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December 28, 2016
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March 8, 2001
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May 1, 1964
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2001/03/22 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300340018-6 Approved For Release 2001/03/22 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300340018-6 0 PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION REPORT- ,A&tA*4 GkVW NP IC/R?292/64 ARMY.. B BARANOVICH119-USSR-. BELORUSSIAN MD. Declassification Review by-NIMA/DOD. DIA an n.. '~a` TALENT --:KEYHO . WARNING : Ipcrrat contains classified infarwaetion effeetity tM nstionol:'soeuriiy of dw United States -within the t! of itr ispienogs laws U. S.-Code Title 18. Sections 793 and 794. Tfio low prohibits its transmission :ra.-lemon of iti contents in any wanner was unsothorized person. as .roll as Its:yse-in any wormer 'leis[. ~~vp the safety or interset of the United . States or for Nre bansf t of any for.lgo go rnarent to the . inEsl ih.-Unililt Stefsi: `tt fist ho seetr ? Td32ENT=KEYHOLE iafirwistisn. Hs sec city, meet ba mainteinsd in aeceraenes with KEYHOLE and NT r~julatiens. NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION CENTER wOU. I [..I..... I......ti.. May 1964 S EAST TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF This report is one in a series on Soviet Ground Force and logistic installations being prepared for a 1)IAiGI.\ Panel. The series is being coordinated, published and disseminated by NPIC. The photographic analysis is being performed by the NPIC Photographic Analysis Group, the CIA Photographic Intelligence Division (NPIC), and the Production Center IPic (l)IA). The photographic analysis for this particular re- port was performed by the NPIC Photographic Analysis Group. In the interest of uniformity, the titles and letter designators for the facilities observed at these installations are identical with those appearing in the project requirement. When, a specific facility is not observed both its title and letter. designator are omitted in the report. Titles and letter designators for the various facilities are as .follows: kA) railroad service, (B) road service, (C) landing strips, (D) administrative and troop housing areas, (E) storage areas, (F) am- munition storage areas, (G) POL storage areas, (H) other buildings and facilities, (J) equipment storage/ maintenance areas, (K) athletic fields, (L) small arms firing ranges, (11) driver training areas, (N) tank/ assault gun firing ranges, (P) flat trajectory firing ranges, (Q) artillery emplacements (batteries), (R) infantry or combined arms field train- ing area or courses, (S) special training facilities, (T) unidentified facilities or tracking activity. TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF Baranovichi Army Barracks Last is located on the southeast edge of Baranovichi (53-O81'1~ 026-03E) immediately west of Baranovichi Rail- road Yard East (Figure I). l he installation is (Served by a spur from the rail yard, a series of city streets, and an all-weather primary road which connects to the all-weather highway from Bobruysk to Brest. Other military installations located in the vicinity include Baranovichi Army Barracks SW (AL-1), and Baranovichi Army Barracks and Training Area Lesnaya (I AA- 1 ). The installation covers approximately 700 acres and includes seven administration build- ings, 49 barracks, 115 storage buildings, 51 support buildings, two equipment storage /main- tenance buildings, and 25 vehicle sheds. Other facilities include two athletic fields and two small arms ranges. 25X1 D The area is covered by - TALENT pho- vsts KEYHOLE missions bet2.5Xj [}5X1 D Comparative anal- revealed the same general level of usage 25X1 D between with reduced Significant changes since M include the addition of 10 large vehicle storage/maintenance buildings, 52 general storage buildings, two new barracks and three new administrative buildings.- 2-5XtDv buildings appear to have been constructed be- M of this installation a barracks and administrative area for Baranovichi Airfield. DESCRIPTION OF INSTALLATION Railroad Service A spur from a single-track--line extend- ing from Baranovichi thriouh Luninets passes through the southeast sector of the installation. A five-track rail yard borders the installation on the east side. Road Service An all-weather primary road connects the installation to the east-west all-weather primary highway extending from Bobruysk to Brest. The 25X1 D urban location of the installation also gives it good access to city streets. Administrative and Troop Housing Areas Area i) (Figure 3) contains six administra- tion buildings, 49-barracks, and thirty support buildings. Since M1-.\LFNT photography, two barracks, three administration and five support buildings have been added. Trackage thro hOU the area indicates the installation is "">>PP""~~bb'abb''11 occupied. - General Storage Areas Re" ark- lroa Numhor of Etui Ith n C- 11 -riall =tora_,v building- haco boon f E' 1' t, 2 ~In~ o ~I \LE_A I It oto_rah uddod, nrx~-tlt in thv -outhorn Marl of he area. in~'o~ ono huilriin_ hu- ho.?.~ rom0Sod and added. E3 horn a fined f E4 1tt . r ' _- ~Int.,?~ ht -mull bu m od and four hnco been nddod. h E. 5 I n ii toot' rrn rom I TI I't? I~~o huildine- ha~o E:fi 1 } tod -in, tnt E7 in ~ ~ t'~.~?Ito n~?< huildiTI _- fate h~?on oon- ied -int-e E9 11 l'i.r e r. o\1 h~u 4Iin,- h:~~o ho.?n inn-trut 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF 25X1D TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF Sketch compiled from FIGURE 3. BARANOVICHI ARMY BARRACKS EAST, 25X1 D TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF 25X1 D TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF :Area o. Type J1 1 \dntini -tration asith. \cing- :3 \ chicle shod- \ehicle -lied- 1 \ (-hi( I, -hid 1 \ e h i c I e shod 3 \ chicle shed - 10 Support building- J' I \ ehicle shed 1 A chicle -hod \ ehich. -11ed- 1 Vehicle -hid 1 \laint.rnanci &toru':c T--hoped 4 Support building- J3 \ ehicle -hod- 1 Vehicle -hod 2 \ eh ic?le -hod- 1 Maintenance Storage e(f "It" -Ilu 7 p Support building- J4 2 I \ ehicle -hed- \ehi(1(? -hod ?1(i \ 35 50 \ 4(I & 70 x i.0 (10 x 260 x 3% 17%x 60 ',00 40 17, x .-. 0 .,,0 x .11 1710v 40 270 30 :330 6(1 17(1x.:, 90 v 25 cro=- liar 160 \ 40 _(30 , 40 100v 40 10(1 x 3:. asith toao 1(1(1 x 20 oyten-ion- 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D Si nit ~ -ix tihicle -hod- h:as e lien added: (sao 210 x ft. two 360 x :, , ft. one :300 x 40 25X1 D taco aehicle -h(?d- hose been added: one 3.0 x 30 ft and one 170 y 40 ft. _? three -upport building- has e been added. Thr. e of the -upport building- pro0- ahl hasp an adrnini-tratiao function ton- nocted ssith the motor pool-. -ince _ tsao building- ha\i been con-truc?ted and one building re: tose?d. Athletic Fields The installation contains two athletic fields, KI and K2 (Figure 3). K2 appears to be slightly expanded since- Small Arms Firing Ranges The installation contains two small arms firing ranges -- LL and L2 (Figure 3). L1 is 25X1 D . 1,100 feet long and 200 feet wide and contains three parallel bunkered firing lanes. L2 is 400 feet long and 500 feet wide with nine bunkered firing lanes arranged in an arc. TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF 25X1 D MAPS OR CHARTS I'S Air Target Chart, Series 400. Sheet 16-16HL, 3d ed, Dec 62 (SECRET) I'S Target Complex ('hart, eerie= 1001, Sheet SO 16-99b1-1001, 2d ed, Feb 57 (SECRET) 25X1 C 25X1 C DOCUMENTS Army. DPIR-1-57, Ifilitary ln.statlations, Slonin-fiaranoricti Area. CSSR, 24 Jan 57 (TOP SECRET CHESS) DIA. PC 225 1-1-63, Installation List, Soviet Ground Forces, 1 Oct 63 (SECRET No Foreign Dissem Except DIA. PC 225 1-2-63, Training Areas, Soicict Gro!tnd Forces, 1 Oct 63 (SECRET 'No Foreign Dissem Except REQUIREMENT C-RR4-61,111 (partial answer) TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF