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December 9, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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The Bi-Color Technique ,filters ,fjRt7JP, :i .kcladed .ft Fi ajtdmatL d~ tpt2~iq:.~ pK4'k~[itnor And;thephotointerpreters 'can do. their normal jab.../ Since spectral separation , is provided by'the' red'. and: green filters, color can be seen if the _two records are projecte Although ' this. is not complete'. color (the blue record is all the time TOP SECRET pproved.For RW6ase 2002/05/02 CIA-RDP78B04767 0300050020-0 TECHNICAL BACKGROUND AND RESULTS TO DATE Bicolor is, simply.'spectr'ally:filtered' black and white photography. The only. difference between bi-,color and normal acquisi- tion is the use of'a green'filter on one camera, 'Normally, we use red-, on both forward and 'aft looking cameras..: In the case of bi-color, e; use a green filter on one'camera',and a red filter on the other to provide or 'spectral -die crimination...' The green filter need not be used mechanism on the KH-4BI camera ;Conceptually., then, this technique To provide bi-color, the. red and green filters are used.. employed. Even: in the 'bi-,color'.mode this produced typical high highly realistic color can be;produced with some manipulation. Approved For elease 2002105XQNSAURB0476Q000300050020-0 - 25XlA':. CT: -Technical. Background and Results . . To Date The records can also be evaluated, as black and whites differences, This may give clues as to the general composition of objects: The green rec d or may also show objects ;.which the normal red record does not show,.. The use of the bi- color records, then, is .optional der pending on the information desired. In summar Y, they can be-Used . for any task f rom normal pbotointerpretation, to the production of I I psuedorr color prints. Results to Date 25X1 D 2, Bi l -co or has been tested and satellite (Mission 1102). systemsL The highlights were. as follows, ~}..~ and were taken with the red greed filters; the film from t s acquisition was evaluated. b?. NPIC evaluated the film (in particular the green 'record LO assess .its ph otointel?pretation use, and qualit yet Y e were .particularly interested. in assessing the impact of the bi-co take" on the abiht for . Y'.0 f the photointer preter to do his he results of the NPIG evaluation were reported : in !#t~nravodor Ree a e 20.( Q510.2 CIA=R?P78BD4767i4o0030.0050020