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December 28, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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January 30, 1964
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2001/03/03 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300210005-4 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/03/03 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300210005-4 TCS - 1172/64-KH IB - 56/64 30 -January 1964 Copy #/ MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Manufacturing and Services Division, ORR 25X1 A ATTENTION MS/TR THROUGH Chief, Requirements Branch, Reconnaissance Group, CGS FROM : Chief, CIA/PID (NPIC) SUBJECT Missile Transport Routes REFERENCES (l) ORR Requirement No. C-RR3-80,760 (2 CIA/PID Requirement No.-C-1581/63 1. This memorandum is in response to the referenced requirement' requesting the location and identification of existing physical restrictions on rail and road transportation routes available for the movement of very large Soviet space associated components between the following locations: a. Dnepropetrovsk Daz to the Dnepr River. b. Kaliningrad, Nii No. 88 to the Moskva River. c. Omsk Airframe Plant No. 88 to the Irtysh River. d. Sverdlovsk Plant No. 8 to the Kama River at Perm. e. Kuybyshev Airframe Plant No. 1 to the Volga River. f. Krasnoyarsk Artilery Plant No. 4 to the Yenisey River. g. Kaliningrad Nii No. 88 to Zgorsk Static Test Stand. 2. All of the above mentioned missile research, development and/or 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1D - respectively. The transportation routes between the plants and their designated destination, as described in the preceeding paragraph, were care- fully checked for any existing physical restrictions, which would preclude the transportation of very large Soviet space-associated components at the present time. Because of the limitations on the transportation of large DECLASSIFICATION REVIEW BY NIMA / DoD GROUP 1 Exc!J" troy y?tclre c CZW.:r2,,1,;; and TOPSCRcJ' = loads over railroad lines imposed by normal structural clearances, highways were selected as the route over which the load would be moved. All routes appear to be free of any physical restriction on the movement of very large Soviet space-associated missile components. However, the road network between Sverdlovsk Plant No. 8 and the Kama River at Perm is so limited and the roads become so narrow in the heavily wooded and sparsely settled areas between the two cities; although no single physical restriction was observed, it does not appear that such a move would be considered feasible at this time. 3. The analyst assigned to this project was Who may 25X1A be contacted on extension 25+6 should questions arise regarding this project. This project is considered complete. 25X1A TOP SECRET R!EE