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December 28, 2016
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July 15, 2003
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December 1, 1965
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25 MAGE Y ALYSIS o IS IQ COMMU N O CAT II ON SCATTER ANTENNAS MURMANSK, USSR Declassification by NIMA/DoD 25 CIA/PIR 61082 DATE Dec 1965 GROUP 1 '_'.d.d (nom ovrommic J-paling -4 d~'., ~ nga urmansk A ?. O'er t9b~ngt ~ 2 n& Yan'Mar Nei , / a AL A1 Railroatl ? 4 E V d j prc ~ - ----- 6 d - -- 2 c Pe?~ Pechora a Mazer-' WN IY bmorsk 4 , Se vinsk Archangel Onega ~khta E3 Ve 60' ? $ r aR Q hnO z ~~~....//l ?pohj 60? , Q n S k'~pEN uAN IS NELSI trozavadsk oR k, N SY tY'rkar , Q. k . KI y r ? ST G?dos6 Lw V vz - _. _ - _- Koalas `? Sr- lKr h P of ? KNOCM Fi NLA Konos a Berezn coT N!!N Tallign Leningrad UN 4 P Tartu Kta6\ \, - eser+'?.. Nizhr;N da olo M(q 9 Now90rorl Rybi-k ~C, Vert g Kirov rf( , ! `~ 4S yb ~ P'' ' p$ia ? Riga Pskpv Bologoya- Y P kh Kota 55k P Kostroma /' ~ Sverd KU a~ snt V' ~ Yer slavl' Velikiye K Gok Izhevsk v Rervo ~--. alinin 4 e 6dyt. Lukr v9e Iv ? K towst o novo' ' W Z ?insk 'Gor'kiy ' ' aunas o aM1ningrd MOSC ~., ( dai oVi V Ghe\Y mp . C o Vladimif V IQ0. / Urop ~ s itebsk lnius 5 I ye~svou' w Y ` / R C Bia ??nolensk v~. "stoke rem"n Minsk Kalpg c Ryazan --~~'l eaniMg?~ i Saransk Ul/Y vsk M Tula Mogilev . "___ 1' Baranovichi - W4 Sq '~ Bryansk? - - ~' Syz,.n _i ../_o-._._ ___ _ KuYbY_Sh~v , O L W Brest Orel o ND G _ rg ! Penza Ore4bu Tambov ._. Orsk omel' Li tsks I (Ir?I I ?_ 501 R01Koro Chernigov ? Kursk - ze no a ?V P' mI - y , Saratov --_ ~ \ ronezh Balashov ktYubinsk PUShkmo 50? Zhit omi: Sum CZ 1'( Lvov Kiev y EC - A { Sta1~~.q rod Kyndagach.y` . akrz R }f,ry Kharkov Valuyki~ Poltava e kUN '? Cher a WnNtsa ts \ ( P^ VV ogmd ) y ..~ Kirovo :.. grad o Dnep opetrovsk Lugao sk j _ngrad VerkhNY Donetsk Krivoy Ro ? o(Stalino) R U. /ap g . ?zaporozhye M Ta Ni A mjn k Baskunchak Shakht ? v d y ov Gur ganrog N I kolayev Ko hovka A 'shine ? ~~ Reaerroi,- Y. k oSr .... / Kherson Zh w ostov - Astrakhan' SEA of A2?V ~ - ~lOesti K h, BUCNARES ~ - Simfe I rasnodar Sev ? o % Tkhoretsk chenilo Annxwir Stavropol' hev astopo rto-G< '. ~' Cpnata to Novorossiys ? kop Ma ?SOF _ ,...._ Varna lA y Tua _ULGARSgga3 RAC/( qroznri Mekh'achke~ P ovd v ?"'~ .S Le A Sukhumi Ordzhonikidze C i ` _R f- vsPorus .`OKutais Tiflis Q, u aaturhI . ? Samsun o dsK Kras 0 F. T [J Trabzon CFAA ANKARA E Y ~ _...... _.. Kars a makan irovaba Baku \h`c rn __ - Ye an . o SE9' Some b-d.,4, ho.. rh~z map are de lano r..d- F u hrn[e / ( ) l f --~ r?s P ~ rr sv a o,naed d< b h A b 1 0 'WOW k Y ION KT NN stare ! p,4 . Lal- Z S.- t U-.o Tabriz ~f.N Base 35377 1061 30? MURMANW AREAMSSR 50, Approved Fol eI 7 03/08/05: CIA-RDP78TO5161 000400010015-9 X1 Approve ed For Release 2 iO ?REy RDP78 CIA PIR-61082 25 MURMANSK, USSR This report is in response to two requirements. One requested a search of the area around 68-52N 33-07E and 69-03N 32-57E, near Murmansk, USSR, for large unusual antennas. The second was for a detailed analysis of antennas which were photographedl 711 2 5 and identified from These antennas are at two locations in the Murmansk area Figure 1). Due to lack of details on available photography, the function of these antennas cannot be positively determined, although they could be used for troposcatter and/or ionosphericscatter communications. A communication scatter antenna installation consisting of one antenna (Figures 2, 3, 4, 5) is located at 69-01-03N 32-58-OOE, 4 nautical miles (nm) northwest of Murmansk, USSR. This antenna is a horizontal parabolic cylindrical wire mesh reflector approximately 190 feet long, 160 feet high, and is oriented to the southeast on an azimuth of 140 degrees. Major structural components include three lattice-type vertical curved supports and five lattice-type horizontal cross members. No feeds or reflectors can be identified. There are no buildings which are directly associated with the antenna. A radio broadcasting station is located 0.5 on south of the antenna and consists of a control building, four support buildings, two cooling ponds, a vertical radiatcr and two rhombic antennas. This station is connected to the general area of the antenna by road. The nearest group of buildings, other than those associated with the radio broadcasting station, are 1 on north and do not appear to have any connection with the antenna installation. A power line from the Murmashi Hydro Power Plant passes within 300 feet of the antenna. A dual communication scatter antenna installation (Figures 6, 7, 8) is located at 68-51-40N 33-06-OOE, 6 on south of Murmansk. This installation consists of two horizontal parabolic cylindrical wire mesh reflectors placed in a line. The two antennas each measure 190 feet long and 160 feet high and are oriented southeast on an azimuth of 140 Approved For Release l@B/(E .Ui -RDP78 05161A00040 25 25 25 3N 32 58 O0E 69 01. O......._.._ ... MURMANSK,USSR Approved For RL 08/05 :CIA-RDP78T051 015-9 Approved For QRHB COMMUNICATION SCATTER ANTENNA 69 01 03N 32 58 00 E MURMANSK USSR Approved For- Relea___ Approve d For Release 2P WOH(RE -RDP78T 161 A000400010015-9 25 degrees. Each antenna consists of three lattice-type curved vertical supports and five lattice-type horizontal cross members. There are no buildings in support of these antennas. The nearest installation is a radio broadcasting station located 0.5 nm northeast, which consists of a vertical radiator and a control building. Power lines from the Murmashi Hydro Power Plant pass near the antennas and continue on to Murmansk. Figure 9 is a perspective drawing showing only the general shape and structural support members of the communication scatter antennas. The two communication scatter antenna installations can be negated on All measurements have been made by the NPIC Technical Intelligence Division and are considered to be accurate within +5 feet in length, +10 feet in height, and +5 degrees in azimuth. hoto raphy in issions between and i ere cloudy and no identification could be made. REFERENCES CIA Ground Photos 1067883 and 1067889 (SECRET] USATC 0051-18HL, Series 200, 3rd edition, April 1963, Scale 1:200,000 (SECRET) Cable - OSLO 6562, July 1965 (SECRET/ xi Approved For Release 3i/(' Ei -RDP78T 5161A00040 15 I 5161A000400010015-9 25 Approved For Release 20T08 DP78T I C-RR5-82,968 c-C15-82,855 CIA/IAD PROJECTS 30339-6 30203-6 Approved For Release 2iM&5fR(El 25 25 25 Approved FaPA ` Antenna COMMUNICATION SCATTER ANTENNA 69 01 03N 32 58 OOE MURMANSK,USSR CIA PIR-61082 X1 ApprovJcoo4se 2003/08/05: CIA-RDP78TOI5 4 Approved FWPR?Wi ~1A0004 0010015-9 CIA PIR- 10 2 COMMUNICATION SCATTER ANTENNA 69 01 03N 32 58 OOE MURMANSK,USSR Approved FJPRJ 003/08/05: CIA-RDP78TO516 hA000400010015-9 5 25 Pppr d TOP'FU?Rf RADIO BROADCAST STATION viol 't , 68 514 ON 33 06 00E MURMANSK,USSR 16 **j Approved For Rell9fe . 25 0010015 CAPIR-10225 Antennas COMMUNICATION SCATTER ANTENNAS 68 51 40N 33 06 OOE MURMANSK,USSR Approved For R,jqRs 08/05: CIA-RDP78T05161A00040 010015-9 b/05: CIA-RDP78TO5161A000 Approv?dj f agE& se - 161AO"O 100 - CIA/FIE _10 2 E t COMMUNICATION SCATTER ANTENNAS 68 51 40N 33 06 OOE MURMANSK,USSR Approved FJOIR6 s 003/08/05 :CIA-RDP78T05161 000400010015-9 Approved For Release 2003/08/05 : CIA-RDP78T05161A000400010015-9 n 25 m m 25 COMMUNICATION SCATTER ANTENNA MURMANSK,USSR Approved For Release 2003/08/05 : CIA-RDP78T05161A000400010015-9 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/05 : CIA-RDP78TO5161A000400010015-9 Approved For Release 2003/08/05 : CIA-RDP78TO5161A000400010015-9