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December 28, 2016
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June 4, 2001
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September 4, 1956
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INSTALLATION: LOCATION: B.E. NUMBER: WAC NO: 25X1D aiMP SECRET 11141INT Approved ForftfremsaiallOMMERETWW53A000100010017-4 LOPY o .15_Copies CIA/RR-RTA New Minsk-Baranovichi Highway Belorusskaya SSR, USSR None 168 BRIEF NO.: B17-56 DATE: 4 Sept. 1956 LAT.: 52? 50' N to 53? 501 LONG.: 25? 40! E to 27D 351 E PHOTO l" ? REFERENCES: Target Mosaic: None Map: AMS Series N501, Sheets NN 35-7, NN 35-8, NN 35-10. Other: None ENCLOSURES: (1) Location Map liEMARKS : A new, all-weather, 110 mile long highway has been constructed from a point approx. 25 miles SW of BkRANOVICHI to MINSK. This road is now in lisn, several vehicles are observed along the route. Construction is still in progress on the MINSK by-pass section of this highway. When completed it will join the main MINSK-MOSCOW highway just east of MINSK. ROUTE DESCRIPTION The new highway joins an existing all weather road at a point, approx. 5 miles ENE of GNOYNO. It runs in a NE direction and overpasses the double track rail line between BREST and MINSK 6 miles SE of LESNA. This overpass has a span of approx. 65'. The highway then runs parallel to,and li miles north of the railroad until it joins with an existing road 2i miles east of TARTAK. Then it continues on the old road alignment to a point 6 miles SW of BARANOVICHIlwhere it turns north and overpasses the rail line to STONIM. Then it turns NE, overpasses a connecting rail line, overpasses the rail line to LIDA and continues NE from a point approx. 1 mile north of BARANOVICHI. The highway then runs 1 mile north of,and parallel to the BREST-MINSK rail line for approx. 8 miles. At this point the rail line swings east, but the highway continues in the same general direction for approx. 20 miles to a point north of GORODEYA, where the rail line and highway again are only approx. 1 mile apart. Declass Review by NIMA / DoD brm -PIB DOCUMENT NO NO CHANGE IN CLASS. DECLASSIFIED CLASS. CHANGED TO: TS C NEXT REVIEW DATE: 4p.0/ AUTH: HR 70.2 DATE: IREV1EWER: 0/0 f5Y9 Page 1 of 2. JUR Approved For Release 2001/08/13 : CIA-RDP78T04753A000100010017-4 pfa SECRET T-Aj,,,R4T SECRET Approved For Releaser1/08/13 : CIA-RDP781T4e51100100010017-4 BRIEF NO.: B17-56 This relationship continues for the next 10 miles to STOLPTSY. The new highway bridge ir STOLPTSY over the NEMAN River is approx. 5001 long and wide. The SW approach is over a long earth fill. 25X1D From STOLPTSY to.DZERZHINSK the new highway runs parallel to the rail line, approx. mile to the north. The highway passes through the south side of DZERZHINSK and continues NE to cross the USSA River at a point l miles north of the railroad bridge. The highway 25X1D bridge is 1351 long and wide. The highway continues NE approx. one mile NW of the rail line to a point approx. miles SW of the center of MINSK, where it turns east, crosses the BREST-MINSK rail line on a new approx. 651 span overpass, and continues for 2 miles where it connects with the previously existing main road that runs south from MINSK. Here a clover- leaf intersection is under construction, with the only usable lane turning north to MINSK. The new highway is under construction beyond this point. It will by-pass MINSK on the south side, and doubtless connect with the existing 3 lane MINSILMOSCOW Road. CONSTRUCTION DETAILS: 1. Width: TWO lane highway, approx. l5' wide, plus 51 wide shoulders on both sides. 2. Surfacing Material: Asphalt. 3. Bridges and Overpasses: All are deck type and are probably concrete construction. 4. Culverts and Drainage: Culverts generally are not discernable. The road bed is built up in low areas and drainage appears adequate. 5. Curvature: All curve aregentle, including approaches to overpasses. Page 2 of 2. Approved For Release 2001/08/13 : CIA-RDP78T04753A000100010017-4 f-pr SECRET TAIANT Approved For Release 2001/08/13 : CIA-RDP78T04753A000100010017-4 K renets- abedevo Corshan Bogd.iiyo Pleshchm VoloihIn ;41 1148 1 Balishty ACHUUSH 7 6 ? Rubezhevich' Novogru Pommel. rodyshehs - r- ovich ?behove Shchitko Gruor AST)/ 3 lyikhovicirearimmormom Slobodl?a .498 .7" uchstim 4.4 aWaferr.e: W 4113 r 6307 U ? Ozero Vygonovskoye Ozero brovichskoy Lyrbor ? 564 - 4.71E. Aiiillivogniimia??t!....r 4 10 20 STATUTE 30 MILES