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December 28, 2016
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November 21, 2000
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January 9, 1964
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300060039-4 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300060039-4 Approved or Release 2001/03/3 P78 ---- O60O$9 Declass Review by NIMA/DOD ~ TCS i o1 7/6L -ioi G-MB 5/64 9 January l964 Copy 25X1A 25X1 D 25X1 D MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Manufacturing and Services Division, ORR ATTENTION THRU: Chief, RG/RB/CGS FROM: Chief, CIA/PID (NPIC) SUBJECT: Railroad Study, USSR REFERENCE: Requirement No. RR/298/62 (Project No C 1103-62) 1. In partial response to Regti.remeait No. R:R/298/62 (C 1103-62), a study is being made of developments in the transportation facilities of selected locations and railroads in the USSR in order to furnish, on a continuing basis, intelligence useful in providing early warning of Soviet military mobilization against NATO. 2. Construction activities in the vicinity of certain key cities and along the railroad lines under observation have been searched on all KEYHOLE coverage available during the latter half of The following items are worthy of note. 4 A. At Daugavpils a railroad bypass is indicated by scattered early stages of construction north of the city. Construction is underway of the grade for a junction on the right side of the northbound track immediately east of the Daugava (Dvina) river. The indicated railroad overpass and. grade construction leads to an apparent: projected bridge over the river at approximately 55 56 30N-26 25 30E.: Photo reference: Map: ATC series 2C0, 0168-14i-i,, 2nd, Ed., 1962. B. Near Polotsk construction has begun on a railroad bypass east of the city. From the Polotsk-Revel line northeast of the Polots_K railroed yard the bypass will run almost rue south to the Polotsk-Vitebsk line. South of the Polotsk-Vitebsk line new junction: curves now extenu from both south and north, join one another south of the mainline and lead to a.bric:ige site in 55 28N-28 51 30E. From.this proposed river"crossing alinement of the right-of-way is indicated only a short distance as it curves westward toward Molc?echno on the Vil'nyus-Minsk route. ':~ - I (-) !5 q -"~ Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300060039-4 25X1 D Photo reference i;ap: ATC series 200: 01f8-5A, 1st. Ed., Nov. 1957. 25X1 D 25X1 D C. At Kaunas the bridge on the highway bypass north.st of the city is still under construction. No additional significant transportation network change is apparent. Photo reference: Map: ATC series 200: 0168-7A,lst Ed., 1957. D. At Minsk, a short link, now under construction from the railroad southbound out of the city east of the Minsk/Machulishche Airfield, runs eastward from that rail line paralleling the principal road east- ward from the Airfield and curves northward to a point south of the 25X1A Minsk Armo Depot SE where it joins the railroad by- passing the city of Minsk on the east side. Also, north of the same 25X1D Airfield, construction is underway of a connecting link westward from the southbound railroad to the main rail line southwest of Minsk at 53 50N-27 28 30E. Photo reference: Map: ATC series 200: 0168-14A, 1st. Ed., 1957. 25X1A 25X1 D E. At Borisov, a railroad bypass under construction will skirt the city on the south side. Southwest of the built-u area of the city and north- east of the Borisov Army Barracks south the line extends eastward from the chain curv.L in the railroad and will cross the Berezina river at 54 1211-28 34E_ From there it curves northwestward and joins the main track cast of Borisov at approximately 54 1' 30N-28 33 20E. The right-of-way is partially graded only in s ots. No bridge construction has begun. Photo reference: Map: ATC series 200: 0168-15A, 1st. Ed., 1957. F. Near Brest grading continues on the railroad. right-of-way over the river and highway southeast of the city. The river bridge and high- way overpass are still lacking. There has been no additional grading west of the Brest--Ches. reilrc:ad. line. There is no other significant change in the railroad c%mple: of the Brest-Terespol region since the reports fro:_ this off ice 'dated "'0 Jul,- 196') and 20 September 1963. Photo 25X1 D reference: Map: ATC series 25X1 D 25X1 D 200: 0168-22A. 1st E'd 1957. - G. In a L emorandu n from this office dated 17 July 1963 a railroad by- pass was reported under construction, across the Tisza river immediately south of Chop. The bridge over the river now appears to be completed, or very nearly so. Other changes in the railroad pattern are of only minor importance. Photo reference: Id-Map: ATC series 200: 0232-24A, 1st. Ed., 1957- H. At Klyev there has been no significant c'ran`e in the railroad network since the report from this office dated 2?- July 1963. Photo reference: Mars: ATC series 200: 0233-8ff, 2nd. Ed., 1962; 0233-9}U, 3rd Ed., 1962; 0233-13HL, 3rd Ed., 1962: 0233-14f-Z, 3rd. Ed., 1962.. Approved For Release 2 94 /Q$l3_0-: CI~-RDP78T05439A000300060039-4 -3- I. At Bakihmach, irnediately west of Konotop, on the main line south- 25X1A westward to Kiyev, theme is a bypass south of the city. From a point southwest of the Bakh.:ch RR Station A Yards, west it runs southeastward to the main line south of Bakhmach where it enters on a curve northward a sr rt distance south of the Bakhmach Petroleum 25X1A Storage East of that storage area a previously existing segmen of the railroad eastward to -tine Bakhmach-Konotop line has been modified to complete the east-west bypass. This brass a -rs to 25X1D be operational. Photo reference: Map: ATC series 200, 0233-101-1, 1962. 25X1 D 25X1A 25X1A J. An additional urban area bypass is believed to be worthy of mention although it is not on any of the railroads assigned for observation. At Shepetovka the railroad from Ternopol northeastward to Korosten and Orsha crosses the line running westward from Berdichev through Lutsk to Brest. Here, at Shepetovka, a railroad bypass is under construction north and east of the city. Connection will be made from the rail line running northwestward out of the city to lines running northeast and east. This construction may be associated with recent military developments In the Rovno-Lutsk-Koval re-ion. Photo reference: Map: ATC series 200: 0233-13HL, 2nd. Ed., . 3. The photo analysis on this project was performed by CIA/PID/G'.2 (EPIC), who may be contno ted on ext. 25;8, for any additional information.