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December 20, 2016
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November 22, 2006
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May 27, 1976
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AppPoved For 006/11/22 : CIA-RDP78MO266OR000300030035-4 Journal. -- Office of Legislative Counsel 25X1 Thursday - 27 May 1976 25X1 Pa c. 10 . AT ION Called at. NSA, to alert him to H. R. 214, asked if e Could send hirrz a copy of the bill so he could review it. 11. I I LEGISLATION I. called the Administrative Practice and Procedure Snbcoin-m-ittee of the. Senate Judiciary Co-mrcxit?ee and ascertained that no action was planned in the near future on S. 1210, a. bi.l.l. which amends the Freedom of Information Act. 25X1 I 25X1: 25X1' LIAISON ii called Cliff IJaclcett, House International Relations Co i _:t,t, o_ s of f, to advise him that on Lay 11-iacl left the paper -pith Jack Brady, on t:l-t.e Committee staff, who s aid that: he would notify Representatives Stephen ,! .- Sola r (R. , N. Y. ) and Leo J. Ryan (D. , Calif. ) that the paper was aVJL-Ik.bl_e for therm to read since Hackett had been out of the office that day. I also told 11acl.c:tt Shat eve. had no objection to his reading t:he paper. 13. LIAISON :I called :Jack Brady, House International Relations Committee staff, and told hiz-n that I had. :ceviewed the trainscrr-pts o:. cne ~rzezzngs of the Subcozxzrrt.zi:tee on Oversight and that none of them mentioned the country which Represent:at:ive.:Michael IT~r ingl:or, (D. , Mass. } was interested in. He indicated that he tuorxld refer the rm=~c~c:r to Marian Czarnecki, Chief of Staff of the Comm ittee, upon Cz=zrn::cl.:i's return I June. 14. LIAISON I called George Krololf:, on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff, and told him that we had xnade a hr' , r k but were unable to determine if we had any -information. v., itb respect to omTmunicatiorxs /computer- law without: making a complete check w.. ich would take considerable work and, tirr,.ci. I ed that he _night want to check with the State Oepa^-trnen.t. I also told hir_r tl:zat z~ e trc,;.. _ he happy to take. an in.forrnal look at his paper on i.n!_e:Ln_ziional eommc ieations when he had. it ready if he so desi. -c-' :inquiry ' 0 - ,a constituent, a.dclitic: ba,.cl:grort nc or,. LIAISON I. dC':{_i.v