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December 16, 2016
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January 25, 2005
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January 13, 1976
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ABRAHAM PIBICOFF, CONN., CHAIRMAN ` //~ JOHN L. MCCLELLAN, ARK. CHARLES H. PERCY. ILL. f J / ~/ C' EDMUND CJ MUSKdA1E Applro rF . ekase 2005/02/10: CIA-RDP78M02660R00 A020 6 7 LEE METCALF, MONT. BILL RROCK, TENN. JAMES R. ALLEN. ALA. LOWELL P. WEICKER. JR., CONN. ~w LAWTON CHILES. FLA. ' -/k0)'1tyri(eb . f T3tcz ,enaI SAM NUNN, GA. $W JOHN GLENN, OHIO RICHARD A. WEGMAN CHIEF COUNSEL AND STAFF DIRECTOR COM M ITTEE ON GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS January 13, 1976 C.I.A. Washington, D.C. 20505 Re: S. 2295 Attached is a copy of a bill which has been referred to the Government Operations Committee for consideration. The Committee would appreciate your views regarding the provisions of this bill and any recommendations which you may have concerning possible Committee action. Please transmit your reply in quadruplicate. Your prompt attention would be appreciated. Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely, Abe Ribicoff Chairman Approved For Release 2005/02/10 : CIA-RDP78MO266OR000300020061-7 Approved For Release 2005/02/10 : CIA-RDP78M02660R000300020061-7. 94TH CONGRESS 1sT SESSION 5. X295 IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES SEPTEMnrr, 4, 1975 Mr. C_Aa NoN introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Government Operations Aft LL To promote public confidence in the leg islative, executive, and Z:D judicial branches of the Government of the United States. 1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Pepresenta- 2 tines of the United States of America in Congress assembled, 3 That this Act may be cited as the "Federal Financial Dis- 4 closure Act of 1975". 5 Ste. 2. (a) Any candidate of a political party in a 6 general election for the office of a Aleml-wr of (',gress who, 7 at the time he becomes a candidate, does not occupy any S such office, shall file within one month after he becomes a 9 candidate for such office, and each Member of Congress, 10 e ich of. icer and employee of the U, nitecl States who is coin- ii pensated at a mate in excess of $25,000 per aniuun, each 1 Approved For. Release 2005/02/10 : CIA-RDP78MO266OR000300020061-7