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December 20, 2016
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November 22, 2006
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December 8, 1975
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Approved For Release ; 006/11/22: CIA-RDP78M026 (30200010025-9 -' CONFIDEN Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Monday - 8 December 1975 Page 4 (R., N. Dak.) called and asked if the New York Times article on 5 December concerning Soviet ABM radars was accurate. I said I had not seen the article on 5 December, but my recollection was that the story was pretty accurate. Late in the morning, Carl Duckett, DDS&T, and I met with the Senator and Duckett confirmed my earlier statement and briefed him on SALT and Soviet compliance.. Appropriations Defense Subcommittee staff, called and said we would have to put off iI next week the Director's briefing of the Subcommittee -- - . Milton Youn ' W _ x w _ p .mss, Dak. ). request to Mr. Cary this rnorning, I called Mrs. Young and gave her the current address of Mr. James Schlesinger and also a citation to a New York Times editorial on CIA. in Chile. " M. LIAISON Accompanied the Di.rec for to a briefing e Senate Foreign Relations Comnni.ttee on r(-!cc nt: covert action approvals and related matters. (See Memo for t:he Record. ) regard to Bush's confirmation hearings. 17. ADMINISTRATIVE Called Russ Rourke, in the office of Jack Marsh, Counsellor to the President, and asked him. about the plans for the confirmation hearings of Ambassador Bush, Rourke. said that Bush is due in Washington tomorrow and that William Kendall and Patrick O'Donnell, of the White House Legislative staff, will be taking him on courtesy calls to the different offices on the Hill.. Rourke also said they are still looking for the confirmation hearings to start on 15 December.. I told Rourke that Chairman John Stennis (D. , Miss.), of the Senate Armed Services Committee, would abide by any decision the President makes in ~-!,Q_ 1GE L. CAR` Legislative Counsel. C c: O/DDCI Ex. Sec. DDA DDI DDS & T Mr. Warne.- Mr. Thuerrner Mr-. Par mantcr CONFIDENTIAL ?v1 ..I!C : _ 6/11/22: CIA-RDP78M0R660R000200010025-9