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December 28, 2016
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February 8, 2000
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July 1, 1964
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000rZZZiii Approved For Release 2000/05LOPC1tk W't8BO456OA002600010087-5 N P I C R-508/64 TCS-7231/64 / July 1964 Copy / 9 Pages PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION REPORT IPRUZHANY ARMY BARRACKS SLOBODKA PRUZHANY, USSR BELORUSSIAN MD Handle Via TALENT - KEYHOLE Control Only This document contains classified information affecting the national security of the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws U. S. Code Title 18, Sections 793 and 794. The law prohibits its transmission or the revelation of its contents in any manner to an unauthorized person, as well as its use in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign government to the detriment of the United States. It is to be seen only by personnel especially indoctrinated and authorized to receive TALENT-KEYHOLE information. Its security must be maintained in accordance with KEYHOLE and TALENT regulations. GROUP I TOP S CR T Approved For Release 2000/05/09 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA00260001008 r ladedd romd? E E OF TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF AP p For Release 2000/05/09 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA002600010087-5 -ENT-KEYHOLE NPIC/R-508/64 This report is one in a series on Soviet Ground Force and logistic installations being prepared for a DIA/CIA Panel. The series is being coordinated, published and disseminated by NPIC. The photographic analysis is being performed by the NPIC Photographic Analysis Group, the CIA Photographic Intelligence Division (NPIC), and the Production Center IPlc (DIA). The photographic analysis for this particular re- port was performed by the NPIC Photographic Analysis Group. In the interest of uniformity, the titles and letter designators for the facilities observed at these installations are identical with those appearing in the project requirement. When a specific facility is not observed both its title and letter designator are omitted in the report. Titles and letter designators for the various facilities are as follows: (A) railroad service, (B) road service, (C) landing strips, (D) administrative and troop housing areas, (F) storage areas, (F) am- munition storage areas, (G) POL storage areas, (H) other buildings and facilities, (J) equipment storage/maintenance areas, (K) athletic fields, (L) small. arms firing ranges, (M) driver training areas, (N) tank/ assault gun firing ranges, (P) flat trajectory firing ranges, (Q) artillery emplacements (batteries), (R) infantry or combined arms field train- ing area or courses, (S) special training facilities, (T) unidentified facilities or tracking activity. Handle Via N KEYHOLE Approved For Release 2 000/05/09 SEC RIET CHESS RUFFF002600010 t or~stem Only TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF AR .K For Release 2000/05/09 : CIA-RDP78B04560A002600010087-5 A _ NT-KEYHOLE TCS-7231/64 Control System Only NPIC/R-508/64 25X1A PRUZHANY ARMY BARRACKS SLOBODKA (52-31N 024-31E) PRUZHANY, BRESTSKAYA OBLAST, USSR BELORUSSIAN MD 25X1 C 25X1A Handle Via Approved For ReleasQ 80 0/05/09 I -R P78 045 0A0026000104, Y, em"O ly P SECRET CHESS RUFF TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF Approved For Release 2000/05/09 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA002600010087-5 TALENT-KEYHOLE Control System Only 25X1 D 25X1 D TCS-7231/64 NPIC/R-508/64 SUMMARY 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D The Pruzhany Army Barracks Slobodka is located 7 kilometers (km) southeast of Pruz- hany (52-33N 024-27E) on a probable all- weather road connecting with Pruzhany and the Kobrin-Ivantsevichi highway (Figure 1). The Brest-Ivantsevichi rail line passes 7 km south. There are two SAM sites (Pruzhany SAM Sites B10-2 and 3) located in the vicinity of the in- stallation. A direct road connection indicates that troops are associated with them and probably billeted in this barracks area. This installation (Figures 2 and 3), cluding a barracks area (AL-1) and an jacent training facility (TA-1), covers in- ad- 830 acres and contains four administration build- ings, 12 barracks, 23 support buildings, 11 stor- age buildings, 16 probable dependents quarters, eight vehicle maintenance buildings, and six equipment storage buildings. This installa- tion also contains three firing ranges, an ob- stacle course, a wheeled-vehicle driver-train- ing course, a probable rail-to-road transfer point, an athletic field, a parade ground, and an infantry field training area. This area is covered by _ TALENT photography and three KEYHOLE missions be- tween Cloud cover on TALENT coverage precludes obser- vation of all areas. Comparative analysis of KEYHOLE photography reveals the same gen- eral level of usage between Significant changes since include the addition of 16 probable depend- ents quarters, a probable rail-to-road trans- fer point, and the removal of two vehicle main- tenance buildings and three storage buildings. 25X1 D DESCRIPTION OF INSTALLATION 25X1 D 25X1 D Railroad Service The Brest-Ivantsevichi rail line passes 7 km south. A spur with a probable rail-to- road transfer point from the rail line, first observed on - coverage, is imme- diately southeast of the installation and prob- ably serves the barracks area and the SAM sites. Road Service A probable all-weather road connects this installation to Pruzhany and to the Kobrin- Ivantsevichi highway. Administrative and Troop Housing Areas Area D1 (Figure 3) contains three admin- istration buildings, eight barracks, and two support buildings. Area D2 contains four barracks and four support buildings. Foliage precludes further analysis in this area. Track activity throughout the installation indicates probable occupany of all buildings. The level of track activity has remained about the same. General Storage Area Area E contains seven storage buildings and five support buildings. Three storage buildings were removed between Ammunition Storage Area Area F, a possible ammunition storage area, is a small fenced area immediately west of the firing ranges; however, no buildings are discernible. Other Buildings Area H1 contains 16 probable dependents quarters first observed on - coverage. There is very light track activity in the area. 25X1 D Handle Via TALENT-KEYHOLE Approved For Release 2000/05/09 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA002600010087rg5System Only TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF Approved For Release 2000/05/09 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA002600010087-5 TALENT-KEYHOLE 25X1 D Control System Only 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D TCS-7231/64 NPIC/R-508/64 Track activity indicates continued use of both ranges. 25X1 D 25X1 D Driver Training Areas 25X1 D Area M is an irregular shaped wheeled- vehicle driver-training course first observed One figure-8 course (located in Area J1) was first observed between = and one figure-8 course (located in Area M) was first observed between 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D Area H2 contains one administration build- ing, four storage buildings, and seven support buiildings. The area was obscured by clouds and cloud shadow in _ Track activity re- mained constant on KEYHOLE coverage. Equipment Storage/Maintenance Areas Area J1 contains two 150- by 30-foot ve- hicle maintenance buildings; six equipment stor- age buildings, three measuring 70 by 30 feet, two 50 by 40 feet, and one 50 by 30 feet; and three support buildings. Area J2 contains three 150- by 30-foot vehicle maintenance buildings and one support building. Four vehicle maintenance buildings were visible on =coverage, but one was removed between Area J3 contains three vehicle maintenance buildings--measuring 260 by 45 feet, 260 by 30 feet, and 150 by 30 feet--and one support building. Four vehicle maintenance buildings were visible on =coverage, but one was removed between All of the vehicle maintenance buildings are prob- ably for heavy repair work. Athletic Fields K1 is an athletic field and K2 is a pa- rade ground. Small Arms Firing Ranges Area Li is a 600- by 150-foot small arms firing range with heavy track activity. Area L2 contains two 600- by 75-foot small arms firing ranges. The level of track activity has re- mained constant. Infantry or Combined Arms Field Training Area Area R is an infantry field training area containing numerous trench systems and fox holes. Special Training Facilities Area S is a probable obstacle course for ground troops. A series of walls and other obstacles are visible. Unidentified Facilities The areas marked T are excavations first observed on - coverage. One km east of the installation are two scarred areas (not shown on sketch) connected by multiple road loops in a heavily wooded area. They were first observed on - coverage. These scars are connected by a good road to the driver training area. 25X1 D Handle Via TALENT-KEYHOLE Approved For Release 2000/05/09 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA0026000100 7-System Only TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF r RDP7804 PPu7 7P0 sA 010087-5 Approved f 9&j3eW ,5 ,~NQ4pgps:SLc4A. ?AR 25X1 D PROBABLE RAIL TRANSFER POINT Approved For Releas 2000/05/09 : CIA-RDP 8B04560A002600010087-5 MRBM COMPLEX E 810-2 (SA-2) PRUZHANY MRBM COMPLEX SAM SITE 810-3 (SA-3) Railroad, single track Road Fence Area outline Excavation PRUZHANY SAM SIT ApprovecitFDr Re1easeR20QQ 5/-A9o0QAA I 0?Q 087-5 25X1 D TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF Ap,R ptfpr Release 2000/05/09 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA002600010087-5 25X1 D 25X1 C 25X1 C US Air Target Chart, Series 200, Shoot 0168-22HL, 2d ed, Feb 63 (SECRET) TCS-7231/64 NPIC/R-508/64 DOCUMENTS Army. DPIR 46-58, Military Installations and Activity, Pruzhany Area, USSR, Jul 58 (TOP SECRET CHESS) Army. PIM 43-63, SRI-2168-1-63, Apr 63 (TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF) Army. PIM 204-63, SRI-317A-1-1113, Dec 63 (TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF) 25X1 C DIA. PC-225/7-1-63, Installation List, Soviet Ground Forces, 1 Oct 63 (SECRET/No Foreign Disse~ DIA. PC-225/1-2-63, Training Areas, Soviet Ground Forces, 1 Oct 63 (SECRET/No Foreign Dissem C-RR4-87,11.1 (partial answer) Approved For Release 2OQ0L05/09 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA00260001 o 's emHO ~y I UP SECRET CHESS RUFF Approved For Release 2000/05/09TPSIA- gP7$B0456OA002600010087-5 Approved For Release 2000/05/0 $AS-gegif B0456OA002600010087-5