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December 28, 2016
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July 27, 2000
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May 22, 1964
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300320009-8 Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300320009-8 d For Release 2000/08123GJA-RDP78TO5439A000300320009-8 A TCS 2223/6+-KH M/EB 265/64 22 May 1964 Copy 1 25X1 D 25X1 D MEMORANDUM FOR Chief, Ballistic Missiles and Space Division, OSI ATTENTION : 25X 1 A THROUGH: Chief, Requirements Branch, Reconnaissance Group, CGS FROM: Chief, CIA/PID (NPIC) SUBJECT: Area Search for Tyura Tam Missile Test Range Outstation Near Baykit, USSR REFERENCES: a) Requirement. C-SI-4-81,354 b) CIA/PID Project C 790-64 1. This memorandum is in resp)nse t, y)ur requirEment dated 30 April 1964 requesting a search of an area 61 t., 63N and 95 L 97E, and centered on the town of Baykit (61-4oN 96-25E) in an att(,mpt, t , 1 )cate a possible Tyura Tam v1issile Test Range outstatif,n cl)ste t, the p,~i.nt f burnout on Soviet space vehicles. 2. This area has never been covered by ph,)t:~graphiy _,f sufficient quality to confirm or deny the existence of a possible Tyura Tam Missile Test Range outstation. The only Lw:; missi)ns that produced partially cloud- free photography of this area were were filled with mist and fog which completely obscured the town-of Baykit and any other village or activity that might: be located along the rivers in this area. 25X1 D the Baykit area can be 25X1 Identified, +ut the photography is quite dark, the resolution is poor, and details cannot be determined ,r described. Mission Forward also c.)ver the Baykit area, but the stream valleys The _ly item of interest noted in the cloud-free photography of this area was the existence of a straight, narrow clearing through the trees approximately four nautical miles long and 25 feet wide with a probable tower at each end of the cleared strip. This cleared strip, oriented northwest/ southeast is located in an isolated area along the top of a ridge 17 nautical miles north-northeast of Baykit. This cleared strip, or ground scar, is one of at least 15 similar strips located in this remote area of Siberia, close to the great circle path from the Tyura Tam Missile Test Range to the Kamchatka Peninsula. A generally triangular shaped area may be formed by three of these cleared strips: one at Baykit (1), one approximately 325 nautical miles to Declassification Review by NIMA/DOD G~~ V' E Crle9 entGMIt E . downgraCiog end decI t%itliettoa Approved For Release CIA-RDP78T05439A000300320009-$ RIFF 6UWNT:. Area Search for Tyura Tam Missile Test TCS 2223/61+-KH .1 Range Outstation Near Baykit, USSR M/EB 265/65 the east near Yerbogachen (61-15N 108-OOE) (2), and one approximately 350 nautical mils south-southwest of Baykit near the Gladkaya ICBM Complex 25 nautical miles northwest of Krasnoyarsk(56-OON 93-OOE). Roughly within the triangle formed by these three strips are 12 additional cleared strips. These are scattered throughout the area at various locations at least 25 nautical miles apart.. Except for the eight nautical mile long strip near Yerbogachen, all the strips are approximately three to four nautical miles long and all appear to have a tower at each end. They are all located at high elevations along ridge lines, and each strip appears to be oriented in a different direction. They are all located in isolated areas, miles from the nearest village. No roads are visible' leading to these clearings. The function of these cleared strips is not kn~Ywn. If they are related in any way to missile or satellite tracking, py)ssibly they are serviced, as needed, by the several helicopters )bs(-,rved at Yeniseysk, the major airfield in this area. Yeniseysk is also thf~ locati ~Y> )f t kn,wn missile and satellite tracking facility. The.enclosed map (oNc-D-6) sh,aws the :Lppr )ximate l,.)cations and orienta- tions of the fifteen cleared strips, ,r grc,und scars, that were located as a result of scanning the photography )f this ;area. It is possible that additional cloud free photography of this area would result in locating more of these cleared strips. 25X1A 5. The photo analyst on this project iwho may be contacted on extension 3410 should YOU have any further questions concerning this pro je%*. 6. This project is considered to be Enclosure: One annotated map (ONC-D-6) TOP SECRET RE E 25X1A R`DP78"05439'OOO'3O02A00 P PIC1ORIAI SYM9Ol12-TION crone - finis -11, 4p`prQ t, I? I I'..I t. i f c F~r a ~,i3d0/ C P78T0, ~3 320009 1,17 i 00.0/08/2: ~A-R P,,..8ry 05439AQ,00300820009-8 ap, 102? - -H Hwy' 64 vr:;.. ~ ...~,~ 11f y Q.CRE1 1 1~~ t . 61? 109 t}b 104" lease 2009/08/23 : Cl 63" ~, ? ,_r. 1011? 110,: 1j1 64.1 X12? . \; I 1' 63'1'10" 'HE CONTOUR EVALUATION OVI RPRINT fl Con,oa. 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