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December 28, 2016
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July 27, 2000
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May 25, 1964
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300320014-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300320014-2 OMIFIW~- 4016 TCS 2225/64-KH 14/EB 268/64 25 May 1964 Copy 1?=-IORANDUM FOR: Chief, Ballistic Missiles and Space Division, OSI A'1-= TTION: 25X1A THROUGH: Chief, Requirements Branch, Reconnaissance Group, CGS FROM: Chief, CIA/PID (Iv'PIC) SUBJECT: Fnotographic Analysis of Various Static Test Areas, USSR RJCES: (a) Requirement C-SI-4-80,91+2 (b) CIA/PID Project c 84-64 1. This memorandum is in response to your requirement dated 7 January 1964 which requests: (a) Orientation sketch of Voronezh Static Test Facility showing location and dimensions of new cells, "crane", new large building, and depth of "flame bucket" and height of "crane." (b) Sketch with dimensions of test stands at Kurumoch Static Test Facility. (c) Sketch with dimensions of Krasnoyarsk Static Test Facility showing new test stand and possible component stand. (d) Sketch and dimensions of rocket blast marks noted at Voronezh, Dnepropetrovsk and Kurumrioch on Mission - 25X1 D 2. All photography through =HOLE was analysed for 25X1D this project. All measurements given were either directly from TID (NPIC) or made with the use of scales provided by TID (NPIC). a. Voronezh.- The "new cells" (item 1, Figure 1) must be considered only possible due to poor quality photography. The reported blast mark at this structure must also be considered possible since there may be a building or revetment which, in this area, cast a shadow of this shape. The dimensions of the possible "new cells" are approximately 170 by 70 feet. A structure (item 2, Figure 1) apparent at the edge of the ravine has considerable height and can be identified as a verticle test stand. Poor quality photography precludes identification of a "crane" in this area. No "flame bucket" can be identified. The "new" large building (Item 3, Figure 1), approximately 200 25X1 D feet square, was present in Portions of the building are very indistinct indicating the posse 1. i y that there may be two separate structures instead of one. Poor quality photography prohibits the determination of heights of any structures within the facility. b. Kurumoch. Accurate sketches of the test stands reported on KEYHOLE Mission could not be made. Figure 2 is a line drawing showing 25X1 D Declassification Review by NIMA/DOD Exci 2 trc, ! ;t: ~CcCI SSI Ic~tIG^Jy ~~a,,^,~``R rG~rr i i SUBJECT: Photographic Analysis of Various Static TCS 2225/6+-KH Test Areas, USSR M/EB 268-6)-+ their position in relationship with the original verticle test stand (Item 1). Some of the smaller buildings and less prominent roads have been omitted from the drawing. Since the images are small and indistinct on HIE-14- photography, no meaningful comparison sketches were made of the test stands. Tae cronology of the stands remains as indicated in previous reports. -t, c. Krasnoyarsk. Careful examination of all coverages of this 25X1D facility indicates that there is no "anew" test stand. The verticle test stand and its associated control building observed on Mission are the same structures as those reported on previous missions. The possible com- ponents test building lies approximately 800 feet southwest of the verticle d. Figures 3 and 4 show the blast marks at Voronezh, Dnepropetrovsk, and Kurumoch as they were found on KEYHOLE Mi.ssio 25X1 D 25X1A who may be contacted on extension 2079 should you have any further questions concerning this project. 3. The photo analyst on this project is 4. This project is considered to be c Enclosures: Four (1+) line drawings (CIA/PID/MEB-P-444/64 thru R4+7/64) 25X1A no rr rj (r I~h ' r. 7 :s. . urr (lo ro-'I C LG~..'ST-Odic- 'rest r4cd, ty GO~tS~rK CfI_D.!2_C~rono%~ O Poss,b/e New C-// m ``New aid // cjj~ 25X1 D ~rG/ige/l'1ocll S T//.7 -/G 7-Z-$7- , // /L//7 ~~I pr~~/in0.~ VFrr ,C- ~' .5ldra I ~~ -~~ II r_~ r JD ,,, I ,' k4ia'G,l_ 1_ !> 7)CY4/JC ~/ L,/~l, TV, t rr 4.~JLT-. 25X1 D TOMP ~ ~ ApT [F~~a LS' /2s / S~Cl J %'6 s3 25X1 D TUB v~:T 6tRPa'