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December 9, 2016
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April 21, 2000
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Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000200230079-2 Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000200230079-2 NOFORN S YU-LIN NAVAL BASE, HAINAN ISLAND, CHINA which is located at the southern e of Hairijan Island, China, was observed on photography of (see accompanying illustration). An expansion of military facilities in the vicinity of the naval base was evident.- The nearby commercial ports ofcSan-ya and Hung-sha appear to show increased activity -- some new buildings and some increase in shipping. The ore-loading quay, which is located on a promontory south- eastward across the harbor from the base and near the harbor mouth, appears largely taken over for military use. However, the presence of a-merchant vessel at the quay indicates the possibility of continued minor commercial use of the quay. The ore piles, which stood near the quay, are absent, and the elevated ore conveyors appear to have been recently dismantled. The open-pit iron mine, located approximately 6 nautical miles (nm) east-northeast of the quay, appears inactive. A probable increase of military personnel in the area is indicated by the appearance of 23 new barrack-type buildings at four sites in the area. Three of the sites adjoin the base. New and old buildings near the ore- loading quay may also serve as military housing. An amphibious landing capability is probably good at a beach extend- ing approximately 2. 5 nm northwestward f rom San-ya port (2, nm northwest of the naval base) to the vicinity of San-ya Airfield. A lesser capability is offered by the more exposed and shorter beach, adjoining the west side of the base. Port Facilities. Covered storage facilities around Yu-lin harbor have been enlarged slightly. The POL storage area, located near the former ore-loading quay,. appears unchanged. The approximate diameters of the tanks (measured from a mosaic of earlier photography 1/) are: one 70- foot, one 55-foot- one 40-foot, and two 15-food tanks. Oil barges could not be positively identified: three small possible barges were observed in the harbor. A floating crane of shear legs type, having an estimated lift capacity of fro.-n_ 5 to 10 tons. was observed approximately 300 feet off the naval Declassification review by NIMA/DoD NOFCRN The area of the Yu-lin Naval Base-(18-14N 109-32E, BE Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000200230079-2 Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000200230079-2 quay. Its supporting pontoon is estimated to measure 70 by 30 feet. A marine shops area with marine railways, which is located along the naval quay, can provide above-water repair. The facilities of the harbor are capable of providing logistic support of submarines. However; no submarines -.-.ere observed. Naval Installations. The Yu-lin Naval Base occupies the neck of a peninsula, the naval yard fronts on a sheltered harbor. A group of six barrack-type buildings, arranged around an oval on the southwest (sea) side of the base, suggests the headquarters for the base and the site of a reported motor torpedo boat school. '-2/ The buildings measure 150- 200 feet in length and approximately 50 feet in width. A building with a white, peaked roof, marked by a possible cross, appears to be the naval hospital. The building is located 1, 500 feet west of the naval quay. It is single story, rectangular, and is estimated to be approximately 206 by 40 feet. SECRET NOFORN Electronics Sites. A possible radio station is located on high ground near the wooded tip of the peninsula, south of the base. A possible radar site is located a short distance south of the radio station. REFERENCES Classification S/ '- ororn ,Downgrading Prohibited) SECRET NOFCRN SECRET NOFORN Navy. Target Complex Chart, Series 100, Sheet 0618-9999-100A, 1st ed.. May 57, scale 1:100,000 (S/Noforn) Navy. Target Complex Mosaic, Series 25, Sheets 0618-9999-1-25MA and 0618-9999-4-25MA, May 57, scale 1:25,000 (S/Noforn) 1. CIA. NIS 39A, Communist China, Supplement I, Ports and Naval Facilities, June 58, pp 3-104 through 3-115, including map and Mosaic (S/Noforn) 2. Navy. ONI 47-101, 27 Dec 60,-pp-8-9 (S) SECRET NOFORN (OOH.? GRADIIhG RROHISITEO)