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December 9, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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HANDLE: Vi coNTROL Ap or Release 2000/ 25X1A ET 25X1A Attachment 1 to M291)4/69 Subjective Comparison of Wratten 25, 21, and BF-05 Filtered Records, Mission U02 25X1A Reference; -TW'X 3133, February 1968 Conclusions; The contrast range is significantly reduced when the SF--05 is used in place of the Wratten 21 or the Wratten 25 filter. Apparent itege sharpness is reduced by a noticeable degree on the SF-05 photography compared to the Wratten 21 and Wratten 25 filtered photography. The effect of image quality degradation caused by the use of the SP-05 filter is minimized when the photography is viewed in stereo with the higher quality, higher resolution photography exposed through the Wratten 25 filter. The resolution of the green filtered record is generally comparable to that of a normal J-1 mission. 25X1A ved For Release 2000/08/3 ? C 78B04767A0003000~v~a- jq] CONTROL SYSTEM ONLY a!, Bpi 25X1A TD SECRET or Release 2000/08/3 f R fiDP78BO4767A000300050025-5 25X1A Attachment 2 to W2911i/69 Comparison of SO-230 and 34OI Film Type from Mission 1102-2- Reference. Fhotographic Evaluation Report, mission 10+6, TCS-2+630/63, August 1968 Conclusions : The conclusions are based strictly on the operational material from Mission 1102. Film type 50-230 produces imagery which at higher magnification (5OX and above) appears slightly grainier. This apparent graininess, however, does not adversely affect the information content of the material at the magnifications normally used by the photointerpretera. The potential advantage of SO-230 is in its additional emulsion speed (approximately 2/3 stop) which will allow shorter exposure times, thereby reducing the effects of uncompensated image motion. ExCIudad from automatic L -..j c; rd?ov d For Release 2000/08. 78B04767A000300050025-5 25X1A HANDLE VIA- CONTROL SYSTEM ONLY HANDLE NIA 25X1 A Tit" SECRET CONTROL SYSTEM ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/31 ~~78B0467A000300050025-5 25X1A At achment 3 to .2914/69 SO--1E30 Evaluation, Mission 1104 Reference: Photographic Evaluation Report, Mission 1101+, TC5--24660/68, December 1968 Conclusions: It should be emphasized that, (1) the coverage obtained was not over the intended areas, (2) portions of the material are severely degraded by fog from corona static, and (3) approximately 30 percent of the 00-180 film is obscured by clouds. Regardless of these factors, portions of the 0.180 imagery obtained on this mission closely approximate the expectations of this lens/film combination. Some of the existing imagery contains significant added information from an intelligence standpoint provided thealyst is alloyed sufficient time to interpret (study) it, has a working knowledge of the film characteristics, and is familiar with the infra reflectivity of the various objects photo- graphed. sad d For Release 2000/08/31 4 downgrading and Toi decIassitICallon 25X1A I 8B04767A0003000500r.-e5 VIA CONTROL; SY HANDLE viE+ 25X1 A CO