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December 28, 2016
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April 21, 2000
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000200230077-4 Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000200230077-4 25X1 D 25X1 C NOFORN Declassification review by NIMA/DoD NP IC /R -1022/62 SA-3 SAM LAUNCH SI E NEAR PALANGA., USSR An SA-3 SAM launch site located at 55-59-25N 21-06-10E, approxi- mately 4.5 nautical miles north-northeast of Palanga (Figure 1) and 4,500 feet north of the SA-2 SAM site at the northern end of Palanga Airfield has been identified on phottgraphy. The site is served by an access road which crosses the main road north from Palanga and leads directly into a large secured storage area approximately 3,000 feet to the south of the site. The access road leads generally west-northwest into the site, passes a large hardstand adjacent to the road on the south side, and runs through a large revetted, probable hold area (Figure 2). The road network in the central portion of the site forms a heart-shaped pattern. Branches from the central portion lead to small, revetted missile launch pads. In the center of the heart-shaped area is a rectangular area, revetted on each side but open at the corners, which is probably for guidance equipment. Because the photograph of this site is a double exposure, much of the detail usually interpretable from photography of this scale is blurred or obliterated. Despite this limitation, the following observations can be made: 1. The construction of the site appears to be complete. 2. Two small unidentified buildings are possibly associated with the site. One is approximately 200 feet south of the probable hold revetment; the other is approximately 500 feet south- southwest. ? 3. A small unidentified object (imaged as a blurred dot) is visible on three of the pads and in the probable hold area. The possibility that such an object is on the fourth pad is not excluded. NOFORN 25X1 C 25X1C SECRET HOFORN NP IC /R - 102 21/62 FIGURE 1. AREA ORIENTATION MAP. 2 - SECRET NOFORN NPIC/R-1022/62 45O' 200. - 3 - SECRET ry,n n,~,nnu.n..c NPIC/R-1022/62 4. No vehicles are discernible at the site or in the immediate vicinity. Several carriers are discernible at the SA-2 site nearby. 5. No electronics equipment is discernible at the site. Objects, presumed to be electronics vans, are visible in the guidance revetment of the SA-2 site nearby. 6. No security fences around the site are discernible. The roads, hardstands, and revetments appear to be complete. However, the poor quality of the photography precludes determination of whether or not the site is operational. Its identification as an SA-3 site is based on its similarity in configuration and size to Site A in the SAM Launch Complex at the Kapustin Yar/Vladimirovka Missile Test Center, the prototype low- or medium-altitude, short-range SAM launch site. 1/ 25X1C SECRET NOFORN NPIC/R-1022/62 MAPS OR CHARTS A_NIS. Series N751, Sheet 32291, 1st ed, Mar 59, scale 1:50,000 (UNCLASSIFIED) AMS. Series N751, Sheet 323011, 1st ed, Aug 59, scale 1:50,000 (LNCLASSIFIED> DOCUMENTS 1. CIA. PIC/JR-1008/61 Surface-to-Air Missile Facilities, K ustin Yar,/Vladimirovka Missile Test Center, USSR, Mar 61 (SECRET/Noforn - Down- grading Prohibited) REQUIREMENT NPIC. PC 64-2 NPIC PROJECT JN-90/62