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September 27, 2005
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February 12, 1965
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Ant rnvP_Wr RPIPasP 2005/11/21 C:IA-RnP78F7A'Afl 1A0 IA~1iT February 12, 1965 Chief, Procurement Division 2430 E Street, N.W. Washington 25, D. C. Declass Review by NGA. Subj: AP/3 Stereoplotter ? We wish to present to you an unsolicited proposal for furnishing you a stereoplotting system which we hope will be of interest to you. This system is known as the Analytical Stereoplotter, AP/3. The Model AP/3 system is basically a further development of the concepts embodied in the now standard AP/2 instrument which is being procured by the U. S. Air Force and the U. S. Army. We feel that with a certain degree of developmental work additional capabilities can be added to the heretofore AP/2 system which will greatly enhance the capabilities of this system. More specifically, the performance characteristics of the proposed development will not only meet the existing performance specifications for the AP/2 system (military terminology: AS-11A system) but, in addition, will have the following capabilities. The optical magnifications available will range up to 100 R with a ,suitable resolution to exploit such magnifications. ? l The accuracy of the system shall be designed to attain a R:EE of 4 microns or less over the entire area of a 9" x 9" aerial photograph and over areas of 2" x 2", an 1NSE of 2 microns or better. The system shall be capable of stereoplotting with aerial frame photography, aerial panoramic photography and terrestrial frame photog- raphy. Programs for focal lengths, from 1" to 48" with photography for- mats up to 9" x 9" will be provided. Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 Provision will be provided to punch or type out model coordinates or photo coordinates as desired. These coordinates may be actual current values or the average of several readings up to a total of at least five readings of any point. Panel controls will be provided to select the desired output. The programs provided will calculate three dimensional vector distance, Dm, between any two points in the stereo model. Each point may be the average of several readings of the coordinates of that point if desired. It shall be possible to print out in punch or type the quantity Dm. A Model 35 Teletype printer with keyboard will be provided. The ASA standard tape code will be employed. The ?.P/3 will be provided with a 50-character per second, mechanical tape reader. The coordinatograph, or X-Y plotter, will be driven by servo motors. The device will be digital in nature, similar to that used on the Model AP/C Analytical Stereoplotter. This will provide greater accuracy and control of the device. 25 The general appearance, both as to size and format, of the AP/3 system will be similar to the AP/2 system with the exception that an additional computer cabinet will be required to house additional computer circuitry. However, should image-correlation circuitry be added at a later date, which may be possible as a retrofit, no additional cabinet ;,rill be required to house the correlation circuitry. The above stated' performance characteristics are in addition to those stated in the attached specification for the AP/2 system. It is understood that the AP/3 system will meet all requirements of the A P/2 system in addition to the additional performance to be developed for the AP/3 system. Naturally where such developments represent improve- ments on the AP/2 design, the lesser desired AP/2 characteristics will not also be provided. The cost of the first developed AP/3 system is I delivered 25X and installed at any site in the Washington, D.C. area, not including L. S. Customs or taxes, if any. Delivery of the system can be made ten months after receipt and acceptance of order. Additional program docu- mentation and manuals describing the theory of operation and maintenance of the equipment will be delivered twelve months after receipt of order. This quotation will remain valid until 1 April 1965. Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 X1 ovOor Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP7810 770A000100110014-5 We would be pleased to consider any suggestions or revisions of the technical characteristics which you might have in mind. Naturally, such revisions would affect the quoted price either upwards or downwards. Please note that no quotation was made for automation of the system which would be perfectly feasible at additional cost. It will also be possible to add on such automation at a later date, as a retrofit, with minimum difficulty. We hope to have the pleasure of hearing from you in the near future. 25X Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 pp oveeor Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78*70A000100110014-5 TECImIcAL SPECIFICATIONS ANALYTICAL STER OPLOTTER SYSTEM, AP/2 1. Service Conditions - The Plotter Group shall be constructed to operate under any combination of the service conditions specified in the general specification with exceptions and additions as follows: 1.1 Climatic a. Ambient Temperatures 0 ? (1) Operating 21?C(69.8?F) to 24?C (75.2?F) (2) Non Operating 4.4?C (39.9?F) to 54?C (129.2?F) (3) Packaged for Shipment -29?C (-20?F) to 54?C (129.2?R) 1.2 Relative Humidity a. Operating 45 - 55 percent b. Non Operating 0 - 95 percent c. Packaged for shipment 0 - 100 percent 2. Mechanical -.The Plotter Group shall not suffer damage nor fail to give required performance when subjected to shock and vibration encountered in transit and handling. 3. Electrical - The Plotter Group shall operate from an alternative current (a-c) source of power with characteristics as specified below: a. Potential and phase: 0 ? (1) 208 plus 26 to minus 8 volts line to line; four wire, three phase, or 120 plus 6 to minus 6 volts, single phase. b. Fluctuation in potential: plus or minus 2.5 volts (within the limits of a above). c. Maximum rate of change of voltage: plus or minus 2-percent per second. d. Frequency: 60 plus or minus 1 cycle per second (cps). a. Harmonic content: 0.5 percent. 4. Lightweight Material - Wherever practical lightweight, highstrength materials shall be used. 5. Component Construction 5.1 Plug-in Units - To facilitate maintenance miniaturized replaceable pack- age units shall be used in the electronic portions of the projector. 5.2 Active Components - All electronic and control portions of the Plotter Group shall be transistorized where this type of circuitry is practical and feasible. Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78B04770A000100110014-5 Appro* eor Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78*70A000100110014-5 0 ? ? 5.3 Improper Operation Protection 5.3.1 Sensing of Incompatible Situation - As certain combinations of the photogrammatric variables do not represent physically relizable situations, the Plotter Group shall be capable of sensing and indicating to the operator any incompatible condition which might arise in order to prevent damage to the instrument. 5.3.2 Emergency Stops - Emergency stops shall be provided on the Plotter Group to minimize damage in the event of malfunction of the equipment. 5.3.3 Alarms - Visual or aural fuse alarms shall be provided on all critical units of each component to indicate failures of malfunction within these units. 6. Performance Requirements - 6.1 Purpose - The purpose of the Plotter Group is to provide contour charts with such planimetrry as is available from a pair of diapositives. The Plotter Group shall contain a digital computer to provide planimetric and height in- formation on the basis of X and Y parallax data, photo coordinate measurements, interior orientation data, and sufficient ground control. The overall accuracy of the equipment shall be 5 microns root mean square error at model scale. 6.2 Description of Inputs - 6.2.1 Orientation Input - The Plotter Group shall be able to accept the follow- ing type of input information: a. X,Y,Z Cartesian coordinates of control in a given coordinate system with arbitrary origin. b. Base control plot of photo-identifiable control. ? c. Values of exterior orientation for the photos. 6.2.2 Lens Distortion Adjustment - The lens distortion adjustment shall be of such value that the entry of which will not cause more than 2z microns (at model scale) error in the final stereoplotter output. It is desirable that lens dis- tortion be represented by a radial and tangential value. 6.2.3 Film Shrinkage - Correction for film shrinkage distortion shall be entered for each of X and Y values respectively and independently. 6.2.4 Earth Curvature - The computer shall take into account the effects of earth curvature when computing the differential X and Y motion commands inserted into the individual optical trains. The computer shall utilize the approximation: h = S 2R Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78B04770A000100110014-5 Approve Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP78770A000100110014-5 where h is the departure of the earth (assumed spherical) from the datum plane, S is the distance from the point of tangency of the datum plane and R is the radius of the earth. The datum plane for this computation shall be that defined in paragraph 6.12.3, h shall be computed to three significant figures. 6.2.5 Atmospheric Refraction - The computer shall correct for the effects which are caused by total atmospheric refraction. The atmospheric model for this computation shall be that contained in the "The ARDC Model Atmosphere, 1959", Air Force Surveys in Geophysics 115, Geophysics Research Directorate, AFCRD, ARDC, August 1959. 6.2.6 Systematic Effects, Corrections, and Plotter Calibration Constants . The Plotter. Group shall accept input constants which shall account for the "taking" camera principal distance (calibrated focal length), the position of the principal point, lens distortion, and film shrinkage. Additional detailed requirements are given in paragraphs 6.2.2 and 6.2.3 covering the last two effects. In addition the Plotter Group shall contain provisions to account . for additional special systematic error such as plotter calibration. Capa- bility shall be provided for entering, on punched paper tape, data which shall effect a simultaneous displacement of both viewing heads by the same amount and in the same direction. It shall be possible to obtain simultaneously: a. Displacement in X as a function of X b. Displacement in X as a function of Y c. Displacement in Y as a function of X d. Displacement in Y as a function of Y 6.2.7 Type of Physical Input - The Plotter Group shall have the following type inputs: a. Contact positive transparencies, made emulsion to emalsion, up to 912- inches by 91i inches maximum. b. Contact positive transparencies, made contact emulsion to emulsion on glass plate up to 9'-z inches by 91i inches maximum. 6.2.8 Convergent Panoramic Photography - Provision shall be made in the Plotter Group to handle the additional mathematics and controlled machine motions required by panoramic and frame photography with a nominal con- vergence angle up to 650. Model Distortion - The computer shall be capable of generating corrections to the model coordinates (X, Y, Z) based upon power series equations of the form: Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 ? 0 Approve or Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP781077OA000100110014-5 4 P x= a 1 X m+ a 2 Y m+ a 3 *2 * * X- + a 1. X Y + a m 5 *2 * * + a X Y + a X 7 in in 8 m * P = b X * + b y + b X *2 + b X Y 1 m 2 m 3 m 4 *2 +b X y 7 m * c1X.m+c2Y 3 m 4 m m *2 * + c X Y + c 7 m m 8 Y*2*3 m + a . 6 X m *2 * 3 Y + a y m 9 m *2 *3 Y + b X m 6 m *2 *3 Y + b Y m 9 m *3 Y + c X m 6 m *2 *3 Y + c y m 9 m The coefficients of this equation will be determined external to the computer. Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 Apprq voor Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP7840770A000100110014-5 Relative Vehicle Motion - The computer shall establish corrections for motion of the camera relative to the earth during exposure. The correction equations shall be of the form: B. XR= R0 AYR=K 0 yr where K is a constant expressing the conditions of relative motion. Camera Orientation - To accommodate changes in camera orientation during the exposure cycle of panoramic photography, the computer shall accept ? for each photograph, values of incremental changes in pitch, roll, and yaw as functions of the sweep angle. The rates of change shall be treated in the following manner: +(dif)Q U_e Roll w = wo + (dam) ? k=ko+ (ddk)0 where w k are the given initial values of pitch, roll, and yaw, and the rates of~change, dpf, dw, dk are assumed to be constants for any given photograph. d8 d8 da Their magnitudes are equivalent to time-rates of change less than three minutes of are per second of time. Model Coordinate Translation - In the translation from the point of tangency in the model to the perspective cetite;, the computer shall take into account displacement of the photo principal point resulting from incomplete image motion compensation caused by scale differences within the photography. The image motion compensation shall be in the form XIMC = KMC sin 0 where K 0 is a constant depending upon vehicle velocity, camera altitude and sweep time. 6.3 Photogrammetric Variables - 6.3.1 Focal Length - The focal length of the taking lens shall be 1 inch to 48 inches. The combination of focal length and format shall be limited to those of 120 degrees maximum included angle for vertical photography. The combination of focal length and format shall be limited to those of 90 degrees maximum including angle for convergent photography. Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 Appr veWor Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78,0770A000100110014-5 6 - Overlap - The overlap along the line of flight shall be 50 percent to 100 percent. 6.3.2 Base/Height Ratio - The base height ratio shall be from 0 to 1.30 compatible with other inputs. 6.3.3 Exterior Orientation - The absolute value of exterior orientation angles of a single photograph shall have the following limits: a. K (yaw) 0 to.90 plus or minus b. of (pitch) 0 to 45? plus or minus c. .R (roll) 0 to 9? plus or minus 6.3.4 Air Base Coordinates - The rectangular components of the air base at photo scale shall be: a. b x = 0 to 1250 mm b. b y = 0 to 1250 mm c. b = 0 to 122 mm 6.4 Viewing Systems 6.4.1 Types of Viewing - The viewing system shall be a binocular train, providing direct orthoscopic viewing. Two separate optical systems are acceptable, one for conventional vertical frame photography, and one for convergent panoramic photography. This is to be accommodated by substituting the observation binocular units. 6.4.2 Magnification - Magnification shall consist of three discrete options of 6X, 10X, and 14X. The minimum field of view shall be 14 mm diameter at 14X, 20 mm diameter at 10X, and 24 mm at 6X. Design objective shall be established to provide an apparent field of view of 60 degrees. Magnification Convergent Panoramic Photography - The equipment shall provide for continuous control of magnification of the convergent panoramic photography imagery by the associated computer. The magnification ratio, M/,%io is the ratio of the photo scale at any point on the photo with respect to the scale at the principal point. It shall be that which is between 0.7 and 1.4, computer to an accuracy of five percent from a basic setting of 20 x by using equations of the form: M = 1 x cos 9 C1 - f (3 e - 2 sin 6) Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP78B04770A000100110014-5 Apo ? ? The minimum field of view shall be 14 mm diameter at 14X, 10 mm diameter at 20X, and 7 mm diameter at 28X. This requirement shall be established to pro- vide an apparent field of view of 60 degrees. . Dove Prism Rotation - Convergent Panoramic Photography - Provision shall be made to rotate the dove prisms in the optical trains by means of stepping motors, to achieve stereo vision of convergent panoramic photography. The rotation angle, oc, will have a range of +200 to -200, computed to an accuracy'of one degree, using an equation of the form: = 1.05 sin 4) 6.4.3 Illumination - A tungsten source shall be provided to illuminate the photographs on the carriages. The brightness shall be satisfactory for use with the 14X magnification provided in the eyepieces and dense film areas, at the maximum setting of the illumination source. The brightness shall be adjustable via a control knob furnished to the operator. Each photograph carriage illumi- nation source shall be independently controllable. 6.4.4 Freedom From Scratches or Abrasions - The components of the viewer shall not produce scratches, abrasions or other marks which will damage the film transparencies or diapositives. 6.4.5 Orthoscopic Viewer Performance - The instrument shall visually resolve no less than 100 lines per millimeter high contrast and 70 lines per millimeter low contrast (0.3 log contrast), and shall provide for maximum functional utility. Orthoscopic Viewer Performance - Convergent Panoramic Photography - The objective shall be that the panoramic optical chain shall visually resolve no less than 80 lines per millimeter high contrast and 55 lines per millimeter low contrast (0.3 log contrast) and shall provide for maximum comfort to the operator during sustained operation while providing maximum functional utility. 6.4.6 Optics - The two (2) optics shall have focal lengths matched to within 1 percent. The optics shall be suitable for viewing film positive transparencies and glass plate diapositives. When vie:aing, the optics shall be free from apparent distortions and aberrations. All mirrors shall be front surfaced and overcoated. An exit pupil of at least 7 mm at 6X magnification shall be provided in each eye- piece. At higher magnifications the exit pupil shall be proportionately smaller reached 3.5 mm at 14X magnification. The eyepieces shall afford no less than 20 mm eye relief. Optics - Convergent Panoramic Photography - The optics shall be suitable for viewing film positive transparencies and glass plate diapositives. When viewing, the optics shall be free from apparent distortions and aberrations. All mirrors shall be front surfaced and overcoated. An exit pupil of at least 2.5 mm at 20X magnification shall be provided in each eyepiece. At higher magnifications the exit pupil shall be proportionally smaller, reaching 14 mm,magnifications at 28X. The eyepieces shall afford no less than 20 mm eye relief. Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 Ap 6.4.7 Focus - Individual focus shall be provided for each eyepiece from -4 to +4 diopters. Focus - Convergent Panoramic Photography - Focus of the optical system shall not be affected by the variation of magnification. 6.4.8 Inter-Ocular Distance - The orthoscope shall accommodate all inter- ocular distances from 50 mm to 75 mm. 6.4.9 Human Engineering - The location of controls and eyepieces with respect to the operator shall be such as to afford maximum comfort and functional utility during sustained operation. The design shall allow an operator to wear eyeglasses. Careful consideration shall be given to these factors in the design of the viewing system. 6.4.10 Floating Point - The floating mark or point shall be provided by the use of a pair of marks of suitable form suitably located and mounted with extreme care and consideration given to dimensional and positional stability. No moving optical elements shall be interposed between the marks and the photographs. Capa- bility g6r adjusting the size of the floating mark to the optimum for all mgnifica- tions specified in 6.4.2 shall be provided. When using convergent panoramic photography and its related optics, the size of the floating mark shall not enlarge more than 1.4 times its nominal size or reduce by more than 0.7 times its nominal size. 6.4.11 Maintenance - The configuration of the viewer shall be such that adjust ment, minor repairs, and replacement of parts may be made by operating personnel. Any tools required to perform the above shall be furnished by the contractor. 6.5 Plotting Device - The plotting device shall reproduce at a preselected scale the displacements of the floating mark in the corrected model and shall. consist in part of a linkage with the stereoscopic viewer, drawing or viewing elements with controlled .; and Y motion, and a table on which the drawing sheet Ank, is located. 6.5.1 Linkage - The linkage between the stercoviewer and drawing or viewing device shall be of highest quality. There shall be no more than .001 inch back- lash or lost motion between the stereoviewer and drawing or viewing device. Provision shall be made for disconnecting this linkage so that the drawing or viewing device can be moved independently of the ste.reoviewer. 6.5.2 Drawing and Viewing Devices - The plotting device shall be supplied with: a. Pencil chuck or similar drawing head. b. Stylus for scribing on such material as "Scribe Coat". c. A microscope of at least 10 power with reticle. Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78B04770A000100110014-5. Al provoor Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP780770A000100110014-5 - 9 - These three devices shall be easily interchangeable and shall indicate the same point on the contour chart to within .001 inch. Items 6.5.2a and 6.5.2b shall be retractible. from the compilation sheet remotely at the discretion of the operator. A lamp shall be provided to illuminate the compiled manuscript around the drawing and viewing device. 6.5.3 Moving Head - The tracks for the moving, head, to which are attached the devices of 6.5.2, shall be well supported and driven at both ends so as to prevent undesirable lateral motions. Limit stops. shall be provided to indicate aurally and visually that the moving head has reached the limit of its travel. 6.5.4 Plotting Table - The plotting area of travel shall be at least 1100 millimeters by 1400 millimeters. The compilation surface shall be parallel to the plane determined by coordinate motions and flat to a total runout of no more than .005 inch over the entire plotting area. Along any straight line of 125 millimeters length the total runout shall not'be more than .001 inch. Hold down means for the compilation material shall be provided so that the above tolerances are satisfied with this material in place. The plotting sutfsce shall be translucent and shall be illuminated from the rear. The illumination source shall not cause the surface temperature of the table to increase by an amount which would adversely affect the dimensional characteristics of the plotting material. 6.5.5 Photo Carriage Drives - The photo carriage motions are to be driven by servos that will control the carriages in the entire (x+&%, y+ay) motions. The servo gear ratios shall. provide the full slew rate as a servo output. A motor with a high gear power output will be incorporated to meet dynamic requirements, if necessary. 6.6 Kinematic Design - The range of motions, differential and combined, shall be adequate for the ranges of pitch, roll, and yaw as specified, when these values or any combination of these values, exceed the respective maximum values. 6.7 Precision of Plotted Points and Contours - The accuracy of the contour chart and plotted points produced by the Plotter Group shall be .010 inch root mean square referred to the input data at 20X magnification of photo scale to plotting scale. At higher magnifications the permissable error shall be proportionately increased reaching .015 inch root mean square at 30X. 6.8 Operator Controls - Controls shall be provided by which the operator may effect changes in tip, tilt and swing in a manner similar to that employed in standard stereoplotters. Separate hand controls for X motion and Y motion of the model shall be provided. It shall be established that a clockwise rotation of the X and Y handwheels shall cause the floating dot to appear to traverse the model from left to right and from front to back respectively. A foot control shall be provided for control of the elevation of the floating mark. A single Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 r, Ap rovegor Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP780770A000100110014-5 control wheel shall be provided to steer the floating mark at 'a fixed elevation (contouring mode) or at fixed values of X or Y (profiling mode). Rotary decade switches shall be provided for entering data required in the operation of the Plotter Group. All additional controls necessary to meet the requirements of this exhibit shall be provided. 6.8.1 Translation Speed - In a contouring or planimetric operation the maximum. translational speeds available shall be 3 mm per second at the model scale with errors not exceeding those specified in other paragraphs. Slew speed shall be 10 mm per second. These requirements shall apply at the one to one photo to plotting scale ratio. At other ratios the maximum translational speeds consistent with the capabilities of the plotting mechanism shall be obtained. 6.9 Other Outputs - The Plotter Group shall provide an additional output in the form of a punched paper tape recording of the plotted points. This recording shall be under the control of the operator and one point shall be recorded for each actuation of a switch or push button by the operator. The recording shall contain the.X, Y and elevation (relative to the spheroid) values, at model scale, pertinent to the point, recorded to a precision compatible with the accuracy of the stereoplotter (a least count of 5 microns). The stereoplotter shall provide the operator with the exact relation between model scale and plotting scale. 6.10 Photo Scales - The Plotter Group shall be suitable for accommodating pairs of photographs in which the individual photographs of a pair may differ from each other in photo scale by 10 per cent. In accordance with the require- ments of convergent panoramic photography, the computer shall provide means for computing the differential scale changes by means of the following equations: Yost x= f cos e X''' y= fe e= tan- 1 _Z,,, Z,,, 6.10.1 Output Scale - The Plotter Group shall provide a continuously adjustable reduction or erlargement,from photo scale to plotting scale of 0.5 reduction to 30 times enlargement. The reduction and enlargement referred to is the product of the photo to model enlapgement and the model to plotting enlargement. The product of these two enlargements shall be continuously adjustable. 6.11 Dynamic Performance'- Tfie'error performance of the driving servo mechanisms shall be compatible with the overall 5 micron accuracy of the Plotter Group. The motions produced shall be smooth and free of jitter and other objectionable characteristics. 6.12 Methods of Establishing the Model 6.12.1 Interior. Orientation - Provisions shall be made for accepting all elements of interior orientation. The computer shall automatically store the coordinates of each fiducial point in response to the pushing of an appropriate button on theznntrol panel when the photo carriage has been properly positioned Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78B04770A000100110014-5 Appro 'e?or Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78*770A000100110014-5 by the operator. Principal point corrections shall be entered by means of data entry switches. For each photograph, the computer shall find the center of gravity of the fiducial points, add the principal point corrections to the coordinates of that point (assuming mechanical kappa is zero), establish the resultant point as the origin of the photograph coordinate system, and position the photograph to that point. 6.12.2 Relative Orientation - Provisions shallbc made for recovering the relative orientation by means of any of the following techniques at the discretion of the operator. Provision shall be made in the computer for the measurement of y. parallax at any pre-determined number of points between 5 and 12 inclusive. The elements of relative orientation shall then be determined by the computer using the parallax measurements and a linearized form of the basic equation for relative orientation given below: 6 K = alpl,+ a2 p2 + . . . al-2 p12 W = blpl + b2 p2 + . . . b12 p12 p = clp1 + c2 p2 + . . . c12 p12 /, by = dlp1 + d2 p2 + . . . d12 P12 bz = elpl + e2 p2 + . . . e12 p12 ? The coefficients a1., b1, c , d1., e. will be supplied from external sources. Provisions will be made for the operator to clear Y parallax at the ? usual five points of the model by means of operator control of the values of relative orientation as being used by the computer. 6.12.3 Absolute Orientation - Provisions shall be made for recovering the absolute orientation by means of an3= one of the following techniques at the discretion of the operator. In every case it shall be possible for the operator to select any arbitrary point within the model as the point of tangency for the datum plane without the need for additional ground control information. The correction for earth curvature (6.2.4) shall be computed to this datum plane. The operator will adjust the elements or absolute orientation to achieve a match by reference to the plotting point and the floating mark, between photo-identifiable control points on a base sheet and the image of the corresponding control points appearing in the stereo model respectively. Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78B04770A000100110014-5 AO prover Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP78770A000100110014-5 Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 Provisions shall be made in the. instrument for achieving absolute orientation by reference to tabular data of the ground coordinates of at least three photo-identifiable ground control points appearing in the model. The computer shall accept the desired coordinates of 3 photo identifiable points in the intended model scale by means of data entry switches or punched tape. The computer shall also store the actual model coordinates of each point after the photo carriages have been properly positioned by the operator. The computer shall make the necessary calculations and automatically change the appropriate elements of orientation to achieve absolute orientation. An approximate procedure may be used for this operation, provided, in most cases, where control is well distributed throughout the model, no more than 1 or 2 iterations are required. Provisions shall be made for achieving absolute orientation from data supplied concerning the air station coordinates and values of the K, and.n.(yaw, pitch, roll) for each exposure. Provision shall be made to locate on a print, corresponding to one of the photographs of the model, the position of the operation in the model. 7. Self Checking - The Plotter Group shall have preprogrammed problems that would be placed into the equipment which shall allow the operator to make periodic checks of the system accuracy. The problems shall cover as many component accuracy checks as possible. A diagnostic method for the computer shall be provided. The procedures for performing the self checking function shall be submitted to the Government prior to equipment delivery.. 8. Electrical Controls - Electrical controls shall be provided to control the operation of the Plotter Group. The controls shall be laid out in such a way that all knobs and switches are easily located and in easy reach of the operator. 9. Air Filters - Air cooling is necessary for the proper operation of any component of the Plotter Group, the cooling air shall be filtered by means of replaceable air filter elements. Annrnved For F'00 5/11/21 _Ci ECRU 5X1 I. I IASSIS'i Afl A fiO ~i . CONTACTS AND WILLIN5 ASSIST STATION PICK UP : + 'Li rt?i;:ii COORDINr T3- A X RAPH. SLMGEST NPIC PROVIDE OM I PICK LIP Ian:. l sUCT IONS FOR USE 2. PLAN CONSIGN ITEM THROUGH MATS NAPLES. DO NOT ANTICI- PATE PROBLEM t BUT SUGGEST NPIC ALSO LAY ON WITH KA T S WASH AND Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 Excluded from automatic{ downgrading and l declassification :IC INFO DIRECTOR 25X1 E C R E T 161230. CITE FS: A. NPIC 9715 (OUT 61051) -21 : CIA-RDP78B04770A000100110014-5 ETD REF ITEM 16 FEz ON TC0 62' :,7 x : 1XX. C. NPIC 9641 (OUT 60977) (IN 2336) S E C 1 E T END OF t:;S Approved For Releassm/21 : CIA-RDP78B04770A000100110014-5 a5 GROUP I Excluded from automatic downgrading and declassification 25X1 25X1 25X1 DATE REPLY REQUESTED 12/3o/66 SPEED LETTER LETTER NO. ]XX YES NO TO NPIC FROM: I OL/PD/Contract Administration ATTN? BI es !G36 A SUBJ: m - 0 The attached copy of letter from the Contractor ;is forwarded for your consideration and commento Suspense date: 6 Jan 67 2 REPLY The information provided is essentially correct. Arrangements are being made to a ve produce the anamorphic 25 eyepieces. I recommend that payment be made as requested 25 25 RETURN TO ORIGINATOR FORM 6.61 1831 Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP7813047 MAC101T 14- AW. SECRET (When Filled In) SECRET Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO4776A000100110014-5 Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 December 29, 1V66 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 5X1 ti;.sh.:nton, D. C. Subjc t: }-R. rc ant to our telephone conve~:c tion of yesterday, I am sub- mitti.;K herewith our Invoice No. V 435 for partial payment in the a:::ount I should like to review the situation which requires us to ask for a partial payment. The contract in question was for Cicvelopaiene: a:-ad delivery of an Analytical otereoalotter, Modal AP/3, in the G:: ozr.t The instrument, or Lather the system, has been d liverc5 to your technical people and from the Latest reports we understand it is operztio.Lal in a satisfactory marx.c:7. Novevar we do not consider the delivery final inasmuch as two s.to:s which were called for sn the specification have not yet been delivcL-cd with the system. Loh these items are accessory devices to the p rforeanco of the system and do not in.Dair normal functioning but rather enhance the normal capabili- ties of the systea. /~Ore its= iisp t~hep~ ball bearing t ^lead screws forgy the/ XI-. plott:ng. dcvicc. This represent; an innovation over ~ver a xis{ing technJyl iques in that a higher reliability and faster o.jcrational speed is cxpcc:.ud to resu:t. Ve anticipated this it-cm would be available after delivery and, therefore, the A/3 was delivered with our conventional type lead screens to be rotreitted when the ball bearing screws were available. a result this item has not interfered with the operation of the st;:i.snti. t in any sense. Happily duri :;; ti-,- last week we have cceiveci from our subcontractor these n :w .Crewe and we 'intend to install them on the instrument in question during the next week:, therefore, we can consider this item as delivered. the other item is a requirement for anaror a is lens eyepieces. These eyepieces are auxiliary to the normal viewing optics and are utilized by the operator at his choice c.hoa required. We have re- quested to investigate sad submit to us a dcsi;.s which would be suitable for this instru:ent. This they are doing nc.a. In fact on or about the first week, in January we arc to review their Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO4770A000100110014-5 Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 25X1 25X1 i 25X1 :3- oposs?_ and if satisfactory to your '.~:: rnical people and ou_ acIv :s Acco L Y: La will ;;;o ahead CJ',:,?th the car -=d installation. to ;;has-_ eyepieces shod=c oe approximately .-or the pair. ` hmor ore we are in a p.7:.itio.-. now of L.ot having delivered ,,ro i ately 0 worth of accessory cc uip-.zant but in all other , z : respects the instrZaent is as called f?:..3 the specification. tai' course we have every intention of providing all itc-R5 that are called for in the specification. : an sure our long history of catisf.'.., story contracting with your agency and our acttieipatio, of future orders should be adequate assure ee that we will adhore very closely to our responsibilities. l fact I should like to point out that the spceificatio_. itself, with reference to the anaa orphic lens requirement. could have been interpreted by our factory as being a 'f..xed" type rather In '.: a "zoca99 type. This would have made our probblc: :e:-:2ndo,!sly sirplor and far less Grp ensive. Uo`wever we. are aware hat in site of how the s ec fI- cation is written your technical people desire and require the soom type and, therefore, we have, at the of delay an delivery and delay in being paid for the syotcm, pursued. the course of obtaining the zoom system. I apologize for the lengthy discussion but 2 feel that for your own information and for the record it is desirable to establish ;; at in our opinion ~.;e are reasonable in cur request for a partial _,ay ent which properly reflects the site atiorn at this time. Uithhol .i for a ny greater period of time than has alecady been done will wcr; endue hardship for our company. Of course we do recognize that a cC-. ,.ain amount of money should be withheld to ~encure de? ivory of thew :.aorehic system. t?.'e feel that the difference becc :e.r tic total contract: -_,ricr of and the partial pay--ent we are requesting for should cc tainly be more than adequate to cover the casts of toae ana- morphie systea and to make-certain we are duly motivated to provide such system. Sincerely yours, 25X1 25X1 25X1 2cccutivc Vice President 5JF: en r,cl. Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO4776A000100110014-5 Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 25X1 -j ect Rear-Projection Viewer In the l ocument your organization 25X1 aoposed to build a Rear-Projecti3n Vie discussions and proposal amendn;:e_ts, an achieved, and internal approval steps w the current negotiation situation. wer for NPIC. After several acceptable proposal was ere taken that have led to The proposal specified that :ou be willing to 25X1 ,accept a fixed price contract; hoe:eve , s:?ae of the costs for this initial pr it was :derstood that ctype wc'd be borne by to be amortized over any production units. T1s document confirms the Government's position as explaircd to members of your organization during previous discussions. The Government can not guarantee cr give any assurances that any production units will be puresed. This prototype is being burst or evaluation in an operational sitt.nzion; however, there is no j~:ay that we can anticipate its ac:.eptanc.e since this is a competitive --old and there are many variables which must be considered during the evaluation process. Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 BEST COPY AVAILABLE Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP78BO477OA000100110014-5 ii vie,; of these circu.F sta_c::s be clearly understood t a_ iio.~gh it is not our intc: tion ~e __-vc d