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December 9, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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October 28, 1963
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000200420023-2 Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000200420023-2 ttvy Declass Review, NIMA/DoD G-MB 691/63 28 October_ 1963 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, International Division, ORR ATTENTION: I/LA 25X1D FROM: Chief, CIA/PID (NPIC) SUBJECT: Analysis of damage to Cuban Transportation System and Economy by Hurricane Flora. REP RENCE: Requirement Nos. C-RR3-80,721 (Project No. C 1510-63> and C-RR3-80,726 (Project No. C 1511-63). panying listing (Enclosure 1 to this memorandum). 3. `A total of 18 annotated ozalid overlays (CIA/PID/GDB/P-4821/63 thru P-4829/63, copies 1 and 2) are herewith forwarded for your retention. 4. The photo analysis on this project was performed by the Industrial and -Geo-Military Branches of CIA PID (NPIC . Any questions concerning this project should be directed to Mr. CIA/PID/GMB (NPIC) or Mr CIA 1. In response to Requirement Nos. C-RR3-80,721 (C 1510=63) and C-RR3-80,726 (C 1511-63), a study was made from aerial photography dated to determine the location, type and extent of damage o highways, railroads, bridges and selected ports in Cuba. In addition, a total of 63 pre-selected sugar centrals in eastern Cuba. were analysed to note extent of wind and/or water damage to each central.and their immediate surroundings. In addition, the Rente Power Plant in Santiago de Cuba, the Moa Bay and Nicaro Nickel Plants,- the Hermanos Diaz Petroleum Refinery at Santiago de Cuba, and the Camaguey Railroad Repair Shops were re-examined to ascertain if there was any _ damage to these facilities which was not previously reported in NPIC/R-1523/63. 2. The results of this study were placed-on overlays, keyed to AMS Series E502, Sheets NF 17-8, NF 17-12, NF 17-16, NF 18-5, I~TF 18-9, NF 18-10, NF 18-13, NF 18-14, and NF 18-15, using-symbols for damage to the transportation system and annotations to delineate damage to the sugar centrals and ports. Each of the sugar centrals was assigned a number on the overlays which corresponds with accom- 25X1 D 18 Annotated ozalid overlays (CIA/PID/GMB/P-4821/63 thru P-4829/63, copies 1 and 2). ENCLOSURES: 1 Key to Sugar Centrals. ENCLOSURE 1 New Name 1. Brasil Jaronu 2. Ciro Redondo Moron 3, Guatemala Preston 4. Venezuela Stewart 5. Antonio Guiteras Delicias 6. Areglia Libre Manati 7. Bolivia Cunagua. 8. Enrique Varona Gonzalez Adelaida 9. Ignacio Agramote Agramonte 10. Orlando Gonzalez Algodones 11. Ecuador Baragua 12. Carlos Manuel dfe Cespedes Cespedes 13. Colombia Elia 14. Republica Dominicana Estrella 15. Argentina Florida 16. Amancio Rodriguez Francisco 17. Uruguay Jatibonico Location 21-51N 77-58W 22-01N 78-43W 20-47N 75-39W 21-44N 78-48W 21-11N 76-34W 21-11N 76-55W 22-05N 78-2OW 22-ION 78-5OW 21-31N 78-14W 21-52N 78-59W 21-42N 78-39W 21-35N 78-17w 21-01N 77-25W 21-36N 78-18W 21-33N 78-15W 21-33N 77-29W 19. Haiti 20-43N 77-52W 0 20. Alfredo Alvarez Mola. Najasa 21-13N 77-33W 21. Patria o Muerte Patria 22-06N 78-38W 22. Maximo Gomez Punta Alegre 22-24N 78-46W Santa Marta 20-48N 78-01W 24. Noel Fernandez Senado 21-34N 11 77-37W Siboney 21-16N 77-39W Vertientes 21 -19N 78-12W 27. Primero de Enero Violeta 21-57N 78-27W 28. Salvador Rosales Algodonal 20-09N 75-44w 29. Loynaz Hechevarria Alto Cedro 20-34N 75-57W 30. America Libre America 20-18N 76-14W 31. Lopez Pena Baguanos 20-45N 76-02W 32. Los Reinaldos Baltony 20-11N 75-29W 33. Paquito Rosales Borjita 20-12N 75-47W 34. Nicaragua Boston 20-54N W 35. Cristino Narango Cacocum F6C - ., T } 6-23 36. Luis E. Carracedo Cape Cruz 37. Jesus Menendez` Chaparra 38. Francisco Castro Ceruto Dos Amigos 39. Costa Rica Ermita 40. Argeo Martinez Esperanza 41. Bartolome Maso Estrada Palma 42. Juan Manuel Marquez Isabel "B" 43. Honduras Isabel "G" 44. Peru Jobabo 45. Paraguay Los Canos 46. Arquimedes Colina Mabay 47. -Antonio Maceo Maceo `48. Julio A. Mella Miranda 49. Roberto Ramirez Niquero 50. Dos Rios Palma 51. Jose Nemesio Figueredo Rio Cauto 52. Hector Infante Romelie 53. La Demajagua Salvador 54. Manuel S. Tames San Antonio 20-09N 75-03W 55. Urbano Noris San German 20-36N 76-o8w 56. Chile Santa Ana 2o-16N 75-53W 57? Rafael Freyre Santa Lucia 21-03N 76-o2w 58. ? Enidio Diaz Machando Santa Regina 20-19N 77-19W 59. Ranulfo Leyva Sofia 20-19N 76-58 60. El Salvador Soledad "G" 20-13N 75-13W Tacajo 20-5ON 75-56W 62. Frank Pais Tanamo 20-40N 75-16w 63.. Rafael-Reyes Union 20-12N 75-50W Ext!;''- SLIGHT 0000 PRIIAGE TO STORAGE BUILDINGS I- -I BOAS OR RAILROAD WASNOUY ROAD OR RAILROAD BR 10A1 WA$MCHT 001001 BTAUCTUAAL DAMAGE I?-i INTERMITTENT WASHOUT %?0 1. MINOR ROOF DAMAGE TO TWO STORAIS - BUILDINGS SECRET Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000200420023-2 ND APPARENT DAMAGE IA NEAMANOL DIAE AFNNERV NOA1PA5ENT DAMAGE SEVEAI FLOODING )t M~ N tt CEMENT PLANT NO NIBBLE IAMAS0 TO DWLPima O. 11T1NSIVE DAMAGE TO SOON SYSTEM 61 LANOSLIDIS AND 1006D W11016 OUT. I I x MINOR ROOF DAMAGL TO MAUI BUILDING G MEAVV ROOF DAMAGE ,4 1. MINOR ROOT DAMAGE' NO APIAAENT DAMAGE TO TWO SMALL BUILDINGS p N .? 'Approved For Release 2002/0572 CIA-RDP78T05439A000264:Q023-2 NINOA ROOF DAMAGE TO LOCOMOTIVE AIPAIK FACILITY N I ?\ TLOOPI \\ il00DING No AFPAAENT f \.~? DAMAGE p )F As HOPE RATE ROOF DAMAGE TO STORAGE 0OILDINOS. SEVERE R00i DAMAGE To two STORAGE TANKS. SEVERE FLOODING IN SCATTISEDAREAS 51VIAE ADDF OR MAGI To AIL OU ILDINGS Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A0002a0420023-2 A1O,_~`; NOAPPAA ENT 00 S PONT DANAGE\ i s-',IH L NO VI SI LE DAMAGE ROOF DAMAGE TO MAIN BUILDINGS 1001 DAMAGE TO STORAGE BUILDING WALL DAMAGE TO BOILER BUILDING SMALL BOAT PIERS I- -1 ROAD OR RAILROAD WASHOUT ROAD OR RAILROAD BRIDGE WASHOUT )--( RRIDOR STRUCTURAL OAMAGE F-A INTERMITTENT WASHOUT C N 1." 1 ,, '` 1 -- V.O. DTDr.Or uu N (r \ Approved For Release 2002/05/09~-RDP78T05439A00(Y20042002~-2 0 APHIC RCPCRENCE MAP AEPEUNCC fCAIEf: CJOR 1 Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-F4DP78T05439A000200420023-2 L) No APPARENT DAMAGE TO ENTRhL ROA-i AND ILkM ) i ROAD INUNDATID/-' ANNOI ROOF DAMAO.1 TO TOTAL R001 DISTRuGT1ON TNRII STOR146K TANKS or TWO STORA61 TANKS OR ROOV~ DAAAAFA TO 6T0AAQ1. WARIMOD{!t SIVIRI R00? 0AMA61 TO MAIN. OQILDINS{ MINOR ROOF DAMAA/ TO TWO S- $UILDIN/! AND TWO $MAILU IDILDINAS 1 ""NO DAMAOID OT LANDINDI pnT L LMVI Approved For Release 2002/0.5/02: CIA-RDP78T05439A000200420023-2 SECRET NOTE: ALL COASTAL LOWLANDS AND GIVER VALLEYS HAVE BEEN OR STILL ARE H EAVILTMIUN DATE D I- -I ROAD OA RA I tROAD WASHOUT"-- C ROAD OR RAILROAD BRIDGE WASHOUT )-C BRIDGE STRUCTURAL DAMAGI 1?-1 INTIRMITTENT WASHOUT 1.111WIA ROOF DAMAGE ARIA INUNDATED SUIROUMDING FIELD INUNDATED SOME LOW ARRAS WASN(D OUT MINOR DAMAGE TO PIER FACILITIES Approved For Release 2002/05/02 CIA-RDP78TO5439A000200420023-2 TWO MAJOR BRIDGES OUT Fr SUPERFICIAL ROOF DAMAGE TO STORAGE BUILDINGS DAMAGE TO ONE (LONG) PIER MINOR ROOF DAMAGE MANY LOW C4NIFIELDS INUNDATED STRUM VALLEYS AND LOW AREAS WASHED OUT HEAVY ROOF DAMAGI. ADJACEHT AREA APO CANT FIELDS Alt PARTIALLY INUNDATED NO APPARENT DAMARA TO PONT T PONT IS OPERATIONAL A SOMI ROOF DAMAGE TO SUSAN 'T CENTRAL WD FORT 510GA51 BUILDINGS two SNIGGER OUT / VI.) E ~? i ANN T TWO /410419 MM INVADATID . 1VPIGFIciAt NOW R4144N1 To rN*H NO APPARENT DAMAGI TO NICKEL PLANT. SOME ROOF DAMAGE TO STORAGE AND NUFPOAF BUILDINGS. NO APPARINT DAMAGE TO PORT I NM OF ROAD INUM GATED _ MINOR DAM M1'O IOADI I Approve or Release 2002/5/02: CIA-F DP78'T05439A000200420023-2 ;OF CAMARA MINOR ROOF DAMAGE SURROUNDING CANEFIELDS HEAVILY INUNDATED WATER NOW PARTIALLY RECEDED AREA WAS INUNDATED HATER NOW SECEDED ND DAMAGE TO RAIL ON ROAD IN ARIA SUPERFICIAL ROOF DAMAGE SECRET PNOTOBRAPRIC RREREMCI MAP AIFIRCNCE Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000200420023-2 NO APPARENT DAMAGE TO FORT FACILITIES N0 APPARENT DAMAGE TO CENTRAL NO APPARENT DAMAGE O TO CENTRAL NO APPARENT DAMAGE TO CENTRAL, ROADS n OR RAILROADS _ NO APPARENT DAMAGE to CENTRAL ROAD$ OR RAILROA60 Approved For Release 2002/05!02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000200420023-2 SECRETo ROAD INUNDATED \. J GRADE AND SURFACE CLUMPING IENT e Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIAtRDP78T05439A00020I20023-2 OUR TO I01$T URA G MODERATE ROOF DAMAGE TO Rao HE AVILYAVILY ERODED WITH SEVERE DAMAGE NO'APPARENT DAMAGE TO CENTRAL NO APPARENT DAMAGE TO CENTRAL -'-" IN GOOD CONDITION. ONE CONCRETE OEO(ED BRIDGE IS HEAVILY DAMAGED 7 ROAD INUNDATED CONCRETE DECK BRIDGE 1L VB DESTROYED vITtA SOUTH WEST ARNOA(11 GRADE WASHED OUT I ROAD WA514ED OUT NO APPARENT DAMAGE To CENTRAL ROAO5 AND RAILROADS II MINOR ROOF DAMAGE To MAIN BUILDING OF SUGAR CENTRAL. NO APPARENT DAMAGE TO ROADS AND RAII-ROAD5, NO APPARENT DAMAGE To CENTRALS ROADS OR RAILROA65 ? MINOR WINO DAMAGE TO ONE BUILDING, ~' 1~FLOODING ROAD INUNDATED J-. Approved For Release 2002 CIARDP78T05439A00I~20042002 -2 25X1 D NO APPARENT DAMAGE TO CENTRAL,ROADSANO RAILROADS t TNACf STORAGE BUILDINGS WITH ROOFS '/B DESTROYED. NO Af-ARENT ROAD OR RAILROAD DAMAGE NO APPARLN7 DAM^rI. TV XTNTRAL SUAHT EROSION TO GRADE. GRADE COMPLETELY WASHED IHROUCN IN 3 PLACES. NO APPARENT DAMAGE TO MACK G. 4W Re,'A cr Samoa, E30Z 9/6XT NF. /7-/2 Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000200420023-2 ~FLOOIN& 4a NO APPARENT DAM CENTRAL ROADS FLOODING IN SO STREAM BA51N5 NO APPARENT D TO BUILDINGS. Approved For Release 2002105//02..~,: CIA-RDP78T05439A00200420023-2 / t0 PHiC REPERENCE MAP RERRENCE SERe. BS E $01 .u. ua iy.~~ NO VISIBLE DAMAGE TO NICKEL PLANT ON. PORT FACILITIES 0_____" 7 ''arl Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP78TO5itnA0U020042OO23-2 MINOR ROOF DAMAGE TCA FEW SMALL BUILDINGS IN TNI L AREA SEVERS ROOF DAMAGE IN THIS AACA ROAD SURFACEAND GRADE HEAVILY DAMAGED 84106E AHAOCNES WAIVED our, F i 4OAD 0A RAILROAD WASHOUT C ROAD ON RAILROAD BRIDGE WASHOUT )--C BRIDGE STRUCTURAL DAMAGE MINOR WIND DAMAGE TO FEW SMALL BUILDINGS App.rovec For Release 2002%0502: CIA-RDP78T05439A000200420023-2 SECRET T Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000206420023-2 S[VERE ROOF DAMAGE TO THREE BUILDINGS 14CENtRAL ' ONO APPARENT DAMAGE F ?1 ROAD OAAAILROAD WASHOUT 7 f ROAB,PRR AIL ROAD BRIDGE WASHOUT BRIDGE STRUCTURAL DAMA00 MINOR ROOF DAMAGE TO S TANK, SEVERAL SMALL PIERS MISSING 1V J i t A> h ` IIMR 01 - MAAIMLM IN UNOAiI ON G POSfUd Roof DAMAGE (OBLID) o .-- L-MA Of 411 OM IN UN DAiION~. Approved For Release 2002/05702 CIA-RDP78T05439A00b20O4200'23-2 SECRET NO APPARENT DAMAGE RAILROAD AND HIGHWAY BRIDGES OUT T S r i I- i WASHOUT AND TRSSTLE DAMAGI MINOR ROOF DAMAGE