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December 28, 2016
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June 23, 2004
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November 20, 1963
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26 rebruari 1961+Alproved For Release 2004/07ff:trAIRDP78T047 43A000500010037-9 rawmAga=.503/63 IGNORARMI3 =eft Hilitary-Econaedes 170,1 SW al am JOIETITCS: Wet, cIA/Pn) (wirm) mach liensuration of Possible fat TranSporter BUTEINCE131 gioi Requirement 1/372/62 A =OD Prcject ci 1208.62 w 3 1. This memorandum Is In regrow* to your requirement dated 13 Demi'', 1962 requesting meows:aloe of all details visible on the possible 8ER4 tranamter observed at Varobyevi Cori railroad yards, Moscow, WM* 2. All mensuretion data tow this project imis Obtained tram RIDATIO with the following results* (a) Detailed aukensions ot the zoiSibila transportersi 11 (8) NGA Review Complete Overall length Overall vidth Width of cradle Radius of curvature end depth of =idle CrAd:Le 1 Cradle II Height of cradle ends Distance between cradles Bel&t of trailer body length* width, and height et various menbers of the framework malted an the transporter (see marks) Distance between various sections of the framewark (see remarks) Distance between, each meeteer of each section of framework (see remarks) Distance from each cradle to the obstructions at each end at the transporters Rat** of end obstruction. Meet Um or tracaparter FP. Nu.A. mot gag Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA:RDP78T04743A000500010037-9 25 1 2 25X1 ? Ere!, 0- ' : dcc 25X1 26 February 1964/ I r Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP78T04743A0? 0^ 0500010037-9 8113.73Cres Menmenortion of Iltanible SE124 Tokneportegr WEB 503/63 (b) As this vroject was worked, incoasistencies developed in the meazurements that cannot be easily explained. They probably come from either distortions in the viorgraphs or in the distances end camera. data Overt, but mana44 be pinned down to these factors. Incensistencies were especially noted in trying to develop date for the framework as called for in items 8, 90 100 1.10 sad 12 listed above; therefore, it was not possible to develop reliable values for these item. 2Vo overall. values are given on the attached sketch froa which estimates eau be rode of the desired dimenaions. Educe sections at the filamework do not lie in exactly the same position on all the trailers, and zarta of them exted. above the /1.210 between the cradles as much as two feet, it has been mezettetea that the framework is actually a ntriber of *mow sorts temporarily lashed to the trailer in knock down position for transport. This could moan that they are vexed when s_ regular shaped object is placed on the cradles, or that the object carried is very irregular in 0013e figuration such as a boat hull. (c) The above listed dimension are accurate to no more than ten percent. This large error percentage is given because checks made by different proce4nres did not agree any better than this amount. Doe to some unknown factor ouch as large dige.ortices introduced in makimg the viewgraItta, armor ously given camera focal length CV Zialeadizg object distance estimated by the *iotograplIer, the Imeasurements detersinesi did not agree with those oh. tallied wing perspective techniqUell based on the given Site of the tank cr. Also, there ion considerable inconsistency is vanishing point locations in the perspective solution, leading to additions/ disagreement IA the mate of the two nethode vim compared. (d) The overall vidth dimen111011 civets in item two is bac, on tbe fenders over the mbeels at the Cradle 2 end. There is ft loogituaiml probably a ntiewdomat" box fastened just outside this top surface of the fcrZtis. The 10 iligt width given is based on the supposition that these 'tie-down' bars are just outsides the itesiders which have ea outside separation distance of (e) The radius of =nature of the two cream given in item 4 doe* not tramcar to be the same. Cradle 1 sneers to larre reach emmaller radius than Cradle 2. In fact, Cradle 2 does not appear to have a single roans of *ammeters. At the cradle ends the oireature radius seem to be nosh smaller than it is for the adddle portion. This apparent difference in Ourvature vas noted independesttly by tour different saalysts in TID. (f) No dimentens Vero possible on the length, width, or 'Wheel ease of the railroad ewe due to leadelioste sibotegzigihte Zierappativelso (g) A shot* rant with ever3ar avias ialat peotbaint itteseelose to barren's studied* Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP78T04743A000500010037-9 26 February 1964 2 I Approved Fordease 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP78T0474000500010037-9 TIItt ,4?00.~.4.1em /tosible 13e44 Transporter WEB 303/63 3. The Ehoto elwaYet on this project is and he may 2511 be contacted ool V you have say further questions concerning this project. This project is cansidared to be cat.. Enclosures: 1. - Cue (11 Photo print with overlay 2 - Three 3) VU.graphs (submitted with requirement) 4LuNi Approved For Release 2004/07/07 : CIA-RDP78T04743A000500010037-9