1~3 11~ 0 ~~. 25X1 D 1~2. I67 1 bta 156 i3~ I ?~fs ~: bE~. Ea6 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A0008~Q~o8~6CRET 25X1 Tpp SECRET 25X1 D 25X6 pprove or SHA-KANG-TSUN AREAQ MINING ACTIVITY SHENG-HUNG-CHING9 MINING E ORE PROC COMPLEX TSAI-TIEN AREAS PROBABLE GLAY PRODUCTS PLANT WU-CHANG9 SHIPYARD NU-HAN IRON AND STEEL PLANT YUNG-AN AREA, ORE PROCESSING PLANT CZECHOSLOVAKIA DUBNICA NAD VAHDM ARKS C MACHINE PLANT VRS HUMENNE EXPLOSIVES/CHEMICAL PLANT ICOPRIVNICE MOTOR VEH E RR CAR MANUFCT PL TATRA KOSICE AREA, HEAVY INDUSTRY U/C MARTIN HEAVY EgUIPMENT PLANT KRIVAN GKD POVAZSKA RYCTRTrn n~run ~ ..rt. .....,,.....,_ _ PS VRUTKY RAILROAD EQUIPMENT REPAIR PLANT VSETIN MUNITIONS C MACHINE PLANT ZB BRNO ZIAR NAD HRONOM ALUMINA AND ALi1MINUM PLANT 131 132 b5 b4 65 b5 135 135 72 135 135 135 0 135 ~~ 135 ib9 h1PIC/R-228/63 25X1 D 25X1 D MISKO SAJABAgDNY U REFINERY TISZAPALKONYA CHEMICAL CDMlBINE 172 139 25X1 D 251 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A0~~016~3~T Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 TOP SECRET BRYEG ~[~~IY :~~~~~~ F'LAi~~ RQKI~A 25X1D I~~~~u~zz~ `~x~~os~~s~~~~~t~~~~ ~n~l~I~~ ~A~a GZ~CF#~3i~I~E .pE-(~a~EU~# ~1=~ ~ACUU~3 :fly CU~SPA~dY 25X1 D 25X1 D GLIR~IE P~~~t~LFU ~~~IN1=~~ ~~~ 1~9AR1~AMPI~~KI. JAI~D PEA .REFI~dERY ;GARTEl~BEIiG AIVI3 SCNRE~I=R ~A~~~~~~ ;CHEI~iCAL ~~~ ~,[~~ JE[~~~~CZI Plrl' RFFNEFtY -uAG'1~5IE KAI~PA~tC. ICRUPSt~I__ ML:YP~1 =E~F~flSIFS At~~ ~t~UI~iCIfV 'i~~#T A~ATW~ CH~~9IGA~ PL_AP~~ DS~~tIkIIEC S~IiET`[7RZYSiCI S~'EEIs: pLAN~ 'HQIAlI~~'K13 I~S~1IE~P~ S~`~1~1~1=3I~ FUELS ~ ~HE~1AL :P~;~i~' P1~5TNkOM~ ' EXPLI3S I DES PLA~iT ~i2UDt~TKI GHI=MICA: PLA~I~ RE~3ZIN~ ~AtV~t3MIERZ AREA -PDSSIBLI= GEMEI~~-:PL:AN~ sl~Al~~~x~ '3CAI~IEN~A STA3E 'AM~~3{~i~'IQN ~t~lv TUREK AREA, _PtISSIBIE 1~RE PROGES~If~I~ INt?US~'RY NPIC/R-228/63 25X1 D l~~a ~. s~ ~.3 ~~. 25X1 D I~~ ~~ 1~3 1~5 1 ~~ . ~5 ~`~~ 25X1 D ASAKAI~aTA1fRl_T~ 'RAILRI3AU l1t~~ER G~f3#~SZRUG~~t1~1 5i AK1?t7L ,?? -fl~K ARE1~~ 'RUAU tlN3~ER -CQtVSI'RUC'IQIV 118 ZDIESZI7WICE Ct)KE Gl~EMICAL Pi~AIV3 ~il/l~A,~iI ~ BATA MARE CflPPE~t ...Ai~l~ .LEI~[~: IFFY ;A~ifl aBAIC SEFt~/ICES? tI S S:R 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A0008P~p00>RET Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 ARGAYASH HEAT AND POWER PLANT TETS ARTEM THERMAL POWER PLANT GRES KLRDYA ASTRAKHAN AREA, TRANSLOADING POINT BALAKDYO, PROBABLE DAM UJC BESELOYE-BALKI9 NEW RAIL LINE CHULAK-TAU AREA, NEW RAILROAD LINE KANDAGACH RAILROAD STATION YARpS ANO SHOPS KARAGANDA SORTIROVOCHNAYA - KARKARALINSK, RR KAYALEROVO THERMAL POWER PLANT KINTUKHA GRES itREMENCHUG HYDRO POWER PLANT MAMONOVO AREA, RAILROAD SPUR AND YARDS UJC MUKACHEVO RAIL-TO-ROAD TRANSFER PRINT NItHNYAYA TURA THERMAL POWER PLANT GRES PAYLOVKA HYDRO PDWER PLANT UFA GES TEMIR-TAU AREAS RAIL LINE UCH KURGAN HYDRO POWER PLANT GES UST BUKHTARMA HYDRO PDWER PLANT GES VOLGOGRAD HYDRO POWER PLANT YOLOGDA, NEW ROAD UNDER CONSTRUCTION VOTKINSK HYDRO POWER PLANT GES tAHONY-CiERNA-CHOP TRANSLOADING FACILITIES 117 1bH 117 lb0 118 118 51 51 52 lbe 160 51 117 117 51 118 160 117 50 117 Ill AN-LO-CHEN AREA, RAIL LINE 66 CHIANG-KOU-CRIER AREA, DAM E NE POWER PLANT 13,2 HA-ERR-PIN AREA, RAILROAD UNDER CONSTRUCTION bb I-YANG ARF,A, RAIL LINE UNDER CONSTRUCTION 66 TA-FENG-MAN HYDRO POWER PLANT 132 NOSICE HYDRO POWER PLANT 135 POVAZSKA BYSTRICA AREA, CANAL U/C 135 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A00~~01f~(~~Ej NPIC/R-228/63 251 5X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 25X6 NPIC/R-228/63 Pfi~LANp K(3~IIP+[4 .,7}~~RAG : POWER pLA~i3 ~F?t~RTS NA~tB(31'5? Ni ZNI~~PO~t3MlA1DYE~ F(3RT ', VC~,I~IMIitA ZALiV Pt~~T 'FAG it:I7Y TIES 118 52 ' 175 Gl~YiViA Pt3RT 1=AGI IES LiT 175 Ic~~~~ P~~~ FAGi LITIES AGR1~~ .Ai~uI~"Q~i GEix~T ~IaR~'I~?N~3R;T#~EAST , ARSE~IYEY /1~t~1lt~ITID~1 ~E~~ EAST` A~s~~~EV ~~~r~A~cE ~~~` s~s~Y~~cA A57RAKHAN~;. STI3~tAGE AREA:tJtd~ER Gi~lVSTRIiGTI~~ BAL1~ I AA~I~~I I T.~ IAN ~EPCf~' ~t~R7H~I~DI~TWE57 SARARt[I~GHI :Ai R ~EpDT ~-DtG ~AP~GE i9 ~~~ 122 53 11:9 i2 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A0008Q~008~eRET 25X6 25X1 Tipp SECRET BELE8EY9 AMMUNITION DEPOT SOUTH BERE 119 ZA AMMUNITION DEPOT BRONNAYA GORA BOB 12 ~! ROV AREA, SECURED STORAGE SITE BOG 121 DANOVKA AREAS STORAGE AREA BR 162 EST AREA, POL STORAGE B 161 UDA AREA, EXPLOSIVES STORAGE BYRK 161 A, EXPLOSIVES STORAGE AREAS CHAPAY 120 EYSK PETROLEUM STORAGE BEZENGHUK NORTH 52 GHERKASSY AREA, STORAGE G 121 HUDNOV AREA STORAGE SITE D 121 UKHOYSKOYE AMNUNITIDN DEPDT Oz 122 ERZHINSK AMMUNITION DEPOT NEST GAST 118 ELL09 PROB AMNUNITIDN STORAGE AREA G 12a ORKIY AREA, POL STORAGE KAGAN S70RAGE AREA Lb1 KAL N 122 I INGRAD AMNUNITIDN OEPQT L,40USHKIN KALI 128 NINGRAD AMMUNITION DEPOT MEDENAU KA 128 LININGRAD AREAS STORAGE AREA K 120 ALININGRAD ZEYERA AiR DEPOT 128 KAMBARKA PETROLEUM STORAGE KAVALERO 119 VO, SUPPLY AND AMMUNITION STORAGE AREA KAZ 54 AN AMMUNITION DEPOT NOYDYE ARAKGHTNO KI Z 128 R MACH, MUNITIONS STORAGE AREA 168 KLAIPEDA AREA, SECURED STORAGE SITE KOR 128 NEYEVKA AREA, STORAGE AREA KO E 53 T LNIGH AMMUNITION DEPDT ISfiOBENSK SOUTH K 119 OTEINIGH AREA, STORAGE AREA 119 KOTlUBANa MUNITIONS STORAGE K 53 OYROV, EXPLOSIVES STORAGE KO 161 VROY, PROBABLE AMMUNITION DEPOT KRAS 118 NOPOLYEs SECURED STORAGE INSTALLATION 121 KRASNOURALSK DEPDT EAST 161 KREMOYO PETROLEUM STORAGE KROTOVKA9 POL STORAGE 121 53 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560AOd 801 -SET NPIC/R-228/63 251 25X1 l TOP SECRET 25X1 D Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 NPIC/R-228/63 - -- - - KU~;~ENKI~~ A1R t~EPC~T 25X1 D ~..,. , ~., L I PETSK -~,I~MUNI T Pfl3 KRASNY LL1C #~A6~I~AN A~EAs 'EXP:Lt3SI~ES S7tlitAG~~ 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 11:8 ~ 25X1 D EXPL ~ I1~ES 5TO ASE 162 t~~c~t~t~~. ~~~ ~ ~ 25X1 D MLJ~ACN1=1/t3 ARI`~v Ptlt ST(~I~~,GE , 1f~1 ~t~Rgl~ : ~U~~ 3I t~NS ~~~~~ 25X1 D ~~. 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VC~LKtI~YSK _S7C~FiAfiE FAC1~.i~Y . 161 Vfl1~13'~YsK 'STi3RA,Glr ~~GI~ITY ;:: 13:9 VY~7SKI.YE POLYAI~Y.AR~A~ ~~~~,~ 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A00080~80835~CRET 25X1 TOP SECRET 25X1 D 25X6 pprove or A-CHENG, POSSIBLE INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSES CHI-LIN AREA, PROS EXPLDSIVES STORAGE CHI-NING AREA, POL STORAGE CHU-CHIA-KANG, STORAGE AREA HO-CHIEH-TIEN, STORAGE AREA LIN-~KOU AREA, PROBABLE EXPLOSIVES STORAGE NAN-PING AMMUNITION STORAGE PO-LI AREA, AMMUNITION STORAGE SITE WANG-CHIA-TIEN AREA, STORAGE SITE WANG-CHIA-TIEN, PR08ABLE EXPLOSIVES STORAGE WANG-YEH-MIAO AREA? EXPl05IVES STORAGE 25X1D WU-CHANG-H EXPLOSIVES ST WU-HAN PETROLEUM PRO SHE KOU YA-LU AREA, STORAGE FACILITY YUNG-AN AMMUNITION DEPOT CZECHOSLOVAKIA DUBNICA NAD VAHOM AMMO DEPOT NEMSOVA PUG FRIEDLAND AMMUNITION STORAGE MICHALOVCE POL STORAGE AREA POVAZSKA BYSTRICA, EXPLDSIVES STORAGE TYNiSTE NAD ORIICI, EXPLDSIVES STORAGE NPIC/R-22$/63 25X1 D 167 167 132 b7 67 6b 1~r7 66 bB 132 132 6 132 167' 68 136 169 136 72 73 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560AOb~~01~~~T 251 Approved For- Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 TOP SECRET i NPIC/R-228J63 q{ ~~ y~ 7~7 T }''; ~~yy ~7~y TT pp~i~ry {~ }~ 77 F{{'~~yT {~~}~~j ~t~nX}`~--''~1 ~~L~~ ~~~~~L~19 3.J~P~I IYL3 }~~y~~-(T`i ~~3 tl~~y~ g y~tt 7J1-V~I~UTY ~~SV4~; ~3~Ly #~/~y~V~lk~~~} ~~T`~i i1V Lr T]~#V~~~ 3~ 7i~~}~ 3i133U 1'~~~{(i1 ~3~1 ~~jj~tt 4}pV~/~ l~~Sy{t~~3g; ~$g -~~p~~~U~yy ~y #~T a,~?~p~ U~# l~l Tf~Lt'1~I~~~l.7 Fl l- f~l 1'17'1 Vi1E&~~~IY V~Ti~# t??.i 3~~~7YR~~~ il1'~I ~!-A #"S iJ~17 (4~L L~ -ti~~U~l *~~t~# -i3~T~b: -~F#J 1.7i3~H~~lJ ~~7 MEZQTUFt $RE~e~ ST(~i~,4GF 173 NYIRBATt7R ~'E'~I~fl~EUM S~CR~1` ~'U~ 139 NYIREGYHAZA ~fi~MUN~T~i7~ ~EPL1T N4RTH~FS~ i72 SZEREtdCS A~~fLi~ITIfl~i i~EPD7 9~C~N{7~ P~1LAN[3 CC ~* ~/++ ~y T f~ ~` T yV 1 ~i-4 $~1Q~~~~~d~ A~I:.~a4 1=~~~~J J~V ,~i ..}~A(1}1,rLiI~V ~~41L~ i i ~,~~] SC~GNI3~A EYPL~3SIVE5 STORAGE 85 CHflCIAi~L~MI AMMUN13i.C3N E3E#'GT StIUT~it~FST i4~ JASL~ AP~i~U;~ITI~R1 flEPD~ JE~tEI~It~i~~A 85 Kt1~t1SZKI AREA$ PDL S:TQRt~GE 1~4 1COLl7~Zi~I. OR~3NANCE AN~7 A~1~~~3~iTIt3~3 ~EPQT SE 176 l~i3LllSZKI (~Rp~iA3VC.~ A~1~ A~UNITIGN ~3E~'~3T ~tEST 85 KIZAPKL~WICE A3~~9UNITIflN GEPC3T WE ST~iVI~RTHi~FST 3.~4 NtIELEC AREA At~~IUt~ITiLI~! STflRAGI= ~ TESL' 176 DLA1~A ClRi~l?IA~VG~ GEP~3~t EAST 176 T(~RUN. AI~MU~ I T I (] I~I'~JT ~GRT~ 144 TR.ZFB~EN Al~t~UNiTIQN GEPGT SQIIT~EAST 144 WRGCLAW (~Rt~t~AN~E GE~?~T ~QRT~1~dET ~iASL.ICE URBAN Cfl~PL~X1=S?? ABAKAN G~1NlP~EX 123 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A0008~'~D08~~RET 25X1 TQP SECRET Approved For AKTYUBINSK COMPLEX ANDIZHAN COMPLEX ARTEM COMPLEX ASTRAKHAN COMPLEX BALAKHNA COMPLEX BALASHOV COMPLEX BATRAKI COMPLEX BEIOGORSK COMPLEX BELOMORSK COMPLEX BELORETSK COMPLEX BORZYA COMPLEX BREST COMPLEX BUKHARA COMPLEX CtiAPAYEVSK COMPLEX CHARDZHCU COMPLEX CHEBARKUL COMPLEX CHEBOKSARY COMPLEX CHELYABINSK COMPLEX CHERKA5SY COMPLEX CHERNIGOVKA COMPLEX CHERNOGORSK COMPLEX CHU COMPLEX QZERZHINSK COMPLEX DZHAMBUL COMPLEX DZHETYGARA COMPLEX DZHEZKAZGAN COMPLEX FRUNZE COMPLEX GORKIY COMPLEX GRODNO COMPLEX IMAN COMPLEX ISIL-KUL COMPLEX IVANOVD COMPLEX KALININGRAD COMPLEX KARAGANDA COMPLEX 127 lzs 164 127 162 127 125 126 162 S4 163 12S I29 12S 129 124 123 124 126 128 124 129 123 128 124 127 128 123 125 128 124 162 126 127 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560AOd 801-SET NPIC/R-22$/63 251 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 NPIC/R-228/63 .5X1 TOP SECRET ~~~ c~r~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ It~v~~l=~~r~ c~~~~~x >~ ;~~~ x~~l=~~~~ ~an~l?~~x ~~~>~ ~~~~~1=~ ~~e~fl~fl~~~~ ec~~~ 1CLA~~i'EL~A 'COMPLEX ~ft3t~CHE~A1/:'Cl~I~ LI=X K[31CHllGIN[~ ~~3M1='LE7E ~tIPE~SK :COMPLEX 1~p5~R[3A~A C~P9PLE}~ Ka~'ELIdICH GtIt~FLEX KC~~tRC1~/ COMPLEX KRA513~3~R~tE~151t L[~MI}LEX KR~S~id~Al^~5K .CEINIPLEX K1~.EMEI~CNUC GOA~RLEX KUA~A~~ :COMPLEX KI~S.TAN~`~-,C13MPLEX I~i3`IB~~H~V GC3PLEX KY1~K~T,4 GI~I~PL?X ~~~ ~~~~ ~a~~L~x LENT ~1C~~OR~K:: GC~MPIEx ~~ s~zAV~~s~c ~ot~~l=x ~~~~~,~~ C[3~IPL?X ~.~~E~~~ cr~~~~lrx ~.~~~ CLlML1rX M~gCA#~k~i ..COMPLEX r~~~~~fl~a~~~c c~t~~~l=x M~,M~O~Kp CClA3PLEX ~EL~~c~~~~ `CC~P~PLE7i Mess co~~~l=X ~~~~~~~ ~Ql~PLEX y~ 1 ~i3 lb~ 1 fad . ~ Ea2 1 Z.3 i2 X26 , 163 lbs. '. 163 - 12 ~ '. ~. 25 .: i ~~~ ~~ ~.z~ ~zs 25X1 ,~ ~ ~~ Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A0008Q(~1~08~CRET 25X1 Tpp SECRET pprove or elease 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 MUROM COMPLEX NAMANGAN COMPLEX 12S NIKOPOL COMPLEX 128 NIZHNIY TAGIL COMPLEX lb4 NOVOGRAD-VOLYNSKIY COMPLEX lb2 NOVOROSSIYSK COMPLEX 12b OM SK COMPLEX 55 ORENBURG COMPLEX 124 ORSK COMPLEX 127 OSH COMPLEX 127 PAVLOOAR COMPLEX 128 PETROPAVLOYSK COMPLEX 124 SEMIPALATINSK COMPLEX 12b SEROV COMPLEX lb4 SHUYA COMPLEX lb3 SIAULIAI COMPLEX 123 SKOVORODIND COMPLEX 126 SLUTSK COMPLEX 55 SMELA COMPLEX 55 SPASSK-DALNIY COMPLEX 164 STARO-KONSTANTINDV COMPLEX 128 SUCHAN COMPLEX Lb4 SVOBODNYY COMPLEX 164 SYZRAN COMPLEX lb3 TAM'$OV COMPLEX 125 TEMIR-TAU COMPLEX 1'53 UFA COMPLEX 127 ULYANOVSK COMPLEX 125 URALSK COMPLEX 125 USSURIYSK COMPLEX 127 UST KAMCHATSK COMPLEX 128 VENTSPILS COMPLEX 54 VILNIUS COMPLEX 122 VIADIMIR COMPLEX 55 123 ~~~' 251 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A0~ 8~01~8~~ET NPIC/R-228/b3 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 TOP SECRET ~~~~o~~A~ C~~~~~~ ~~~~~~A ~~~~~ ~~~zH~l4~~ C~~~~I?~ ~~~~TAYA ~~~.. z~A~~~~T ~~~~~~~ ~YFtYANC11/~>i C{3MLEX AMG~ANG-CHI C~~I~~I~x CHA~LAi?I~[~--Et~H CD~9P~EX ~H~h1Ii?~HI~N Lt~M1~L1rX CHANG?PiNG COMPLEX CHiA?Nli1?5513 C[~A~PLEX CHI.-i:Hi~HA?1=Rti C1r3A9PLEX CHI-HSi {CHI-NING~ ;CtIAlPLEX CHI-~I~i {IiiRIltill .:Ct~~PLI+X CHI-1~IINC tlSlfdllVCl CC3NiFL?X FU-LA-I=KH?CHI: CCiMPLEX HAI-LA?EIiH Cfll~PLE7t HA~ERH-PIN Ct7l+~PLIX ~tS IlVG?SHA~-CHF~ Ct3t~i~Ll~t HSIN-YA~l~ CCIMPi~EX HS IN-Xtl 'CCIMFLEX Ht1td-CHU~1 ;C131~IPLEX I--NINfi. CI~NlPLE3~ LU-PIN CCIt~P~;EX NAN-CHANC C?MPLIX NINC~-AN.:C(IMPLE~ PA1'3-Tt~U CC~P~PLEX PE i=AN C~31ulPC1=X NPIC/R-228 j63 i67 i~3. - 133 132 i(~8 I.bB 133 i33 133 167 167 ~. 33 i33 _. 133..;. 1b8? 68 ?. 132 68 167 168 167 . Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000>~;9 0o~~-~RET 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET 25X6 r Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5AN-YUAN COMPLEX SHIN-HUI-YAO COMPLEX TA-TUNG COMPLEX WU-HAN COMPLEX GOTTwALDOV COMPLEX KOSICE COMPLEX NOVAFCY COMPLEX OLOMOUC COMPLEX OSTRAVA COMPLEX IILINA COMPLEX OEBRECEN COMPLEX MISKOLG COMPLEX NYIREGYHAZA COMPLEX 6I ALYSTOi~ COMPLEX BRESLAU tWROGLAWI COMPLEX NPIC/R-228/b3 133 133 168 69 136 136 169 138 169 13b 14H 173 14PJ 144 i45 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000890010693`-9"Er 25X~ Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 5X1 TOP SECRET sY~~~~zCZ C~3MPLEX Cr~Or~zo~l COMPLEX CZEST:flCHCII~A COMPLEX ~I}~slc ~or~~~~x CC)YPJ I A CC~t~PLEX GLEIWiTZ Cfl~lPLEX JELENIA CORA COMPLEX KATO4~ICE CCIMPLEX KIELCE COMPLEX KLC3OZKfl { ULATZ l Ct3AfPLEX ICRAKQW C[3MPLEX KRQSNC3 .CCIMPLEX LAUBAN C[3MPLEX Lfl[?Z COMPLEX NOWY SACZ COMPLEX flPflLE (flPPELNI C[IMPLEX (~$WiECIM COMPLEX POZNAN COMPLEX RZESZOW COMPLEX SA~lOi~ .CDfi~P1.EX SOSi~t7~iIEC COMPLEX STARAGHflWICE CLIMPLEX TARI~C3W COMPLEX Tt~RUN COMPLEX wA~~RZ~C~ CaM~LEX ZARY.COMPLEX ZASIEKi.CJMRLEX Z I ELO#d,4 GORA COMPLEK SAIA MARE COMPLEX NPIC/R-228/63 ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ 177 85 145 145 86 $5 17b 175 I45 17b 145 86 144 177 177 145 145 177 145 85 145 17b 145 14b 145 Approved For Release 2003/08/04: CIA-RDP78B04560A0008p~p00$~~RET Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 25X1 T?P SECRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 APPENDIX EXPLANATION OF COLUMN HEADINGS AND PHOTO REFERENCES NPIC/R-228/63 City, Installation -- This column contains the name of the city or town nearest the installation, followed by the name of the installation. If the name of the installa- tion is not known, it is .titled according to its function. The city and installation names are followed by a capsule description, where appropriate. Coordinates -- Coordinates are referenced to the SW corner of the minute square. When the subject installation covers a wide area, coordinates are given for the approximate center of the installation. WAC -- This column provides the World Aeronautical Chart number for the area in which the subject installation lies. Installation Numbers -- The Installation Numbers column is divided into two subcolumns. The first subcolumn lists, when known, the BE installation number assigned to the target. The second subcolumn lists the installation number assigned by NPIC. Installation numbers, when used to reference an item, should be prefixed by the appropriate WAC number, since installation numbers are repeated from WAC to WAC, For example, there is an NPIC target number 0049-1 and an NPIC target number 0050-1. In each instance, the NPIC installation number is 1, but the in- stallations appear on different WACs. The photo reference line, or lines, provides the pass number, frame numbers, and best-frame Universal Reference Grid coordinates for the target in question. In -225- 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A00080b~~83~CRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 Approved For Release 20~P08/0~-:'~IX~ RDP78B04560A000800010083-9 i TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/08/04 :CIA-RDP78B04560A000800010083-9