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December 28, 2016
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July 24, 2001
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January 1, 1956
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Approved For Release 2001/ P78T04753A000100070010-5 T TAI rAjr-, 25X1D F 210 .5 43J awflaw j on ILU s g on the go 1101 -bust line as hall'am ` a f 000 aim be give as 2,3 miles awt at ~~rich Ic. , 'b p i n aw from o f a with a t#ra at the he". Xiu" 1 a "vine ems, '~) W 483A UQUIRIf f it vlus mshw ate. ste st, It `ic, ejortftic ) () w=b-r at ens ewe, each tn*;,' (Q) *.=bw of on* with h *d9ft Ow iy be s t s m o Mr At. re, lwl" x fly ewe with lcrw Si , >A Well e j '#.t t lr)r ntlliles earn (two him,, with an t or OW), cattle , Alcohol h e ! ~ ear 1L#h eadh tom, dim the =nber of owe vhUh we vie ibly 1+oe-+ ad, cuss vixii-Lv a cubm" a t&e end c1 ` e of t hmij&t trainaT I y of" the =ars a _ t * o a or PUttftM? Are 8wh a aoatbwod tWwu^t the tnicia? a *us Mw the at the UVIJ, a tiro-at2s ears i * q u i x i o d to e s ft b U i h 1 a e ' l unt tie: mnowt an tho on a on at%*Ww trIp oo mte. A to cbwk aUtieti.+ e > s 3 Lt d oxygm tWJC ows irlat VIth a " of 'fit ear Xft ' t a r at as a. DECLASS REVIEW by NIMA/DOD Approved For Release 2001 An" DOC1JMc:NTNO. _- NO CHANGE IN CLASS. ^ ^ DECLAShIFIE[) CLASS, CHANGED TO TS ? c Q &QWOA - -12o?2 AUTf-I: R ?Q-2 DATE: e2 REW1cwrA: &a4 'he* 4M fte tra , em's as Is e t& lit M *rer a ae tiaele, at viat weed is It Anvingf?