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December 28, 2016
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January 14, 2002
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February 1, 1968
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ApprovgcMrSJG T1002/05/07 : CIA-RDP78TO4759AO08400010022-1 PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION REPORT CHELYABINSK-KARAGAN DA PORTION OF A SOVIET EAST-WEST MICROWAVE RELAY LINK TCS-20096/68 FEBRUARY 1968 COPY 3 PAGES handle via TALENTMIKEVIHOLE control only Declass Review by NIMA/DOD GROUP I EXCLUDED FROM AUTOMATIC DOWNGRADING AND DECLASSIFICATION Approved For Re TOP I@ /RQ,7 : CIA-RDP78T04759A008410010022-1 Approved For Release 2002/05/07 : CIA-RDP78T04759A008400010022-1 WARNING i.nis document contains information affecting the national security of the ni j -totes within the meaning cf the espionage laws U. S. Code Title 18, Sections 793 and 794. The la? prohibits its transmission or -he revelation of its contents in any manner to an unauthorized person, as ll as its use in any manner )reludicial to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of ,.ny foreign government to the detriment of the United States, it is to be seen only oy personnel especiall indoctrinated and autforized .n receive information in the designated control channels. Its security mus` e maintained in accordance with regulations pertaining to TALENT-KEYHOLE Control System. Approved For Release 2002/05/07 : CIA-RDP78T04759A008400010022-1 Handle,yia n TCS-20096/68 Talst'II I5ied For Release 2002/019? :+ T~7AYif759AO0840001002 ruary 1968 Control System Only NAME Chelyabinsk - Karaganda Portion of a Soviet East - West Microwave Relay Link A 500-nautical mile (nm) segment of an East - West microwave relay link along the rail line between Chelyabinsk and Karaganda, USSR, has been identified on 25X1 D The identified portion o is link includes the 20 facilities which are designated 1 through 20 on Figure 1 and in the listing below. Photographs of facilities 1 and 2 are included on Figure 1 as representative of the 2 types of facilities observed in this link. 1. 3 nm West of Zauralskiy at 54-48N 06l-llE 2. 1.5 nm Northeast of.Yuzhnouralsk at 54-27N 061-17E . Center of Troitsk at 54-04N 061-37E 4. 0.5 nm North of Komsomolets at 53-45N 062-02E 5. 2 nm Southwest of Fedorovka at 53-57N 062-40E 6. 0.5, nm East of Ozernaya at 53-26N 063-14E 7. 2 nm Southeast of Kustanay at 53-11N 063-39E 8. 0.5 nm North of Glazunovskiv at 52-55N 06~-48E 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D Handle Via Talent-KEYHOLE Approved For Release 2002/05TOR tI H7$jrf59A008400010022-1Control System Only dandle Via Approved For ReleIQ02 FDTT fFRDP78TO4759AO08 0'% hF-, talent-KEYHOLE February 1968 Control System Only VVIestern edge of Novonezhinka at 52-32N 064-02 North edge of Kushmurun at 52-28N 064-37E Ii.. 1 nm South of Koybagar at 52-17N 065-01E nm East of Tyuntyugur at 52-OTN 065-4>E 0$. nm Southeast of Yesil at 51-55N 066-28E .6. 1. nm North of Zhaksy at 51-55K 067-19E -5ON 067-55E _6. ; nrn East of Atbasar at 51-68N 068-26E I'(. nm South of Yelizavetogradskoye at `>1-2 iN 0` I_ urn Southeast of Vishnevka at 50-48N 072-12E 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D `:. 11 nm South of Osakarovka at 50-SON 072-$2E nm Northwest of Temir-Tau at 50-08N 072-52E !Mach facility consists of a microwave tower and a ontrol_ building. n1i-scale photography precludes identification o_' ;he size, type, and 1_en.tation of the microwave elements. 25X1 D 25X1 D Handle Via Approved For Rel 2 T-& ATJ I DP78T04759A008 00tro `$`y's em TOLE Handle Via Talent-KEYHOLE Control System Only 64- T 66? ICBM COMPLEX RAILROAD ROAD A + MICROWAVE FACILITY JVPIC M-2255 li 68' ATBASAR 16 70' FIGURE 1. CHELYABINSK - KARAGANDA PORTION OF A SOVIET EAST - WEST MICROWAVE RELAY LINK Approved For Release 2002/05/07 : CIA-RDP78TO4759AO08400010022-1 TOP SECRET RUFF Approved For Release 200Z/b'S/O~ECIAERDP78T04759A008400010022-1 TCS-2oo96/68 February 1968 72-, 74- 0 Handle Via Talent-KEYHOLE Control System Only Approved For Release 200EQp0S EtIREPP78T04759A008400010022-1 Approved For Release 20 j 0 P78TO4759AO08400010022-1