VISIT (Sanitized) ON 11 AUGUST 1966 (Sanitized) ON CONTRACT(Sanitized)PAR-243, 245, AND JOINT PROCUREMENT OF BPE, CONT

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December 28, 2016
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January 21, 2005
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August 24, 1966
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SECRET Approved For ReIse 2005/02/17 : CIA-RDP78B04770Adv(000010030-8 NPIC/P&DS/D/6-1530 24 August 1966 SUBJECT: Visit 1. The purpose of this visit tol was to investigate progress on the prototype briefing print enlarger and the development of high magnification lenses for same. A second purpose was to update the scheduling on these two tasks and to plan for the first meeting at with liaison representatives from DIA, Navy, and OSYT. 2. BPE (PAR-243) a. The design drawings for the prototype BPE are nearly completed. The morning of 11 August was spent in examination and, discussion of the details of these drawings. Since these are schematic drawings rather than manufacturing drawings, I requested NPIC be furnished a copy of them; is looking into the request. One item of interest is the range of the X and Y coordinate display. These are displayed on counters of three digits for Y and four digits for X, representing 999mm vertical and 1,799mm horizontal or about 4O" X 70.5". These measurements start from a null point and may be read either plus or minus from that point. Other items of design interest are lamp house cooling in which individual streams of rapidly moving air are forced over the surfaces of each filter and condensor and exhausted with the vacuum air from the easel; the vacuum removal of fumes from the bottom of the liquid gate to a toxic exhaust line; and the capability of providing a focus shift in the lens focus indicator. This is done by a slip coupling in the gear train of the lens focusing ring on each lens. Deviations from the normal is shown on a scale in mills. II has presented a multiple choice for electrical service input -- (1) 208120 volts, 3 Phase (4-wire), 20 amp, (2) 220 volts, 3 Phase (3-wire), 20 amp, or (3) 220 volts, 1 Phase (3-wire), 30 amp; 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Declass Review by oved For Release 05/02/17 : CIA-RDP78BO477OA001000010030-8 tRr SECRET I Iwat11114 so QletesetfIMt(H Approved For Rele 2005/09cIDP78B04770A000010030-8 In the first two choices it is proposed to run the main service line to the vacuum easel blower and take off a single phase line from there to the enlarger. It is believed that number (1) is best for NPIC and will be checked out with Logistics Branch. Power requirements for the joint procure- ment contract will be determined by discussion with liaison representatives at the first joint meeting. b. I proposed six items for release to multiple unit fabrication these are: (1) Objective lenses (2) Condenser elements (3) Optical frame (main frame) (4) Lower frame (shock mounted stand) (5) Vacuum platen casting (easel) (6) Platen carriage casting (easel mount) The first two items have already been ordered in the total required quantity, as there is no possibility of design change in these items and the necessity for casting all lenses at the same time. This action was concurred in. Approval of release of the other four items was withheld until after the first joint procurement meeting. This action will give'the representatives a chance to see the model before release. It is understood that this delayed approval will in no way delay the prototype. c. In discussions concerning the updating of the schedule for PAR 243, a tentative date of the third week in April 1967 was set for delivery of the prototype BPE to NPIC. Tentative delivery dates for the high magnification lenses and joint procurement items was also established. will periodically send copies of their update schedules o NPIC. Many of the detail and assembly drawings for the prototype BPE are well underway and a portion of the afternoon was spent examining these drawings. 3. BPE Lens set 61-16OX (PAR 245) - The tentative delivery date for these lenses is the last week in September 1967, which will precede the first joint procurement delivery by about 30 days. It is quite possible that the I rests of these lenses will be made at NPIC. 4. Joint Procurement of BPE Contract It is too early to do much in the way of schedule planning on these items. However, it is expected that the first unit will be delivered about the third week of October 1967 with subsequent units each 60 days thereafter. The first joint meeting of representatives from DIA, NRTSC, NASC, USAF, and NPIC is tentatively scheduled for the first of October 1966, at which time delivery priorities will be established. 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 20=~ETIA-RDP78BO477OA001000010030-8 . SECRET Approved For Remise 2005/02/17 : CIA-RDP78B04770AM-600010030-8 Distribution: Original - Project File (#9972)+4) 2 - Chrono/DB Approved For Release 2005/02/17 : CIA-RDP78BO477OA001000010030-8 SECRET Approved For Release 2005/02/17 CIA-RDP78BO477OA001000010030-8 25 K1CNTRACT ^+. CONT LZ_AC.T s' 6c I OH REP.Q-T S. TO Mo 4TH..LY I P~rZr F- Cc~ ;n III-TG21m 2vOr2T F -oMCc 1 r2, INSTALL. b.1Fo, FZOM CoNT;Z. i+.iP-u :517r PiZEPAQf !fir Ti T.s5P c At'PvL. OPla rti' . NQAL APP L MAIN-.MA 1QALAPPI AccF-ar TL=s-- NP'C ACCEPT, -r5$7 F[IAL RE-P. Nr . I' i1 Lam, ~~ /A L. 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