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February 26, 2004
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October 12, 1970
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25X1 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78BO5703A000200010012-0 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78BO5703A000200010012-0 Approved For Release 4 TOP SECRET 004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703'00200010012-0 25X1 12 October 1970 Copy ( If - MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Director, National Photographic Interpretation Center .ro `o THROUGH Chief, Production Services Group, NPIC Chief, Technical Services Group, NPIC MV SUBJECT Status Report on ExDirector's Request of February 9, 1970, Copy Attached as Attachment (a) REFERENCES (a) Centers Routing Slip, 3 February 1970, Request for R&D Investigations Concerning PSG (b) 18 March 1970, ADP and Materials Han ing .equirements (c) NPIC/TSG/RED-205-70, 9 September 1970, ADP and Materials Handling Requirements (d) PSG-16270, 6 October 1970, ADP and Materials Handling Study Team 1. The purpose of this paper is to appraise you of the background and progress made concerning your request of 3 February 1970 (ref. a) with respect to that portion of the request that pertains to the distribution support area, specifically those functions that come under the purview of PSG/R&RD. Additional analysis and planning is being given to your request for considerations in the publications area. Up to this time, our major effort directed toward the publications field is, of course, for the procurement of the 0 equipment for the development of advanced editing concepts. We are also conducting an in-house analysis in conjunction with PSG personnel to determine other areas where R&D equipment developments could improve the publication process. We will report on this aspect of our R&D effort at a later time. However, this memorandum deals primarily with PSG/R&RD requirements in the distribution and ancillary support areas. 2. The problem of handling and controlling materials and non- computerized information is an area where RED has been concerned and actively working for quite some time now. Our most recent effort began during the last quarter of 1969; however, your comments in February added impetus to this activity. At the request of C/PSG, R&RD/PSG prepared a paper requesting support jointly of AID/PSG and RED/TSG in addressing areas of concern to R&RD (ref. b). As a result of the R&RD requirements 25X1 Excluded tram outotic pproved For Release 20 DP78B05703A0 dwngrading and VIEW e;ixssl;isatlan d 25 roved For Release 2004/03/2QPCU-4gf 8BO5703AT00200010012-0 25X1 SUBJECT: Status Report on ExDirector's Request of February 9, 1970, Copy Attached as Attachment (a) 25X1 paper (ref. b), I designated as RED's project officer to address R&RD's requirements and recommend any appropriate action. Since that 25X1 time II in conjunction with other RED personnel, has spent a considerable portion of his time in evaluating the R&RD stated require- ments, personally reviewing, and discussing the major portion of the R&RD activities with R&RD personnel in an attempt to come up with an RED evaluation of the R&RD problem areas and determine where we could make the most significant contribution to increasing the long term effectiveness of those functions now embodied in the R&RD operations. As may be noted from examining the R&RD requirements paper, the refer- ence and library services are an extremely complex operation, frequently leading one to misleading analysis unless they go into sufficient depth to fully grasp or understand the problem--a very tedious, time consuming process at best. 7 3. The results of our analysis were presented to the Chief, PSG, in a preliminary briefing and again in a similar but revised briefing on 16 September and in a memo of 9 September 1970 (ref. c). The quin- tessence of our position is that we feel that there is a sufficiently deep and complex interrelationship in the R&RD operation to warrant an overall analysis. Of significance is that any effective long term solution must address not so much their current problem areas, but their future requirements as projected with the advent of or envisioned in an EOI environment. While isolating and correcting individual problem areas is of immediate concern, only an integrated overall plan, based on sound analysis and understanding of future requirements, is going to produce maximum achievable effectiveness. Our plan would be to identify the immediate problem areas and prescribe ad-hoc solutions consistent with an overall integrated plan. 4. As a result of reference c, and the 16 September briefing, the Chief, PSG, decided that he would like to have a composite group of PSG, PPBS and TSG personnel review the R&RD requirement document along with RED recommendations. The charge for this group is described in reference d. The study team is composed of 25X1 25X1 As a resu o e establishment of the study team, it is necessary that we go into a holding pattern regarding the funds allocated in support of the R&RD/PSG 0 operation. Our original estimate for the expenditure of these funds, 25X1 estimated at was October 1970 and then subsequently reprogrammed 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78BO5703A000200010 12-0 TOP U fl.- I 25XI Approved or Reease 2004/031QPGTT8B057030200010012-0 D SUBJECT: Status Report on ExDirector's Request of February 9, 1970, Copy Attached as Attachment (a) to December 1970 as a result of the preliminary briefing noted above. We will have to await the recommendations of the study group and the Chief, PSG, position prior to establishing a new R&D time schedule. 25X1 25X1 Chief, Research Engineering Division, NPIC/TSG Attachments: a. Reference (a) b. Reference (d) Distribution: Cy 1 - NPIC/ExDir. 2 - NPIC/PSG 3 - NPIC/TSG 4 - NPIC/TSG/RED 5 - NPIC/TSG/RED/SRB 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/03/2f0~1t 778B05703A000200c1 Fr01.1 se 2004/03/26C;, jC 6RIpP VB05703A 0200010012 Approved For Rele TO INITIALS DATE DIRECTOR . DAi~ 0 3 Fcbru REMARKS 4 DLP/DIF;LCTOR 4yF,C EXEC/DIRECTOR SPECIAL ASST 11. V, lip ASST TO DIR ASSTTO DEP/DIR A "\ 4 CH/PPBS DEP CH/PPBS F.0/PPBS ' ~ / ~ ;,~ r ,s~y~~_n fir Ct1/!E-G_ DEP CH/IEG - /? Y s ~ CC '~- a y~ ~ E0/IEG --- - - -- b,, s e, . 4 . f 1 d . e CH/PSG ` F , DEP CH/PSG EO/PSG CH/TSSG DEP CH/TSSG EO/TSSG CH/SSD/TSSG PERSONNEL.... - _--,-_ LOGISTICS TRAINING a .6, C a P RECORDS MGT SECURITY FINANCE DIR/IAS/DDI CH/DIAXX-4 CH/DIAAP-9 -- CH/SF'AD IP fM 30 (11-Ca) - OEISOLETE FREVIOUS EDITIONS Approved For Release 2004103/26 ;-G1A=RDP7.8BO57'03AQOA200010012-0fl .4 A ~ry J_(p l C.B4o^AL A Approved For Release 2004/03/26: CIA-RDP78B05703AY00200010012-0 PSG--1,62/70 6 October :1570 MGtSORh'U)UM li'OR: Chairman and Members, P50 /Jt-J ]) Study Team i I SU:ENJI?;C`.C ADP and Mater. is:l_s Handling Study Team 1_. The purpose of this study team is to investigate the ADP potential and materials handling procedures within PSG/RO];D. Toward this end and with an eye to the future, R&RD has prepared a paper, "Al)]? and Materials Handling", noting in some detail areas where they feel study and assistance are required. This paper is to be the basis to this investigation. 2. I will expect you to review the memorandum and investigate the areas of concern noted in the paper. 3. S will expect the following results from your investigation: a. Identification of the areas noted in the R&RD memoran- dum where in the opinion of the study team the problem areas indicated are not sufficient to warrant change, or where ADP will not make a significant contribution; that is, the present procedures are sufficient for now and in the future. b. Also identify those areas that in the opinion of the study team do need examination and probably procedure change, but can be adequately investigated by Center resources. c. Identify those areas that in the opinion of the study team will require investigation and study by activities outside of NPIC. d. Additional areas or points of comment will be welcome. -i-. A progress report is requested in about one week so a realis-- tic completion date can be discussed. 25X1 Chief, Production Services roue Distribution: Orig. - Chairman d:;;;;: :in aeI 1 _ Ea member 1 - EPIC/Exec 1 -- EP:CC;/PPTtS 2 .. NTFIC/PSG pproved For Release 2004/03/ 6 I_ RDP78BO5703A000200010012-0 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78BO5703A000200010012-0 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78BO5703A000200010012-0 THROUGH: Approved MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Automated Information Division, PSG Chief, Research and Engineering Division, TSSG 0 For Release 20041-03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703AA0200010012-0 18 March 1970 Copy Chief, Production Services Group, NPI.C SUBJECT: ADP and Materials 1andling Requirements A. The purpose of this paper is to furnish the Chief, Automated Information Division and the Chief, Research and Engineering Division/ TSSGLwith background information re ating to the Research and Reference Division/PSG (R$RD) needs for ADP h rdware, software and materials handling systems for the present and near future. B. The Research and Reference Division is composed of five Branches that are concerned with handling, storage, retrieval, and disposition of materials as well as the problems of record keeping, reporting, and file management. These materials include maps, charts, books, documents, cables, roll film, chipped film, plots, machine print-outs, microfilm and many other items. In the past, each Branch individually has attempted to seek its ow equipment, ADP support, and/or new methods in order to solve the problems of that Branch.. Although new methods have,been employed in many areas, the research and development of equipment or ADP services performed by each Branch has been limited for two basic reasons. The first and foremost reason is that each is confronted with the'task at hand on a day-to-day basis which leaves very little time to.test and evaluate "on the shelf" items that may solve unique or particular'needs. Secondly, the experience and contacts which must be maintainedin order to deal with private contractors of equipment or software packages has been extremely limited. C. To produce this paper a survey of each Branch was undertaken in order to present the problems. associated with the handling of,source materials, the records that must be kept on those materials, the products that must be generated, and finally to enable us to solicit ADP and R&D support wherever it seems practical. The survey revealed several areas in common relative to the ADP control of the materials for which the Division is responsible. These are: 25X1 25X1 25X1 clfo~a ~ Exclutcd trem a~tamatic dswr,rz in; and d cias iticzticn Approved For Release 2004/03/26 A0002 QrJ,tL~~C'. 25X1 25Xf1 App oved For RYase 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703AV0200010012-0 SUBJECT: ADP andMaterial~ Handling Requirement D. These areas are impottant because it should be possible-to construct machine programs or buy already developed hardware which can be used by different components for different materials. For instance, a circulation control program for documents in the library should be usable for cans of film or maps or any other materials being charged out for specified periods of time. E. The materials handling asp Icts of the Division are so djv,?' rsified that"t~is difficult to offer a suiary in this space. To state to obvious, the problems lie in three major areas. 1. Movement and control into the building 2. Movement and control within the building 3. Movement and control ut of the building Of the three we are primarily concerned with the movement and control mission support items. Our main objective is to improve the efficiency in getting the materials to the analyst which will facilitate the ease of production and improve the product for which he is responsible-. Specific programs will be discussed within the framework of the individual Branch summaries which follow;, of materials within the building:,particularly film, documents and other 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 1. Circulation Control b. Inventory control 2. Content identification, storage and retrieval 3. Notification to users 4. Management information: a. Project start - finish c. Security control d. Budget maintenance 25X ved For R' ease 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703 0200010012-0 25X1 25X1 SUBJECT: ADP and Materials Handling Requirements F. The attached chart depicts the Research and Reference Division structure and copies of the questionnaire and individual Branch responses to it will be made available on request. Approved For Release ~~~03/2~6 ? CIA 703A00 25X1 25X1 25X1 bl~ I TARGETS & PRODUCTS DATA BRANCH /Products \ ( Section ) Apprc 0 ved For ' t~Q0IbO:R~1~2~Y86DL'iN03020001001'2-0 Target briefs Plot Scan IIS DISSCMINATION BRANCH Central Registry rocessing Cables Section Dissemina- tion ,*Data Analysis% Mons. Para. Section ,' file Statistics GEOGRAPHIC SERVICES BRANCH Target Special\ Overlays ~Activities COMIREX Section Target Decks I Maps Charts Town Plans Mission peratio Plots Supportl Statistics N Section Imagery Film Vault Section Mission Support I"Statistics 25X1 IMAGERY RESEARCH BRANCH EPDF rocessin Catalogs All Source Section IR Reports Retrieval Control Motorpool Searches Microfiche Coufier Radio efrence Books Minicard Section Secure Section Announcements 1 Transport Circulation Research Searches Section Non-System Imagery Ground' Photos INFORMATION BRANCH PI Reports xploitatio COMINT Support Codeword Section Documents 1 "Searches 25X1 5X1 X1 YOP SECRET n 25X1 25 Appr4 ved For Rase 2004/03/26: CIA-RDP78B05703AM0200010012-O 25X1 SUBJECT: ADP and Materials Handling Requirements II. IMAGERY RESEARCH BRANCH A. This Branch is responsible for the research, procurement, dissemi- nation, control and storage of all system and non-system imagery. utilized by NPIC. The magnitude of the handling and control problems involved in this effort can be shown by the statistics reported for the month of February 1970. During the month 1,116 missions were received which represents 1,641 cans of film. Almost all of these were DOD missions and no p(H film was received during the month. In response to 4,846 individual request, 7,796 cans of film were charged out. Oreceived 280 cans of KH material, and two truckloads of film were sent to the processing site for destruction. In addition, 263 cans were recalled from the Records Center by'requesters. Machine listings were sent to IAS, IEG, TSSG, DIAAP and SPAD ident}fying individuals who have film charged out. These listings covered ,approximately 2,500 cans of film which have been charged out for 60 days or longer.. In addition 11,175 exposures were retrieved from external repositori6s in response to research requests from IEG and others. B. In addition to services involving film procurement and loan, the Branch also disseminates film according to COMIREX directives, compiles film accession lists and reports pertaining to film holdings, security, origin of imagery and other statistical information as required. The Branch is also charged with maintaining area coverage files of satellite imagery in the form of photo plots, and for conducting searches of indexes to imagery maintained in DIA and elsewhere. C. Present range/limitations 1. Limitations to the present system of security and accountability of film stem from the manual and limited machine systems within which the work must be accomplished. Pre-mission management information is also lacking. Accountability of loaned film is maintained ' by means of a manual card index system. The system shows whether or not the film is in storage, and if,the film is out on loan, who is charged with it. In an OAK exercise when many rolls are assigned to a PI area, the area coordinator signs for all of the cans in his area of responsibility. There is no effective way at present to account for film while it is spread out among individuals in a PI area, or to account for. film Approved For Release 0 DP78B 5703A 25X1 25X Apprd II ved For R ase 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703Abet200010012-0 25X1 25X1 SUBJECT: ADP and Materials Handling Requirements passing between PI areas. This system leads to further difficulties when searching for film after the OAK has been completed. 'Inventory control is virtually impossible, and a manual search of the. index or files is required for nearly all requests. 2. The second major area of limitation is in the retrieval of references to photography covering particular targets or areas. There is no single standard of reference for all types of imagery. NPIC maintains hard copy reports of all system mission plots filed,in mission number sequence and is in the process of assembling; a' file of this material photographed on 70 x 100 MM film chips and filed in WAC order. The DIA has computer programs which can generate pin- point or "search area" coverage, but requests usually take from 3 to 5 days to answer. In addition, the program apparently has~not been fully de-bugged and several instances of incomplete references have been noted in recent requests for coverage. While requests for doverage of NPIC and COMIREX targets can usually be answered by usingthe target brief file, there are still gaps in the total range of targets represented in the DIA Automated Intelligence File (B.E.); and the Center's Target Brief Collection. The major problem area.involves the growing number of area search. targets which are now in the COMIREX deck. As of this writing there are 251 area search targets. ranging from 5 NM to 100 NM from center, which must be scanned on every mission. If new or changed installations are detected, negation of this infor- mation requires a retrospective search of all available imagery. Needless to say, a very large number of PI man-hours are wasted because of the inadequacy of the present retrieval systems. It is highly n u likely that DIA will be able to resolve this problem for.,,NPIC especially in the time left before implementation of the D. ADP Requirements 1. A computer based system of inventory and accountability control is needed with data entry and display consoles available to the film library and with request/reply interfaces available to the operational PI areas. The system should have the capability to account. for frames cut from individual rolls as well as a film destruction and retirement- accountability system. In addition, a capability to supply management type information derived from mission telemetry should be developed in order to speed up the film breakdown effort, both at the processing site and after missions arrive at NPIC. Dividing the film cans among the various responsible components of IEG, is now a cumbersome and time consuming effort. Approved For Releaset2O 1A-RDP7f B05703AOOq 25X1 25X A oved For Rase 2004/03/26 Cl - 5703020001 4012-0 25X1 25X1 SUBJECT: ADP and MaterialskHandling Requirements 2. A computer based listing/graphic retrieval and display system for determining references to all typesof imagery is highly desirable. The minimum requirement is to investigate the procurement of DIA tapes of the Area Coverage File for use on NPIC computers or a Rapid Search type machine, perferably in an on-line mode. A possible alternative (if security limitations can be w aived),is a data communications link with DIAAP-10 for faster retrieval of references to pin-point an area coverage. E. Materials Handling Requirements 1. The recent addition of full-space automatic storage files to the film library has offered a vast improvement in the storage capacity of the area. and has improved the handling of film cans through the sheer efficiency of the system. However, there is still much room for improvement.. There.. is a', requirement for studying the film can:labeling process as well as one for the labelin ecially of film chi s (es g p p 'anticipating the implementation of the l} The various storage media-cans, rolls, chips, whole frames, partial frames, etc. should be investigated. The need for improved' internal film dist?ribut:ion equipment (converyors, carts, pneumatic tube systems etc) should also be reviewed. There is no doubt that a study of the traffic flow within the first floor area connectinthe loading dock an film vau ould reveal a need for rearrangement of that space. In short, thi area :aloigw h the Dissemination B anch are the most critically,i need Approved For Release 2,,0#r1 25X1 25X Appra~ed For Rase 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP7813057031 0200010012-0 SUBJECT: ADP and Materials Handling Requirements 25X1 III. GEOGRAPHIC SERVICES BRANCH 25X1 A. The Geographic Services Branch is responsible for providing geographical reference services and products in support of all phases of exploitation of photographic and other imagery products. This involves the operations of a map and chart repository; the preparation of special graphic and bibliographic aids to assist the photo interpreter; the research, compilation and maintenance of target overlays and dossiers on all COMIREX targets designated for collection; the preparation of geographical position indexes, plots and special graphics delineating cloud cover and other, limiting factors. It also involves all in-house film editing todetermine security classification and decontrol. B. Present range/limitations 1. The main limitations encountered in GSB are similar to those of the other Branches, particularly relative to circulation and inventory control of maps, charts, etc. Although accessions lists are .produced on a regular basis, little has been accomplished to automate thq dissemi- nation of geographic intelligence in response to reader requirements. All of the above should fit within the framework of a general information/ circulation/inventory.-control program. In addition, there are several specific files which require further ADP support. These are discussed individually within the next section which follows. C. Satellite Reconnaissance Coverage Statistics 1. Statistics are compiled on each KH mission showing the mission number, camera, date and time of photography (GMT),% country coverage, pass number, linear nautical miles, square nautical miles, and total coverage for the mission. These statistics are measured from the mission overlays and calculated manually. This information is entered on a coding sheet and sent to AID for punching, .and sorting. It is compiled on the UNIVAC DCT 2000 by using a FORTRAN Program. The statistics are stored on IBM cards and include coverage of all KH missions up to the present time. These statistics. are worked up on a mission to mission basis and are not used as'an input to any other file of activity requiring ADP support at thefpresent time. 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/03/26: CIA-RDP78BO5703A r I 25X1 ~9w~. L F X1 25 25X1 Apprc IS I' ved For Rase 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703IX0020001,00i12-0 SUBJECT: ADP and Materials Handling Requirements 2. ADP support is requested to reduce the number of. man hours required to manually com ile these statistics. ADP support is also needed to receive the II transmitted over the DLT 9300 which gives us the cloud cover conditions. The merging of these two files should serve as an index to vehicle performance,area~ delineated for exploitation,and as a historical record. D. DOD Grid Square Coverage Report .11 1. This file is used to provide recipients with geographical photo coverage reference for Southeast Asia. It is required for flight planning and to record cumulative coverage for specific time periods for the COMIREX. This report is transmitted via cable to DIA, CINCPAC, 548RTG FICPAC, CINCUSARPAC, PEC FUCHU AS,,'?'CINCSAC, 544 AEROSPTECHWG, and FICPACFAC. The IBM card deck is sent to ICRS. 2. Mission photography is plotted on 1:1,000,000 WACs? showing areas of cloud free coverage for the mission. The mission' recording system ephemeris is received through AID on the DLT which is used along with the photography to plot the track. The grid square is overlayed on the plots and the information is transferred to' the coding sheets for key punching. ADP support is requested to expedite handling of the incoming transmission of the MRS ephemeris over the' DLT 9300 which is needed for this work effort. ADP support is also required to produce, the IBM card deck codtaining the WAC number, 200/50 sheet number, 3 mile square designator, and year, month, day ofacquisition. The same information is also produced on a five channel paper tape used for the outgoing cable. E. Preliminary Mission Coverage Plots of the KH-4 1. These plots and the MCS report are used as a graphic reference by all recipients on a mission by mission basis and are not used as an input to any other fide or activity requiring ADP support. The source data, however, contains input to the mensuration parametersifile. -The plots provide mission support for film breakdown, iEG readopt support, base plots for the Mission Coverage Statistics publication and coverage information for the rest of the community~r `Tey are disseminated to DIA, CIA,. and TOPOCOM and have extensive NPIC internal dissemination. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 5X1 25X1 Approved For FIfease 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP781305703'00200010'012-0 25X1 SUBJECT: ADP and Materials Handling Requirements 2. Preliminary MCP overlays are compiled to fit 1:9,000,000 and 1:15,000,000 scale base maps. These plots are-prepared by AID on the Plotter from the input of number of man hours required to manually compile these plots and provide a more accurate product. V cable form over the DLT 9300. ADP support is requested to,reduce th and for the KH-4. These. data are received in F. Composite Map Index File 1. This is a specialized file designed to produce an"index depicting a select group of maps and charts covering targeted--`: WAC areas. Data is derived from various map catalogs, indexes and associated production progress reports. This information is incor- porated in a punched card file maintained by R&RD/GSB. References obtained from this file are submitted to AID for input into the 9,000 basket of the Target Brief File. They are also used in the preparation of COMIREX map packets. 2. ADP support is requested to complete the programming which is now underway and to in1estigate the feasability of including this fill. as a part of the on-line integrated information system. G. Materials Handling Requirements . 2. Another problem involves the Target Dossier File which must be maintained for use during the OAK. These dossiers contain up-to-date information and maps relative to each target in the COMIREX deck. They must be maintained in duplicate in the event of over- g lapping KH-4 0 missions and the present file contains. .11,460 individual packets. This represents about 68,760 maps, target briefs and other materials eachhof which handled and/or updated. with ,,each incoming mission. 1. There are several areas within the Geographic Services Branch which offer fertile ground for a materials handling survey. Among these are better procedures for map handling, filing and es ecial t9jAiug,. Most of the maps in the collection are stored in archives boxes and all incoming new editions must be folded. This is a very time consuming task,and one which has caused major morale problems in the Branch Approved For Release 20Q4/ p -RDP78BJ5703A000 25X1 25X1 25X1 I ur ~G'(L;I Appr d For Rase 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703AIr0020001O012-0 25X1 25X1 SUBJECT: ADP and Materials Handling Requirements 3. Finally, the facility for storing and processing the maps should probably be investigated to determine whether a full-space type of environment would prove to be more efficient than ; the; present shelving arrangements. Approved For Releas : ~ 4 1 a 25X1 25X1 25X Apr 'red For F ease 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703A000200010012-0 25X1 25X1 SUBJECT: ADP and Materials Handling Requirements III. TARGETS $ PRODUCTS DATA BRANCH A. This Branch has been designated as coordinator of the'National Imagery Data Base Installations Data File and the Exploitation Products Data File. The management and operations of these files have already been established within NPIC. B. Installations Data File: A national file of information extracted from imagery (primarily 1st and 2nd phase) in relation to a predetermined list of targets. 1. Present range/limitations: This file (the NPIC Target Brief File) will be revised under the provisions of the integrated Infor- mation System (IIS) which is projected to become operational:., this year. The future of the file and the posture of theNPIC rely on the capabilities of the IIS. 25X1 2. ADP Requirements: All requirements (both national and departmental) have been stated and approvals granted. The .IIS'?as expected to satisfy these requirements. C. Exploitation Products Data File: A national file of information indexed from imagery exploitation products produced or received by NPIC. Both shallow and in-depth classification schemes are used. to control the file. The shallow index is utilized to satisfy requirements for published monthly and annual listings of imagery community products. The in-depth scheme is used for complex retrospective searches of specified subjects not available in the shallow index. The reports and other products'are stored in hard copy and on Microfilm. The microfilm file is used to supplement or replenish the holdings of any component within the intelligence community. 1. Present range/limitations: This file (the All Source Index and the Minicard System) is to be revised under the provision of Project November 1968, which is awaiting software eve opment for implementation. Projected completion date is unknown at this time. Approved For Releas V W, 25X1 25X1 25X1 Appr4 ved For Ffease 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703A000200010012-0 25X1 25X1 SUBJECT:, ADP and Materials Handling Requirements 2. ADP Requirements: Implement 0 to improve the generation 25X1 of formal publications and work listings; to improve retrospective search capability; and to expedite microfiche processing. An alternative to solve many of the present programming problems relative to this file is a detailed study of the use of the Rapid Search machine now in use at Headquarters. We feel strongly that this machine would eliminate most programming requirements and it could be used to search all of our other tape stored files including the Target Briefs, MIS and event- ually, the DIA Area Coverage tape file. D. Materials Handling Requirements: The implementation of 25X1 which outlines the processing of microfiche is limited to one file,to be maintained in a manual mode. If other files are to be added to the system or if input or service increase , modern methods of automated retrieval, packaging, and presentation will be required. w 25X1 5X1 X1 25 i [fir U'AA1. d 0 Approved For F14 ease 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703A000200010012-0 25X1 25X1 25X1 SUBJECT: ADP and Materials Handling Requirements IV. INFORMATION BRANCH A. This Branch includes the Library and is tasked to maintain many types of physical files and reference facilities. In addition, the Branch has been required to perform research activities for all of the components within Four of the most important files are cited as: examples. of the pro ems t is Branch faces. B. Index to periodicals This is an internal Branch file'with data recorded about periodical subscriptions currently received in NPIC and containing routing, processing and purchase information. It is ;a punched card system used for budgetary purposes in the annual CIA subscription renewal survey. 1. Present range/limitations: Only limited information is available on punched cards for 700 subscriptions, allowing a sort by publication title and receiving office. The major limitation is due to lack of space on the cards. Because of this: a. Price is not shown; overall costs must be compiled manually. b. Routing information is restricted to 3 offices per copy and. can be broken down only to Division level. Name of individual is not shown, No copy numbers are shown. d. Codes must be used to indicate frequency, cbintry, retention policy, holdings, subject, where abstracted etc. e. Different formats are used for the NPIC listing and the CIA library master listings. In the annual subscription renewal survey, listings are received from CIA/Acquisitions Branch broken down by the geographic area of procurement, (WE'EE, USSR/ EE, etc.). Work from this requires the use of 2 master lists, since the NPIC index cannot be sorted in this manner. k ftn' Approved For ReleIV 0 25X1 25X1 25X1 For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703A000200019012-0 25X1 25X1 our OLURL b SUBJECT:', ADP and Materials Handling Requirements 2. ADP Requirements: An ADP system is needed to provide a full master list with all the data elements included in full text without codes. The ability to show routing should be included. Flexibility in the format of printouts would be valuable. For example, a listing by geographic area corresponding to the renewal listings received from CIA would be much more useful. For monitoring the book budget a format to display cost figures on total' expenditures as opposed to those of ea4h office would be helpful. Another format would allow the library holdings to be published and distributed. C. Top Secret/Codeword Document File: This is a specialized file of system and non-system photo-interpretation reports, finished. intelligence reports, Comint and related other reports from USIB members, foreign sources and domestic contractors. Dates of coverage vary with type of,material: NPIC and CIA reports 1953 to present, other types generally 1963 to present. The file is used by NPIC interpreters and analysts and about 20,000 items are lent annually. Externally located USIB agencies are served on a limited basis. 1. Present range/limitations: Currently ADP methods are: used to provide a circulatio control system only for photo interpretation reports. Punched cards are produced from All Source Input Sheets, and taken, to PSG/AID. AID produces a master card and one or two copy cards as appropriate, plus labels for document file jackets. A proof listing is printed for each deck processed. These items. are brought together in the' nformation Branch and reports are jacketed for filing. This system is operated in conjuction with: a. Disseminaton Branch/RF,RD - Dissemination support, security control, and supplemental distribution support. b. AID - Machine time for listings, sorts, labels. c. Targets L Products Data Branch - Minicard reproductions, indexing, all source listing. Limitations imposed a e: a. A dual circulation control system. All PI material prior to 1966 and all other unindexed materials are controlled `.by a manual system using the Library form 1395. From 1966 to present, ADP methods have been used as a circulation control medium. Approved For Release 20 XTri6B057 25X1 25X1 25X1 S.a~~d I 25X1 AppFo d For F!lease 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703 00200010012-0 SUBJECT: ADP and Materials Handling Requirements 1 :1 b. Only PI reports are indexed for computer processing control and retrieval of non-PI reports is increasingly important because of the extensive use of photography to produce finished intelligence. c. No keypunch capability exists within the Information Branch. ? d. No internal control over incoming work flow.froin other components. 3. ADP Requirements: Further support is needed to pr v?de?the following: `` a. Improved circulation controls. Card formats designed for more information. b. Faster handling. Reports will be processed within two days and in file as opposed to delays of. up to two weeks At preesent. c. Increased accuracy. Cards will be verified after punching. d. Reduce clerical procedure. Will eliminate repetitive searches thru repot's which are stored in the Sectiqn awaiting all-source input sheets. e.. Improved, research capability. All incoming material with the exception of FMSAC cables and NSA Comint will be listed as opposed to partial listings now available. 4. Materials Han~iing Requirement: New and better methods of handling hard copy and microform copy of documents in an, integrated ADP environment must be explored. 5. Other: Coordination of dissemination support (DB) supple- I mental distribution controls and associated security requirements for 'system materials. 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 A000 25X1 25X11 I I UK SLU RU I I '. 25X1 Approved For Lease 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703A000200010012-0 SUBJECT: ADP and Materials Handling Requirements D. Non Code-word Intelligence Document Index: The Intelligence Document Index is a listing of intelligence studies and classified periodical titles retained in the Branch. It includes only non-codeword, non-PI materials .from approximately 320 individual: sources including U.S. Government depart- ments, foreign governments, and those organizations issuing reports under government contracts. Two lists are issued weekly for new items received and retained, one arranged by subject and one by originator. The entire file is cumulated at periodic intervals in the above arrangements. These indexes are primarily for use by the staff and provide the only, ready access to non-codeword publications available in the Center. This file has been set up primarily to enable the library to service requests from offices and individuals in NPIC. Of the 3,500 reference searches performed. in FY 69, about fifty percent required the retrieval of information from classified non-codeword sources. Over 5,000 such documents are pulled and;wcharged out annually. 1. Present range/limitations: The present system has many limitations, imposed primarily by the constraints of the 80-column card: a. The identification of each item is often meager, leading to confusion and error. .b. Titles are truncated, resulting in faulty identification of publications. This also necessitates an, elaborate list of standardized abbreviations. c. No space exists for anything but an inadequate!2-digit subject code which does little more than segregate documents as dealing with military affairs, politics, etc. d. In order to identify a specific publication,~the searchers must decipher five codes representing originators, classification, area, subject category, and location. This hampers any search and slows down retrieval. e.. The format is not good, identification of columns is limited to the first. page of each section, etc. Improvements could be made througi the use of punched cards, but they would have to be inserted manually after the sorting has been completed. Approved For Release 20'04/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B5703A0004 25X1 25X1 5X1 TOP EC :T Appro 0 ed For Rease. 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703AIr00200010Q12-0 25X1 25X1 SUBJECT: ADP and Materials Handling Requirements 2. ADP Requirements: The proposed, change from a system limited to the data on an 80-column punched card to one which uses ADP capabilities will result in the following improvements: a. Greatly improved bibliographic control through more precise identification of each item. b. The possibility of an expanded but still shallow indexing system; c. An improved format which will make the listings easier to use. d. Improved ability to retrieve specific items quickly. e. Far greater ability to conduct retrospective searches for-information. f. A considerable saving of the time currently required for manual manipulation of card files. g. The ability to expand this system to cover additional intelligence materials not now under proper control. h.. The probability of becoming the basis fora charge out system compatible with that used for PI reports. i. Announcement lists and notification devices., 3. Materials handling requirement: Methods of managing hard copy reports as well as microform capabilities coupled with.ADP services are necessary. E. Annual Publications File: This is an index to open source sub- scriptions received in NPIC on a continuing basis. These publications may be quarterly, semi-annual, annual, bi-annual, or adhoc. This file is used entirely within the Branch to. record receipt of items and for distribution of copies within NPIC. It is also used in the annual CIA subscription renewal survey. 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-R 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 703AO00200010012-0 25X1 SUBJECT: ADP and Materials Handling Requirements ra-. c/lim tation: File consists of Sx8 cards filed by title if ?u`.: ication. Major limitations are: a. Total cost figures needed for budget purposes must be compiled manually. b. lability to determine the titles received by each component :n NPIC. c. .lability to sort by geographic area of publication- which is how listings are prepared by CIA. 2. Al)P Requirements: a. In order to conduct the annual subscription renewal survey for CIA, the capability is needed to have listings by NP1:C component showing items currently being received by that office and the cost. b. Since prices are constantly changing and the Information Branch is charged with the responsibility of remaining within the allowed budget, the capability is needed to obtain quickly an accurate cost figure of funds obligated for annual publications. c. An ability to.sofrt by the geographical area is necessary to match our listings with those of CIA. Approved For Release 20.04/03/26: CIA-FU 79BU57 25X11 I J i; 4' ,;v;y;; I I 25X1 Approve V For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703A000200010012-0 25X1 SUBJECT: ADP and Materials Handling Requirements A. is responsible for the operation of the :EPIC Registry, ext::r.i._1 courier service, and internal mail service. These processes require that a series of specialized files of control records be m:iintai.ned at all tines. The source materials (document, graphics, pcric.icais, and cables) that are processed are voluminous and subject to security a 1ccountability. 1? The service provided to all components of 1 -1 and o eacteriial iy c , eared members of the intelligence commun-ity such ;,,~,, L)ILA, Dc.p;::rt-,eat of State, Executive Office and Capitol Hill, Contractors, and Foreign posts is varied and complex. Some examples of the types of services are listed below, a. Receive, sort, control, and distribute all materials b. '?aintain all, dissemination requirements for aintain security accountability records (TS, TCS, etc.) for the Center. d. processes all materials designated for release to foreign govenments. Prepare machine listings of these items for accountability to the DDI and DDP. C. Read, disseminate and file cables for the Center. f. Package and receive documents, graphics and other materials for distribution to the intelligence community. g. Provide machine runs of reports produced and dissemi- nated by NPIC for use by management in the production control process. h. Insure that the 'Agency Archives is on distribution for pertinent items. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 I Approved For Release 2004/03/26: CJQ- 5103A0002 7 25X1 Appr~ ved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703A600200010012-0 25X1 25X1 SUBJECT: ADP and Materials Handling Requirements 2. Present range/limitations a. The Dissemination Branch maintains accountability records for magazines and periodicals using a Kardex system. Most other records of documents and graphics are maintained on IBM cards. For those cards which must be listed, the IBM 1050 and UNIVAC DCT 2000 are used. In addition, records must often be run through a card duplicator to provide for cross filing and to produce other listings. This dual system is too slow and as more and more documents are produced in the TK system, faster and better control must be developed. b. The policy outlined by the Office of Security requires a signed destruction certificate with signatures of two witnesses for all Top Secret and codeword documents that have been des- troyed. This-policy has usually been adhered to by the Center, but responsibility for control of these records has always been on a decentralized basis, thus, there is no central record of those items destroyed. Proper security practices demand that this be corrected. 3. ADP Requirements: The Dissemination Branch does not maintain a physical file of source materials except for cables, therefore, the primary concern of the Branch is to achieve quick reaction and accurate records of their particular processes. In addition, the Branch is obligated to produce several products (reports/listings) of materials handled and supplemental transactions. The Branch needs one system that will allow all source material records to be placed under one control. This system must be flexible enough to allow for changes, additions, and deletions to these records for security and transport control purposes. Furthermore, this control system should be able to provide all required reports or listings without any additional human intervention. .4; Materials handling requirements: Because this Branch controls packages, and transports thousands of pieces of materials, new methods, equipment, and procedures must be brought to bear if efficiency and 25X1 Approved For Release. 4/ -;,CAA B 5703A00 25X1 Xl Approj' 25X1 25X1 SUBJECT:', ADP and Materials Handling Requirements accuracy are to be maintained. At present, the Branch is utilizing a great variety of storage and processing equipment to do the job. A total integrated materials handling system, coupled with the services an ADP environment could offer, has never been fully re- searched as it.would pertain to present and future requirements. New filing, packaging and mail room distribution equipment now being investigated should be incorporated?,.within this study and', as mentioned previously, the space arrangements and materials flow pattern for the first4io9r area should be included. 25X1 Chief, Research and Reference Division, PSG Distribution: Copy 1 - NPIC/PSG/AID 2 - NI?1C/TSSG/RED 3 - NPIC/PSG 4$5 - NPI:C/PSG/R&RD i :1 t 1W ed For if1ease 2004/03/26 CIA-RDP781305703'000200010012-0 App~,oved For Release 2004/03/2 : CIA-RDP 3A TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 Approved For R tease 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703'00200010012 i 11PIC/TsG/P.ED--2o5-7o 9 September 1970 W +i0R -UD 5 Ri Chief, Production Services Group, EPIC TUROUGU Chief, Technical Services Group, 1 PIC U 3 CT t ADP and Materials Handlin? Requirements PEF' IdCE 3 Da.Lted 18 March 1970 4 G 1, In, reaponse to the referenced paper, which ft=nished background information relating, to your infori.tion and ra-aterials handling needs, T!3G/FE h:a Licide a p...reli-mii tr r analysis of the situation. Aa a result, Vf ev I'Lluting the referenced paper, a series of discussions with supervisory'.usel in each of the R Branc lea, and our oim understanding of the information needs the Center,, the following dtecu asion represents our underetandirg of the ceirrent situation within MRD/PSG and what act;one ire p ?o se. Specifically,, our objective in twofold; (1) To improve he tiraelfneas and effectivenes:a of inputina, updating, storing, retrieving, and h=mdlinZ nor -ma etical ly stored inforrxation, (2) to make cost effeetive use of automation, and a.TP services while hol Un manpower, fzndin , and space reciLireients within available resources. A. Fors of InCon anion To Be Cori sideved--Because of their in r- re?1atior 1-rini, we feel tint all of tlI,etypes of infor ration (or materials) :addressed below must be considered for an eff'ect'ive analy- sis of the proiblera. Additi onallys . other information h:u;n& n pro- cesses, suc'b as the Ili, rut be reviewed to oliminate potential overlaps, but are not addrea red as a'direct p rt. of the approach described her eirx. 1. Ground Coverage P1,otograp:-iy. a. Roll---Thoae forms of r}ai.xsion coverage photography taozmaally stored ::ixd handled in roll f o= b. Fraf.,e/chip-.a ringir: frame or less of x is3ion photography e:*tracted from a roll for purposes. c. Groundw-a single or ;all. 5er iea of froiaee of photo r ,/'.~ obt4aine'J fro-i:a h.;nd-=held camera;; as o to rec:::zrlais:.ance mission coverage. GRIT Exclude, r3n1 3010- 'i ,aw?radin? an. 11% T- Approved For Release 2004/03/ G RU P78B05703fte ~i4s0001atT 2-0 Approved For Rase 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703A0200010012-0 SU ECT: ADP and M .terials fl .nc)l1n~; Requ3re:nents tii.exo?orln F u -. Ph taax a+h1c 1 y recorded in xra tiox used for inf'Di ation h .ndling as oPPo Jed to ixitellitence acqui- sition I)hvtogrcipb;r. 3. 01::.i ifi.ec1 D cur,.ents, 14eporLJ, Cablez--a variety of t'olu.-A1.. and in ortu1, publications rcciurtring special. handling. A. Top Se=-et "- e-word Publications b. Cables and Iufox=1a c. t.m-Cade? ox d Publications ne1aw;ified Publications b. Peri odica3.s a. Reprzrts . xrt 8 r'o'riia4 ateri is a. Maps ~(Covexa, e Plots b. 'tarps & Marta . Graph icu & T, iet'inx B:x. `t.1. 6. His;3iox D:tt U--that data v itch is n, .A cc uter or cape- ti, wally stored fora r_c3r real tI-m.e. avail.,V-l# t'y?. a. Target Data b. ' heinoris Data 73. Cttx ren t 3:4.f;u :ion.-lt is mw under standing frxa t' e reference meA,o V).-At =:d t D : t .?equtxements and oonatraix ts, POD hpis been able to meet their cor: ~i3 try c ~s Concern is c :pxcJwed, ho-ever, as to tl:eix ability to fr*,4et future coi r.~S t~z x~ zits conrAderi the L ct without tu,I? t nQ ix)rc of leient oU 2< ti21 ~i?JC#3?`t r y az e on a rc i:med arecjuiremcmts b-,-5c, The following are a fcv1 eovvienita ah-ar a- tcri,?,inu ttxe curxex;t situ..tt1on. Inclusion of cent s herein to not necessarily an e idor; c cent ti,at siigiI is-:tnt chart e3 are required. 1. Manual t ~xeni..tion~-'?uto~n:t3an and ADS support has been applied at a, ralnim,Al le Frei.? e .',m in 'r,1 gf, l y re-p tit i xx f ucac Ui ms.. oi? Auto:r;ir+YJ;li3 but SiL'li u.r ~/~`':il...V7.`J31$"`~s.:.~17 }}if3 ','sas itiniIx ~y '~~ are similar " ..brary" or t-EC:i:',`?ta - or t; bili'~y{I t ~. a ic.` Crioiia 4}~a'C' e ac has Its min c'1nt y^). Jd y3tem. 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/03/2k t w .6 * 8B05703A000200010012-0 Approved For F%fease 2004/03/26: CIA-RDP78BO5703` 00200010012-0 EJECT: ADP and Hatcriuls I fandl irag, Requirements 3. Registry an Incotiaplete Function--Considerable effort devoted to registering certain. classes of classified inforrition, while little or no effort is devoted to con :rol.ting reproduction,, transfer of responsibility, or dcstructian. 4. Production and Use of Microforr s and Incoriplete function- s RM is presently itiplementing a new totally nanual microf yrin syatem (as a replacement for the 14Inicard Syaten) based on the external dimensions of a zt=;ndird 4" x 6" microfiche, but without the internal format control of the Ogre went Standard M erofiche. Additional:ly, the Ixi#'ormatio??n Branch is ordering, when ever possi- ble ,. Govern cent standard microfiche in lieu of hard copy. The indexing, stora , and retrieval, dissemination, reproduction and general overall use of these and otlR r types of .znicrof os in use within the building is poorly defined and frequently M-isu deratood. b ;, the Center as a whole. In brief, the requirements for Micro- f'o s are not clear and/or evident but we are pursuing their use on a ad-hoc basis. . LI.ttle Coordination of Microform Equipment Procurencnt_+ At this time there does not seen to be any coordinated effort for the pr:tcvxea lent of optical mica oforn vie rii ;,. printing., or reproduction equipment within the Cent:r. Each Division or Group appears to be striking out on their of as to :ice at type of equip. vent to buy. 6. Little Room Available for Expansion Brought on by New Systems or Requirements?-R&RD, Iike much of the rer a.inder of the building is feeling the space squeeze. While they currently have adequate space, expanded ct~>r. e regt irements will be diff-P. cult to handle. 3 r example, F_ I 25X1 D: ill. reTaire apprsxii ately 3.0 tJ ea the F`uUsp4ce file area tha current i-4 rai ,siona are requiring- as projected on an anew l basis with the current retention policies. C. M:,rRequirc merits--Based on an analysis of the referenced paper and our additional preliminary in esti.;gations, we feel. ue can Avunari.r e the stated R '4D reeds thto the following ten requirements categories for further con ideration. 1. . utonated Film Accountability S; terl 2, Auto ated Registry (_'ceou tahil.ity) System 3 I:.proved Library &.. Refcrer e Syste.rt 4. I,-,.proved File Cove,?a c, Index & Search Capab il.i .. Integrated Microf i lrr y etc a Approved For Release 2004/03/26 E B05703A000200010012-0 Approved For tease 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78BO5703 00200010012-0 & CT: AfP and llateri}:.ia Handling Rcqu-Ircments 6. Improved Target Fi xi,:ai,utenance & IIandl.inq 7. Ir proved Film 11ci adlinae 8. Irtproveci IH:and irxi 9. I npro*ti ed lieference y.uterial. H 10. Trprcved 1'xtai12" Haud3ln;; D. 31a jor Functiomil Areas--A1l of above ten requirements fall within three ctioaul fiel4s or areas of specialization. Each of the branches or operatit)ns within ROD are affected to varying extents by these functional areas, ho, ever, each unit has responded somewhat differently aceonnting for a.var'iety of.aprrorxches to similar problems. These function l areas are: I. Reference,, Index & Search-.A problem. of knowin the con- tent of your inventory and how to ,iocute or index it in an Went. n"nner. 2. Record & M.,tteriai riccomt&o5lity- -primarily an inventsry control situation. 3. Materials storage, lietrieval, and II_ancili uag.? -the pbysical. etora,e and h problen of Your I% or Consi_ r .i tl ons--At this time we have been unable to afl .lye and rand, cte si w4i ii e problci areas or raciuirerrents whore we cQn ;re= -.-end ;peciftc Pe develolarttental pro?raus. There are several are-:,s r4a.e,re Ad-floe solutions are possible, hvuever, without the necessary conn.ideritionc and pl :x aibi ; they may be ineffective in the long run. This is not to say that there are no problem areas in ROM or that these operations can not be effectively improved tbrottelh NO, but only that were not ,able to adequately identify and define them to reeok .tend developmental action. some of the major considerations that must be studied in dezath in arriving at either deYeloental or new operation.-Al concept; plans are as follows: L fled and Use of Irt'oraxatiou--To -..f hat extent are the current Worm Lion and h tncll i services of RUM being used and what information needs m,ky exist that are not being catisficd. 2. Extent of ,lt.omationn-The need for expanded a.ut cation or ADP support .must be explicit. 3. Automation Costs versus i3 ncfi t3-4S efore applying s uto- v -ati-.)n or ADP sup port, we rust be sure that it will be cos t effective, :Cron both the dollar or r; anpoaaex ez endi-t.ure. Approved For Release 2004/03/2 1pP,78B05703A000200010012-0 c Approved For RRtease 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78B05703'00200010012-0 SUBJECT: I XP and ~..+teriala I3: ndli : Requirements 4. Bast Handling t+4eci3.a-4Which tore #cl handlin rieiia la most ef: 'ective for a giveri operation; i.e., hard copy, microfilm, camputer storstnbriLal E."Cficicncy Imrrov -mants d. No Provision for Future 7p.: ovements B. 'z tern tted ' pt' :x?--s + 1y1flt and ester li hinl; =e4rlciix?e ~e ;ts f'ollI vu ed by ti,';e dent or a long ranee plan for the instrum ens. t .tion d apeaati on of F ?'&RD. 1. Adv ut:a e a. l=ill provide f'r long range i=-.prove ente b. Po onl-ju ly higil ong ter cf iciency Dt w1vantage$ a. Rwi:ult3 will not, be available for several years b. u tort terra approaches will not be fully 1.nte r: t d e. Potcntiiily I ig'h long rani e cast Approved For Release 20041031E I ff 11P78B05703A000200010012-0 Approved For M ease 2004/03/26: CIA-RDP78B05703'00200010012-0 S'ec't AD ani .ateria1s H .nd11n; Requirements C. N~tbr ti S, s ert--De~tc ].o ment Of a long range plan based on a firm eatiriated of futzir reclulr r!>cntz, while ,iddressinz current pro~- blcras on a ciiaicit fix buaia~ ea an inteG?z ted approaac.:. 1. Ad-runtages is. ,rats , Range Program with Quick Fix l aahasis b. Niu) i ' Approaahh c. Hie test Long, Tern Efficiency . D13 ,ftantases Potentially high lone range t'ozt III. It is recoa? cnded that ' TO adopt th hybrid system apprcacha, by conductin; a contractual staby pxogrsm to aetexrtline cost effective imp- oYretnenta that c,zn he r-wdo in the currently n. -computer zed ixti'oaIn a Lion h3ni1tr:j processes within 14-1110, and to develop a modular plan fors 'i.. uproving the ~. *i~`L7 ^: t n h3nd11r , and coAtrol paces-jea 'Witb n current and projected ntanpxwer and cast constra.i.nts< Iii. Prod raX control of the above r :com:aen ed project wo.r.4 be ri iin-, ta1aacd. via the a ?pointment Of a BED tee, .n3 =. -? pr ogr'..u ra:~ sager who would =, i,nt .ti.n ?ror d,n3 level c oop dina,t ion and air on with 1 JtD and other affected co paF.e t;s, rhile mr.inta.iniug tech..nic a1. supervision and raoni,tor-. ship of the sel,eeted contraactor. The contract propo: sl s: l.i.citatz.o=, and selection ,via1 be bused on detailed progr m ob ectives ana propoaal val_uationu performed ih conjunction with PSO dcsicnated per.sorne 3,. C.sntractor selection for ?olic.itation of propon is will be based on e, 3eriencc in the finlda of Liibr ry and },ti' f ~;.i sn Sciences. It iz anti- ci.l,.-tte:d t"" 11t the project will be conch cLed as :i t;to p:, kse project taking appvo ci-ately 15 rkonvh;,v to complete. The firs-'%- phase will adth1esa the c :fix:.;t}eats dcfthi.tiosa .:,nd n car term solutions ;chile the second phase Vill be the duvet c"rA cnxt of the long i'i nge plan. V. Your supp-_rt `And cont;i.i rcnce in the above 'eeot1s"u'T'4#~:3 f ~,.7d". is ~: x ent 't.S in Ch c"'* + n effectR'F'C pr.tjra to, 1tipr:tve the e feotlven s3 Of If y;ou. t;ti_}fc any sL;~ salons as to ho.;; to im z we or c .sn e the cco}. n; 4 ic3a::~, please fc`1 free to call on cos. In order to maintain our R&1 schedule it 3 a rece.a >;ary for t. to brief the F ecutive Director con Corning our reco'll lendati'onz; by the 17th o So tenber and would : ppreciz tte Approved For Release 2004/03 f P78B05703A000200010012-0 SECRET Approved For R' lease 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78BO5703V00200010012-0 SU'BJEC`z: ADP and Materials Kand1i.nj feriUtrerlentt# your ;zs. ist ,nce in raiAkth it a joint presentation. This means th. t and RUM rsoranel shou)4 have a. cry run bri.efinw for ua by 15 S te1 be 1;170. Chief, Research ?. E nd x er na s ana 'S'IC/TSG Distribu.tiont Original- . ddrea-zee NNPIC/T 'r rrPIG/x SGjRM/;- /CAS Ci=rorro I - I -- c p P55- SECRET 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP78BO5703A000200010012-0