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December 28, 2016
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September 5, 2001
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July 1, 1961
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This document contains classified information affecting the national security of the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws U. S. Code Title 18, Sections 793, 794, and 798. The law prohibits its transmission or the revelation of its contents in any manner to an unauthorized person, as well as its use in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign government to the detriment of the United Slates. It is to be seen only by U. $, personnel especially indoc. trinated and authorized to receive TALENT-KEYHOLE information. Its securiTy must be maintained in accordance with KEYHOLE and TALENT regulations. i Approved For F~Pse 1~5 : ~'I',~~Fgl8T~~4J~~A000100010007-7 NOFORN i 1 ELECTRIC POWER IN THE URAL REGIOI~I, USSR PIC/JR-7/61 July 1961 i e NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION CENTER Approved For I~~se ~8~~1~ : ~8T000100010007-7 NOFORN Approved For a 2~~~ : ~8T~i ~A000100010007-7 PIC/JR-7/61 i 1 This joint photographic intelligence report is in answer to a request for basic information on electric power serving the Ural region of the USSR and for information on the status and alignment of two po~~ver lines believed to be under construction between Asbest and either Verkh-Ney- vinsk or Kamensk. The request also asked for a study of the area between Sverdlovsk and Verkhniy-Ufaley for significant new industries which might account for the large power capacity in this area. KEYHOLE photography o was examined with TALENT photography of in the preparation of the report. In addition, collateral information was used to provide as complete an overall analysis as possible of the availability of electric power to the Ural region. -3 25X1 Approved Forse~gE~/~~?g6 : ~8T~~~~A000100010007-7 NOFORN Approved For R~1?~e 2~t~F~-~: C~t~~~~8T0~~~t,~000100010007-7 NOFORN PIC/JR-7/61 r r f i f f r Approved Forl3el~se~l1Q1L11/~5 : ~I~-B~?~78T_Q47~1A000100010007-7 V ttlC..KKNCtOFORCN. tJ KlJ r Approved For~~se~~~4~~f~5 :L6~78~~lA000100010007-7 PIC/JR-7/61 INTRODUCTION obscured by haze or drifting snow. Asbest, Kamensk, Kyshtym Much of the Ural region covered by KEYHOLE photography is blank- eted by heavy overcast or obscured by broken or scattered clouds, haze, and drifting snow. The area between Nizhnyaya Tura and Verkh-Neyvinsk is completely cloud covered. Between Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk, visi- bility is limited to a few openings in heavy clouds. These areas are also obscured by heavy overcast. West of a line running from Verkh-Neyvinsk to Sverdlovsk to Zlatoust, KEYHOLE photography provides considerable data which supplement the analyses from earlier TALENT coverage. The limitations caused by cloud coverage in TALENT photography over the Ural region are delin- eated in ACSI-PIR-41-59, Military Aspects of the Urals Area. 1/ GENERAL DISCUSSION The study of the photography and the collateral material of the elec- tric power in the Ural area reveals that an estimated 6, 500 megawatts (MW) of power capacity was available in the area in exclusive of the power transmitted over the 400(500)-kv power line from Volzhskaya GES, near Kuybyshev. An estimated 3, 500 to 4, 000 MW was either planned or in construction at that time. KEYHOLE photography provides coverage, additional to TALENT photography, of power lines and electric-power installations serving the Ural region (see Figure 2). Of these, the power networks around the Pervoural'sk - Revda area, and Zlatoust (see Figure 3), and the Pavlov- skaya GES, a hydroelectric power plant on the Ufa river at Pavlovka, are significant. 25X9 25X1 D Approved For~pase~~1~~5 : ~I~-~~g78~~A000100010007-7 NOFORN Approved For Release 2001/11/05 :CIA-RDP78T04751A000100010007-7 "This document contains information affecting the National Defense of the Unitsd States within the meaning of the espionage laws, Title 18, USC, Secs. 793 and 794, the transmission or revelation of which in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law". It is to be seen only by U. S. PERSONNEL especially indoctrinated and authorized to receive TALENT-KEYHOLE information: Its security must be maintained in accordance with KEYHOLE and TALENT regulations. ~4pproved For R91~~ 2Q0~/~'~,jy~; Clp-,~Qr~7~8T0~Z5~.A.000100010007-7 JJ rtrtCCN''OFOR`Nr7 CJJ U~1" copy Na. ~ 6 August 1961 NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION CENTER ERRATUM FOR PIC/JR-7/61 In Figure 2 {on page 6,j, the power line shown .east of. Beloyarsk.as "40.0(500) KV" should be corrected to read ."planned 220 KV . " Approved For~as~~A~l~'I f05 ?~7 KUr~1A000100010007-7 NOFORN R v r n T z y 0 ?~ n _ C ' ---- 110 KV LINt 1 r~ci icF 9_ ORAL AREA POWER LINES AND ELECTRIC POWER INSTALLATIONS. The letters and numbers designating power plants and Approved For Release 2001/11/05 :CIA-RDP78T04751A000100010007-7 TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF NOFORN PIC/JR-7/61 Analysis and plotting of identifiable power-line circuits also suggest areas for further study which are cloud covered on either KEYHOLE or TALENT photography or on both. One of these is in the vicinity of Arti. A second is around Bagaryak, which is barely visible in a hole in the cloud deck. A third is the Kyshtym area. KEYHOLE discloses the probable electrification of the visible eastern portion of the Sverdlovsk-Perm' railroad. A 400(500)-kv power line seen under preliminary construction for a short distance out of Yuzhnaya substation on TALENT is revealed on KEYHOLE as being apparently extended in a southwesterly alignment. The observed trace is probably intended for the 500-kv power line re- ported under construction between Votkinskaya GES, under construction on the Kama river, and Sverdlovsk. KEYHOLE photography does not disclose any visible evidence in cloud-free areas of the two power lines reported to be under construction between Asbest and either Verkh-Neyvinsk or Kamensk. 5/ A positive analysis of power lines, faintly visible south of the conjectural site of Beloyarskaya AES (see Figure 2, item X) is prevented by cloud and haze conditions. One of these might be tied to Kamensk and be a section of one of the reported power lines. The search for significant new industries which might account for the large amount of power in the area proved fruitless. No significant indus- try was disclosed on the KEYHOLE photography in the cloud-free areas between Sverdlovsk and Verkhniy-Ufaley. ELECTRIC POWER INSTALLATIONS 25X1 D kv power line from Volzhskaya GES, near Kuybyshev. An estimated 3, 500 -in the Urals area, exclusive of power transmitted over the 400(500}- An estimated 6, 500 MW of power capacity was available in TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF Approved For Release 2001/'~~9~~IA-RDP78T04751A000100010007-7 25X1 D Approved Fo~I~as~20A'L(~7~5 ;,CI(~F~.?P7$~~~1A000100010007-7 F' tC.K NOFO`R.NncJJ rt P1C/JR-7/61 to 4, 000 MW additional was either planned or under construction. About 400 MW additional installed capacity could be made available to the area from the Votkinskaya GES when both power plant and the tying power line to Sverdlovsk are in service. Significant installations of the Ural power grid which are disclosed by KEYHOLE materials and briefly discussed below are cross-referenced to the power plants and substations illustrated in Figure 2 and listed in Tables 1 and 2. Power Centers Three urban areas in the Ural region can be considered both electric- power generating and electric-power using centers. Power-line networks within these areas are too complicated to trace on the map of the Ural power grid (Figure 2). Of the three, Sverdlovsk has KEYHOLE-TALENT coverage; Chelyabinsk only partial TALENT coverage; and Ufa neither KEYHOLE nor TALENT. Sverdlovsk Power Center The Sverdlovsk urban area (see Figure 3) contains three thermal power plants having generating capacities reported at 75, 25, and 24 MW (124 MW total). 1/ All three are tied to the Ural 110-kv power grid, which is also served by an important substation in the center of the built- up area of Sverdlovsk. KEYHOLE photography, which is partially cloud covered, does not disclose any changes in the local power-line network. Chelyabinsk Power Center The Chelyabinsk urban area contains two thermal power plants, each reported to have a generating capacity of 150 MW (300 MW total ). 1 / Power lines in the urban area can only be partially identified and plotted from TALENT photography covering Chelyabinsk. Approved For ~~se ~1R~ : ~8T~~fi4000100010007-7 NOFORN Approved For Rel~~~ 20Q.1.L~/,Q~TCIgR~p~~TO RUFF 0100010007-7 PIC/JR-7/61 L E G E N D THERMAL~POWERPLANT - SUBSTATION ~----+ ELECTRIFIED RAILROAD Ufa Power Center Collateral information reports five thermal power plants with a com- bined generating capacity of 288 MW located in Ufa. Approved For f~ 1~Rse ~01~1 : C~~8T~7~,4000100010007-7 NOFORN ' Approved Fo~IRase~0'~'E1105 78J~~F~1A000100010007-7 PIC/JR-7/61 Power Plants KEYHOLE photography discloses only one significant additional power plant and no observable changes to power plants disclosed by TALENT in the Ural region between Verkh-Neyvinsk and Chelyabinsk. 1/ The only significant additional power plant disclosed serving the Ural grid is Pav- lovskaya GES on the Ufa river (item MM, Table 1). Table 1 locates and describes the power plants on the Ural grid, and estimates their capacity. Substations KEYHOLE photography discloses a number of substations not iden- tified on TALENT material because of atmospheric conditions. Some of these have considerable significance, including two at Zlatoust (see Fig- ures 2 and 4 and Table 2 ). A published USSR report states that Nizhne Tagil'skaya Substation was "completed" and placed in service as of adding that it was one of the largest in the country. Power was being received from Volzhskaya GES near Kuybyshev, the report states. KEYHOLE photog- raphy does not disclose any new 220-kv or 400(500)-kv power lines or traces tying into the area of Nizhne Tagil' from any observable 220-kv or 400(500)-kv power lines in cloud-free areas. There may be a tie power line off the two 1-circuit 220-kv power lines from Verkh-Neyvinsk to Nizhnyaya Tura disclosed in TALENT, which pass west of the substation (item 15 on Table 2y in Nizhne Tagil'. Haze prevents detailed analysis of equipment in the substation's enclosed area. Details of the substations are given in the list comprising Table 2. A number of power-line traces are seen on KEYHOLE photography. Some of them extend the alignments of those visible on TALENT. 25X1 D Approved Fo~-~~as~~'~~9#05 :~l~-~78~ 1~~~1A000100010007-7 NOFORN Approved For Red 20~~t~~rCI~T0~~1~00100010007-7 25X1 D NOFORN PIC/JR-7/61 1 i NPIC G-4511 59? 40?. FIGURE 4. POWER LINES -N VICINITY OF ZLATOUSTINSKAYA, Inset shows Z-otoustinskaya substation. -12- 1 Approved For R~~~ 2QA~J~1f,Q5~F ~~~Z~T04~~5,1~000100010007-7 Approved Fo~l~ase'E1~05 78~~F~1A000100010007-7 NOFORN PIC/JR-7/61 Power Lines Serving Arti Area Two probable 110-kv power line traces, not discernible on TALENT material, can be seen entering acloud-covered area southwest of Arti and south of the northernmost bend of the Ufa river. One trace originates at the substation in Mikhaylovskiy (No 34, Figure 2); the second originates at the substation in Nyazepetrovsk (39.). Limited collateral suggests that a chemical industry may be located in or near Arti. However, the visible evidence that two 110-kv power lines serve this cloud-covered area sug- gests that power may be used for some purpose not disclosed in available source material, especially since available mapping provides no indication of any industry or other installation necessitating such a power supply. The clear KEYHOLE photography of the perimeter of this cloud-covered area does ~ not disclose any other traces which might be for power lines. Power Lines from Pavlovka to Ufa Two power lines can be traced on KEYHOLE photography leaving the site of Pavlovskaya GES (item MM, Table 1) in the direction of Ufa until they disappear under a heavy cloud cover. They are estimated to be for two, 3-phase, 110-kv power lines of either one or two circuits each. Since Pavlovskaya GES is reported completed, it is estimated that at least one power line is in service. .These power lines are not believed to carry 220 kv, since available USSR circuit diagrams of 220-kv and higher volt- ages for the national grid do not indicate any plans for 220-kv circuits to be tied into this power plant. Power Lines Serving Bagaryak Possible power lines tied to a possible substation (Item 40, Table 2) in the northern section of Bagaryak (56-13N 61-30E) are seen on KEY- HOLE photography (see Figure 5). Considerable activity is indicated by the many tangental traces radiating from this small community. Limited -13- Approved Fo~~ase5~~'~l~05 :LE~78~~1A000100010007-7 NOFORN Approved For Red 20~~4~1~rCI~T0~T~1~00100010007-7 NOFORN PIC/JR-7/61 1 collateral information indicates the production of graphite in the vicinity of Bagaryak. Clouds and haze, however, prevent analysis. There are indications that a large structure is situated south of the possible sub- station site. Approved For Rel~~ 2QAa./~'I~Q5.r CI~~2 ~Z~T04~,5'1~000100010007-7 1 JJC KNCOFORN 1'7~J 1~~ccurrrr Approved FoP~l~as~~'~~05 78~~~1A000100010007-7 NOFORN P IC/JR-7/61 Railroad Electrification Several substations serving electrified sections of railroads in the Ural region additional to those identified from TALENT are now identified on KEYHOLE. These railroads include the north-south line generally paralleling the eastern flank of the Ural range and the east-west line be- tween Chelyabinsk and Ufa (Figure 2). Also, there are visible indications that electrification is under way or possibly completed on the eastern cloud-free portions of the Sverdlovsk-Perm' line as far west of Sverd- lovsk as Kuzino (57-O1N 59-27E). TABLE 1. POWER PLANTS ON URAL GRID (These power plants are keyed to Figure 2. ) Source: T =TALENT; K =KEYHOLE; Co =Collateral. rep - reported; est - estimated a Item Name, Description, and Location Capacity (MW ) Source A Krasnoturinskaya TETS. Thermal power plant in Bogoslovsk (on far oblique ). 325 (rep) T, Co 59-46N 60-13E B Serovskaya GRES. Thermal power plant (on far oblique, mostly obscured by 400 (rep) T, Co clouds). 59-37N 60-47E C Thermal power plant in Novaya Iyalya. 12-13 (est) T 59-03N 60-39E D Thermal power plant in Korelirio. 11 (est) T 58-43N 60-23E Approved For~~as~~~'~9ri05 :`6~,~,78~~1A000100010007-7 'NOF~RN Approved For Re~~ 20g~t~1~'F CI~gT0~00100010007-7 PIC/JR-7/61 Item Name, Description, and Location Capacity Source (MW ) E Nizhnyaya Turinskaya GRES. Important 550 (est) T, Co thermal power plant in north Ural region. Switching yard also serves . as switching substation for north Ural 220-kv power lines. Power plant also serves Nizhnyaya Tura AE installa- tion. 1/ 58-37N 59-51E F Nizhniy Tagil'skaya TETS. Thermal pow- 87 (rep) T, Co er plant in Novo Tagil attached to Kaganovich Railroad and Car and Tank Plant. Probablyy tied into 110- kv power lines. 57-56N 60-04E G Nizhniy Tagil'skaya TETS-1. Thermal 100 (rep) T, Co power plant probably tied to 110-kv power lines. (partially obscured by clouds) 57-54N 60-02E H I J Nizhniy Tagil'skaya TETS, Kuybyshev. Small thermal power plant serving Nizhniy Tagil. Probably tied to 110- kv power lines. (haze) 57-54N 59-57E Small thermal power plant in Kirovgrad. Tied to 110-kv power lines through adjacent substation (not listed in List of Substations). 57-25N 60-04E Verkhne-Tagil'skaya GRES. Significant 15 (est) under 25 (rep) 800 plus T, Co T, Co T, Co 25X1 D 25X9 thermal ower lant rinci all ser- 200 u/c 25X9 ie to - v power -16- Approved For RgJp~~,ie 2Q~~'~~(?5r; CI~~P~7~8T0~,7~j'~000100010007-7 'v1l'' JC RNCO'FORN nCJJ rtvrr Approved FoP~I~as~1~05 78~~~1A000100010007-7 PIC/JR-7/61 Item 'Name, Description, and Location K SUGRES. Important thermal power plant in Sredne-Ural'sk serving Sverdlovsk and Verkh-Neyvinsk plant through 110-kv power lines. No change in- dicated on KEYHOLE coverage. 57-OON 60-29E Sverdlovsk Power Center power plants, (see text). (56-50N 60-23E) L Solikamskaya TETS, small thermal power plant attached to cellulose plant in Borovsk. Tied to 110-kv power lines. 59-41N 56-40E M Bereznikovskaya TETS. Thermal power plant in Berezniki. Tied to 110-kv power lines.** 59-24N 56-44E N Bereznikovskaya TETS, BMZ. Thermal power plant in Berezniki. Tied to 110-kv power lines. ** 59-24N 56-44E O Yayvinskaya GRES. Important thermal power plant reported under construc- tion. ** 59-18N 57-18E (Yava) Thermal power plant in Kizel. Tied to 110-kv power lines. ** 59-03N 57-36E Q Kizelskaya GRES-1. Thermal power plant in Gubakha tied to 110-kv power lines. 1958 Seven Year Plan indi- cates planned construction of 220-kv power line from Chusovoy to Guba- kha. ** 58-52N 57-33E Capacity (MW ) Source 234 (est) K, T Co 124 (total) 24 (rep) 105 (rep) K, T Co Co Co 100 (rep) Co 300 to Co 600 u/c 25X1 D 60 (rep) 98 (rep) Co Co 25X1 D _ Approved Fo~~~as~~6~I~05 {678~~~.+1A000100010007-7 NOFORN Approved For Re~~ 20~f~1~FCI~gT0~00100010007-7 PIC/JR-7/61 Item Name, Description, and Location Capacity Source (MW ) R Shirokhovskaya GES. Small hydroelec- 28 (rep) tric power plant on Kos'va River. Tied to 110-kv power lines. *~ 58-50N 57-33E * KamGES. First major hydroelectric pow- 504 (rep) Co er plant completed on Kama River. Tied to 110-kv power lines and to Yuzhnaya Substation, Sverdlovsk, by two 1-circuit 220-kv power lines in parallel traces. ** 58-08N 56-20E T Permskaya TETS ACP. Reported tied to 110-kv power lines. ** 57-59N56-14E n.a. Co U Permskaya GRES-2. Reported tied to 110-kv power lines. ** 58-O1N 56-10E 6.5 (rep) Co V Krasnokamskaya TETS, Zakam. Impor- tant thermal power plant serving 150 (rep) Co Krasnokamsk and Perm' area. Tied to 110-kv power lines. ** 58-05N 55-40E W Votkinskaya GES. Second major hydro- 1,000 u/c Co electric power plant under construc- ^ tion on Kama River. Planned to be tied to Yuzhnaya Substation, Sverd- lovsk, by 1-circuit, 500-kv power line. 56-46N 54-OOE X Beloyarskaya AES. Significant nuclear 200. u~c power plant under construction. To .plus. 00 be tied to Sverdlovsk and Chelya- planned binsk power centers by 1-circuit 220- .. kv powerlines. *** 56-51N 61-23E -~18- 25X1 D 25X1 D i Approved For R~ 20A~J~1fq,5f CI~T$.T0~5,1~00100010007-7 ~ V JC RNCOFORN JJ vrr Approved For~I~as~~0''R~1~05 ~78a~#~1A000100010007-7 AA Kamensk-Ural'skaya TETS. Significant 400 (rep) Co thermal power plant tied to 220-kv and 110-kv power lines. Probably proviles the area around Bagaryak with power through 110-kv power line. *** 56-21N 61-59E BB Argayashskaya TETS. Important thermal 300 (rep) Co power plant tied to 220-kv and 110- kv power lines. *** 55-28N 60-53E For Chelyabinsk Power Center power 300 (total) T, Co plants, see text. 55-lON 61-24E CC Yuzhno-Ural'skaya GRES. Thermal power 600 (1959) Co plant in south Ural area. Tied to plus 400 220-kv and 110-kv power lines; also u/c (rep) by a 2-circuit 154-kv power line to Zlatoust. A future 1-circuit 500-kv power line reported transmitting 220 kv. 54-53N 61-18E DD Troitskaya GRES.**** Significant ther- 1,300 u/c Co mal power plant reported under con- struction to serve 500-kv and 220-kv power lines. *** 54-03N 61-34E Approved Fo~~asg~A~l~'I f05 ~EP78~~~1A000100010007-7 NOFORN Approved For Re'~ 20g~T~1~5'~ CI~~~T000100010007-7 NOFORN PIC/JR-7/61 Item Name, Description, and Location Capacity Source (MW ) EE Rudnaya TETS. Thermal power plant re- 100 u/c Co ported under construction and to be tied to south Ural power lines through large substation (67 ). Whether this power plant will be completed is questioned in some collateral. FF Magnitogorskaya TETS. Thermal power 273 (rep) T, Co plant attached to Magnitogorsk Me- tallurgical Combine. Tied probably to 110-kv and possibly to 220-kv power lines through 35-kv power lines and substation in north Magnitogorsk (64). 53-26N 59-02E GG Magnitogorskaya TETS. Thermal power ~ 100 (rep) T, Co plant attached to Magnitogorsk Me- tallurgical Combine. Tied to TETS, item FF, by 35-kv power lines and to substation, item 64. 53-23N 59-02E HH Sterlitamakskaya TETS, New. Thermal 50 (rep) Co power plant tied to Ural area through ^ 110-kv power line to Ufa power cen- ter. 53-37N 55-58E II Small thermal power plant at Ishimbay. under 25 Co Probably tied to Sterlitamakskaya TETS (HH) through 110-kvpowerline. 53-28N 56-02E JJ Salavatskaya TETS. Thermal power plant 150 (rep) tied to Ural area by 110-kv power line to Ufa power center. 53-21N 55-55E 25X1 D 25X1 D' Approved For Rel~~ 20A~11.1,L(~5.f CIA:R~ pPZ$~TOq~5.1~p00100010007-7 1I JJtC.f(N[tOFORCN.I7CJJ KUrr Approved Fo~I~ase~0~'~~05 :~78~~~'1A000100010007-7 ' NOFORN PIC/JR-7/61 Item Name, Description, and Location Capacity (MW ) Source KK Zlatoustovskaya TETS. Small thermal 25 (rep) K, Co power plant, possibly tied to 110-kv power lines (haze ). 55-12N 59-40E LL Sma11 thermal power plant in Asha. Pos- sibly tied to 110-kv power lines (haze ). 4 (est) K 55-OON 57-16E MM Pavlovskaya GES. Hydroelectric power 170 (rep) plant on Ufa River. Tied to Ufa pow- er center by two probably 110-kv power lines. 55-24N 56-34E K, Co Ufa power plants, see text. 288 (total) Co 54-44N 55-57E * Approximate geographic coordinates (plus or minus 2 minutes). * * Cloud covered on TALENT. * * * Cloud covered on I{EYIIOLE. * * * * Cloud covered on `TALENT and ICEYIIOLE. Approved Far~easg~~6~1~'~f05 -I~P7~~~1A000100010007-7 NOFORN Approved For Re a~ 20S~i1L~i~F CI~ST000100010007-7 PIC/JR-7/61 TABLE 2. SUBSTATIONS ON URAL GRID (Items refer to numbers on Figure 2. ) Approved For R~~ 20p~/~J~5TCl~$T04,~~1~p00100010007-7 ~ ~! JC NOFORN J rtvrr Approved For a ?~~'~~0~ : ~8T000100010007-7 - NOFORN PIC/JR-7/61 Location and Item: Coordinates 10 Promyskla 58-34N 59-10E 11 Stantsiya Yevropeyskaya 58-27N 59-16E 12 Stantsiya Vyya 58-35N 59-59E 13 North of Verkhnyaya Tura 58-23N 59-51E Kushva 58-17N 59-47E 15 Nizhniy Tagil 57-55N 59-55E 16 Near Buksina 58-29N 60-34E 17 Verkhnyaya Salda 58-06N 60-33E 18 Levikha 57-38N 59-55E Known Voltage Description (kv) Source Transformer substation. 110 T Transformer-rectifier sub- 110 T station serving Perm' - Kushva electrified railroad -(452-a; 7/). Transformer-rectifier 110 T substation serving Sverdlovsk to Nizhnyaya Tura electrified railroad. (454-a; 7/). Transformer and switching 1.10 T substation; probably feeds 35 35-kv power to Sverdlovsk - Nizhnyaya Tura electri- fied railroad (454-b; 7/). Probable transformer sub- 110 T station (haze and far oblique ). Large transformer substa- 110 T tion; ties Nizhniy Tagil industrial complex to Ural .110-kv power lines. No visible tie to 220-kv Verkh- Neyvinsk -Nizhnyaya Tura power lines (haze). Transformer substation. ** 110 Co Transformer and switching 110 T substation. Transformer and switching 110 T substation; probably feeds 35 35-kv power to Sverdlovsk - Nizhniy Tagil electrified railroad (454-a; 7/). -23- Approved For se ~1`~{~1~ : C~hP~8T~7~'~4000100010007-7 NOFORN Approved For Fuse ~~f~~5 : ~h~-fl8T~~~~A000100010007-7 NOFORN PIC/JR-7/61 Location and Item Coordinates 19 Karpushika 57-30N 59-55E 20 Stantsiya Byn'govskiy 57-35N 60-06E 21 Tsementnyy 57-25N 60-10E 22 Neyvo-Rudyanka 57-21N 60-10E 23 Verkh-Neyvinsk 57-16N 60-06E 24 3 miles East of Taraskoye on Isetskoye Ozero 57-08N 60-10E 25 Solikamsk 59-41N 56-40E 26 Chusovoy 58-21N 57-49E description Known Voltage (kv) Source Possible transformer sub- 110 T station; may possibly con- tain rectifiers to feed do power to electrified rail- road. Transformer-rectifier sub- 35 T station, serving Sverdlovsk - Nizhniy Tagil electrified railroad (454-a; 7/). Transformer substation, 35 T serving cement plant. Transformer and switching 110 T substation, with possible rectifier equipment to serve Sverdlovsk -Nizhniy Tagil electrified railroad (454-a; 7/). Seven substations. Six 220 transformer, switching, 110 and rectifier substations 35 serve plant. event su station serves local industry, being fed 35-kv power. Transformer substation, 110 with possible rectifier equipment for Sverdlovsk to Nizhniy Tagil electri- fied railroad (454-a; 7/). Transformer substation. 110 Planned significant switch- 220. ing and probably trans- former substation to serve planned 220-kv power lines for north Ural region. 25X9 T Co ' K T Co _ i i 25X1 D' Co ~ 25X1 D 1 Approved For release 2AA~.l~1f.0,5 : C~;iq-J~gP~8T?E{7~'~1000100010007-7 ~ (Jf Jtl. [N'OFOR`NI'7[J KV r Approved For a ~~'~~ : C~~8T~7~1~-000100010007-7 i Location and Item Coordinates 27 Chusovoy 58-21N 57-49E 28 Bizert' 56-52N 59-04E 29 Revda 60-48N 59-56E 30 Pervoural'sk 56-56N 59-54E 31 Bilimbay 56-57N 59-47E 32 Sverdlovsk 56-44N 60-36E cipal transformer and (500) T switching substation for 220 Co Sverdlovsk and central 110 and north Ural areas. Terminus ~ of 400 500)-kv power ine from olzhskaya GES (near Kuybyshev) through Bugul' - ma, Ufa, Zlatoust, and. ~ : -- Chelyabinsk, and of two 1-circuit, 220=kv power lines from KamGES (S ). Description PIC/JR-7/61 Known Voltage (kv) . .Source Transformer and switching 110 substation .tied to 110-kv 25X1 D power lines in north .Ural area. Transformer substation. 110 K, T Transformer substation. ** 110 K Possible transformer 'and 110 T, Co principal switching sub- station for 110-kv power lines west of Sverdlovsk in central Ural region. Possible transformer-rec- 110 K tifier substation, serving Co electrified section of ~ 25X1 D Pervoural'sk -Kuzino rail- road; may be in process of electrification. Power line trace continues toward Kuzino (410-zh; 7/). Yuzhnaya substation. Prin- 400 K 25X1 D Approved For I~~e ~A~~1~~~ : C~~8T(~7~9~000100010007-7 NOFORN Approved For f~~e ~~~1~ : ~8T~~~~A000100010007-7 PIC/JR-7/61 Item Location and Coordinates Known Voltage `~~'Description (kv) Source 33 Stantsiya Transformer substation 110 T Kosulino (Dubrovinskiy) 56-45N 61-02E with possible rectifier equipment for serving Sverdlovsk -Tyumen elec- 34 Mikhaylovskiy trified railroad (410-z; 7/). Transformer substation tied 110 K, T 56-27N 59-08E to 110-kv power lines. 35 ' Degyarka KEYHOLE discloses new trace in direction of Arti area. Transformer substation. 110 K, Co 56-43N 60-02E 36 Polevsk'oy Transformer and switching 110 T, Co 56-29N 60-15E substation tied to 110-kv 37 Stantsiya power lines southwest of Sverdlovsk. Probable transformer- 110 K Poldnevaya 56-18N 60-17E rectifier substation serving Sverdlovsk -Chelyabinsk electrified railroad (462-g; 7/). 38 Verkhniy Ufaley Major transformer and 110 Co 56-03N 60-13E switching substation tied to 110-kv power lines be- tweei~ Sverdlovsk and Che- lyabinsk; possibly has rectifier equipment serving Sverdlovsk -Chelyabinsk electrified railroad (462-g; 7/). 39 Nyazepetrovsk Transformer substation tied 110 K 56-02N 60-17E to 110-kv power lines. KEYHOLE discloses a new power line trace in direction of Arti area. 26 - Approved For~e.~se,2QLy1/~~/~ : ~r?~~78T,Q~7,5~A000100010007-7 Approved For~gl~as~A~'I~'~1#05 :~EP78~~~1A000100010007-7 ''vv NOFORN PIC/JR-7/61 Item Location and Coordinates 40 Bagaryak 56-13N 61-30E 41 Kyshtym 55-42N 60-33E * 42 Kasli 55-53N 60-32E 43 Vermikulit 55-59N 60-40E * 44 Stantsiya Shagol, 7 miles NW of switching substation in 220 Chelyabinsk south Ural region on Kuy- 110 55-14N 61-17 E byshev to Sverdlovsk 400 (500)-kv power line; tied also to 220-kv and 110-kv power lines. Only partially in service (TALENT), some switching equipment and transformers not yet in- stalled (surrounded by clouds in TALENT). 45 Karabash Transformer substation tied. .110 ; T, Co 55-29N 60-13E * ,~ to 110-kv power lines (haze on TALENT ). Approved For~l~rasec~~l~l~t/p5 : ~~g578~~tA000100010007-7 NOfORN Known Voltage . Description (kv:) Source Possible transformer sub- 110 K station tied to Kainensk (poss) and to Sverdlovsk by pos- sibly 110-kv power lines. Important switching and 110 probably transformer sub- station tied to 110-kv power lines between Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk. * * * Transformer and switching 110 T, Co substation of possible sig- nificance to atomic energy installations in the Kyshtym area; tied to 110-kv power lines. 25X1 D Transformer substation; ter- 110 T, Co . minus of 110-kv power line 35 from Kasli; serves Sungul' Institute through probable 35-kv power line. 25X1 D Chelyabinskaya substation. 400 T Principal transformer and (500) C Approved For Re~a~g 20p~~~5~ Cll~~pP~~T047,5~'I~-000100010007-7 ''vv~r" JJ RRNCCOFORINIIC KVI'~ PIC/,; R-7/61 Known Location and Voltage Item Coordinates a~escription - ~ (kv) Source 46 Zlatoust Major transformer and 154 K (North of switching substation on 110 Co urban area) 110-kv power lines west ^ 55-lON 59-42E of Chelyabinsk and tied to Yuzhno-Ural'skaya GRES (CC) by 2-circuit 154-kv power line; .probably tied to Zlatoustinskaya Substation (47 ). * * Transformer substation. 110 T, K Terminus of probable 110-kv (possibly 35-kv) power line from Zlatoust (haze on KEYHOLE). 47 Zlatoust Zlatoustovskaya Substation. 400 K (South of ~ Principal switching and (500) Co ' urban area) transformer substation 110 55-09N 59-40E serving Zlatoust area on Kuybyshev to Sverdlovsk 1-circuit 400 (500)-kv power line. ** 48 Kusa 55-17N 59-37E 49 Stantsiya Tundush 55-11N 59-24E 50 Near Stantsiya Zhukatau on Berdyaush to Druzhino rail- road (452-b; 7/) 55-09N 59-12~ 51 Satka 58-02N 59-03E Transformer-rectifier 110 K substation serving Ufa - Zlatoust electrified rail- road (435-zh; 7/). Transformer-rectifier 110 K substation serving Ufa to electrified railroad (435-zh; 7/ ). covered? on KEYHOLE) 1 1 1 25X1 D 25X1 D 1 Transformer substation tied 110 T to 110-kv power lines west Co of Chelyabinsk. *** (cloud ~ 25X1 D Approved For F~~e 2~1~1~1~: C~gg7S8T0~~~/~000100010007-7 NOFORN Approved For~lPase~9~9~'~~05 :~N-~78~ 1~~~1A000100010007-7 NOFORN PIC/JR-7/bl Item Location and Coordinates 52 Raz"yezd platform ) iyanka 55-04N 57-35E 53 Asha 55-OON 57-15E 54 Tavtimanovo 54-54N 55-40E 55. Ufa 56 Bugul'ma 54-29N 52-45E 57 Miass 54-59N 60-07E 58 Kochkar' 54-27N 60-48E 59 Belgorod 53-55N 58-23E * Descriptipn Known Voltage (kv) Source Transformer-rectifier 110 K substation, serving Ufa - Zlatoust electrified rail- road (435-zh; 7/). Transformer-rectifier 110 K substation serving Ufa - Zlatoust electrified rail- road (435-zh; 7/). Possible transformer- 110 K rectifier substation serving Ufa -Zlatoust electrified railroad (435-zh; 7/). Planned principal transform- 400 Co er and switching trans- (500) _ former substation on Kuy- byshev to Sverdlovsk 1-circuit 400 (500)-kv power line. Status not available; may be under construction, partially or completely in service. Principal transformer and 400 T, Co switching substation on (500) Kuybyshev -Sverdlovsk 220 1-circuit 400 (500)-kv power line, Bugul'ma oil field. Transformer substation 110 Co tied to 110-kv power lines . west of Chelyabinsk. **** Transformer substation. 110 Co Transformer substation, 110 Co terminus of 110-kv ^ 1-circuit power line from Magnitogorsk (see item 64). 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D Approved For~as~~~Akl~'1~05 ~gP7~~~1A000100010007-7 NOFORN; Approved For Re 20~~1`~4~6~ CI,~~T0~700100010007-7 NOFORN PIC/JR-7/61 Item Location and Coordinates Known Voltage n~aDescription .(kv) 60 Kustanay Significant transformer sub- (500) 53-16N 63-36E station believed to be re- 220 61 Rudnyy ceiving 220-kv power from TroitslC over future 500-kv power line . Large transformer and (500) (Sarbay area) probable switching sub- 220 station, believed to be 110 62 Lisakovka receiving 220-kv power from Troitsk over 1-circuit future 500-kv power line. Reported transformer sub- 220 (near Raz"yezd Lisakovka) 52-32N 61-16E station on Sarbay-Dzhety- gara 220-kv power line. Construction may have 63 Dzhetygara begun. Reported planned trans- 220 52-13N 61-13E former substation to be 64 Magnitogorsk terminus of .Sarbay- Lisakovka-Dzhetygara power line. Construction may have begun. Principal transformer and 110 53-28N 59-03E switching substation in 35 65 Davlekanovo Magnitogorsk tied to 110- kv power lines in south Ural region. (No evidence of any 220-kv equipment on TALENT). Transformer substation tied 110 54-12N 55-04E to 110-kv power lines south of Ufa. May have rectifier equipment for Kinel'-Ufa electrified railroad (435-e; 7/ ). - 30 - Source 25X1 D Co 1 25X1 D ' Co Co 25X1 D T, Co 25X1 D Co Approved For Re~~ 201.1~/.Q~TCI~I~~$.T04~~a~~00100010007-7 JCC K NdFOR~Nn~ J rtv 1 Approved For~~ase~@4~1~i~05 :`6t?~~78~~~1A000100010007-7 NOFORN _ PIC/JR-7/61 Known Location and Voltage Item Coordinates Description ~ (kv) Source ? 66 Belebey Same, as 65. 110 Co 54-13N 54-07E ~ 25X1 D 67 Abdulino Same as 65. 110 54-06N 54-07E * 25X1 D Approximate geographic coordinates (plus or minus 2 minutes), Cloud covered on TALENT. Cloud covered on KEYHOLE. Cloud covered on TALENT and KEYHOLE. 1 PHOTOGRAPHY MAPS AND CHARTS 25X1 D The latest editions of the AMS maps Series N501 and N502 and Air pilotage charts covering this area were used in this report. In addition to Sheet No 41 of AMS series 1301, WACs 156, 164, and 165, and USAF Jet Navigation Charts, Sheet JN-11 were also used. The highest classifi- cation on these maps is CONFIDENTIAL. -3T- Approved For~l~aseSll~'~1~5 :L6~78~~9A000100010007-7 NOFORN Approved For Re 20~~~1~~ CI~~T0~7~'~00100010007-7 ^ 25X1 D NOFORN ^ PIC/JR-7/61 ^ DOCUMENTS 1. Army, ACSL PIR-41-~ Military Aspects of the Urals Area, F> ? Summary of Nov 59, passim. (TSC) 2. CIA. SI 51-59, Availability of Electric Power to Soviet Atomic En- 25X1 C ergy Installations in the Urals, 4 Jun 59 (S/Noforn ^ 25X1 C 3. ^ 25X1 C 4. CIA. NIS 26, USSR, Chapter VI, Section 62 D, "Electric Power," data ^ 5. of Jan 59, Figures 62141 and 62-154 (S/Noforn) CIA. OSI-SD/60-15, Scientific Intelligence, 8 Aug 60 (S) 6. Morozova, A. A. Prof, ed. Turbinnoye Oborudovaniye Gidroelektro- ^ stantsiy; Moscow, 58, pp 338-354, item 22, and p 411 (U) 7. OFITSIAL'HYY UKAZATEL' PASSAZHIRSKIKH SOOBSHCHENIY, LE- ^ TO 1957 FODA (1957 Summer Passenger Timetable) Moscow 57 (U) In addition, collateral data covering electrical developments during ^ ^ the current USSR seven-year plan, 1958-1965, including schematic circuit diagrams of power lines of 220 kv or higher voltages, from the files of USSR newspapers and magazines were studied. Approved For RgJ~~,ie 2Q01~'~,(Q5,; CI~~P~7~8TOQ,~,5~'~000100010007-7 'vff JC RNCO'FORNnCJJ Burr Approved For Release 2001/11/05 :CIA-RDP78T04751A000100010007-7 TOP SECRET NOFORN ' Approved For Release 2001~'~1'B5 :~:~l8T04751A000100010007-7 NOFORN