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December 28, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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May 1, 1964
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2000/05/11 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000300330168-1 Approved For Release 2000/05/11 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000300330168-1 Copy 6 Pages PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION REPORT /5 845 NPIC/R-309/64 May 1964 MYSHANKA ARMY BARRACKS Handle This document con meaning of the espi or the revelation o prejudicial to the detriment of the Un recoil's TALENT-K TALENT regulations MYSHANKA, USSR BELORUSSIAN NIID DIA Declass Review, NIMA/DoD Via TALENT - KEYHOLE Control Only WARNING ins classified information affecting the national security of the United States within the nage laws U. S. Code Title 18, Sections 793 and 794, The low prohibits its transmission its contents in any manner to an unauthorized person, as well as its use in any manner afety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign government to the ted States. It is to be seen only by personnel especially indoctrinated and authorized to YHOLE information. Its security must be maintained in-accordance with KEYHOLE and NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION CENTER 1111111 IIKIftk-4411%ik ffirjP" AOMPAIIIME/MMINIMIlffria -wAltiihmiiimid '19511mESCEORIOW GROUPI TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF NH(' 1 -30,-) '(4 PREFACE his report is on, in a s,ries(ii ovictGround I ?tic, and logistic installations being preparei ut 1fl I Panel. I-he series is being coordinated, published and dissendii 1w I\ PIC. I he photographic analysis is being performed lv the I\ i 'hotographic Analysis Group, the CIA Photographic InicIligence Division (NPIC ), and the Production Center I Plc -(1)1A ). I he photographic imalvsis for this particular re- port Was performed by Lill.: NI IC. Phoicigraphic Analysis Group. In the interes: of uniformity, the titles and letter designators for the facilities observed at these installations are identical with those appearing in ihe proi,ct requirement. V\ hen a specific facility is not observed both its title and letter designator are omitted in the report. lilies and letter designators for the various facilities are as follows: railroad scrvice, P road service, Lc) landing strips, (D) adminisirative and troop housing areas, LL) storage areas, (F) am- munition storage areas, ; PUP storage areas, 01) other buildings and facilities, (1) equipment storage ? maintenance areas, (K) athletic fields, small :11-111-,, firing ranges. NI) driver training areas. (N) tank ' assault gun firing ranges, flat trajectory firing ranges, (Q) artillery LATiplacements (batteries), if, infantry or combined arms field train- ing area or courses, I special training facilities, Cif unidentified facilities or tracking activity. TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF '\P IC "R -30Q "64 25X1A TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF MYSHANKA ARMY BARRACKS (52-11N 28-57E) MYSHANKA, GOMELSKAYA OBLAST, USSR BELORUSSIAN MD I_ Ncl: N:6716 25X1C 25X1A 2"I5' Ivashkovichi MYSHANKA k-tiCMYSHANKA ARMY ? inBARRACKS ? Bagrimovichi Mikhnovichi FIGURE I. LOCATiO,', OF II,At. ARM 5,4.4R4CKS, USSR. TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF 25X1D TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF SUMMARY Myshanka Army Barracks (I igure 1) is located immediately east of Nlyshanka (52-11N 25-55L) and 25 kilometers (km WNW of Kai- inkovichi (52-0tYN 20-1QL). 1 tie installation sLtryed by a rail spur from the 11iilinkovic:n- Znitkovichi rail line. The Kalinkovichi-kopts- vichi primary all-wcather highway bisect - installation. The Kalinkovichi Army Barracks (Moyzr AL-2) is located 23 km SAM site is located ?,-,()(1 meters north ot the in- stallation and a Type II SAM Support I acility is located 2 km west. This installation covers appr0x1mately acres and contains four administ ration buildings, NP(- "R'-;;Ou '54 10 barracks, 41 officers:dLpendcnis quarters, 25 storage buildings, 54 support buildings and 10 equipment :vehicle maintenance buildings (Fig- ures 2 and :;). The installation also contains a pus firing range. 25X1D in-: :ion was covered by three KLY- 25X1D l(01_,1_ missions between It was not covered by l.\LLT1 photog,- raphy. Comparative analysis revealed very c!a:in,_:c in the level of activity. The addi1 25X1D of two support buildings and one storage was evident On coverage. W 0 probable storage buildings were under con- struction in 25X1D DESCRIPTION OF INSTALLATION Railroad Service A single rail spur from the Kalinkoyichi- Zhitkovichi rail line enters the installatiOn. Road Service The primary all-weather kalinkoyichi- Koptsvichi highway bisects the installation. Administrative and Troop Housing Areas Area D (Figure 3) contains one T-shaped administration building, one L-shaped admin- istration building, I() multistory barracks build- ings, four storage buildings, 12 support build- ings, one probable officers quarters an a secured area containing one storage and cnc support building. General Storage Areas Area LI contains one 1 -shaped at:minis:ra- tion building, 12 storage buildings rail2 support buildings. coverig rL \ led one w storage :WO under construction. Area L2 contains one I-shaped adminis- tration building, five storage buildings and 20 support buildings. coverage revealed two new support buildings in this area. Other Buildings Area bi contains 40 officers dependents quarters. Equipment Storage/Maintenance Areas Area ,11 includes three 240- by 40-foot maintenance buildings and one support building. Area 32 includes two possible 240- by 50-foot maintenance buildings and two small support buildings. The area is secured and contains two rows of possible vehicles/equip- ment. Area 33 includes five 240- by 40-foot main- lei-lance buildings, three storage buildings and si\ support, buildings. Small Arms Firing Range. Area 1, includes a 900- by 400-foot possi- ble small arms tiring range. TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF 25X1D TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF NPIC 'R--30 64 FIGURE 2. MYSHANKA ARMY BARRACKS, - 4 - TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF 25X1 D TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF NPR: '1:-?).00 '64 J 1 - ? D ?? iss? arop awe' SA'.1 ? SITE ? ? _ ? / ? 'ow ? ? ? ?, ? , ? / ? ..? ? ? ? 474 H L 0 V C ' J2 ??? L J3 ? ? ?ft. ? ? ? **/ %or El ?ft. ?S ON" , ON, ?? alavy i aft? soar Mae . . ? . / aill? 7 . / E2 \ 11 ? I I \ N ......... DPAINaGF_ DI T C H. E., ? ^ 4/ /11,1111,101W FIGURE 3. M YS AR EARR,',CKS. c 25X1 D TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF \PIC .R?SO? '64 25X1 D 1'I( )T( \PM- M%Pr- OH CH 1:1?-f?-? 1:1:VEIZEM -- l'???., 11r T.,rrr. ? lc, I)? s (?-?1.1('RET) NPIC In?101 \IENT-- (.-HR-1-,1,i \F1 II( ( T (-FOP HET ( 111:?-?-? RI FF.) TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF