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December 9, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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January 24, 1974
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Approved For Relea$e 2000/09., CdA.RDP78S01. 32A000100200064-6 Way rr. ;FSESIT-VE (? SA/ c .L CENTRALANTELL~GEN E AGFNCX WHITE HOUSE SUPPORT STAFF DIRL_ CTOR. WHITF: I~~~~ l r `,IT11A ` 1-_)(` T- .atr,:.Tanuary 24, 1974 I*nrn No.: WH #1 1~%,, D I 1 S1JB,IECT. CAYBODTA-TFE MILITARY SITUATI(IN Ai~=Z REF: US1lA0 087. C, mhoc? inn D.'1NISrT7Pa Tart , I f x, n ,." ;., ?:' _.Tp FRET -_ USDA0 0?8, 'Cambodian P~:r t II f r Ja- 2:3, Jan, CONFIDENTIAL-, Military action picked up yesterday on Phnom Penh's southern front where some fighting occurred only four miles from the capital. The.Cambodian Army command has committed additional reinforcements to this sector. Battle lines now run along the Prek Thnaot River with government forces occupying the north bank and the Communists the south. the insur- gents are trying to move captured 105-mm. howitzers within range of the capital.. The area immediately northwest of the city ;.ras quiet yesterday, and US Military Attaches report that the threat on. t'lis frc~:it `gas been eliminated for the moment. Elsewhere, an unconfirmed report indicates that Route 4 has been reopened. Distribution: 25X1A 25X1A Lt. Gen. Walters Mr. Carvr~r Mr. Proctor Mr. Kennedy Mr. Lehman EA/P F l l_ E cm?d,.d by 005871 E ..mpr ,? el tl.rl.,,~Eirnr~.n .eh.dfi !6 111. 0 !]I .. 1~1 IR rml.r~a orii Aur. I...p olir tl.r~r?~l~.d~e Dar .bl. n 0.r ,anl.,, mpo?ibl.. ,y$ r r~.r.nn Warning Notice Semilive Intelligence Sources and Methods Involved SECRET SPOKE PAGE 1 0 F __j Approved For Rele a 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP78S 1932A000100200064-6