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December 28, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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January 31, 1964
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300210011-7 Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300210011-7 1 Cheng-thou to Lan-chou I 1 Railroad Study 1 1 DECLASSIFICATION REVIEW BY NIMA / DoD 1 1 ~R1f ID - 65/64 31 January 1964 Copy / MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Manufacturing and Services Division, ORR 25X1 A ATTENTION NLS/TR THROUGH Chief, Requirements Branch, Reconnaissance Group, CGS FROM Chief, CIA/PID (NPIC) SUBJECT Cheng-chou to Lan-chou Railroad Study REFE:RENCFS (1) ORR Requirement No. C-RR3-80,898 (2) CIA/PID Project No. C 1825/63 1. This memorandum is in answer to the above referenced requirement which requested a detailed study of the rail line between Cheng-chou and Lan-chou, Communist China. This study was to include: the number of freight trains; the direction, location and speed oi' each train; the number and type of cars in each train; and the location and size of all sidings and yards on the line. 2. Continuous photographic coverage of this whole rail line was not available, therefore only that portion which had continuous coverage was 25X1C studied. was used to obtain the traffic and yard information from Hsi-an to Ting-hsi. The railroad alignment and 25X1 C yard information from Ting-hsi to Lan-chou were obtained from 25X1C dated Enclosed with this memorandum are 12 maps bound in booklet form and two tables. Two of the maps (CIA/PID/IB-P-230/64 and P-231/64) are of a scale of 1:1,000,000. These maps show the general configuration of this railroad and act as an index to the ten large scale maps (CIA/PID/IB-P-188/64 thru P-197/64), which show the railroad in more detail. Table No. 1 gives a description of the yards and sidings and Table No. 2 gives the details on the trains found on this rail line during this study. The same alphabetic-numeric designation used for each train and rail road yard in the tables, has also been used as an annotation on the map for the same item. By this means, the descriptive information in the tables is coordinated to given location on the maps. S- 1 1510 SUBJECT: Cheng-chou to Lan-chou Railroad Study . 3. The analyst on this project was who may be 25X1A contacted on extension 2546 should you have any questions concerning this memorandum. This is considered a complete answer to the requirement. ENCLOSURES: 1 Booklet of Maps (CIA/PID/IB-P-188/64 t and P-230/64 thru P231 25X1A LAN-CHOU TO CHENG-CHOU RAILROAD STUDY TABLE NO. 1 - Description of Yards and Facilities MAP NO. OF APPROX. LENGTH From NSA C}inese Railway Lines & Stations 2nd Ed.DISTANCE FROM ANNOTATION TRACKS IN METERS PROB. STATION NAME LIEN-YUN-KANG (km 1736 km Y2 8T 900 m Chiao-Chia-Wan 1731 Y3 8T 1000 m Y4 2T 600 m Sang-Yuan-Tzu 1722 Lo-T'o-Hsiang 1713 Lu-Chia-Ya 1706 Hsia-Kuan-Ying 1699 Hsu-Chia-T'ai 1693 Kan-Ts'ao-Tien 1678 Chin.Chia-Chuang 1669 Kao-ya 1662 Li-Chia-P'ing 1655 Hei-Chuang 1647 Liang-Chia-P'ing 1640 y5 2T 700 m Ch'an-K'ou 1629 Y6 8T 900 in Ting-Hsi 1618 .~e service Facilities, Classification Yard, Freight Holding Yard & Freight Unloading Facilities Poor quality maps precludes and accu- rate location and description of rail facilities from Sang-Yuan-Tzu to Ch'an-K'ou. Service Facilities and Turning .ye rr1: ?4:;i / From NSA "Chinese Railway Lines MAP NO. OF ANNOTATION TRACKS APPROX. LENGTH IN METERS & Stati ons 2nd.4ed. DISTANCE FROM PROB. STATION NAME LIEN-YUN-KANG (kin) Y7 2T NA Ching-Chia-Tien' 1609 Y8 2T NA T'ang-Chia-Pao 1600 Y9 2T NA Y10 2T 650 m Han-Shui-Ch'a 1591 I Yll 2T 800 m Ma-Ho-Chen 1582 Y12 3T 900 m T'ung-An-I 1574 Y13 2T 850 m Kao-Yang 1567 Y14 2T 850 m Ta-Ho-Ch'a 1559 Y15 2T 800 m Yun-T'ien-Hsiang 1553 Y16 2T 600 m Lung-Hsi-Pei 1542 Y17 NA Lung-Hsi 1534 Y18 NA T'u-Tien-Tzu 1527 ' Y19 NA Yuan-Yang-Chen 1514 Y20 NA Ho-Chia-Tien 1504 Y21 NA Wu-Shan 1495 NA Lo-Men 1484 Y23 2T NA P'an-An-Chen 1474 ' Y24 2T 700 m Chu-Yu-Hsiang 1465 Y25 2T 700 m Kan-Ku 1455 ' Y26 2T 700 m Wei-Shui-Yu 1446 Y27 2T NA Hsin-Yang-Chen 1433 Service Facilities and Turning Wye Large Yard with possibly 2-3 Trains made up in it. Obliquity precludes an accurate description of facilities. Obliquity precludes measurement Obliquity precluded measurement Tom NSA "Chinese Rai way nes & Stations" 2nd.ed. DISTANCE FROM TrON TRACKS IN METERS PROB. STATION NAME LIEN-YUN-KANG (km Y28 1T 700 m Wei-Nan-Chen 1422 Y29 2T 700 m San-Yang-Ch'uan 1414 Y30 1T 900 m Wan-Ho-Ch'uan 14o6 YJ1 2T 750 m Yang-Chia-Ho 1399 Y32 12T 950 m Tien-Shui 1388 Service Facilities and Turning Wye Many Freight Cars in Yard Y33 2T Boo m She-T'ang 1380 Y34 2T Boo m Po-Yang 1372 Y35 1T 900 m Wei-T'an 1364 Y36 2T 700 m Yuan-Lung 1358 Y37 2T Boo m P'u-T'ao-Yuan 1347 Y38 2T Boo m Chien-Ho 1336 Y39 2T 8oo m Feng-Ko-Ling 1325 Y40 2T Boo m T'o-Shih 1314 Y41 2T 8oo m Shih-Chia-T'an 1307 Y42 2T 8oo m Shih-Shu-Lin 1298 Y43 2T 8oo m Hu-Tien 1290 Y44 2T 8oo m Tung-Kou 1285 Y45 2T 8oo m Yen-Chia-Ho 1275 Y46 2T Boo m P'ing-T'ou 1263 Y47 2T Boo m Ku-Ch'uan 1253 Y48 2T 1000 m Lin-Chia-Ts'un 1243 Y49 2T Boo m Fu-Lin-Pao 1238 Y5o 1400 m Pao-Chi . 1233 Service Facilities and Turn Table i,rr, d~ i L/i I 1 1 I rom NSA "Chinese Railway Lines MAP NO. OF APPROX. LENGTH & Stations" 2nd.ed. DISTANCE FROM ANNOTATION TRACKS IN METERS PROB. STATION NAME LIEN-YUN-KANG (km Y51 14T 1300 m Y52 2T 1000 m Tou.Chi-T'ai 1228 Y53 2T 1000 m Wo-Lung-Szu 1223 -Y54 2T 1100 m Kuo-Chen 1213 Y55 1T 1000 m y56 2T 1000 m Yang-P'ing 1200 Y57 2T 1000 m Ts'Ai-Chia-P'o 1190 Y58 2T 1100 m Mei-Hsien 1180 Y59 IT 1000 m Y60 2T 1000 m Chang-Hsing 1167 Y61 2T 1000 m Chiang-Chang 1156 Y62 2T 1000 m Wu-Kung 1145 ,Y63 1T 850 m Y64 2T 850 m P'u-Chi-Chen 1133 Y65 1 800 m Y66 2T 800 m Ma-Wei-Po 1119 Y67 IT 850 m Y68 3T 850 m Hsing-P'ing 1106 Y69 2T 1000 m Mao-Ling 1094 Y70 1 1000 m Y71 8T 1100 m Hsien-Yang 1083 Y72 Hsien 1060 '~j~yiv 4-J~ i'r ~~~ VM41~ Service Facilities and Many Yards I I I I 1 1 I LAN-CHOU TO CHENG-~"RAILROAD STUDY TABLE NO. 2 - Description of Traffic MAP APPROXIMATE SPEED LOCATION OF KM FROM ANNOTATION TYPE NO. OF CARS KM/HR DIRECTION CIOOSEST RR STAT. LIEN-YUN-KAWG T1 Freight 20 West T'ang-Chia-Pao 1600 Obliquity precludes measure- ment of speed. T? Passenger 12 38 West Ta-Ho-Ch'a 1559 T3 Freight 29 East Ta-Ho-Ch'a 1559 Stopped in Yard T4 NA East Ho-Chia-Tien 1504 Obliquity precludes more detail. T~ Freight 25 0 West Wu-Shan 1495 Stopped in Yard T6 Freight 20 East Lo-Men 1484 Obliquity precludes measure- ment of speed T7 Freight 28 West Chu-Yu-Hsiang 1465 T8 Freight 38 36 West San-Yang-Ch'uan 1414 T9 Passenger 13 0 East Tien-Shui 1388 At Station T10 Passenger 12 35 West Po-Yang 1372 Till Freight 50 0 West P'u-T'ao-Yuan 1347 Stopped in Yard T12 Freight 32 54 East Feng-Ko-Ling 1325 T13 Freight 32 East Hu-Tien 1290 Shadows preclude measure- ment of speed. T14 Freight 34 0 Yen-Chia-Ho 1275 Stopped in Yard T15 Freight 55 34 East Lin-Chia-Ts'un 1243 T16 Passenger 16 11 East Mei-Hsien 1180 1 ~~{{ MAP APPROXIMATE SPEED LOCATION ANNOTATION TYPE NO. OF CARS KM HR DIRECTION CLOSEST RR STAT. LIKM FROM EN-YUN-KAWG REMARKS T17 Passenger 13 0 West Mei-Hsien 1180 T18 Freight 50 43 East Chiang-chang 1156 T19 Freight 46 38 West Ma-Wei-P'o 1119 T20 Freight 23 28 West Mao-Ling 1094 T21 Freight 12 0 West Hsien-Yang 108 3 T22 Freight 32 39 West Hsian 1060 T23 Freight 29 33 East Hsian 1060 T24 Passenger NA 0 West Hsian 1060 T25 Freight 39 0 West Hsian 1060 T26 Freight 28 0 East Hsian 1060 T27 Freight 45 29 West Hsian 1060 d ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300210011-7 Next 11 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300210011-7