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December 28, 2016
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January 12, 2004
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August 20, 1970
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Approved For Release 2004/02/11 : CIA-RDP78B05703A000200 ~36t8 -4 C 4r 20 August 1970 Office of the Director, NPIC Subject Proposed Training Manual requested by NPIC Reference . Memorandum tol OTR, dated 14 Aug. 1970; 25X1 subject, "The Preparation of an OTR Manual on NPIC," on the subject of the preparation of an OTR Manual on NPIC. We have examined your statement of objectives, and I find that the potential uses to be made of a Manual that you visualize complement OTR's contem- plated uses of it. We believe that you and we together can produce a Manual that will have a usefulness that transcends our combined objectives for it, and that will serve as a community-wide reference tool to fam- iliarize consumers of image-derived information with the capabilities of this technique, and with where they should go to have certain tasks done. 2. We would hope to accomplish the same objective with a Manual on the analysis of imagery that we feel was accomplished with the Manual on the Office of Economic Research; namely, to stimulate interest in and to orient the reader to the function performed. 1. Thank you for your memorandum of 14 August-1970 to 25X1 I agree that the Manual produced should be codeword. I have seen draft outline of the proposed Training Manual on the Analysis of Ima g- for Intelli eg nce Purposes, and agree that some changes should be made in it. I do, however, want to preserve a functional approach. NPIC will be treated as a unit. NPIC's distinct identity will be made clear in the'Manual, and those ancillary functions of NPIC, such as research and develo pment of equipment for exploitation of imagery, will be described in an Appendix. We also feel that we should describe IAS, and that we should go beyond CIA to a brief general description of others in the community who perform this function in its various forms. Declass Review by NGA. Approved For Release 2004/0 RDP78B05703A000200070 Approved For Release 2004/02/11: CIA-RDP78BO5703A000200070036-8 4. I have given ry views on this Manual. I hope that you will find it possible to assist him in the development of the proposed publication. Because of our heavy commitments here, I would hope that we could count on NPIC and others to contribute most of the text and illustrations. 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/11 1 ~~78BO5703A000200070036-8 Approved For Relea Draft Outline for Proposed Training Manual on NPIC 1. Forward (Standard Forward prepared by OTR) II. Preface (by Director, NPIC) III. Introduction A. History of Modern Photo Interpretation l i"Q~'Ifierl 11ne Pry peced ~% A 5X1 I ca^e eve o''t hove/ /,ei/ysrs 1. Brief summary of development of PT through WW II a.?WW II service-trained PI's form backbone of post-war PI. 2. Early Collection Efforts in the Cold War a. Genetrix b. Sensint 3. The Mounting of the U-2 Effort a. Convergence of the technical means and the imagination make it possible. 4. Suprising Success - and others join in. a. Beginnings of joint CIA/Services interpretation effort. 5. 1 May 1960 a. The shootdown had been anticipated. First satellite overhead as Powers stood trial. b. 18 August 1960,1 1 business as usual and even more so. 6. The Kirkpatrick Committee (Joint Study Group Report on Foreign Intelligence Activities of the U.S. Government) (15 December 1960), NSCID #8 (18 January 1961) and NPIC. a. NPIC receives its charter of pre-eminence. 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/11: CIA-RDP78B05703A000200070036-8 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/11: CIA-RDP78BO5703A000200070036-8 7. Some Milestones - 1960-1970 a. 18 August 1960 - return from first satellite mission. Mission 9009 KH-4 b. 16 June 1961 - first ICBM Sites (Yurya) Mission 9017 GI-4/Mission 9323 - August-September 1969. .c. 18 September 1964 - TT Mission 1010, KH-4 25X1 Hen House 890'x96'x65' high. e. KI-I-4 - Mission 9023, 30 August 1961, Shuangchengtzu WC, China g. I1-I-4 - Mission 1016-1, 19 January 1965 i. Caspian Sea Monster - j. (1) NPIC N-2041 (4-70) imagery - largest single source for all OSI, FMSAC reports. (2) NPIC N-2040 (4-70). (3) Or, examples might be selected from Krasnoyarsk, Mozha~ysk, Tomsk, Cuba, Suez, etc. 8. JIIRG looks atimagery collection and exploitation. a. COMIREX - more direct control over both collection and exploitation. b. NTP - a logical attempt to divide the burden of exploitation. a Approved For Release 2004/02/11: CIA-RDP78BO5703A000200070036-8 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/11: CIA-RDP78B05703A000200070036-8 9. The National Tasking Plan a. NPIC's role b. Other participating organizations (IAS, DIA, Services, etc.) (National vs Departmental and distribution of film for exploitation) IV. The National Photographic Interpretation Center A. Organization and Concept of Operation 1. How requirements are levied. B. Products p) 1. The serially produced reports in response to standing requirements. 2. The one-of-a-kind report, self initiated by producer. 3. The specifically designed report tailored to a specific exploitation requirement from a consumer. 4. Models, briefing boards, vugraphs, etc. C. Distribution of Products 1. Consumers - copies of products requested. D. Uses of intelligence from imagery analysis. 1. No composite description possible - permeates all fields of intelligence. 2. Producers of finished, intelligence are the largest customers (OSR, OCI, OSI, etc.) 3. Operational components. 4. Concept of NPIC reporting changed from strategic only to strategic, early warning and tactical (brought about by need, capability, etc.) 7eltc ed /?aG1/3t J S c. "cliXe~5 74, /A 5 f3, P14AP-17 . r~ y J Approved A r RAI/ase Z(OM-- 02/11: CIA-RDP78B05703A000200070036-8