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December 16, 2016
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January 19, 2005
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June 4, 1976
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,. C I .A. ABRAHAM RIrICOFF, CONN., CHAIRMAN SUBCOMMITTEE: AHENRY N. JACKSON, WASH, Ap 4,t0WG frQ IF4.VLe lease 2005/02/10 : CIA-RDP78M f9%QP6QOt Od-;,; LL I P. WEICKER, JR., CONN. JOHN L. WC CLELLAN. ARK . EDMUND S. MUSKIE. MAINE WILLIAM V. ROTH. JR., DEL LEE METCALF. MONT. WILLIAM V. ROTH, JR., DEL. LEE METCALF, MONT. BILL BROCK. TENN. JAMES B. ALLEN. ALA. BILL BROOK, TENN. JAMES U. ALLEN, ALA. LOWELL P. WEICKER, JR., CONN. JOHN GLENN, 01110 LAWTON CHILES, FLA. SAM NUNN, GA. LESTER A. FETTIO JOHN GLENN, OHIO CHIEF COUNSEL AND EITAFF DIRECTOR CHIEF RICHARD A. /"'~1,1 . e (~ afez ,`{~{ry-.~~7 nyfb4ua$/ COUNSEL AND STAFF DWEGMAN A. STAFF DIRECTOR ~p~':JJ~i~,1 (4r ~Lg /'o`QiJr,-L} /VZJ f e COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON FEDERAL SPENDING PRACTICES, EFFICIENCY. AND OPEN GOVERNMENT (202) 224-0211 (PURSUANT TO S. RES. 111. 14TH CONGRESS) WASHINGTON. D.C. 20510 June 4, 1976 Honorable Hugh E. Witt Administrator Office of Federal Procurement Policy Office of Management and Budget Executive Office Of The President New Executive Office Building Washington, D. C. 20503 Dear Hugh: This is to inform you of the subcommittee's plans to hold oversight hearings on the OFPP. We would like to time the hearings so that in addition to overseeing the operations and activities of OFPP in general, we might also concentrate on the progress being made in implementing the new OMB Circular A-109 on Major Systems Acquisition. As you know from my letter of April 4, I am tremendously concerned that the Major Systems Circular become an operational reality within the full intent embodied in the Procurement Commission's Part C Report, as supplemented by the record of the subcommittee's eight days of hearings last year. I realize that the six-month planning period for the agencies to implement A-109 will not expire until October 5 and that additional time would still be needed to form a true assessment of the agencies' compliance efforts. However, there is a strong possibility that the 94th Congress may adjourn sine die by early October. This, then, would necessitate holding our'oversight hearings before the planning stage is completed, either in earlyAuqust or mid-September (to accomodate congressional recesses). Approved For Release 2005/02/10 : CIA-RDP78MO266OR000800030009-9 Honorab VrpX og ReWffg 2005/02/10: CIA-RDP78MO266OR000800030009-9 June 4, 1976 Page Two The early timing may have some disadvantages, but an - essential benefit would be to allow those agencies truly committed to the Circular to note their progress and put some early serious pressure on those agencies which I under- stand are not making -- and do not at present appear intent on making -- adequate changes in their procedures to comply with A-109. I will leave you to arrange the most mutually convenient dates with the Staff Director, Les Fettig, but I wanted to provide sufficient lead time for you to respond at the hearings to another request. As you well know, every Federal agency and office is rightfully under the gun to justify its role and continued existence. There is no more effective way to do so than to talk in dollars and cents. Therefore, between now and the oversight hearings, I would like you to develop dollar estimates of the savings which have been or could be generated by procurement reform activities completed or underway. I realize it may be difficult to generate quantitative estimates of savings for many of the reform activities undertaken since OFPP began operation. Nevertheless, I would like to receive best estimates, even if in a range, as ..long as they are based on clearly understood assumptions that may be necessary. We have some preferences on the approach you take which I will leave you to coordinate with the sub- committee staff. I am-also writing to the Comptroller General to ask that the General Accounting Office'provide whatever assistance you may require for this project. As always, I wish to cooperate with and support you and the OFPP in its immense duties. I have tried to accomodate the views you expressed in your May 24 letter regarding Approved For Release 2005/02/10 : CIA-RDP78MO266OR000800030009-9 Approved For Release 2005/02/10 : CIA-RDP78MO266OR000800030009-9 Honorable Hugh E. Witt June 4, 1976 Page Three contract disputes legislation which I introduced this week and look forward to a complete discussion of differences as the legislative process proceeds on this and other subjects. With best personal regards, LC/da LAW'T'ON `CHILES Chairman Approved For Release 2005/02/10 : CIA-RDP78MO266OR000800030009-9