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December 28, 2016
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June 30, 2004
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July 29, 1963
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Approved For Release 2004/07/29: Cl 29 July 1963 Copy 3 D040RANDU14 FOR: Chief, Military>Econaiics Division, ORR 2X1 ATTENTION: Mal: SLMJECT: Chief, CIA/J?ID (NPIC) Sua ry of M310 and IR 4 Activity Observed 2X 1 1. On a 'total of 128 MRBM and IRBM ;X1 ;X1 5X1 .Type I (Bound pad Maw) 55 observed on Type II (Elongated pad MRBM 39 observed Type III (Soft IRk 9 observed. on Type IV (Hardened M MM) 14 observed on Type V (Hardened IRM 2 5X1 11 observed on launch sites were observed. This is approximately 70 percent of the 182 such sites identified to date in the USSR. Coverage by site type is as follows: 80 identified to date 49 identified to date 15 identified to date - 20 identified to date - 18 identified to date. 2. Photo coverage of 488 of the 103 soft sites observed on this mission was of sufficient quality to state that the elongated dark objects, thovsht to be missile erectors, were visible on the launch pads. A breakdown ofothis identi- fication by site type is as follows: Sites observed Type I - 55 Type II - 39 Type III - 9 Sites at which erectors could be identified on Type I -18 Type lI - 25 Type III - 5 D 25 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/07/29 : CIA-R 3A000300060011-4 Declass Review by NGA . 25 25X1 1 251X1 Approved For Release IA/016". CIA- SUf1 ECT: S ary of MRE4 and IR 1 Activity Observed 3. The following is a listing by name of all of the sites at which these objects could be identified .on Name Type Name Type Aluksne #2 II Balta #1 II Balta II Brest #1 II Brest #2 II Derazhnya #1 II Derazhnyu. ?2 II Dyatlovo #3 II Granov #1 III Gresk #3 II Gusev #1 I Gusev #2 I Kamenets Podolskiy #l II Kamenets Podolskiy #2 II Kivertsy #1 I Kivertsy #2 I Kivertsy #3 II Korosten #1 II Korosten#2 II Lutsk #1 s Lutsk #2 i Marina Gorka II Moloskovitsy #1 II Moloskovitsy #2 II Nigrande #l III Paplaka #1 I Paplaka #2 I Pinsk ;~1 Pinsk #2 I Pruzhany #1 II Pruzhany #2 II Ruzhany #1 II Ruzhany #2 II Sary Ozek #1 III Saitikiai #1 I Saitikiai #2 I Slonim #1 I Slonim #2 I &iorgon #1 III .#-wagon #3 ' ill Usovo #1 Usovo #2 I Usovo #3 II Zagare #1 I Zags i2 I Zhitc iir t'3 IV Zhimerinka #1 II 7hirnerinka II 4. In no case was it possible to state that these objects were not present at a launch site. In those cases where they could hot be identified there were other limiting factors that made it impossible to determine their presence. 5. The hoto analyst on this project is anal he may be contacted on extension could there be any questions L - -- J vo the information in.this memorandum. 25X1 25X 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/07/29 : C 000300060011-4 25X1