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May 22, 2001
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May 12, 1958
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Approved For Release 2001/09/01 : CIA-RDP78TO4753A000200010015-5 No. Pages : 3 COPY NO.: 39 OP SECRET JOINT PHOTOGRAPHIC 'INTELLIGENCE MEMORANDUM NAVAL DOCKYARD AND ASSOCIATED INSTALLATIONS AT VARNA, BULGARIA NAVY HTA/JM-658 12 MAY 1958 Declass Review by NIMA / DoD . CIA WARNING: HANDLE VIA TALENT CONTROL CHANNELS ONLY COORDINATED, PUBLISHED AND DISSEMINATED BY CIA/HTA This document contains information usable only within the TALENT CONTROL SYSTEM. It Is to be seen on a MUST-KNOW BASIS ONLY BY PERSONNEL ESPECIALLY INDOC- TRINATED AND AUTHORIZED. Reproduction is prohibited unless approved by the originator . QOCUMENT NO. N IN CUSS 0 NO C o pECt~fftEi3 - n s T SECRET CLASS. sn h-- -? v NEXT REVIEW UATE: fiUTHI HI10.2 o ~v Approved liTir4p0de-~0W9 : CIA-RDP78TO4753A000200010015-5 Approved For Release 2001/09/01 : CIA-RDP78TO4753A000200010015-5 3 WARNING This material contains information affecting the National Defense of the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws, Title 18, USC, Secs. 793 and ,;;794, the trans- mission or revelation of which in any manne to an unauthorized person is prohibited by 1 .: . J Approved For Release 2001/09/01 : CIA-RDP78TO4753A000200010015-5 Approved For R seSEGET61CbESSR7"GFOi 200010015-5 NAVAL DOCKYARD AND ASSOCIATED INSTALLATIONS AT VARNA, BULGARIA HTA/JM-6/58 12 May 1958 Approved For fbrn "ffffid , 99DPP&UAM00200010015-5 Approved For R&(e eSEGRET0aIC HIESSP7140FO, 0200010015-5 10 15 20 25 30 Kalinin rad ` C=nyakho,~k ~ Lubeck 4P EA Danzig \ Rostock v 1 Grodno Nie~ tin Bialystok (Szczen) ` \ O Hannover I BERLIN Poznah LL%,y W SAW udvr Brest , GERMANY cy, P 0 L I todt ( I \ Lublin 1 U. S. S R. . Dresden' Koval' Breslau Wrocraw) ~ 50 ?r ~ ? ti 50 J PRAGUE ! Krakbw~ Nurnberg Ostrava Lvov Plzen E 0 Zilina B rno tea' AKI ~ _ ay Kosice .,; inz - +, Chernovtsy VIENNA Mukachevo A U S T R I Debrecen BUDAPES H N Oradea Iasi U Cluj Szeged N k i agy an zsa Arad R U N I A ~ !C ~. \ Timisoara Or ul Stalin Galati 45 _ ~ Trieste ,~'??~ _ '~~ (Brasov) 45 Turnu Ploesti -~~ J V t Severin BUCHAR BELGRADE Constanta YUGOSLAVIA C B L A K Pleven Sta in (Varna) SEA, G urgas ~~ A L SOFIA B U L G ROME Plovdiv ITALY f TIRANE pay Istanbul TYA'A'H.E VI , c -- ~~~ - 40 ~' T U R K E Y 40 TA, un,ted state G.--l does nor ,e o9n, e d the ode, hfe;,9 brie a: thedern;t,~e cou.h Ger,nan \ ~~ ~ t : ;~: a _, (.-!;,- ,~ 'c GREECE boudary, nQr doa, e-.- A. moo?n,atnn or s . h ~: , ) :v Lithe. a !rim the Sonet Uninn. Some d the other V =4 `f \ d d b 1 b~ ~~a h y mangnie y .. 7. boundaries s own a. noe necesse. U d S G -e--t. the aite tates 12 15 20 25 The European Soviet Satellites Scale 1:10,000,000 0 100 200 300 400 Statute Miles Selected railroad 0 100 200 300 400 Kilometers 12756 6-53 Approved For Release 2001/09/01 : CIA-RDP78TO4753A000200010015-5 TOP SECRET CHESS - NOFORN Approved ForT a pF Ei iOGHa5&DPN?(aRN00200010015-5 HTA/JM-6/58 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page I. Introduction 4 I I. Summary and Conclusions 4 III. The Port of Varna (Stalin) 5 IV, The Graving Dock 5 V. The Dockyard Components 6 VI0 Housing 7 VII, Transportation Facilities 8 VIII. Probable Associated Naval Installations 8 IX. Communication Facilities 9 X. Security and Defenses 10 Approved For R steM pgftgDP7AZQQ7,5,Qpp0200010015-5 UP ET Approved For IiFQRs&EGREcT/OC 6DPhb0 0200010015-5 HTA/JM-6/58 I. INTRODUCTION This Joint Photographic Intelligence Memorandum has been prepared at HTAUTOMAT by CIA, Army, and Navy analysts, under Navy Chairmanship. It is intended to utilize both photographic and collateral intelligence in presenting a general description of the Naval Dockyard and associated installations at Varna, Bulgaria, and to answer the following specific requirements: CIA/GP/HTA/ R-21/57 and Navy Op-922HI Project 7-57. Photographic interpre- tation has been derived from a series of oblique prints of -aerial photography, one of which accompanies this analysis. Some photos taken from shipboard are also available. A far oblique aerial view of the port appears on photo- graphy. Collateral intelligence from several sources has been used. II. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS The Varna Naval dockyard is a major Soviet bloc ship repair facility. It contains a 750-foot graving dock, completed in -after four years under construction. It has apparently been used only for merchant vessel repair, which is consistent with the known fact that Soviet facilities for hull repairs to merchant vessels are inadequate. However, the size of this dockyard and its strategic location with respect to the Mediterranean Sea make it of great potential importance to the Soviet Navy. Only two graving docks in the entire Soviet Bloc exceed the Varna dock in size, both of which are located at Molotovsk in the White Sea just below the Arctic circle. These docks are each 1,000 feet in length. The Varna dock, measuring 750 by 100 feet, is large enough to accommodate any vessel the Soviet Union has, either naval or merchant type. During its first year of operation Approved For ftVsp.ita,/'~JOy.~ C4~RDP7,,8,TQ?763AOp0200010015-5 Approved For F ;ise ' 1 9T0'C b P7NOJTOR 40200010015-5 HTA/JM-6/58 30 ships were reported repaired. 1/ Five ships were reported under repair at one time during The presence of light towers giving the dockyard a night operating capability, is indicated by available shipboard photos. III. THE PORT OF VARNA (STALIN) Varna lies on the west shore of the Black Sea, 130 nm north- east of the northern entrance to the Bosporus, and 260 nm west- southwest of Odessa. Ice usually presents no winter navigational problem, as it does with the ports of Sevastopol and Odessa. Only in severe winters does a belt of drift ice 30 to 40 miles wide extend down the coast to the Bosporus. Tides do not adversely affect operations. The mean range is only 0.3 feet. There is a seasonal change of two feet which depends primarily on the volume of water discharged by the rivers which drain into the sea, and to atmospheric and wind conditions. Fog creates no severe problem because it is usually of short duration. 3/ IV. GRAVING DOCK Construction of the graving dock began under the supervision of Soviet engineers and technicians. Since its formal opening it has been operated by the Georgi Dimitrov Shipyard and Ship Repair Plant, under the supervision of Soviet officials. The dock took twice as long to construct as would normally be expected. However, it is apparent that the excavation was much more extensive than was required for a graving dock alone. The pit excavation was reportedly dug to a depth of_below sea level. 4/ Approved For rP/tWp;RDP1${4UAQQ00200010015-5 Approved For F 1 Pse9K' 1 9TOC Id P7NQI R 40200010015-5 HTA/JM-6/58 Sides of the dock have been built in five steps, whereas the latest type graving docks in this country have perpendicular walls. V. DOCKYARD COMPONENTS The following items comprising the dockyard, in addition to the graving dock, are annotated on the photograph and drawing which accompany this memorandum. Concrete apron 170 feet wide surrounding the dock, apparently used as a stockyard. Two craneways. Each craneway has aportal gooseneck jib crane. Estimate made from shipboard photos indicate a 10-ton capacity for for one and a 30 -ton capacity for the other. Two quay areas with a total berthing space of 730 feet. Unidentified semi-buried storage at north end of dockyard, consisting of a double-mounded structure. Thermal power plant, 90 by 30 feet. Has coal storage pile adjacent. The main power plant in Varna (B. E. with an Approved For {rstea40f0t; t-?DPZ$T.Qf7a QQ,00200010015-5 TO - Approved For QRsSEC0RET/OC gi)P fi?. 0200010015-5 HTA/JM-6/58 estimated capacity of 10,000 KW is located about one-half mile away. Main shop, 335 by 60 feet. Available ship- board photos show multiple exhaust stacks on roof. Administration building, 90 by 25 feet. Probable garage building, Probable machine shop, 235 by 65 feet and 90 by 75 feet. Small tower, 2 1/2 to 3 stories high. Guardhouse. Possible open storage area. Concrete apron Five unidentified buildings varying in size from about 40 by 25 feet to 165 by 25 feet. Shed, 135 feet long. Wall, 10 feet thick, bounds the dockyard on three sides. Possible spare lock-gate. VI. HOUSING The apartment area for naval officers and dockyard workers and families which houses an estimated 1,800 people, is located south of the dockyard (plate 1) and consist of the following: Approved For 2 stgtI MTO1. ?DP7ATaQ?61ff 0200010015-5 UP MESY- Approved For FiFQBsSEC0RET/OC 6DPNO 0200010015-5 HTA/JM-6/58 Eleven three-story buildings, each 1 80 by 55 feet. Five two-story apartment building, each 70 by 55 feet. Boilerhouse, 70 by 55 feet. Six unidentified building. VII. TRANSPORTATION FACILITIES A single-track rail line leads to Sofiya in the interior. A second single-track rail line leads north into Rumania. A rail spur enters the dockyard serving all the major components (plate 1). There are surfaced highways leading from Varna to Sofiya, Burgas, Dobrich, and Balchik. These highways have been previously reported as having crushed stone surfaces approximately 20 feet in width, but the Varna-Burgas and the Varna-Balchik roads have been improved since World War II, with numerous sharp curves elimated by cutting and filling. VIII. PROBABLE ASSOCIATED NAVAL INSTALLATIONS A. Naval Base (see plate 2) The south breakwater has been expanded into a mole 100 feet wide and 1,600 feet long. This is being used as a berthing facility for the naval base. Additional quayage has been made on the north side giving at least 800 feet more berthing space. Several buildings have been added since World War II. Although no infor- mation is available on depths alongside the new mole and the quay, it might be noted that the depths (MSL) alongside most of the other berthing spaces in the inner harbor average _ feet. Approved For JRPJaa 001/.0YO G ?DPA-8f76IM0200010015-5 Approved For TzE$sSECftf/cESDP E 0200010015-5 HTA/JM-6/58 B. Munitions Storage (plate 2) The main munitions storage area at Varna is situated on the sides of several halls approximately 4,000 feet south of the seaplane base on Lake Varnensko. There are 17 large buildings in individual revetments carved in the sides of the hills. This has been reported as a naval munitions storage area,. and has been considerably expanded since World War II. Approximately 1,500 feet south of the seaplane station there is a field about 325 feet by 250 feet which appears to be concrete surfaced as though a covering for a storage area. About 4,000 feet east of the seaplane station is another former munitions storage area. This, too, has been expanded since World War II. There have been four large and numerous small buildings added, and the area has been almost doubled in size. C. Other Also reported at Varna are the Bulgarian Naval Head- quarters, Black Sea Fleet and the Bulgarian Naval Academy. Their probable locations are as shown on plate 2. IX. COMMUNICATION FACILITIES Approved For TRPIP-as UP t 0a,/J1 I01.; CLA;~DP7A T,5 73AOp0200010015-5 Approved For i ias$EQ /C &DP k 0200010015-5 HTA/JM-6/58 At 43?09' 54" N/27? 54'38"E there are two 90-foot-long build- ings surrounded by earth blast walls. One is rectangular and one is L-shaped . No masts are noted, At 43?08? 53" N/27? 52 i 50k' E there is a 10o by 35 foot prob- able multistory building and two tall stick masts 200 feet apart. X. SECURITY AND DEFENSI S A stone and concrete wall ten feet thick encloses the dock- yard on three sides, with a pier and the graving dock entrance corn- prising the fourth aide. An extremely tight security ban on visitors to the Varna area was imposed, beginning in With the exception of one instance involving some were unaware that a graving dock was under construction, no Western intelligence personnel have been permitted to enter the area. While the Varna area is known to have coastal defenses, no coastal defense guns, searchlights, pill boxes, observation posts, mine fields, or submarine nets could be confirmed on the photo- graphy. Anti-aircraft defenses, which are easier to observe, are surprisingly light. Only two batteries were identified, one near the dockyard, and the other south of the dockyard near Cape Galata. These batteries are the conventional eight-gun circular type. Approved For TUPsp.e~1,~E$/Ot gOP - 8,Tqf6pp0200010015-5 Approved For FT4DQsSE0R 0C P7 1Ab40200010015-5 HTA/JM-6/58 MAP DATA: ATMP: 0323-9999-25M REFERENCES: 1. Air, USAFE. C/U& Only/ CONT CONTROL.. 2. CIA. FDD Summary #986, Econ. Report # 98, 5 July 1956 (S) 3. NIS 23, Bulgaria, Section 35, p. 12, April 1953 (S) 4. Ivanenko, N. Y. "Mechanization of Construction of a Dry Dock in the People's Republic of Bulgaria", Scientific- Technical Journal, Organ of the Ministries of Mines, For- estry, Construction, etc. of the USSR, Vol. 10, No. 3, March 1956, Moscow (U) 5. CIA. CS 32615e, 22 March 1954 < C/US ONLY/CONT CONTROL Approved For 0 ups@6t&1bTMDPWM6Qp0200010015-5 Approved For Release 2001/09/01 : CIA-RDP78TO4753A000200010015-5 ffi P SECRET P SECRET 01 0 Li 0 0 Approved For Release 2001/09/01 : CIA-RDP78TO4753A000200010015-5 TOP SECRE 'pprAq~agr Release 2001/09/01 : CIA-RDP78TO4753A000200010015-5 VARNA NAVAL DOCKYARD 43011'25 " N-27?5405"E WALL / CONCRETE - APRON POSS. WAREHOUSE MAIN GATE KITCHEN & STORAGE UAY::; WAREHOUSE SC%OL Approved For Release 2001/09/01 : CIA-RDP78T04753A00T:QR01$6'h5 fT - CHESS TRUDOVAK (LABOR BATTALION) ACKS BARRACKS \ 0`` HOSPITAL, B STORAGE TOP SECRET-CHESS VARNENSKO LAKE Approved For Release 2001109101: CIA-RDP78T04753A000200010015-5 THERMAL POWER PLANT ?mr' M_ AA POSITION NAVAL DOCKYARD ASPARUKHOVO GRAVING DOCK INNER HARBOR NAVAL BASE (POSSIBLE SPARE LOCK GATE QUARTERS FOR DOCKYARD PERSONNEL 1000 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 Approved For Release 2001109101 : CIA-RDP78T04753A000200010015-5 FLEET (REPORTED) PLATE 2 TOP SECRET-CHESS BLACK SEA AA POSITION