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December 28, 2016
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September 26, 2000
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March 5, 1965
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP78T05439A000400370053-3 Next 2 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP78T05439A000400370053-3 ,; ~ , This memorandum is in response to your requirement which 1 . r quests description and mensuration of selected sites at the Tyuratam ~ ssile Test Center (TTMTC). M ~~' 2. For a, b, and c under specific requirements, a short textual description and a line drawing of eaeh.launch site has been included. The description is a brief history of the site, the type if applicable, and association with other sites. The line drawings furnish further descriptive details as 'well as pertinent dimensions. Ditching for ~possiti].e cable connections to other sites is also shown. .3. Additional information on the launch sites listed in the requirement can be found in the following NPIC reports on Complex G: NPIC/R-85/3, NPIC/R-288/63, NPTC/R-33+/63? 5. .The search for additional single-silos at Tyuratam was conducted negative results with the following exception: The function of launch s~te B-3 Because of poor quality and i sufficient cOVer the construction period of this site and evidence o an excavation during its construction, the possibility of one or more ated at this site. The search was conducted on Mission the most recent cloud-free cover of TTMTC. GCS: ii,0~_:1'.~Ti.\1 ~;~L1G - _, ~'' . ' . ' / ~ti . - . Tcs-217o-65 This project is considered to be complete.. ~- 25X1A Colonel, USA Assistant for Photographic Analysis, NPIC 1-1~+-QACSI-DA :; :K fI)istribution: Enclosure: ? _ Dzscription of~`3aunch sites line drawings 15-PAG/NPIC w o enc ~ ~- "'~/.PAG/NPIC (w/o enc ) ' _.~/PAG (w/o enc) 18-CIA/PID (w/enc), ;~ 19-OS/RTPIC (w/o enc ) 25-DIAXX-3C ~w/enc~~ 24-DTAXX-3A w/enc) 22-OPNAV 922Y 23-Army/sPAD 21-AFNIE-EA (w/enc) (w/o enc) w/o enc ) o enc) 25X1A i0i' SEC~t'tT l3iiFF SS' ~`,aunch Site A e road ? is located`R-ht 5-5 ~/63-~E? . hop tograpt~y of .. ,~: Enclosure to TCS-2170-65 ~ ?~ served single silo launch site under construction~ Construction at this site was first observed on ',, and can be negated on photography of Mission "I At this Type III C launch site is an excavation containing a silo measuring 55 by 45 feet, with an aperture of about- diameter. The site access road approaches"the silo from the north but turns to form a roughly circular loop dust at .the northwest corner of the silo excavation. Just inside the security ~'~nce is a building measuring 150 by.~0 ~eet~ and dust east. of ~e silo is one other building measuring tS0 by 35 feed Other than these bni.ldings, the o ly other significa3it items irisible within the security ~ence~'are several di piles and en exca~tetion which measures 120 by 55 feet. A ground scar leads ~-this launch situ to launch site~`I. . , _, ~, , z ~ . ;`~ ~ i ~ ~~` Launch Site B located at 45-59N/63-33E and contains a~road served Pringle silo launch site under construction. This type I1L,~C launch site was ` ' ':first seen'in photography of and can be negated on Mission ~ ~ ~~~ r- , ~" As seen on last usable photography