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December 16, 2016
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January 19, 2005
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April 4, 1976
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XORAW.M R;OICOFF. CONN.. CHAIRMAN SUBCOMMITTEEt JOHN L. k4C CLELLAH. ARK. CHARLES H. PERCY, ILL LAWTON CHILES. FLA.. CHAIRMAN - HF.NR:~ M. JACKSON, WASH. JACOB K. JAVITS, N.V. SAM IAUNN. CA. LOWELL P. WEICKER. JR., CONN. ? L#EE STCALFU MOHTMAINE Ap i JR se 2005/02/10: CIA-RDP78 E.. A . 0300350M V. RAN. JR.. DEL AM E9 EN. A. SILL BROGC TENN. LAWTONCHILES, FLA. SAM MF(N, GA JOHN GLENN, OHIO LESTER A. FETDD CHIEF COUNSEL AND STAFF DIRECTOR RICHARD A. STWEGMAN AFF D Cmxf e - ~~ fz . ex~cxf e CHIEF COUNSEL SEL AND STAFF DIRECTOR COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON FEDERAL SPENDING PRACTICES. EFFICIENCY, AND OPEN GOVERNMENT (202) 234-0211 (PURSUANT' TO SEC. 7. S. RES. 0. NTH CONGRESS) .WASHINGTON. D.C. 20510 April 4, 1976 Honorable Hugh E. Witt Administrator Office of Federal Procurement Policy Office of Management and Budget Executive Office of the President Washington, D. C. 20503 Dear Mr. Witt: This is in response to your March 5 submittal of the new Major Systems Policy Circular to the Committee on Government Operations, pursuant to Section 8(b) of Public Law 93-400. As you know, remaining issues over the language of the Circular itself were resolved prior to submittal to the Congress. It is with considerable satisfaction, therefore, that I congratulate you and your office for accomplishing such an important milestone in what has been over a three- year reform effort. The provisions of the Circular embody the reform precepts put forward by the Commission on Government Procurement report on Major Systems Acquisition, calling for earlier and more substained competition; front-end decisions based on mission needs and corollary flexibility passed down to competitors; a clear assignment of roles and responsibilities; and other reforms which we can all agree hold promise of vast improvements in the system acquisition efforts of all agencies. Approved For Release 2005/02/10 : CIA-RDP78MO266OR000800030035-0 HonorableA For ase 2005/02/10 :. CIA-RDP78M02660R0008$M0 R April 4, 1976 in this regard, I would suggest that the Commission's report, as well as the public hearings before the Subcommittee, be used as the authoritative interpretive guides for the Circular. It is our understanding that Office of Federal Procurement Policy plans to develop a companion narrative document to spell out interpretations'and we would like to request that the Committee participate in the development of this material. As you are aware, we'plan to place heavy emphasis on implementation of the Circular which, by itself, means little unless fully complied with. We anticipate conducting oversight hearings to this end, as well as to monitor the plans and progress made toward putting the policies and procedures into effect. In this regard, the following critical areas would appear to be of most concern and warrant special attention: ? Section 4(b), coverage within the full intent. a Section 6(a), agency decision documentation written in mission' terms. Section 8(a), designation of an effectively located and empowered acquisition executive. a Section 8(f), in-house organizations focused on the listed activities. e Section 9, a clear decision structure and documentation for the four key decisions, particularly the agency head decision called for in section 9(a). a Section 10(b), clear agency head assignment of role to components. o Section 11(b), qualified firms to include newer and smaller businesses who should be encouraged to participate. o Section 11(e), strict compliance of all Requests For Proposal with these provisions. Approved For Release 2005/02/10 : CIA-RDP78M02660R000800030035-0 Honorabl,App Md fqr ftigase 2005/02/10: CIA-RDP78M02660R0008Q 3Bkee April 4, 1976 ? Section 11(f), broad and balanced source selection officials. ? Section 11(g), conformance with incremental funding arrangements. ? Section 11(j), clear agency,head authorizations for subsystem exceptions. ? Sections 12(c) and 15(b), clear agency head rejection of competitive system demonstrations and congressional notification. ? Sections 13(b) and (c), mission operational test and evaluation before full-scale development and production commitment. ? Section 14, strict compliance with budget provisions. It is our intention to work closely with OFPP during the next six month planning stage and wish to offer the Committee's full support and cooperation. Again, my personal compliments to you and the OFPP people responsible for taking this important step. With best regards, / ,y / l n I,AWTON CHILES Chairman Approved For Release 2005/02/10 : CIA-RDP78MO266OR000800030035-0 UwCLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL SECRET r6ve4For Release 2005/02/10: CIA-RDP78M02660R000 0 00350 EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAT /) Routing Slip ACTION INFO DATE INITIAL 1 DCI 2 DDCI 3 S/MC 4 DDS&T 5 DDI 6 DDA 7 DDO 8 D/DCI/IC 9 D/DCI/NI 10 GC 1 LC 2 IG 13 Compt 14 D/Pers 15 D/S 16 DTR 17 Asst/ DCI 18 AO/ DCI 19 20 21 22 .Approved For Release 2005/02/10: CIA-RDP7 vluzbt!~K~ 44w