OAK - PART II, MISSION 1008-1, 11-13 JULY 1964

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December 28, 2016
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April 30, 2003
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July 1, 1964
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r CC~D~? / Approved For Release 20031~R4 :~h4-R6P78B04560A002400010056-1 / N P I C/R-602/64 July 1964 / PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION REPORT OAK -PART I I n~iss~oN coos-~i '1 'I -'13 JULY '19 6 4 Declass Review by NIMA/DOD Copy ~~~ NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION CENTER Approved For Release 2003~~/'14 : LTA`12UP78B04560A002400010056-1 GROUP I Eacl~dsd Irem do.. radii and declossalic Approve TOP SECRET For Release 2~Q3/.05/~1o$8: ~C TAf3L~ tlF CONTFNI?S T?~AGK :~F MI SS I CAN NiGHLiGHTS P~ISSILES AIF~ FACfLITIES NUGLEAI2 ENERGY NAVAL AC7'IViTY/pClRTS 8Tt3LC~GIGALlCHEMILAL 1JARFARE ELECTRONICS/C~MMUNIGATaNS CITFiER ACTIVITY INi~EX ~F CGMCIR TARGETS ATTACHMENT5 36 1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14: C 2400010 TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approve' TOP SECRET d For Release 03/05 ono~QOneccnnnn~nnn~nncc ~ fission 0 -'1, -1 L NPIC/R-602/64 OAK-PART 11 n~~ssloN coos-~ t~REFACE THIS IS THE SFCL7NC3 ANCJ LAST tIAK REPt~RT alv MISSitI ~.~~~-~::~~~~~~~ ~I TH THF HIGHEST PRIQRITY ItvTELLiGENCE ITEMS APPEARING Its Ti~lw C~3Ma2 TARGET .LIST, THIS REP~3RT, CCIVE.RING THE ?A!C REP3~RTING PERi?~f~ FRC3M 153 )?lL~11R5 I. ,1ULY T~! i2f~~ HC3U~tS I9 JDLY :19,4,: PRESENTS I1~3F?3Rt~~ATIt~N t~i~LY t~N THaSE CaMGR TARGETS D85ERVEt~ L7~I THE PHL~T[IGRAPHYm CClMCIR TARGETS GEISCRVEI3 LAN Mi55It31V 1~0-1 .ARE LISTED Ih3 THE: IN[~EX, TARGETS ARE. ARPANGIrD III THE U/1K ICY SUE3JECT, A~lI3 WITHIN EACH St3I~JECT ~' Ct3~3tlR TARGET b~GMI31;R, TARt~ETS CAF flPPpRTU~DITY C3#iSERVEl:3 DLl;~II~G THE DAK REPORTING. PERILED ARE LISTEN I~tIMERILALLY UNDER THE PPRUPRTATE SUE3JECT AFTER THE LISTING OF COMDR TARGETS. LtICATItI~3 OF TARGETS IN THIS REPC3RT: IS IN?~ICATED BY THE COUNTRY CODE 1~REC1~C~I1G -THE Ct7CIRC}INATES, SELI~CTEI) PHOTOGRAPHIC 'REFERENCES Ft7R EACH TARGET C385ERVE~7 AtD BiEPC~RTEb FOLLUW THF E~ESCRIPTIt~1d LJF THE TARGET, PUSS t~~1MF~FRS ARE SUFFIKED i~ITH EITHER A~1 A FL1R ASCENUi(~ tS~IUTH-TC~-f~CIRTH) t~R 117 ~Fp C~RT~~.3FSF~]L#~t~~I^: 43G (~1 ~77~RTH-TO-tS~~C)1~~^THy)~.p FR.AI?~g'}F5A,it~pE: [I3IVGI~Ct [At 7r rE lF~~y-1~Y T~H,tE i_A ~~i1~. ~f`~r li3L~ ~~i~~R F ~7`. Ci.~V IIV~ F~At'7~ ~~V7'IA~1~ IIVUi4Yt7 ~~ ~#a FC3RY~ARD CAPIERA ANI3 THF LETTER A PRECEDING FRAME NUMBERS- Ihit)ICATES THE AFT CAMERA.. UNIVERSAL RCFERENCE GRI[~ {X-Y) C4~ORDII~ATES AR1= GIVEN IN PARENTHESES AFTER., THF FRAME TO WHICH THEY ..APPLY.. THIS GRID i5 IL~EN7:IFIE17 AS UNIVERS/~L-GRID ND lr FEB 64, SYMBOLS I~VI3ICATING CC11\iDITiONS I~HICH AFFECT THF APPEARANCE L3F THE TAR{~ET' ON THE PHCITOGRAPHY Af~E AS . F~JLLO~dS -- C t CLEAR SC I SCATTEREY3 CLtIUD COVER) , HC (HEAVY CLOU3 C(~IIEf~) , H { HALE l GS ;CLOUn SHAI~OWI, Sid ISEMIk~ARK~lE55), ~J IOBLIQUITYI, S tSNOW), P~ t PD~3R I MAGI: QUALITY) . OAK :RECIPIEN'TS -ARE CAUTIO;VED THAT THIr ifVITIAL SCAN OF T~iE f~Hl~`I"C-GRAPI?~Y FRgM MISSION 11~&~8-i i5 BEING ACCI3MPLI5HI=C~ IN A SHIRT TIME AID CIFTEIeI >'~ITHOUT THE AIi3 CF PRECISE ANALY~"ICAL AN13 P~E~ISORAL } I~QI~IPMENT C(3MI~O~dLY EMPL:CIYED IN DETAILED PHOTOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS, CCIF~S:C~UI*i~TLY, ALTH[~UGH THE: INFORE~I,4TION PRI_SENTEGI H1~12EI~1 IS . ESSENtIALLY ACCURA"3'E, FUTURE DETAILEI3 Ar~IALYSIS h~AY SOAfiEI~iHAT ALTER PI~RTIOS DF .THE I~IFCIRMATIC7N. 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 : CIS TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Highlights Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Approve roP ~SEC,~Er d For Release 200 /05/ 4 : C HIGHLIGN7S 25X1 1. SI"VERi3DViNSK NAVAL BASE AND SHIPYARD 432 25X1 x A PRi38A81:1= CRUISE-MISSILE-Ct~NFIGURE~ SS WITH AN Q1lERALL LENG~'H NF APPRCIXIMA7'ELY 42td FEET' IS CfBSERVEd IN FR(19~T DE COVERED :BUILU3NG WAY.. 2. FIXED FIELD MRBM LAUNCH SITES dMISSILE BgNUSES} TWt~ FI7~1=[~ FIELD MRBM LAUNCH SITES ARE NEWLY It~El~3`IFIEt3:AT 5323i~ t~25I,2E AND 5323N t~251HE. ~~ ItAMCHATKA PENINSULA MISSILE IMPACT AREA iMISSILE BC3NUS) A MISSILE IMPACT AREA FEAR THE TYURA7AM MISSILE TEST GEI~TER t~AS BEEN LUEATE~? AT APPRflXIN?ATELY 5722N 1b142E= AT LEAST ?4~ VARIDI/S-SIZED CRATERS CAN BE iDENTIFIIrD IN AN -AREA- APF'Rf)xiMATELY 1.0 -MILES SQUARE. 25X2 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 : CI -RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 TOP SECRET TOP SECRET ~ I 25X1 Approved For Release ~.00.3/0~'~4 ^"'?vT~v~s~8(3v;~.`,v^-~ fission p -1; ~'- N P IC/R-602/64 STATUS CAF Ct3Mt3R TAR~f=T- 1~I~AaaU~ A: TOTAL flF 99 CC~MC3R TA~fiETS WAS aBSERVED IN THE -t~AK F~~PUt~TIG PFRi f~~ AN[3 ARC COVERFi~ I N ?AK PARTS I ANd i I: ANl~ ARF L i STUD t N: THI I.N#X AT THE ~aNCLUSI?N :pF_THIS REP[3RT. TASULAk SUMMARY A REAPITULAT~LI~I QF SiGNIFIGAi~T ACT~I/~TY .IS PRF5E1"dTFD ~N- TH1= FC3LLCI6~I~IG TABLES :t~N SUCC1ErE[3ING PAGESe TABLE 1. --, :.SiJVTET iC81~ pE~'~~3~MEN~' TA1~1-E 2 -- SOVIET MRB~! :AN1~ IRgM I~fPLi~Yt~ENT TABLE ?- `SANS AN#7 'AMM ~EPl17Yl~EhIT TA81'E ~r --- NU~l:EA?~ FAfFRGY A~T~YITY TALE ?? .A~f~~RAFT ACTI'~1~'~ TABL1= :b -~-~ SU~MARINF A~T~~ITY TABLE 7 --- BATE ANt~ TIME ClF .PHQTt~I~ttAPHiC 'PASSES Approved For Release 2003/05/14 : CI 001005G-1 TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 r 25X1 Drovyanaya Gladkaya Itatka Kostroma Kozelsk Novosibirsk Olovyannaya Omsk P err!m Plesetsk Shadrinsk Svobodnyy Teykovo Tyumen Verkhnyaya Salda Yedrovo Yoshkar-Ola Yurya Zhangiz Tobe Total Soft Sites Total Hard Sites Total Launch Positions 3 3 15 ? O O 2 3 13 O O 3 -- 6 C CO O O O O 6 2 16 O O C O C 3 2 12 C C C C L 3 2 12 C C L C C -- 3 9 C M M~ -- 2 6 5 1 13 O O 9* 1 17 O CO C O C C O LO C O C C C L C 000 0 00 C CO C C C C C C C C C 7 2 20 C C C C C C OC M C 6 3 21 ^ l C l ~ !1 ^ l~ J ~ ~ 6 -- 12 C O O O O O O O O O $ 3 25 Deployment Total 76 C M M M 10 8 33 C C C L C C M (3 poss) (3 puss) 41 (3 poss} 276 (3 poss) *Includes Launch Points I-IV, complete Construction Status (C-complete, L-late, M-mid, E-early) O Sites covered by current mission Newly identified sites 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 25X1 25X1 Approve d For ReleUase 2~03/05/E4 Mission 1008-1, 1`T- Geographic Area Soft MRBM Launch Areas Soft IRBM Launch Areas Western 1 Caucasus Central Asia 21 1 3 2 1 . -- 4 Far Eastern 11 1 Totals 137 16 Hard MRBM Launch Areas Hard :IRBM Launch Areas 002400010 - NPIC/R-602/64 Total Launch Areas Total haunch Positions 21 21 195 759 Totals do not include 34 fixed field-type silos with total of 121 clearings and one possible launch facility at Sovetskaya Gavan. 25X1 SAM sites SA-0 SA-1 SA-2 SA-3 SAM support facilities Probable AMM complexes *Does not include 4 alternate sites **Does not include 22 abandoned sites. Approved For Release 2003/05/14 : CI - 400010 TOP SECRET i ~~~~ 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 25X1 Approved ~ 25X1 Akhwhinsk/Vlndimirovkn Alokseyevkn Anndyr/Leninka y .. ......_.. _.. Anieovo Gorodishche Arkhnngelsk/Kholm? Arcem North BYkhov* _ i Chopolevkn" ~ Engol s? 1............ _........ _._..... ~ Gomel Pribytki xnlini Knliningrnd/Provoren Komsomolsk P1C 128 i Knxnn A/C PIC 22 i Mnl Ynvr Moliwpol ._....... _..... Minsk/Mnchulishcho? t ........ _ _. _.. ._... Mirgorod Moscow/Remenskoye Mozdok! Nezhin ~Nikcl y /K lhakina _.., Oktyabrskoyo ____... Olonegorsk orsnn so~tnwaAt? Romnnovkn West ~Ryn /Dyagilevo Sakl ., ~ Snrahuz ~Severomorek Sinuliai? Soltsy ~,Spn k Dnlnry East Ukrnr _.. n ........... _... Ussuriysk Voxdvizhonke" Zh w /Skomorokhi" TOP SECRET ~~~~ or Release 20 3/05/14: _ n~dnnn~nn_ Mission 1008-1, - 3 J40 ~ 48 796 j Y06 1..,,., (. reB/B ...... . 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 : CI TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 25X1 0 Approved For Release 2003/05/14: CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Last Base Effective Coverage Balaklava Dungy Gorkiy Khron stadt Komsomolsk Liepaya Litsa Bay Magadan Olenya Guba Pechenga Petropavlovsk/ Kamchatskiy Petrovka PolyarnYY Riga Rosta Sayda Guba Sevastopol Severodvinsk Severomorsk Sovetskaya Ciavan Strelok Strait Ura Guba Vladimir Vladivostok Yokanga 5 4 $ W/R 4 $ Medium 5 1 2 2 8 1 9 $ 2 F fZ$ 4W /R 6 4 7 2 F/Z$ 6 W/R 9 3$ 2$ 3f 1 12 3$ 3 3i 2 Mediu m 9 2 W '/R 1 4i 7 2 F/Z 3 3t 13 3 4 5$, 4 $F/Z W/R if 1 19 _ 11 f W/R 11 2 9 W/R 11 3t,1$ F/Z if 4 18 2F/Z$ 2 2f 8 3 if 1 lOf 1 1 2t ~ Wes' 3$ ~M-V 10 1 1 5 5t1# 7 1 7 21 9 1 F/Z 1 3 18 W/R 4$ 22 4 2f 6 i$ 1 4 f 4 4 F/Z 4 24 1 4T 5 5 25 61 2 197 ~ 2 4 _ 16 W/R 26 F/Z 45 VY/R Approved For Release 2003/05/14: CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 25X1 0 25X1 gpproved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Missiles Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 ved For Rdl~~e 2U0'3T05T14 : -~o-Rnp~RRna~annnn~annn~nn~a_~ Mission 1008-1, 11-13 JULY~~ NPIC/R-602/64 MISSILES PLESETSK :I~GBM CtIMpLEX UR bZ5bN f/14P139'E ~I'F~E: CC3MPLTEXp i S QV~I=fRyF? SY- .Gi~C~~I~--~~Uj ~A+L iTY' ~PyHII~ (~~iyRAPHY iR~T1-E ~~.A 1 ~f1~~ ~~i./1J LlJa ~L~ Cr?~TI3IY IW~T~ tiJ~ TI~L~ COMPLEX ARE USIBLE AND NO ldEW :ICBM ~iCTIV1TY COULl3 13~E I DENT I F I E13A A NEWLY COMPL#TEb SA?3 SAM SITE IS i[IENTIFiED AT 63--04N 041-05E ANL A PROBABLE 'SA~3 SAM SITE iS UNtIER C[3NSTRUCTION AT 62:?57N 040?52E? NEITFiET~CIFGOMPLE}~WSUPpORT~FAGOLiTY, RAIL?TOPROAI3 T'RANSF R POINT,, AN1~ TYPE- I LAUtdCH pCIi.NTS i~ II !SITE lI ANIl IU dSiTE 3) SHOW .NO SiG~IFGANT CHANGE-SINGE LAUNGH.:POINT iSITE 2) SHOWS NO:SIGALL:~FOUR CHANGE SINGE LAUNCH POINTS APPEAR TO BE STILL A U.E. TYPE IIA LAUNCH :AREA A tsiTE 4lv iiD LAUNCH AREAS C3 ~SiT.E $l ANI3 E 1S.TE 7l _SHOW .NO Si TYPEg iIB~LAU.idGHEAREA~B iSiT.E 5l SHOWS N ;CANT CHANGE ,SING#~:MISS:ION TH~F SSt~ FACILITY 6LAUidGH A~tEA Fl SHOWS NO APPARENT GRANGE SINCE ~': 0 A :.RAIL :LINE: is !)HOER CONSTRUCTit)~ AR?~ AN AREA OF NEW CONSTRUCTION EAST 'CIE-.THE ApMi;NISTRATION -ANtI HCIUSING ARE=Aa THE /#CTI~?ITY CONSISTS OF ''2 NEW BUILI~iNGS~ ON1= llfVilER CtI~NSTRUCT_ION ANOONE WITH A POSSIBLE DOME ON THE:ROOFa. ApOiTIt3NAL GROUND SG,4RRING IS iN THE AREA. THIS AGTIUITY WAS NOT PRESENT [ltd NO ABP9 ACTiUiTY..HOTEL WITHIN A 50~NM RADIl1Se SCA3TEREtI CLOUDS GOUER PARTS OF THE SEARCH AREA PNOTClGRAPHIG REFIrRENGES FOR SiGNiFiCANT ITEM5-. ClN COE~PLEX SUPPORT NEW SAM S i 7'E ~~ PROBASLE.SAM SITE tJNIIER CONSTRUCT I ON NEW-MAIL LINE AND GpNST;RUGTION ACTTVTTY .?_ 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 : CIA TOP SECRET Approv ~d For Refea~se 2003 05/14 ~ ~ruR~A I~er~ :GC3P~P~E7( 59~3N ~~~~,~~ 00240001005 ~~~~ NPIC/R-602/64 TFi~--CC~MPL~X I5 Cfl1/E?tF{3 BY ptlC~R QlJA~ITY _Pt~EbTE~G~tAPHY {~;~'#~ S~ATTIRED ~I..Dk~DSfl N[l APPARENT ~CHAN~F: SINGE IN THE >ut~P~PIEX SURP~IRT FACIi~ITY$. RATS.-~Tf~~R" FIA~ISFER PCDINT, 'LA~INCN AREAS C {Sid 3)p 13 iS.TF 4I~- F 1SITE 5), F (SITE 7~: AN1~ I ~SI.TE 1~~~ LAkI(dCN ARIrA A:tSiTE 2.) _IS $~1 P1=RGENT-ZLC~U13 CQ~JEREtI~ I.AUNCN AREAS 8 ISITE ll, ~ {SITE ~~~.H (SITE 8~s ANt~ J (SITE ~~: :GAtd t~NLY BE It~ENTIFIl=1~ I)t/F TO F'13aR i MAGE QUAL I TY e A3 I. AUNCN ARIA ~ ' {SITE ~.~ 2 PRE)BABLE NlSSIi~E REA[~Y @~ili3I1~GS ARE Lt~CATF~ ~3THIN TH1= LAt1NCH AREA t3NE IS PRC3BA81..Y (~C~NlP~FT? es~rs ~~~ DTHE~. IS UNDER CONSTRl1CT0NQ PC3~3R- IMAGI+ QUALITY R I-NT 1=RPR1=~'A7 ~. QN YaSHl~;4R?i]LA ICSN! Ct3MPLEX UR S634N ~i~BP#31 TME->CflMPLEX' IS CaMPLETELY _Cfl1/ERED 8Y tiL~(3i3 G~UALITYm: CL@UD?~REE PHC~TCD~RA:Pfi~Y~ NC SIGNIFICANT CHANGES DR ADDI-THINS SINCE AT THE C?MPLEX ,UPP~RT FACT~:ITYr TF~AN ~ ?#~ LAUNCH (SITE 5l, AND F tSi7E bl~ CEINSTRi#CTIUN FIRS CaNTINUEQ C?N 5 !~F fiF1F SMALLER 13UILDiNGS IN TF~I: SC#PP~3RT--TYPE :FACILITY .BET#IE1=N LAUNCH AREAS- C AND D [~EP~QRTED ON Nt3 ASM ACTIVITY ~IBSI^RVEt~ b~ITNI~d A 50-NM RADIUS. 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 : CI - 240001006-1 ~ 25X1 TOP SECRET Approve -13 U L Y 1964 02400010056 TOP SECRET d For Release 2003/0544 : C, Mission 0$-1, DRQV~'ANA~tA ICBM ?C[l~lPLE3~ UR 5~32N 1131E ,co~~LEx ~s CL1~ug. cc~uE~Er~o WEST -.HALF ~~ sE~RCH &FtEA ~s 51~ :PERCENT GLl7'uD CQVEREQ. ND IN?~IGAT-ION dF Ate ACTI~IITY IN CL?t~l~-FREE -AREAS. KC3STRC~h~A 4a6A AAA~4AAA1AAa6 1 NPIC/R-602/64 55 ALONGSIDE SHIPYARD QUAY. THREE PC3SSi$tE DE, DNE pOSSIBtE APL, AN~3 .SEVERAL t~NiDEN~'IFIEiI SURFACE -CRAFT OBSERVEC3 AT :THE NAVAL BASF. HAZE PRECLUDES DETAitED iI~TEitpRETATIflN 13Y -CLASS b VLAC~iMR -SUBMARINE BASE UR 4355N i.352B1r VE55ELS -- NL3NE C3BSERVEt3. NO AC3I3iTiONAL SUBMARINIr BASES, MiSSItE-RELATE[} AREAS flR NUCLEAR STORAGE OSSERVEt~ IN CtQI/D-FREE PORTIONS ClF SE-ARCH AREA. N!0 SIGNIFICANT -CHANGE. IS tdOTED IPJ TFiE LAUNCH AREA NC1%APRARENT CHANGE-HAS OCCIiRRED AT THE POSSIBLE A~fiM Ti~AiNiNG FACILITY. EIGHTY .:PERCENT LlF THI? LENINGRAD SEARCH .AF~Ek i5 UNDER: iNG~MPtETE. Nth EtECTRC3NICS FACILITIES 1f~UTRIGGER53 CCfMPARABtE Tp THt~SE AT >THE: N#~ ,ANCt .SE :COMPtI~ES HAV+~ BEEN CONSTRUCTEa AT THE. NE coM~L~x. EAS'fi =GLDSI~t~' ,PARAttEi:IN~ 1?HE tAUNC~i AREA :ACCESS: RC~AI~ TD A ,Pfl~NT ,BUST EAST ClF ~F THE EAS3 t3NE-QUARTER Ap,# 1/ISiB:E THRp~JCH SGATTEREQ _CL?Ui?S ANt7 .HAZE. ND :NEW :AMM RELATI*C~ ELECTRONICS Eli NliGLF/1R WEAPONS STt~F~ACE FAC.iLITiES SERUiNG THE LOM}~LEXES WERE NE-:CC3MPl:EX THE IViIRTHWEST ANI3 S(3UTHWCST PROBABLE AMM ~ LAIJN~H COMPLETES ARE CLOtJC3 'COVERED. PHCtTOCRAP R'FERENCES FtiR i3"EMS; C3F SI-CNIFICANT I NI'EREST ARE AS Fi~~lr:Ci4~S -- TRAGKi.NC .1=AC.i~IT`1~ ANI' i p I NSICOYE SAM AGT I V 17Y UR 5254N i 1332E NO APPARENT CHANCE AT LAUNCH :SITES. QhIE NEWLY. i[~ENTiEIEti Bl#ILI)ING Ap~'RQXIMA~ELY i85 ~ b~J E~' IS OBSE~LVED i N 71~E SUPPCIRT AREA' 3 NM ;WNW OF THE LAUNCH SITE. ONLY :1/d PERCE'NT OF SEARCH .AREA CtIV!ErRED E3Y PtIOR QUALITY.:PHpTOCRAPHY.: Np INSTRUMENTATION SITES IDENTIFIED. PLESETSK ;ICf~M# !COMPLEX SAM :SITE UR 6257N Qf4~d51E A NEWLY II)ENTII=IE1~ PROBABLE .SA-3 SAM SITE iS Li3CATEi3 ~.7 NM NE CF PLESETSK :ICBM CCIMPLE~4 .SAM :St/PF+O~iT FACILITY AT 62~5T-~PJN ~i~r~~5i-3E> 25X1 25X1 BONUS 2 RUt3A YAVOItSICAYA FXI~ FLD MRBM .LAUNCH Si7"E 1 UR 5323N ~#251~1 A FIXED FIELQ MRBM LAUNCH SITE IS NEWLY.IDENTIFiE13 I N _ A `Wi~i3Di7 .AREA. 2.5 NM : SE OF.:RUDA YAVf~RS1CAYA ANi 1t~ :NM SSW OF pYATLC~1)O MRBN4 L INSTALLATIONS NOT RRESENT ON 25X1 23: 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 : CI 000100 6-1 25X1 TOP SECRET TOP SECRET ~ I 25X1 Appro ed For Re ease 2003/05/1 ? ~o-Rnp~RFtna~annnn~annn~nn~a-~ Mission 1008- 1TT~7~?~Tb NPIC/R-602/64 GONSSTE~_ClF 2 CLEARINGS ON T i>~CI~ C13NS I STS C)I' ~r . ~ ~ RCUI-AR PAi~-LIKE ~~.EAf~iNG-. SERIES l7F LC~CfP RClA05. -EACH PAfl HAS tINE LARGE ANC3 ENE SMALL RECTANGULAR. CLEARING A~tJACENT TD IT. THREE RECTANGULAR C3BJECTS ARE IN EACH CIF ..THE LARGE CLEARINGS ANQ A SINGLE u~aInENTIFIEi~ ~~~ECT ~~ IN >=ACH OF :THE SMALLER CLEARINGS, (ATTACHMENT 2).: 25X1 ~f3NU5 3 RU[3A YA1/GRSKAI'A FXI~ FLD MRBM LNCH SITE 2 UR 5323N 2512E A NEY/LY IpENTII/IE~ FIXEt3 FIELD MRBM LAUNCFI _SITE IS ~d~ATEO IRt A 4~fUCfUEt) -AREA 3.5 NM ESE CIF RUL-CI YAUC3RSKAYAs 10 NM SSW C3F 13YATLi3VC3 MRSM 'LAUNCH -SITE, - ANp A~3JACENT TC3 RU1~A YAVEIRSKAYA FIXED FIEI.[~ MRBI LAUNCH SITE ~, -II~ENTIFIE[3 25X1 THE: CIRCULAR PAt3-LIKE CLEARIN QN. A 'SERIES t)F ,IRREGULAR Ll3IlP RpAE3S EACH ~~AVE AN AI)JAIENT Uh]IF3ENTIFIEC3 OBJECT IN A SMALL Ct.EARING. FCIUR 01= :THEM `ALSC3 HAVE A LARGER ASSflCIATEI~ CLEARING `IN EACH CAF ~IHICti .:ARE PtISITItINE(7 :3 -RECTANGULAR pB,iECTS. THIS INSTALLATIt9N wA5 IVL3T PRESS1~fT L3N BI~NUS ~.: KAMCHATKA PEhIINSULA MISSILE IMPACT AREA UR 5722:td 1E~2~+2E A MISSILE IMPACT AREA FaR THE: TYURATAM ~ISSI~-E VEST CENTER HAS BEE~i Lf3CATEIt AT AC'PRCIKIMATE~-~' S~=Z'2N lb?42E C!N THE ICANlCHATKA PENINSULA. THE:.:IMPACT AREA IS LCtCATEi3 AT THE APPROXIMATE CENTER QF AN G1/AI. FCIRI~ED BY THE 7 pREVIi~USLY' :IC3ENTIFIELI INSTRUMENTATI~3t~ SITES:- GN THIS CfJ.VERAGE~- AT:-LEAST :4I3 VAR.IDUS?SIZEI) CRATERS GAN BE IDENTIFIEf3 IN AN AREA APPRCI;X.IMATEL' lf~ MILES SQUARE. A RECTANGULAR CLEARINGr:PUSSIBLY PREPAREt~ AS A NELICCIPTEFt PA~i, IS LCICATEI) IN.-THE INkMEC~IATE? VICIT'3ITY. ~~~ PRE1/IOUS__ _ 25X1 ~~, 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 : CI 24000100 6-1 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved ~~ . Approved For Release 2003/05/14 : CI 4000100 TOP SECRET TOP SECRET For Release 2003/0~5do1a4~; CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 -y~ission 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Air Facilities Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Approve TOP SECRET d For Release 2003/05/14 024000100 6-1 N P IC/R-602/64 Ai:RCRAfT ?- :LICdE 'BEARff3ISt~l~ iN LfIA~ING AREA, :i~f 6EARl8ISC71V SIN SSW .PARKING APRON, 8 BEARIBISC3dd~ , ON1= 8AC3GER, ANI~ CiNE TRAIfik~T-WING ON PARALLEL TAXIWAY, 4 S7RAiGHT-WING ON .AlER1' APRON AI' NORTE~:END'_OF AIRFIELD, 8 81AR./BISON ON MAIN PARKING APRONs .AND '15 BEARIBISOIU I)N CENTER tiAR[9STANi~S. DOLON AIREIEL[~ UR 5#332[d P~79i2E AIRCRAFT -- ~ilf~E I~/ti~~~R, t3P1~ M~t3~L1M S~t~AI~G1-1~'-#~i-~1G: AND CANE SMALL STRAIGHT-WINC,~ CONSTRLiCTIt3N CONTINUES ~~ ENE.f~}SW R,t1NWAY~ - WNICN IS PROBABLY BEING ASPHALT SURFACED. BARANCDUICHI AIRFIELD UR 530~i1~ ~fi~3E AIRCRAI=T ?- 13 BADGER, AL~ING TAXIWAY :AND l Iii MAINTENANCE AREA, ? BLINDER Al.flt+~~ ~Ai7+~~.I~1A1~ It~l HARI3STANt~S -ANC? ONE IN MAINTENAN~GE AREAx 'A.ND_ 36 SN4AL.L FIGHTERS ON APRON ADJACENT _TC3 SW PART C)F RUNWAY.: 26 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 : CI - TOP SECRET 25X1 ~ 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approve TOP SECRET For Release 2003/05/14 : C A-RDP78B04560A0 2400010056 Mission 1008-1, A$RGR,~FT ,-- 8 S~I1V13FI~ AN13 21: 1~Il7IUP4 :Si~l_P1C--~fltdG. C~QUt~ :,CCIV!R Pf~FC~U~ES A G?~MP~.IETE ~t~UNT. AIRCRAFT _- :~3 BAn~ER Aida CiNE MED~UhI S~R~.IGHT- t31d HARp57AN1~5 NEIRTH QF .RU1~i~AY. ~7 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 : CI - 02400010 roP sECREr 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Nuclear Energy Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 25X2 gpproved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Next 5 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Naval Activity/ Ports Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Approve TOP SECRET d For Release M003o0~/0'~~ ~ L 4 0240001005-1 NAVAI. ACTI1/ITYIPC3RT5 tIEPA,lA NAVA#~ BASE AN~7 SHIP.YA~t~ UR 5633N f~2~~2E VESSELS. -- =4 `.SSA .3 PC3SSIBlE $Sy 'L~~IE S1/ERC1lCIVSK- . CLASS CL -ANI~ C3htE 'ODe Nf3 NAVA1:: CC~1dSTRUCTICIN CJR SUBN{Ai~INE PEAS 178SEitVEi~. #~ IGA NAVAL BAiSE UR 7~3N 02402E VESSELS ?? it F'C~SSIBtE W/R CLASS, -t3NE PRaBABLE ASL~ A~iCJ Nlt~El~C3US MIl~t3i~ SRFAtCE CQt~BATANTS. #~1AIl~EI3,4 IA~tA~.BASE ~ SHTPYA~1~ 13th 5542 021~J8E NCB SUBd~ARINES t7Ft tITHER MAJflR CQt~$ATANT NAVAL: VESSELS t~BS.ERVEtJe NCl APPAREh1T CFfANGE; IN F,4CI~I'TIES SINCE Gt~i~KIY SHI~'YAQ HEA1fY ..EQUi'pMENt' SLANT UR 5b22N 0435ZE NC3 APPA~tENT CHANGE: IN FACILITIES SCATTERE~3 CL1lU~S ANEW. PmL)~t ENT~FICATIaN ~JF VESSELS. SEVASTi3PCIL: NVL-.BASE C SHPXfl SEV`Mt~R~ZA1/C~Li 11R 4436N 0332E 'VESSELS -- 2 CL IN SEVASTaPaL BAY,- 3 CL~ 6 T~i3, '3 UN:IC3ENTIFIE~ SSA DNE? Pf3SSIBCE. P~~-CEASE 5S, PC3SSIBiE SS, 2 PLfSSIBLE .l-CLASS SSG, '2 =AU~CILIARIES, flNE ':FLaATi,NG E~RYaCICl4, -12 SMALL U~itl~ENTIFIEC9 NAVAL VESSELS ANL3 Nt1MERCJl1S n7HER SMALL CF~AFT AT .THC NAVAL BASE- ,ANA _~r~~ I~pR~I:~ ~~~:~ c~l~ l~ ~~~ vtct~~~r CAF HSiAC~CHIA~CHTa ~~ 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 : CI - 02400010056-1 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Index Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 TOP SECRET 25X1 Approv d For Release 2003/05~1~ ? - - -y~ission 00 -7, 4 N P IC/R-602/64 INDEX t~~ CC~MI3R TARGETS THIS SECTiLIN :LClNTAINS A C~3MPQSITE Li$Ta BY TAi~~l=7 i~IiMBFi~r CAF At!_ CaMI~R TARGETS REVEWEf? DURING THE SCAN ~3F MISSIUN .I43~t8-ld THE. RC3MAt~ ~ItlME~tAI UNDER THE i~AK CQLUMN iNC~iCATES THE- PART' DIr C3AK 1~~~3-1 IN TARG-ET ~iAS REPDRTED~ PLESETStC ICBM CCIMPLEX YURYA _iCBM CC~NfPLE~ YC3SHKAR~~ILA :ICBM CCIMPLEX I~RClVYANAYA ICBM Ct~MALEX #~S619E 04035E 0655E ~I3341E 0921.3E 04216E 11550E 134213E 132109E 02T29E f32111E f326513E 2742E 137758E 02.618E 02450E 0242bE 132336E 024213E X126121: 137743:E 13451iE. 13531E 1327043E 16Z.~IE 07334E 435342E 14343213E 0934~J3E 4~93Z7E 055581 25X1 Approved For ReIeTOP00SECRET I -RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 TOP SECRET 25X1 Appr ved For Release 2003/05~1~ ? - - Mission 00 -7, AN--SNAPS SU5P FISSILE pRC3~ ~[UC~ R ~ D CH 41.9 12~~E I MAKINSK SUSPECT SSM AREA UR 5234N ~7~26E I~ KRASNAYA 'Gf3RBATKA ;SUSPECT .SSM :AREA t3ft 5553N ~341~rbE ~ RtIMNY SUSPECT SSM -AREA UR 5~744N 33328E ~~ SEVERt3D1/INSK NA1/AL BASF AND SHi PYARD 4@ZUR 64341 3949E I i YUiCANGA NAVAL BASE ANf} SHIP REPAIR WARD t~R 6A~4N ~3932'E ~ VLADIMIR SUBMARINE &ASE UR 4355N 3.352.8? ~~ LENIN~RA[3 PROBABLE AMM AREA UR 5955N ~3~f20E iI ANTIPINSKC~YE SAM ACTIVITY t3R 5254N 11332E iI BRATSKq:SU5PEC3' ABM AREA UR 5654N 1f~3~E I ASTRAKHAN PC9SSIBLE ABM RADAR UFt 4620N 483E I CHEPELEVKA AIRFIELD UR 4947~i 3~2bE ii DCILON AIRFIELD UR 5~32N 07912E II SI:AULIAI AIRFIELDS k1R 5553N f~2323E I B~.RZYA AIRFIEI-f? E~L~RTH~JES3? t)R 5~4N 3123E ii BAFiANC1VICHI AIRFIELD . UR 53~#bN 02b03E II MINSi~1MACHULISHCHE AIRFIELD UR 5347N 02734E I BYKl~OV AIRFIELD. UR 5331N ~30i2E I MpZL3C3K AIRFIELD UR 4347N 0443bE I 1Ct1LININGRADSPR~VEREN AIRFIELC? UFO 5446N 02025E II L9RSHA AIRFIELD SQUT.H4~EST UR 542EaN f~3018E I NEZNIN AIRFIELD UR 5105N #~3152E I G~MELIPRIBYTKI 'AIRFIELDS UR 5218N 1~3I:10E I MIf~GC9RC3D AIRFIELC UR 495E~N 3339E I1 SaLTSX AIR1=IEi:D UR ~s~~N- ~~~~ ~ TARTU AIRFIELDS UR. 5824N 02b4f~E 1 KAZAN _A I RFRAME..: PLANT G[3RBUNt3V 22 U1~ 55S2N ~~~~+ E 25X2 I KUY'BYSHEV AIRFRAME PLANT-LENIN 18 U~ 53i3N f~5019E I BALAK~AVA SUBMARINE BASE LIEPAJA NAVAL BASE AND.SHIPYARD UR U32 4431~N 5b33N 03336 ~2I02E ii RIBA NAVAL BASE UR 5703N f~24t~2E II KLAIPEDA NAVAL BASE ti SHIPYARD UR 5542fi+t 02108E i T NIKgLAYEV SHPYD N#~RTHERN 61 KClMML3NA 445 UR 4659N fd3203E i NIE~OLAYEV SHIRYARI~ NDSENKa-444' UR 4657N 03159E I 4 25X1 Approved For ReIeTOP00SECRET ~-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Approve TOP SECRET , For Release ?~003/0~/0'~~_~ C~ Ai RDP~78~Bg04560A002400010056-1 G~RKI.Y .SHIPYARE3 HFAU'Y ~QUIPN~ENT PLA1~T : UR 5b~2 ~4352F iI SF1/ASTORLlL NVt 8ASF ~ SHPYQ 5E1~MD?~ZAYC~13 l.1R 4~t3bN 3332E i I 25X1 5X2 SAMt~I~EUa SUSPECT CgMN1UNICATIOt~S FACTLIT!/UR b SIMFERC3Pt3t TRAGKiN~ ~ CUMMI CEt~TE~t ~R 4~~13N 03.353E' ING-SHUT P(35S MIS~SItE TRAGKINC STATIUN C ~r~55td 0962i~E y 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14: A-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Attachments Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Approve For Rele?se 2003 05/14 CI~ RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 N!'I~-.R-b02 "64 25X1 25X1 NF_W CONSTRUCTION, NLESETSK ICBM COMPLEX, USSR Approved For Release 2003/05/14: C TOP `~t=CRET 25X1 Approve TOP St~~RET~ d For Release ?wQ~(,p5,/o'~_a .~ ,~~~T~~~6A AAA~4AAA1AA~6 1 NF'I~;R-602;'64 AiTACHMENT2 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 : C -RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 TOP ~~E~RET Approved For Release 2003/05/14: CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 1OP SECf~~T 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For f~e~e~seSECRi5T 25X1 gpproved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Next 2 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14: CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For If ~e ~~3/~~Y4 25X2 gpproved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1 Approved For Release 2003/0514 : C~=RDF78B04560A002400010056-1 TAP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/05/14 :CIA-RDP78B04560A002400010056-1