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December 28, 2016
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June 6, 2000
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November 29, 1963
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2001/03/03 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300020044-2 Approved For Release 2001/03/03 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300020044-2 Approved For Relea,-:ZDP78TO5439A000300020044-2 IOU 3/4u W PID/IB -.343/63 29 November 1963 Copy 2_ of 8 25X1A THROUGH Chief, Requirements Branch, Reconnaissance Group, CGS FROM Chief, CIA/PID (NPIC) SUBJECT Chungking-(Ch'ung-Ch'ing) Arsenal Complex Study REFERENCE (1) ORR Requirement No. C-RR3-80,522/63 (2) CIA/PID Project No. C 1416/63 25X1D 25X1 D 1. This memorandum is in response to the regerenced requirement which asks for a detailed analysis of arsenals in Chungking including the level of activity and expansion since 2. Four probable arsenals, one explosives manufactuirng and storage plant 25X1D and a possible ballistic test faciltiy were located in the environs of Chungking on 25X1 D There is no Additional photo coverage which might be used to evaluate the expansion of the plants since These installations have been located on the enclosed map (CIA/PID/IB- P-777/63). Following is.detailed analysis of each installation with references to accompanying annotat d photo enlargements. Reference should be made to the photo enlargements for detailed building identification and square feet of roof cover. 3. The probable Chinese Communist Arsenal No. 256 and/or No. 456 also known as Nationalist Arsenal No. 21 (See Enclosure CIA/PID4IB-P-746/63) is located on the north ba k-of the Chi-ling Chiang (River) 12 nautical miles west of Chiang-pei, a suburb of Chungking, at 29 35N - 106 34E. The plant is served by a two-lane highway and by the Chi-ling Chiang (River). The plant, which is secured, has an approximate area of 175 acres. The major production buildings have a total roof area of approximately 768,500 square feet. This arsenal has sufficient potential, with its foundries, machine shops, final assembly-type buildings, and a nearby probable test facility. for producing grenades, mortor shells, and small arms. `L~-z---n ~`: ti Ira [7 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Manufacturing and Services Division, ORR ATTENTION MS/D , Ai croup ~ ExeF~~!ed trsa _'^"-tic C err rz: - zntl de~la:~i'i. ticn Approved For Release igP SUBJECT: Chungking Arsenal Complex Study 25X1 B 4. The Chungking Arsenal Probable Plant No. 451 (See Enclosure CIA/PID/ IB-P-747/63), is situated on.the west bank of the Chia-ling Chiang (River) 6.5 nm West northwest of Chungking at 29 36N - 106 27E. This plant is connected by a two-lane improved highway with Chungking and by the Chi-ling Chiang (River). The installation is not rail served; however, a branch of the Chungking to Cheng-tu Railroad has been extended to 29 35N - 106 25E, approximately 2 nm SW of the plant. The plant consists of a production area covering 85 acres, a combination storage and test area covering approximately 47 acres, and 2 storage areas covering 27 acres. An underground storage area with 4 underground entrances covers approximately 3 acres. All of the separate areas are well secured. This plant with its machine shops, fabrication buildings and other support type buildings appears capable of producing small arms. Furthermore, the test ranges indicate that small arms probably are produced. This plant contains no foundry or forge; however, the proximity of the steel mill (See Photo CIA/PID/IB-P-747/63) should obviate the necessity for having either of them at the plant. 5X1 B 5. The Chung-shu-to Ordinance Plant No. 1 (See Enclosure CIA/PID/IB-P- 748/63) is located 6 nautical miles north northwest of Chungking.on the northeast side of the Chia-ling Chiang (River), at 29 35N - 106 28E. The plant, served by a two-lane improved road, is secured by a wall, and covers approximately 100 acres. The major buildings have a roof area Of 321,600 square feet. The plant, with its probable foundry, machine shops and associated facilities has the potential for manufacturing and loading projectiles with the bursting charge (probable tetryl). Although there is no apparent direct connection between this plant and the production area of the Chung-shu-to Ordinance Approved For Release 2001/03/0 @-RDP78T05439A000300020044-2 SEC; a~~a SUBJECT: Chungking Arsenal Complex Study Plant No. 2, located 1 nautical mile to the east, there is direct access by road between Plant No. 1 and the'explosive storage area and test ranges of the nearby Plant No. 2. 25X1D There is no comparable photo coverage to show expansion however, photo coverage at this plant has been constructed since then. 25X1 B - 25X1 D shows 25X1 D 6. The Chung-shu-to Ordinance Plant No. 2 (See Enclosure CIA/PID/IB-P- 749/63) is located 4.5 nm west of Chungking on the northeast bank of the Chia-ling Chiang (River) at 29 34N - 106 29E. The plant is well secured, road served, and covers. approximately 210 acres. The plant is served by a two-lane improved highway and by the Chia-ling Chiang (River) by means of a quay on the river, which is connected by road to the plant. Electric power is supplied by an electric sub-station located 5 nm to the west of the plant. 25X1D The plant, made up of numerous small buildings, appears to be limited in capacity and does not conform to the usual production flow patterns for ammunition loading plants. Although there is no comparable photography to 5 D show expansion of plant facilities 2 X1 which reveals that the test ranges, secured storage area and almost a o the plant together with its support buildings have been constructed since 25X1D This installation is composed of 30 small machine shops/foundry-type buildings with approximately 123,000 square feet of roof area, 22 production buildings with approximately 51,000 square feet of roof area, and 31 storage buildings totaling approximately 45,000 square feet of roof area. The numerous additional buildings are primarily support type, most of which probably provide housing for the plant workers. 25X1 B 7. The Chungking Explosives Plant (See Enclosure CIA/PID/IB-P-750/63) is located at 9.5 nm north northwest of Chungking on the northwest bank of the Chia-ling Chiang (River) at 29 43N - 106 30E. Approved For Release 2001/03/0 RPP7-$)a439A000300020044-2 U d bLtYu PAGE 4 25X1A SUBJECT: Chungking Arsenal Complex Study The plant, with a production area of 60 acres and a storage area of 20 acres is well secured and served by a two-lane improved highway. There is no comparable photo coverage showing plant expansion between However, some of the buildings appear to be of relatively recen construction. There are-few indicators to show plant activity. How- ever the roads leading into the plant and storage area appear to be well used and the plant and storage buildings appear to be in good repair. 25X1 D 8. A possible ballistic test facility has been located approximately 2 nm south of Chungking at 29 32N - 106 34E. Available photographic materials fails to link this test facility with any one specific plant in the area. There are several plants in this general area that are probably capable of manufacturing small arms.' If, at a later date, additional evidence may be obtained which will associate this possible test facility with any of the plants in the area, a memorandum will be submitted to your office at the earliest possible date. 25X1A The photo analysts on this project were Messr , who may be contacted on extension 25+7 should you have further questions regarding this project. This memorandum together with its six enclosures completes this requirement. 25X1A ENCLOSURES: Five Annotated Photo Enlargements (CIA/PID/IB-P-71-6 thru P-750/63) One Annotated Map (CIA/PID/IB-P-77763) SEC RU 1 P-Sab1 Yc~,Ia 5 3 6;,25-- 2 P-bat'_e Yct:ae S 22,525 3 P, bs*1e x=c: jae sa=p 17,6CC P-a~ie M c One 15,525 5 P-bst 2 -d P S - 61,075 Y~c_ae P-~'e~A=c 21y 5_.._,-ge 3,600 E e 17, 60C 750 P-t Y C=:ae s~ ,O`0 _ __ Ys chlre lIs 25,67_ Prsl P-b-le Ys dae Sh-p 13,325 2 P-bat's Y~-nYae __ 15,500 -50 e P:-rrd P-.: t Fs ~ry .'.~~= Cf'.=:. V L2 c Asa .,4.~~ tL,~ 25X1 D Approved For Release 2001/03/03 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300020044-2 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/03/03 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300020044-2