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December 28, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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February 6, 1964
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2001/03/03 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300210018-0 Approved For Release 2001/03/03 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300210018-0 MUS ABM Vs Chief, Dereasiv Systsas Division, an 25X1 A AT!!ILZCS$ NMI Chill, As~dsrrato Breach, Decoanaisaanos Oro, CM !![Ms C-iot, CZA/pin (W'ZC) sliisms Atasy:sls of Crul a Missile ijlc ed Aboard MA and UIIAk patrol moats 2be slant!s alrmsiaas sad tolessoosa Mess established tr~as the rollaving 25X1B 1. 1. 2b" slmora~iaa is in "wpm" to 7ow rsgvdrarat dats4 2 July 1963 rsgnsstlap istai1sd thr??-vtw droving vith diasasiass, of the aissi1 sad sail svAost gstsa baosa to be :hosed CBA aad MOIAR el a" patrol boats. 2. '!less .issilss bsw asarwsr bean seen by western observes, oust sines tie a 13 a petats aatilab1 for tits 8ea1ysis are extrume obligtie v'i e? s+apsodvwsa fr s*vUt periodical., ?ztrs s saatioa is advises is tre use of the aemsveesl aata peovsdsi is this aa^~ae+sod-a. me reluwias pinta tie materials aaai reports ware provi+dsd 21D/mZC roar tamir soul aaai,sis of the Missile: (a) esveral ?xtss a ob1igne view shore in the * 1963 issvr (no. 10) of Swetsiiy V"&. D m awe vj~ of a mood of tae MCMAa alas. boat (CIA Photo 5157911x) . C) Cr ab1iMse glow aura is trnsnsj. Zwsaa, 6 asp 63 (CIA 935b95). a cos .star as obuiae view sioru in Zasaya Zvesda, 31 Dea 63. ? Crs !soar! vlav shores in X assays Zvesda, 7 Jan 64. f sslort 5151483, Ossisa PDst ratrat slips. i CM sepoart 27.13A, Savist Qoided Missile Bystsas. DECLASSIFICATION REVIEW BY NIMA / DoD aeour t - aat,mltie and nowu?t Aaa3.7sis of dridss NissUA ielol+st Aboatet 06* aad LIAR Patrol Jests. 25X1 B After a tboroa b study of the ovel3aals , 2=/WZC was vambU to plat, rites any dews of sacweac-, astailed tlseswisv a1asosiooal snsiassring nisi bl1ii Ma n) last of w+oeloab3* mid', mA (2) Leak of kaOwa d1stasses to be used In ratiootas. Utilizing the shows liatst a aaterials sad ssnwwal data (a, b, sat a), the attached artist's oaMSSit aisamsiaasl drawings vrt r mG- s& by PD/lZC. sines fits are artists ? rsaiitiaos they aboad not be us" mm ssalias and samrating wariovs aalaoents of the aissi]a. 25X 1 A 3 ? '!'bs Photo sa1yst as tit' pv3eat is wbo now be soatseted on sstsasten LoDT5 ebou=d you berme star further gwsstiass eene.raSos tics WoJsat. t. dais project is ocommerea to be eafflLts. 25X1A 25X1A Distribution: orig & 1 - Addressee (2 cys attach) 1 - DepCh/CGS 1 - HdgLiaison/PID *1 - PAG/MPIC *1 - SR 1 - M/ES Subject _r-- PID Project 2705 (6 Feb 25X1A SECRET Approved For Release 2001/03/03 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000300210018-0