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December 28, 2016
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February 25, 2000
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August 1, 1964
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/ii--iiii--i--i--i--i--i--i--i--i--i--i--i--iii / Approved For Release 2000/0 : %tfW781304560A002700010034-2 . TCS-7562/64 NPIC/R-703/64 j August 1964 Copy ! (') R HI PRETA I 15 Pages P / SAM INSTALLATIONS IN SOVIET BLOC IDENTIFIED ON KEYHOLE 101 MISSIONS 25X1 D Declass review-NIMA/DOD Handle Via TALENT - KEYHOLE Control Only This document contains classified informati.on affecting the national security of the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws U. S. Code Title 18, Sections 793 and 794. The low prohibits its transmission or the revelation of its contents in any manner to an unauthorized person, as well as its use in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign government to the detriment of the United States. It is to be seen only by personnel especially indoctrinated and authorized to receive TALENT-KEYHOLE information. Its security must be maintained in accordance with KEYHOLE and TALENT regulations. 0 0001 X 0/ / ROUP 1 Approved For Release 2000/ 78B04560A0027000100 4, Id,r.m do Wnyradiy o?d dec leaaiicnrion TOP SECRET RUFF Amoved For Release 2000/05/09 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA002700010034-2 TAL EYHOLE SAM INSTALLATIONS IN SOVIET BLOC IDENTIFIED ON KEYHOLE MISSIONS 25X1 D August 1964 ~Q.J~T~iyI~E7YHOLE Approved For Release 2000/05/09 : CIA-RDP78B04560A00270001 P eem Only TOP SECRET RUFF TOP SECRET RUFF Ap a~o~ued For Release 2000/05/09 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA002700010034-2 TALE T-KEYHOLE lei 25X1 D ON KEYHOLE MISSIONS TCS-7562/64 NPIC/R-703/64 25X1 D This report has been prepared in response sites, one possible SA-3, one SAM storage to CIA requirements C-RR4-81,532 andC-RR4- area, and one SAM training site had been 81,533, requesting information on surface-to- identified on the referenced coverage. (No air-missile (SAM) sites and SAM support fa- SAM support facilities were identified.) cilities newly identified on photography from Table 1 provides detailed information on each of these installations. Photographs of all 26 are also included (Figures 1-25). All of the of 14 July 1964 (the cutoff date for the study SAM sites were observed to be of normal SA-2 on which this report is based), 20 SA-2 SAM or SA-3 size; therefore, site dimensions are not sites, one probable SA-2 SAM site, two SA-3 included in this report. Handle Via TALENT-KEYHOLE Approved For Release 2000/05/09 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA002700010034-2stem Only TOP SECRET RUFF Approved For Release 2000/05/09 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA002700010034-2 25X1A n~ 0 > z o - z ? cn 71 N 7C fD m 3 - = ? 00 2r < m Table 1 Data on SAM Installations Identified on . Installation 1/ BE Geographic Configu- Construe- Additional Descrip- First Nega- Map Ref- NPIC Fig- No Coordinates ration ti on tion / Photo- tion erence No ure Status graphic Date (USATC No Cover- Series age 200; Sheet No, Edition 25X1 D Date) SA-3 SAM Sites 13/Odessa A2S-3 2. Ussuriysk A04-3 3. Postavy MRBM Complex Pos- sible SAM Site (no designator at present) SA-2 SAM Sites 4/ 4. Aktogay D03-2 5. Bereza B20-2 6. Brest A33-2 7. Bobruysk A27-2 46-29-00N 30-29-40E 43-52-15N 132-02-15E G Undeter- mined 55-09-10N Undeter- Early 26-56-40E mined stage (U/C) 47-25-OON Undeter- 80-00-OOE mined 52-15-OON Undeter- Complete 24-50-40E mined 52-13-05N Undeter- U/C; see 23-32-20E mined Additional Descrip- tion 53-08-ION Undeter- Complete 29-08-40E mined nor- mal SA-3; probably uses support facili- ty of adjacent Odes- sa SAM Site A28-2 nor- mal SA-3 except that service road enters from the preferred direction of fire; singly deployed; probably uses Ussu- riysk SAM Support Facility, 0.5 nm to ssw Orientation undeter- mined; singly deploye Normal SA-2 but no on-site support facility Has four complete launch revetments and a fifth U/C; no on-site support facility Normal SA-2 but no on-site support facility 0250-8HL, Sep 62 51-Li 1 0291-IA, Jun 58 50-C 2 0168-9HL, Sep 62 178-D 3 0244-4AL, Nov 59 2-B 4 0168-23HL, Jan 63 6-H 5 0168-22HL, Feb 63 14-0 6 0168-20HL, Oct 62 11-J 7 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 0 rn r) rn C -n n Approved For Release 2000/05/09 : CIA-RDP78BO456OA002700010034-2 a 1, M' 1 ! t I I I II I a 11 1 0 a U) rn C) 70 rn /Z7 C 11 TI l Approved IFor Release ?000/05/09 : CIA-RD?78B06560A202700~1003, -2 t 25X1A 25X6 Installation I/ BE Geographic Configu- Construe- Additional Descrip- Photo- \tion erencef NNoC ure No Coordinates ration tion tion 2/ graphic Date (USATC No Status Cover- Series age 200; Sheet No, Edition D ate ) 8 "Grodno C35-2 _ 54-07-40N Link Complete Normal SA-2 but no 92_an-nnF on-site support n- 0 D r- o m 2 _Zo N '1 d ~ 7C m m 0 0 r- m 0168-12AL, 22-K 8 25X1 D Nov 62 w 57-00-55N Undeter- Complete Normal SA-2 but no 015447HL, 20-P 12 12. Kalinin B31 2 35-27-50E mined on-site support Jan 64 52-06-40N Undeter- Complete facility Normal SA-2; nearly 0168-25HL, 110-F 13 13. Kalinkovichi 29'20-OOE mined adjacent to Dec 62 A16-2 Kalinkovichi SAM 52-06-30N Undeter- Complete Site A17-2 Probable training 0168-25HL, 110-G 13 14. Kalinkovichi 9-50E 29-1 mined role indicated by Dec 62 A17-2 . proximity of Kalinkovichi SAM 55-41-1 ON Star Complete Site A16-2 b P 0167-4HL, 122-Q2 14 15. Moscow E27-2 ro e indicated by Mar 63 36-14-I OE proximity of a barracks area 0232-24HL, 107-U 15 16 Mukachevo 48-33-30N Undeter- Complete Probable training Au 63 g Z . B06-2 23-00-OOE mined role indicated by Z o -i proximity of a ~] n Y D r barracks area 0232 25 183 V 16 77 o m = Z 17 Nadvornaya 49-19-18N Fan; see Complete Site layout is adapt- , Jun 63 0 . MRBM Compl 24-28-40E Additional ed to topography but m < C21-2 Descri p- is generally fan " N rn 0' M 3 o tion shaped 0 0 0 = r- m See footnotes at end of table. Approved For Release 2000/05/09: CIA-RDP78BO456OA002700010034-2 -4 0 V rn n 70 rn /Z7 C TI -n