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December 21, 2016
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August 2, 2006
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June 3, 1976
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Approved For Release 2006/08/02 : CIA-RDP78M02660R000200070054-1 Journal - Office of Legi lative Cou:n.,}el Page 4 Thursday -- 3 Jenrc 1976 15. (Internal. Use Only - LLM) LIAISON Emerson Brown, INR/State Department, called to learn of the status of the notification and briefing under Section 662 of the foreign Assistance Act and who does it. 16. (Internal Use Only - LLM) LIAISON :L :red Ruth, Legislative Assistant to Senator Dewey Bartlett (R. , Okla. ), called and re uested a briefing on the facts relating to "repression" in Chile. OCI, also has a photo that would be of interest to Senator Bartlett and we wi:tl see if we can schedule this briefing for the Senator sometime tomorrow at which time we can also show him the photo. 17. (Internal. Use Only - LLM) LIAISON Called Tim Hardy, White House staff, concerning the ICG meeting held yesterday and said in the far ranging discussion where it had been determined that there would not be a moratorium until. a time certain within the Executive Branch before the destruction of improperly collected records, I suggested that he raise with Jack Marsh, Counsellor to the President, the desirability of someone in Justice or the. White house making a general statement of the type of records which will be destroyed and why,and the records which will not be destroyed and why, to counter the distortions which are being built up on the Hill and in the press on this issue. Hardy said he would. do this. 18. (Internal Use Only - LLM) LIAISON Called Torn Sullivan, on the staff of Representative Sam Steiger (R. , Ariz.), to get his assessment of the concerns within the Subcommittee on Government Information & Individual Rights-House Government Operations Committee on the destruction of records issue. 19. (Internal Use Only -- PLC) FOIA Delivered to Representative William Clay's (D. , Mo.) secretary, a letter f:t onn the Director advising that Mr. Clay's personal request for a review of Agency files under the name of Clay was in process. I made clear that the Agency was limiting the review only to information identifiable to Mr. Clay personally. RUCIDIF ae Approved For Release 2006/08/02 : CIA-RDP78M02660R000200070054-1 Approved For Release 2006/08/02 : CIA-RDP78M02660R000200070054-1 CIA INI ;'A', L LI S;' E ONLY Journal -- Office of Legislative Counsel Thursday - 3 June 1976 Page 5 20. (Unclassified - LLM) LIAISON In response to Eric Hirschhorn, s, Counsel, Subcommittee on Government Information & Individual Rights, House Gover r ons Committee, earlier call, spoke to i ngram, Staff Director, and Ted Jacobs, Staff Member, who had a number of questions on the Director's letters to Senators Mike Mansfield (D., Mont.) and Hugh Scott (R., Pa.). I said Ithought the letters were clear in their views and as they knew a number of the records of greatest concern to the Subcommittee were covered by these letters as not being subject to destruction with the lifting of the moratorium because of litigation, Department of Justice investigations, etc. In connection with their concern that records may be destroyed which need further investigation, I respectfully disagreed. I also disagreed with Ingram's thought that maybe the Director had made a commitment during his appearance before the Subcommittee on 28 April that he would not destroy records covered by H.R. 12039. Rather, I said the Director made it clear, as had Mr. Colby, that records improperly collected and of no further use for retention or investigation, litigation etc. , that they should not be maintained and is a requirement of the Privacy Act and of Executive Order 11905. At the outset I made it clear that I did not want my remarks to be passed on to the press. Internal Use Only - PLC) LIAISON Received a call from FBI. Daley passed on for our information his receipt of a lette_~TAT from C airman Daniel Inouye (D. , Hawaii), Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, requesting background investigations on staff. personnel Filer Ravnholt and Sharon Yoshimura. The FBI is reviewing the draft Select Committee report on assassinations and according to Daley, staff member Jim Johnston, has requested that the Bureau certify that the report is accurate. Johnston claimed that CIA will be making. such a certification after its review. He asked that I check into this since the Bureau does not feel that it can make such a certification. The are only reviewing for declassification. After a discussion with TAT Deputy Inspector General, I called Daley back and infore that the Agency has never made such a certification in its reviews of reports and will so make it clear to Mr. Johnston when he STAT reviews the assassins io.z report tomorrow. a?1/ r,?-r r, :'3 >t~E tds^~E Ca L4 ONLY Approved For Release 2006/08/02 : CIA-RDP78M02660R000200070054-1