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December 28, 2016
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June 4, 2001
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August 24, 1956
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r' SECRET *A*EMT - r7drF Appro*od For Release 2001/08/13: CIA-RDP78T04753A00410001 PHOTOGRAPHIC II ELLTGENC# BnrEF C1A/RR-1U'A ' opy_ o .Copies TNSTALM'IQN. LOCATION Zhabinka-Tserkovnoye Railroad Area BRIEF NO.: B9-56 : B.E. NL ER: Vicinity of 'Brest, Belorussian SSR. None DN : 22 August 1956 WAC NO PHOTO DATA: 168 LONU.: 250 00' E 25X1D REFERENCES: Target Moeajc None MaP USAF Aeronautical Approach Chart 168 D III Other:. GP/1-208 ENCLOSURES: None REMARKS: A photographic intelligence study was made of the area within 5 kilometers of the railroad between Zhabinka and Tserkovnoye to determine any significant changes in the area since the previous-photo coverage in 25X1D The photography of this area is approximately-35% cloud covered. The following items of interest are noted: 1. Bereza/Kartuz Airfield (520 331 N, 210 531 E,) Runway: 6650'x,2001, oriented NW/SE, concrete construction. Parallel taxiway east of runway. Aircraft: 2I Beagles and approx. 31 jet fighters, Facilities: Building area, located SW of runway, contains one large barracks or storage building, and several smaller buildings. Defenses: Two 6-gun AA batteries. R.R. Spur: Grading is underway for a R.R. spur to field. It branches from main R.R. line approx. 1 mile east of Bluden. 2. Bronna Gora Explosives Storage. This facility is enlarged, fenced and contains approx. 35 buildings which appear to be rail served. Declass Review by NIMA D0CUMENTNO. NO CHANGE IN CLASS. D / D o D El DECLASSIFfrio Z Qs/7 CIPR Td~ 100010009-3 Approved For Release CLASS. CHANGE) TO: TS a C NEXT REVIEW DATE. Z (Page 1 of 2) em- SECRET W SECRET TAT Approl For Release 2001/08/13 : CIA-RDP78T04753A000100010Qa3 BRIEF NO.: B9-56 3. Linowo Oil Storage. Originally buried, the storage tanks are now on the surface. There are at least 10 horizonal tanks (each approx. 35' long and 10' diameter) and probably 12 more. One new building, l00'x ?.O',in area. A rail siding serves this oil storage facility. 1. Slobodka Military Training Area. Numerous barracks and storage type buildings. Maneuvering ground to south appears to be used by tracked vehicles. 3 circular, 25' diameter, probable storage tanks in building area. 5. Bereza Military Training Area. Barracks area mostly obscured by clouds, but evident. Maneuvering ground to south appears to be used by tracked vehicles. 6. Town of Ivatsevichi. The main road through Ivatsevichi, formerly a grade crossing, now overpasses the R.R.. 14 kilometers SW of Ivatsevichi the main road, previously a grade crossing, is now an overpass. This road is 20-25 feet wide, of gravel construction. Reported asphalt construction of sections of this road is not confirmed. Several small industries in town-- no heavy industry. Narrow gauge R.R. to SE is probably operative. 7. Narrow gauge R.R. leading north from Bluden to Bereza airfield has been abandoned. Narrow gauge R.R. north from Linowo to Pruzana, via Slobodka Military Training Area, is possibly operational. 8. Swamp areas are not as extensive as indicated on maps. Numerous drainage ditches are evident. Some zormer swamp areas are now hay fields. 9. The railroad bed is primarily earth fill, with ditches on each side, with numerous culverts along the rail line. 10. Apparently all guard posts along the railroad have been removed. 11. Ivatsevichi Airfield site has reverted to agriculture. (Page 2 of 2) Approved For Release 2001/08/13 : CIA-RDP78T04753A000100010009-3 tur SECRET M',f'