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December 28, 2016
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November 23, 2004
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December 19, 1963
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Approved For Release 2005/04/21 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300030015-3 Approved For Release 2005/04/21 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300030015-3 Approved For Release 2005/04MJj- CAI 7$ I U, 25X1A ~~s s !, *.litaeE,rf'ais~.es, 3C 63- W 63 19 X963 0~i.r, ~re~ e , a s x , cwlp: m (3H'zc) a c-cz-3- , - P**jeft c 179.63 Q o? ?3s , 6 (29 Mov 63) 25X1 D ...~ - - ~-- - 25X1 D vlatrr4 fir! it x , -ft awe t 6"m is bu ti+ee t t gar zeds the 'If t t i~A ribela. 3t the Bitad late part (Ii). T jkoto. MONISM at* V iti Vroject vow peAient at the Iate ,t 2 op "am cm -32 and 17 Pecembov 1963 of the two akxwww 160 fttmmmm" t*is 1a im sea 'm ct cc tbda 1 1, t s ans ae in E~^r IB lrbta#serd ! * Ot the i o.R erq tis:ama e1mwitil m verbal pt iam by U . aw8t stt 25X1 D ak era: c Z ti at et - t saw by Um sawweee em be to ~.: s.e ' prwt r o t the arm in a3 3 aa2eairs J at !ice by :me mawr4m. The tc ream vllatc b t h e a. anae tkW y g of the rocket is JLOC"ed &t 25-3 and is rates t- a Amaxomul Vo ,y an ACM -Amp Declassification review by NGA/DoD S- Approved For Release 20051 42-1 : A-RE3P7 T05439A00030003001 -3 i _-=-~ GERM?= 9188"m Lammakum as~ f e st-Mtafit W 536163 ieie+ni,ae show" 33 Ut mod XV of smtee AM (,aaia 1s50,W0). fee bee !aslfieM tilt rov and Via, ba}O0 tS.t ao~i>lsMes$ of the fbe+ st oft* as mmgm- the rt"W to NW W40 adz" - or than +stitrNed. eswr; the 25X1 D 3. An -- nw t i oaf tttzs !bast tretat as _ iat1M/et cm a asrez of aisaiaes ilea" tb.t tare arm mire s+sSt1ar .. j ym*tewm Moo soak reffiatrm"d. Owd 40"& , T st t,.~ to tare ata.es mWe xWt Jo n out ~. , but bawd bees eaast.-est. aaaticas Or *be INionot- two Imss a aster sn ^ bi tm s e. e sat tpDot~~ oiRafaed 25X1 D but a- noway poea.e p~reetss ces of Wm CANOWSAW aeta eo~ls, to aexstah.e we awta.at CA tase F- I ii was at s throw ftwo before %be amwee ? c erve t . - thr Doom tPal" 3" at.drmdriab" .dt tm"V to ftsomff% 'w tar pe I" slow ie teeter .of setivitlee is this fart. R"*~ the or bei3 t , 4 t& & tia4a Ot ? biVOwM rssa, sari wltta2es VNEW sisibis test i4 at the ec Veree s. UM rouOWIaq f is the 1oemuas 4" dsf of wit s3amrim shipe the aborteat diste.oe to rte 1. 1'teert MWbWM MV ]d.3.& to the sta. COWMM .etas VMS t+tlr?r swam foie wb0 10 - . t!"i~~it7~t~ehe .toRM6a1 .. 5ti`~?k 4 t 3- 50~ ~0 b,~r 110 lest 3.9,7X feet 13"x.,1 am iw a" feet 17,300 feet Nb" "" "-34-5" WO IV a" t 1, feet Y+ 00 b 230 feet 13, . ft" U 700 feet , Met a to be i W014"V R1 ' Vs* >twed momm" f tA~ aae~tb tat+s+etOt the ri i , ~ + cc cbmakV .ad =ODOM Route 1 jwft wain of tb* ms's VIA'. A to r ftw"ft stage 1, tae s+osi aag.sse to be 3!o better r am VID ity aisd aaeatia~ows aoeth the tillaOt of ft apse ire it +ie.ae aattt t~lt1.NM~1ts+r ! Van 14 . =as MMMO to uateir 5 s teal miles nwft cc tine e3+.barlnW. A X04 soed 00etliar.es raft this point 6 asmtiaml silts SgA- to the so" ireso~t to be L Axim 1, the cwt e is st SoMUMS 1~D ONO U041 s i s to ' t e e l c a r i m S R b w [ c ea dta.. US mft in to tits 3s at aoesrenR in this esfmmwh .- I UP C?._1t~ 75 Approved For Release 2 Jt Mist1s+W~d lscsa I~#! St~T tom) ~aowt +r-~~rs ~! aad C at agwtta mar cam 9" and 1,0 01014401 lid a , i~~,1-f cx~ an the pvdat the lamer lMum MW absaa . SC U* /63-1G3 4// 536/63 25X1 D (b) 'JIM 1 mm e9ian'!" at a a u (ia MOOG" 25X1 D tiara), F- I ;game aw et tha is etmta that wamm be load at his woub artw abomwum tie aLLsartia In tilt for a' " teu two des it woo 1430 *isom ti.'. Moo vaki"O tbir b. flee Sbato +rMrl! as tbla g+a eat t: and be grey be oaaftaead as tie be MW + em ar ratan is ,s malt ds tv be .. 25)4 SwUmme: 1- a13afi~ (cralsaWAa+-x- 63 ) Approved For Release 2005/04/21 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300030015-3 Approved For Release 2005/04/21 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300030015-3