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December 9, 2016
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November 27, 2000
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September 9, 1953
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Y i ~ O Approved For Release12001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78SO5452A 0100030020-2 25X1A SECURITY INFORMATION NEWS LETTER 3EP 9 1953 1. The first of the Area Desk (Personnel Branch) representatives to visit an area on temporary duty, recently returned from 25X1A6a 1Lnother such individual departed for the Area in mid-July and 25X1A6a has just returned. In the near future other Area Desk representatives will visit their assigned areas with the objective of a closer understand- ing of the area and its problems. I welcome your comments on these trips. 2. Complete production of 2ST (Class "C") Mobile Units has been received from the manufacturer minus transmitter URT-11. Latest information from the manufacturer indicates thatdelive.ry'of the trans- rnitters will commence in September. 3. The 6ST (Class "B") Mobile Unit is now under contract and the first trailer frame assembly will be inspected early in September. Progress on the production to date has been very satisfactory and first unit delivery still appears possible by the end of the year. At this writing, the only delays foreseeable are those which may occur through non-delivery or insufficient delivery of certain Government furnished items. These items include Control Unit CP-4, Antenna Coupler TAC-1, and Multi- plex Control Links. 6. At long last, four of the much heralded AFSAM 7 machines will be delivered to us in October. At that time, we can begin local testing and determine the specific procedures required for our use. However, do not look for their utilization in the field before next year. DCC dU REV oATE2 91- OR:C COMP DPI _ TYPE 0_/_ ORIG CLASS -s Pm REV CLASS f_ JUST 4 REV 4011 AUTH. HR SECURITY INFORMA rI'OR Approved For Release 2001/03/30 CIA-RDP78SO5452A000100030020-2 Approved For Relea 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78SO545 000100030020-2 r r- 9. We will receive two DEN 31 devices in October as pro- mised. The DEN 31 is the electronic device used for MOA (Morse Operator Analysis). After some testing by our engineers, one or both of these units will be sent to the field. 7. A new development model of CIFAX equ r enciphered facsimile) is being locally tested between two KUBARK offices. This equipment has 25X1A2d1 been approved If this test proves satis- factory, the use o eQuipmen ? may a expan e to serve other offices both here and in the field. Here again, production models will not be avail- able until 1956, 25X3A3 10. No doubt most if not all, of you have heard about the drasitc personnel ceiling and budget limitations imposed by Congress. For FY-54 and 55 we are limited personnel-wise to the number we had on duty as of mid-night 30 June. This means that no additional commitments can be undertaken unless we are relieved of present duties. This means that if a project requires five additional people another project or projects must be reduced that num- ber. It is appropriate therefore, that each activity be reviewed to determine whether or not every slot presently filled is absolutely necessary. This, you should;-do with a very critical eye. If you find an activity that is not fully productive and absolutely essential, please let me know. There is no "fat" unless you can, by this critical review, bring it to light. 11. The Company is restricted budget-wise for FY-54 and FY-55 to the amount obligated in FY-53. This means that we will not be able to procure equipment, other than that necessary to maintain existing facilities. It also means that we will, have to curtail travel to some extent. We have been given a specific amount from which we must meet all of our commitments. There is no "kitty". If we watch our operations carefully and increase the efficiency of our management. I am sure that we can continue to carry out all the things that are absolutely necessary. I request your whole-hearted coopera- tion to carry out our commitments to our customers and still live within our means. SECURIT INFORMATION SE ITY INFORMATION Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78SO5452A000100030020-2 25X1A2d1