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December 28, 2016
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January 23, 2002
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April 4, 1969
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Approved For Release 2002/05/07 : CIA-RDP78TO4759AO091000 I"-Secret DIRECTORATE OF INTELLIGENCE Imagery Analysis Service Notes 4 April 1969 Declass Review by NIMA / DoQ. CIA internal use only Top Secret Handle via Talent -Keyhole Channels Only TCS 18975/69 COPY 76 Approved For Release 2002/05/07 : CIA-RDP78TO4759AO09100010Ub' - 10 Approved For Release 2002/05/07 : CIA-RDP78TO4759AO09100010066-5 The IMAGERY ANALYSIS S :RVICE NOTES is a periodic publication of the DDI Imagery Analysis Se vice, the departmental PI organization of CIA. This publication highlights signs scant or timely intelligence items derived from photography. ]'he interpretations in this pubi cation represent preliminary views which are subject to modification in tie light of further information and more complete analysis. WP.RNING This document contains informa ;ion affecting the national security of the United States within the meaninf of the espionage laws U. S. Code Title 18, Sections 793, 794. The law prohibits its transmission or the reve- lation of its contents in any mar ner to an unauthorized person, as well as its usA in any manner prejudici tl to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any f )reign government to the detriment of the United States. It is to be seen )nly by personnel especially. indoctrinated and authorized to receive inforr ration in the designated control channels. Its security must be maintained in accordance with regulations pertaining to TALENT-KEYHOLE Contra System. GROUP 1 t [CLE HD FROM AUTOMATIC I:WNORADINO AND #CLA aITICATION Approved For Release 2002/05/07 : CIA-RDP78TO4759AO09100010066-5 RECORD COPY (COPY NO. PUB. DATE LOCATION MASTER DATE RECEIVED LOCATION A E(S) /13PDISPOS ON ~a 20C 2105107 - r.IA--J r STOCK ?npag 04759 MINIMUM 00910001 k6 00 -5 MAXIMUM 10 CUT TO COPIES 0 DATE 7-75 CUT TO COPIES DATE COPIES DESTROYED CUT TO COPIES DATE CUT TO COPIES DATE CUT TO COPIES DATE MASTER DATE DATE NUMBER OF COPIES DATE NUMBER OF COPIE MO. DAY YR. RECEIVED OR ISSUED REC D ISS'D SAL MO. DAY YR. RECEIVED OR ISSUED RECD ISSD Bl 4 14+ 9 D 1- 10 10 009100010066-5 TITLE NPIC SEC. CLASS. LOCATION TCS-18975/69 4 April 1969 TS/T/K 110-/ pp_. w" "-"A~ rover F r e ase 1002/0'p/007j. Cl, ITLE NPIC rn^C* t A/l7C 1i() NUMBER OF COPIES RECEIVED OR ISSUED RECD ISS D BAL 78T04759A00 3I UUUI Approved For Release 4002/0p/071: CI#-Rt P78T04759A00910001006 SEC. CLASS. LOCATION !L #riril 1 TR/T/K Handle Via aa roved For Release 20(~~IV5/5f C8&TRBPFkT04759A0091000106 -8975/69 Talent-KEY HlOi~p 4 p Control System Only CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Directorate of Intelligence Imagery Analysis Service IMAGERY ANALYSIS SERVICE NOTES NO. 9/69 Page 25X1 D Static Test Facility near Shen-yang is Probably for SA-2 Type Sustainers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Recent Road Construction in the Ussuri-Amur River Border Region . . . . . . . . . . . . NORTH VIETNAM/LAOS Further Extension of the POL Pipeline . . . . . . . . . . . 8 NORTH VIETNAM Reconstruction of POL Tanks at Hanoi and Haiphong . . . . . 9 CZECHOSLOVAKIA Probable New Nuclear Energy Facilities . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Handle Via Talent-KEYHOLE Approved For Release 20( ( E C04759A0091000100@4To1 System Only Approved For Release 2002/05/07 : CIA-RDP78TO4759AO09100010066-5 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2002/05/07 : CIA-RDP78TO4759AO09100010066-5 Handle is Talent -pAgftved For Release 2002/01.GP :iK- T'7RWif759AO09100010066 5 S 18975/69 Control System Only Static Test Facility near Shen-yang is Probably for SA-2 Type Sustainers The horizontal test building at the recently discovered static test facility near Shen-yang is probably used for testing liquid fueled sustainer engines of SA-2 type surface-to-air missiles. The static test facility was newly identified on photography, and earlier cove ra e shows that it was completed sometime between 25X1 D The test building at Shen-yang is very similar in configuration to a Soviet test building at the Zagorsk Rocket Engine Test Facility Krasnozavodsk. Because the Zagorsk facility has been associated with liquid rocket systems in the past, it is probable that the Shen-yang facility is involved with liquid systems. There is no photographic evidence of solid rocket motor storage or handling facilities at Shen-yang. Certain features of the Shen-yang facility indicate that it probably tests small engines such as SA-2 sustainers. These features include the horizontal position of the test cells, their. relatively small size, the presence of more than one test position in a single building, and the closeness of the blast wall to the building (60 feet). Finally, the static test facility is only 15 nautical miles from the Shen-yang Airframe Plant where SA-2 shipping canisters are frequently seen on photography. Because of these canisters, this is the plant believed to be the Chinese producer of SA-2 missiles. Handle Via Approved For Release 2002/?~p7s~F 7afr 4759AO09100010066-5 Talent-KEYHOLE Control System Only Handle Via Approved For ReIe1QP2O R NEFRDP78T04759A009T1bb0l'f V-t9 Talent-KEYHOLE Control System Only NtN9KOYE -WANG x r s~Th1 I TO 2-LAN E N fi 774 FAIR-WEATHER ROAD Sfl K1 H-:1- ANE ALL-WE T R R ADS MPLETED SINCE :.-ANE ALL-WEATHER ROADS ,P. TING ROADS (SINGLE-LANE FAIR- ATHER TO TWO-LANE At-L-WEATHER) WNS THROUGH WHIL M A " NATIONAL -NSE HIGHWAY " IS REPORTEDLY FIGURE 2. ROAD AND RAIL ROUTES IN rH! NORTHEAST CHINA BORDER AREA, Handle Via Approved For Relea 2002/A /Of : I, -,RDP78TO4759AO0910001 b[!&6Egi0LE t' )EL I(Urr Control System Only ALL TWO-LANE ALL-WEATHER ROADS. ALL FAIR-WE.ATHER THROUGH ROADS. AND ROADS WHICH LEAD INTO THE IMMEDIATE BORDER AREA. VEHICLE TRACKS AND FOOT TRAIL.' ARE NOT SHOWN. pwlt 14 en.hAk~i 1 02 {02-LANES IR?WEATHER ROAD 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D Handle AK ved For Release 2002/0 :HE f&6E759A00910001006" 18975/69 "KET~~L~ Talent. Control System Only CHINA Recent Road Construction in the Ussuri-Amur River Border Region Considerable road construction has occurred in the past 12 months in that portion of the Ussuri-Amur River border region of northeast China shown in Figure 2. This area was covered on clear, cloud-free KH-4 pho- tography in Several all weather road segments which were begun in have been completed and numerous existing roads have been improved by widening, filling-in low portions, and improving bridges and culverts. This system of new and improved roads directly connects several points along the remote border area with an existing all weather road system leading to the populated Chia-mu-ssu area farther to the west. No military activity has been noted in association with the expanding road net. Refugee reports have alleged that the Chinese began building a "national defense highway" in this border region sometime after the spring of II Of the seven border towns which this "national defense highway" will reportedly pass through, six are now served by a net of fair and all weather roads and the seventh remains isolated. Handle Via Approved For Release 2002/ /pp 759A009100010066- Talent-KEYHOLE OPftqjT V~ '~9~CEP ntrol System Only Handle Via Approved For Relea P100ECQR~[0T : TRDP78TO4759AO09f66016?d6.Zs-O9 Talent-KEYHOLE Control System Only ..# ' "MU GIA PASS 7APPROxi MATE ALIGNMENT IeIII............ UNCONFIRMED SECT- 0 STORA ,E AREA FIGURE 3. STATUS OF POL PIPELINE CONS RUCTION IN NORTH VIETNAM-LAOS, LATE BAI DUC THON r t 25X1 D Handle Via Approved For Rele e OQ?/,Qk f :RCIQ.DP78T04759A009100060960~lOLE ~~. tt ~uJrr Control System Only Handle ~a Talent?~lped For Release 2002/0! :S1Q P k759A0091000100664S 18975/69 Control System Only NORTH VIETNAM/LAOS Further Extension of the POL Pipeline 25X1 D Photographic coverage of late provides further information on the POL pipeline being constructed in the panhandles of North Vietnam and Laos. We can now confirm the linkage of the pipeline section running westward from Vinh with the north-south pipeline (see Figure 3). The pipe- line now extends for about 100 nautical miles (nm) within North Vietnam and enters Laos through the Mu Gia Pass. A 15 nm segment of pipeline has been confirmed in Laos, and field reports based on photography have reported additional pipeline alignment that would link all confirmed segments. Six POL storage areas in North Vietnam are now directly connected to the pipeline, as are two probable storage areas in Laos. The locations of 16 pump installations have also been identified along the pipeline in North Vietnam. For earlier analyses of this pipeline construction, see IAS Notes of 27 December 1968 and 31 January 1969. Handle Via Talent-KEYHOLE Approved For Release 2002/TU?7 SE? ETPR ffW759A009100010066c35ntT rol a System O Only Handle -Via KEYHOLE Approved For ReleirORO ZR&T : TRDP78TO4759AO091tOO11QO6B 56d Tnt Control System Only Reconstruction of POL Tanks ,t Hanoi and Haiphong !-or the first time sine L:umbinq restrictions Nere initiated about a year ago, above-ground POL tanks are being rebuil at the Hanoi and Haiphong petroleum products storage areas. Previou-iy all POL tanks in these areas had been destroyed .uy bombing. Photography of the Hanoi Fatroleum -roducts St:-rage Area on 0 25X1 D 0 reveals six tanks under construction and a cleared concrete base for 25X1 D 13 probable seventh tank. Or I photography of the Haiphong Petroleum Products Storage Area, two large tanks arc: under construction and one concrete base is clearec for the probable rebuilding of another tank: (see Figure 4). Handle Via Approved For Relears?~00 /Qk/1 :R RDP78T04759A0091000t1Q6 lOLE rr Control System Only 25X1 D 25X1 C 25X1 D Handle VTalen. Wed For Release 2002/01f P: 9kR6T79Uf759A0091000100664TS 18975/69 Control System Only Probable New Nuclear Energy Facilities Two new probable nuclear facilities have been identified on photography in Czechoslovakia. One is believed to be a nuclear reactor research facility and the other is a probable uranium ore concentration plant. The first facility is a probable zero-power reactor building at the Rez Institute of Nuclear Physics near Prague. It was first seen under construction on photography and appeared externally complete in A reactor of this type is normally used for training purposes and to determine reactor parameters. The Rez Institute also contains a VVR reactor and a 5-MeV cyclotron which were supplied by the Soviet Union. The second facility is identified on the photography as an ore process- ing plant near the town of Rozna, 23 nautical miles (nm) northwest of Brno. It is believed to be for uranium ore concentration because of its appearance and its location in an area where uranium mines are reportedly being developed to replace mines being closed in the Jachymov region. The Plant was first seen on photography in the late stages of construction in I land 25X1 D appeared operational on coverage. The Soviets have long exploited Czech uranium concentrates for their own use, and this is apparently the second modern plant built to increase the output of these concentrates. The other plant is located at Mydlovary, 9 nm northwest of Ceske Budejovice. Handle Via Talent?KEYHOLE Approved For Release 2002/0J $P' 4759A009100010066ntroI System Only Approved For Release 2002/05/07 : CIA-RDP78TO4759AO09100010066-5 Top Secret Top Secret Approved For Release 2002/05/07 : CIA-RDP78TO4759AO09100010066-5