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December 28, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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January 1, 1955
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300120031-5 Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300120031-5 facilities. These included e-?_tension of the lain building- to almost tt*i cc the original size, construction of a side building, and the addition of t-7o tall stacks rising from the ground and adjacent tt.o Declass Review by NIMA/DOD This ::_c orandur. as in ansi:or to a rooueest by -/= to ido _nd locate a po.,,or -1a?+- in G-t07' , SSR, s 7o-'a ? a M ~_rcund ?hoto`raph. .y study t as made of all available aerial photograph covering the entire Grozn;; area, and the installation as determined r-Y to be the Groznyy Heat and Po-rer Plant 1i~5, u.'o: stern' . The aerial r oto-raphy covers a aeriod from to during, which tine the plant had suffered chile ostensive tar daar-e. the new section of the main building. Despite the e.:tensive alterations it :as possible to iderti_fy the pint from objects and layout sho-:Tn on the -round photo of - The items used in the identification consisted of: 1. General s1aTx: and type of construction of in building.. 2. To fuel tanks adjacent to rain b i ding:. 3. Tank farm in b-id -round. 1%. ` ro a _Idin-s in b.a c!k-rro-mnd. Double fence line in fore-rou_nci. us Target Co-plea :osa?c O325-9993-25-. vy r r T Tr :CE SAIu-=_LL; GP/ I- 9 (aoject 71.146) :~ece.: oer 1?j4 rile Co-oy ~- =LIG= CE t;G :: Cy Office of Research and Reports ? F:iC o L:T:::LLIG:.. GPI 9 (Project 71.145) :).ece.._aer 195!4 ? O _ is of =c ;rch anal vi 40 e NJ L.=p.7 fy "C^J) 3 023 420 .5303 2 F,~or fl h.o: t;on ! c/curls p'earnfeo posit: ve 7 /6 3 TJ.-,A -vic? ce. nc~-yes so. `'7 /.oe cnr I.tJ fl.r n C.2p~c.f y c np'c.; on cis _ 7/C~:s 'J PETROLEUM STORAGE KATANGL I (Sakhalin Is) Approa Scene: I/!O,OJ^ t-1 Ka ran9/i 1? ? Z Poor de f. n: t.,, r, l c%uds pre. e Stec po?'t:re S.7 /4 3 Town fc r.-?~ c..^?nu.~es w; lh. Jr, cot -nc. o . n 4 C.~F.=c;ry. c.. _re.J .co eus:i 7i nes/c PETROLEUM STORAGE KATANG41 (Sakhalin Is.) Appro. Scale: 1/10,000 25X1 D Defin; to Tanks C)c Tunks 25X1 D h o [:'OA. i t~ i /et ) 9,deo z 3 4 6 6z: 7 42~ a .s3~n 53 25X1 9 - 10 .25X1 i-'e. / _`kct, ere prca /r: sb.J ,c phetas f t ;c i'/04:70.' I hec is d - A-/95 c/36,-.i4,6 ~` u~?9" ") SECRET Nb Cao,Jc/ty i'o',) / 9,BE0 2 220 420 .5 3E0 Z. Poor net,',-tmn 'f c/ `ids prercifed positive ,dent! f:coton of /ans S, 7. /8 J T nr, f rr-r cc,nc.des ut', the cot s tnrvn .n irc'p s/-eet 6-74 15 rv 4 2oOac,/y como_!ed cv cases Z/bb/s-/C lrr~ PETROLEUM STORAGE KATANGLI (Sakhalin Is) ,._'.q E - Si? 'i) Appro. Scaie: I/10,000 f.,f EZ,9C0 - Ao!es t She/ cn ore - re,:/ fi_ -- eb/i r photos of sco/c /-/Oi (. heels B-TA-/9 /.36i;A,l:S or:y-moo/J SECRET Gt'/1- 49 _