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December 28, 2016
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August 21, 2001
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August 7, 1957
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Approved For Release 2001/09/07 : CIA-RDP78T04753A000300040005-2 No. Pages: 7 COPY NO.: _19 1111111 SECRET PHOTOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE MEMORANDUM RAILROAD YARDS AND SHOPS SMOLENSK, USSR HTA-M31-57 7 AUGUST 1957 DECLASS REVIEW by NIMA/DOD DOCUMENT NO. NO CHANGE IN CLASS. i71 DECLASSIFIED CLASS. CHANGED TO: TS C REViEW DATF:? 0/2.... AUTH: HA 70-2 WARNING: HANDLE VIA Ma CONTROL CHANNELS ONLY CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFICE OF RESEARCH AND REPORTS This document contains information usable only within the TALENT CONTROL SYSTEM. It is to be seen on a MUST-KNOW BASIS ONLY BY PERSONNEL ESPECIALLY INDOC- TRINATED AND AUTHORIZED. Reproduction is prohibited unless approved by the originator. SECRET-Nalla Approved For Release 2001/09/07 : CIA-RDP78T04753A00030004000 Approved For Release 2010/67E-MTR01111111053A000300040005-2 RAILROAD YARDS AND SHOPS SMOLENSK, USSR 1-1TA-M31-57 7 AUGUST 1957 Approved For Release 2iiirgidi - 753A000300040005-2 ? _ _ _ _ ? - .4-. - - ._. _..... ____ ____ _ , EUROPEAN U. S. S. R. - . , tkOV Ali \ ? S f?...." ' 1.EMOK ---- --64 '- -4-s??t-ieroo ?l W A il ?`'''4' . I of" ? - gkak, ' A '0 iIres-1 I t . KOLGUYEV ' . V "? ? - - \ ..,-- CI .. URMANSK .,?solekh? 4 \ ki- < ( Kandalaksha k ,N,??? Li' : .?i- 1 , \ ,i7 : 1:16,000,000 0 100 200 300 400 : Belomorsk .?ARCHANGEL ) Molotovsr-r' ?Mezen' ,, ? U ho Stotute Miles 0 100 200 300 400 Onega ? 0,8ins'c''' Kilometers ? p,,,,,,,,cho''' I.e o,zz -,hai .icT.o-_ -L'.s, E.1:11:1fOTA'.1::l'A11-e ve ov dsk t-_. c'SVK tN"IZ' . Org v,.et_r.R oA.aV.GL,nOOyr Abk:L. .oN.p UdS:( INGR s:::::: ogurod :"IlP gie --?6- o tlas K onorVhAo \J lE'??4\W gda KIROV o0.lO l,a s,c / //lY? 6e5' 'B0LoO Kote lnich n4MAt41S SSCCK SHCHERBAKOVPskov ?bSaFj.oTA.ci*jira, 06/F4\ Bologoy--- KORTROMA , s )i1b\- S?K, 1,g,d1 v C9:A7e/0 U/ N. \--e, ' '., i 11..No Elahrstoir : ' ranovichi 0 L rest- to: 'Pinsk ? Rovno P..Fzerny,i .NATO t Vo czEc ' . . ?, LIN ' VrS \.."/ qui R u , Asi ? N 14 tisHINEv ?Orasw aii, :I)4 )6 . ?esti ? .'? BUCHAREST'3----'"--',, ..s:N. ? !?-,,.. ? ? .-.N.ik...2Constanta . -Li L Burgas PLOVO4/ .., ' OIOAR Purse .lIMIR aries United has Lithuania ehlye TEB? SM OL NSK ? Mogilev omE Chemigov ? KIEV saw? KHAR'KOV POLTAVA 0 Vinnitsa KIROV?GRAD 0 K. VOY ROG ZAPOR 0 KOLAY io o ? -SSA rson SIMFEROPOL' ,---6 SEVASTOPOL'? K sarcsun ?ZOnguldak R. TANKARAtj Some boundaries shown on this map am (1954), not necessarily recognized as definitive States Government, the United States not recognized the Mcorporation of Estonia, in. the Soviet Union. ANR:IORLA VL' ' , MOSCk '-/, TULAr azan . Sarans ENZA L TAMBOV URSK VORONEZH Balashov Valuyki 4 t.. LINGRAD VOR2SHIL VGRAD P- ETROVS - TN LINO SHAFD'ITC TAGA ROGEV G ZHDANOV? OSTOV Yeysk KERCH' horetsk 0? KRASN AR ?Stavropol' Tor7,70--....?, Novorossiya . o Maykop Tuapse ROZNYY Sukhumi @DZAUDZHIKAU Kutaisi Batumi Trabzon Kars Leninakan y . de facto bound- Government s.,,..?.----1',,)-------. . 'Erzurum by the Latvia, and EV.SG \'k? C\s3iHR H 4Ng of A \ > ,00,- ,,,,110G , O W . SHEV - - , 00'? . .) U ? RATOV ? . nYY 1Cut as --,-_, BVLthnnIk , GoOesiO ? ASTRAKH / eno ? Fort Shevchk Ma66ach6ala U.. TIFLIS novodsli, Kireso,abad YEREVAN . .. ?AStara A N _i TABRIZ ?iiiii.,$ . -i- --- / Base 13268 10-54 ..? 2 - Approved For Release 2 /49ffdetlit,WisT?14753A000300040005-2 Approved For Release 2001/09/07 : CIA-RDP78T04753AgXgQ0M9pD?y2 RAILROAD YARDS AND SHOPS SMOLENSK, USSR Smolensk is located 245 miles west-southwest of Moscow, at the junction of the Brest-Moscow railroad and the rail line from Riga to points in southern uropean USSR. In the complex of yards and shops at Smolensk there are three distinct facilities: The Central, East, and Kolodniya Yards and Shops. The primary purpose of these yards is classification of west- bound traffic, but they handle some eastbound traffic as well. 25%1D The railroad yards and shops at Smolensk suffered heavy damage during World War II. A comparison of photography with that of World War II reveals the following changes in addition to repair of damage incurred during the war. In the Central Yards a new freight warehouse and car repair and servicing shed have been constructed. A new passenger station and two new passenger service buildings have been rebuilt on their former sites. Two roundhouses have been removed from the area formerly devoted to the service and repair of locomotives, and these functions are now being performed in either the East Yard or the Kolodniya Yard. The classification yard which formerly con- tained 39 tracks now has 12 to 14 tracks, two of which are used for passenger service. In the East Yards, the shops and locomotive sheds have been rebuilt on their former sites, and a new elevated pedestrian walkway crosses the eastern Approved For Release 2pp1/0970 : clA-RDP78T04753A000300040005-2 Approved For Release 2061/09/07: a1A-RDP78T04753MTOE3410050f2 part of the yard. The nearby Dnieper River bridge, which was destroyed during World War II, has never been rebuilt. The Smolensk-Bryansk rail line which it served has been relocated and now joins the Moscow-Brest line 3.3 miles east of the former junction. The Kolodniya classification yard, which formerly contained 18 tracks, now has six to eight tracks and serves mainly as a holding and relay facility. The associated locomotive repair and service facilities were destroyed during World War II. However, the shops have been rebuilt and a new locomotive or car shed is now under construction. The relocated Smolensk-Bryansk rail line branches from the Moscow-Brest line one mile east of this yard. Components of the three rail yards at Smolensk are annotated and de- scribed on the accompanying photograph. Approved For For Release 29111/09,07 ;,91A-RDP78T04753A000300040005-2 Approved For Release 20KM/lickaalfehiefoi753A000300040005-2 HTA-M31-57 KEY TO ANNOTATIONS RAILROAD STATION, CLASSIFICATION YARDS AND SHOPS, CENTRAL 1. Holding Yard, 4000' long, 6-8 tracks wide. Two tracks for passenger service. No change in size or trackage since World War IL 2. Freight warehouse, 340'x 40?. New since Worl.d War II. 3. Car repair and servicing shed, 185?x 55'. New since World War IL 4, Turntable, 110? diameter. No change since World War II, 5. Ramp, 1100' long and 4W wide leading from viaduct over the yards to passenger terminal area,. 6. Passenger service building, 135'x 50'. New since World War II. 7. Passenger station, 340'x 1,10?. New; rebuilt on old site. 8. Passenger service building, 125?x 6W. New since World War II. 9. Classification yard, 300W long, 12-14 tracks wide. Two are for passenger service. Yard formerly contained 39 tracks. 10. Freight loading platform, 1200'x 50'. No change since World War II. 11. Holding yard, approximately 500W long, 140? 'wide. Contains 6-8 tracks. No basic change in size since World War IL RAILROAD CLASSIFICATION YARDS AND SHOPS, EAST 12. Classification yard, 4300? long, 600' wide. Primarily for classification of westbound traffic, but also handles some eastbound. Contains 24-30 tracks. No basic change in size since World War II, 13. Single-track line bypassing yard. No change since World War II, 14. Transshipment shed, 240'x 20'. No change since World War U. 15. Site of railroad bridge over the Dnieper River. Destroyed during World War II and not rebuilt. 16. Turntable, 100' diameter. No change since World War II. Approved For For Release 21tOrygepperReat-14)4753A000300040005-2 Approved For Release 20diria6Kikhl:fer44753A000300040005-2 HTA-M31-57 17. Storage shed, 200?x 35'. No change since World War II. 18. Elevated pedestrian walkway, 900' long. New since World War II. 19. Locomotive shed, 350'x 70', transverse monitor roof. Rebuilt on old site. 20. Locomotive shed, 175?x 100', arched roof, and connecting shop building 270'x 55', flat roof. Rebuilt on former site. 21.. Building, 145'x 65', flat roof. Rebuilt on former site. 22. Abandoned rail line to Bryansk. Now used as road. RAILROAD CLASSIFICATION YARDS AND SHOPS, ''KOLODNIYA" 23. Probable car or locomotive shed under construction. With associated shops, which measure 110?x 50' and 95'x 35, the over-all area covered by these facilities is 320'x 17W. Located on site of former locomotive repair facilities. 24. Shop building, 170'x 45'. Rebuilt on former site. 25. Holding Sidings, approximately 6000? long, 300' wide, and 6-8 tracks wide. Formerly a classification yard containing 18 tracks. 26. Small passenger station, 75'x 35'. New since World War II. 27. Relocated rail line to Bryansk. This rail line now joins the old align- ment approximately 7.5 miles south of this point. 2.8. Proposed rail line north to Beresnevo. This rail line, under construction in 1943, was never finished. Now used as a road. Approved For For Release ZPOFONIEURCM-IMIMS04753A000300040005-2 Approved For Release 2cT0891iEC&E5T-R6tiki-Si475wv_wiclop5-2 REQUIREMENT: Prepared in answer to RR/HTA/E/R14/57 requesting changes since World War 11 in the Smolensk Railroad Yards and Shops. 25X1D REFERENCES: 25X1A ATMP: COORDINATES: 54?48?N - 32?03E Railroad Station, Classification Yards and Shops, Central 54?49?N - 32?07?E Railroad Classification Yards and Shops, East 54?48?N - 32?09?E Railroad Classification Yards and 25X1A Shops, "Kolodniya" -7- Approved For Release YV.)AtiDn7CiFet-It9101?4753A000300040005-2 Approved For Release 2001/09/07 : CIA-RDP78T04753A000300040005-2 MR SECRET -Vara MI. SECRET Approved For Release 2001/09/07 : CIA-RDP78T04753A000300040005-2