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December 28, 2016
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January 21, 2003
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November 1, 1959
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Approved For Release 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP78TO4751A000400010019-1 No. Pages : 6 TOP SECRET COPY NO.: Joint Photographic Intelligence Report ELECTRONIC INSTALLATIONS STARGARD AND STETTIN, POLAND ARMY PIC/JR-27/59' NOVEMBER 1959 CIA 25X1 COORDINATED, PUBLISHED, AND DISSEMINATED BY CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY PHOTOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE CENTER This document contains information usable only within the It is to be seen on a MUST-KNOW BASIS ONLY BY PERSONNEL ESPECIALLY INDOC- TRINATED AND AUTHORIZED. Reproduction is prohibited unless approved by the originator. Declass Review by NIMA / DoD 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP78T04751~ 4 E-1 Approved For Release 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP78TO4751A000400010019-1 This material contains information affecting the National Defense of the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws, Title 18, USC, Secs. 793 and 794, the trans- mission or revelation of which in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. Approved For Release 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP78TO4751A000400010019-1 Approved For ReleaseTZ/ R RDP78T ELECTRONIC INSTALLATIONS STARGARD AND STETTIN, POLAND PIC/JR-27/59 NOVEMBER 1959 Approved For ReleaseffiQ /OgffRE 4 Approved For Releas2r/7Ri 10 15 20 25 30 B A L T I C Ka lningrad Chernyakho k Lubeck SEA Danzig Rostock Grodno N' P St i Bialystok ry (Szcze n) Hannover argard r r BERLIN Poznali W SAW n Brest Pripyat' G E R M iA N Oder O L D Lodf Lublin 7U7 C 7 Dresden O Kovel' Breslau Wroclaw) 50 50 PRAGUE Kr w Nurnberg PlzerS Ostrava / L'vov Ec l Brno O s T Zilina AKI OnYPS KoiceO d 'r oh Linz Ch rnovts VIENNA Mukachevo Debrecen S T R A U BUDAPEST Iasi H N R Oradea Cluj ra? Szeged Nagykanizsa Arad R U N I A Timi$oara Or ul Stalin Galati ~~~JJJ Trieste (Bra$ov) 45 45 -O (7~~ SQDa 4be Turnu Ploe$ti y 1(Q Severin BUCHAREST BELGRADE onstanta YUGOSLAVIA panaye BLACK Pleven Stalin (Varna) S E A B U L G urgas SOFIA ROME 9 Plovdiv / ITALY G eT TI RA p (Stan ul : a T Y R R H E N I A N' fy Q. 40 40 O SEA TURKEY r h U reds d g -_? A E G E A N th Od N 1 hd/ PI ~ EE CE GR g j. . ba dry d g h Imo of IONIAN SEA V(~ Lhue a mm the S-41 Um- Some -1 the -eh-' o O b e e.dY r mg~i-d by SEA boeede.s :bow e.e nor -c:: e the Unmed Sm s Goee,e eee , w r ;Y r ? 15 20 25 The European Soviet Satellites Scale 1:10,000,000 0 100 200 300 400 Statute Miles I rT1 ~ I 0 100 200 300 400 Kilometers Selected railroad 12756 6-53 Approved For Release 2003/02/27 : CIA- 1A000400010019-1 TOP SECRET Approved For Releasej2M/QSXffgk RDP78T04 51A000400010019-1 PIC/JR-27/59 ELECTRONIC INSTALLATIONS STARGARD AND STETTIN, POLAND INTRODUCTION This joint photographic intelligence report has been prepared by the Army, Navy, and Central Intelligence Agency in response to ACSI/DA SRI-19E-5-59 and general Navy and CIA requirements, requesting a detailed study of the antenna farm near Stargard, Poland. Owing to its similarity to the Stargard installation, the antenna farm near Stettin is also included in this report. STARGARD ANTENNA FARM Location and Description This antenna farm is located at 53 ?18'N/ 15 c07'E, 3.7 statute miles southeast of Stargard, near Hansfelde. It occupies an area measuring approximately 1,500 by 1,350 yards (418 acres). The only apparent security provision is a fence that encloses the control area. The installa- tion, which is served by a single power line from Stargard and a hard- surface, all-weather road, appears to be of fairly recent construction, since the ground is heavily scarred and not overgrown. Within the control area is a control building and several smaller buildings which appear to be temporary and are possibly used to store tools and/or construction equipment. The control building is a "T"-shaped structure covering 17,600 square feet. Transmission lines exist throughout the installation area (see Figure 1). The first evidence that this antenna farm existed was obtained on 3 April 1956 before the aerial coverage), when ground photographs of the site were taken. -3 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release ,2 QQ212 R 25X Approved For ReleascFW/WR&TA PIC/JR-27/59 The site contains 37 "H"-type antenna supports and at least 16 stick masts. Thirty-three of the "H" supports are 75 feet high and 4 are 50 feet high. The supports are arranged in seven parallel rows (items C, D, E, F, G, H, and I); the long axis of each row has an azimuthal orientation of 210?/030? and roughly parallels the service road. No positive identifi- cation has been made of the antenna types represented by these "H" configurations. Among the possibilities are curtain arrays, long-wire antennas, inverted-vee antennas, squirrel-cage antennas, or a phase- measuring device. The "H" supports are similar in construction to those at the Stettin Antenna Farm. The 16 stick masts are arranged in two groups of eight masts each (items A and B). Again, no antenna types have been identified. A collateral report (evaluation F-6) states that they support antennas similar to Disc Cone antennas 1/, but this cannot be confirmed from the photography. The stick masts are 100-105 feet high and are constructed in rows roughly paralleling the service road. Although the quality of neither the aerial nor the ground photography allows interpretation of the antenna types, the antennas may be long-wire, inverted-vee, or Disc Cone antennas. Also noted in the site are numerous ground scars (item J), but no masts can be seen. On the control building is a lattice tower which is probably utilized for general observation and security of the entire installation. STETTIN ANTENNA FARM Location and Description This antenna farm is located at 5328'N/14'33E, 2.4 miles north of Stettin, on the north edge of the village of Warsow (see Figure 2). The site is irregular in shape, covers at least 40 acres, and has no apparent security provisions. It contains a multistory, irregularly- Approved For Release 2003/02/27 : Cl 51A000400010019-1 TOP SECRET %% oftft Approved For Release 2003/02/27: CIA-RD 245' 245' I O ~?~? 140 ? O 1407:: ? ~p T ?ff ~f~ ? FARM BUILDINGS 960' E ^ 115' ?????? D 0_T_ ? ? ? .~~'? 245' Ip C3 C %~ 340' .?..u?..y a ? 245' ??? ~? ^ -~_ ~^ .?? ." T fi 140' 245' ?I ? M' 160' 245' p ?' ~~ F go, .. ?^y{ 6 . 30' ^ ^ ~5' 0 8T04751A000400010019-1 370' 245' I 975 120' ^r H .,. 245' 25X1 610' 1 ....... :...... ........................?......... "H" TYPE SUPPORT 75' HIGH o "H" TYPE SUPPORT 50' HIGH 0 .STICK MAST A GROUND SCAR TRANSMISSION LINE POWER LINE Approved For Releasec, 310W7RrQW 7v6I e7 ,A000400010019-1 TOP SECRET Approved For Release MM19to t- 7$ 51A000400010019-1 PIC/JR-27/59 shaped control building covering 13,400 square feet, a possible cooling pond, a self-supporting lattice tower, at least 21 "H"-type antenna n COOLING POND A LATTICE TOWER X H-TYPE MAST O ABANDONED AAA FIGURE 2. STETTIN ANTENNA FARM AND supports, and numerous stick masts. Antennas The lattice tower is approx- imately 180 feet high. A cable scar originates at the control building and extends to an antenna tuning/ coupling house next to the base of the tower. The tower probably supports a transmitting antenna for a "commercial-type" broadcasting station. Of the 21 "H" supports, 3 are approximately 150 feet high and 18 are approximately 110 feet high. These supports are composed of two tall masts and are joined by 11 cross-members. In two cases, as shown on ground photography, EXAMPLE OF "H" TYPE SUPPORT. two "H" supports have wires sus- pended between them at four different levels. In another case, two wires are suspended between an "H" support and a stick mast. Although the way the remaining "H" supports and stick masts are used cannot be determined from available photography, it is assumed that they are similarly used. 25X1 25X1 Approved For Releas~a~~3EQ2L2 tfI RDP78T94751A000400010019-1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP78TO4751A000400010019-1 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP78TO4751A000400010019-1