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December 28, 2016
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September 29, 2000
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March 8, 1965
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000400370057-9 Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000400370057-9 . 1. Th:.a memorandum l : s in response to your requirement dated 8 October 1964 requesting; :. nforruation re? ardi.n- the level of activity related to the Chere- povets Launch Complex, n comparison to the activity at the Talliiu7 Launch Comple 2. This requirement has been partially satis!'ied through persoiial con- sultations and brief-`n,;;e presented by the photo analyst assigned to thus. project. These consultations :.nclude the 'ollowin-,: 3. The requirement has also been partially satisfied by NPIC reports 12-852% 64 "Tallinn *24)'SIN Launch Complex and Cnerepovets Suspect Al +i/S1M Launch Complex, USSR," dated Se tember ly ~, and R-50883"64 "Cnerepovets Suspect M.24, 614M Launch' Cunplex, USSR O(tober 1964", dated December 1964. 25X1 D 4. Since the last m1 ss' on rel'erenced _ n the latest NPIC report, two Kll-4 missions covered Cnerepoveta however no a ciUtioual missions have photographed 5X1 Di Ima6!e quality -n both cases as poor to t air with partial 5X1 D povets were accom li lied on Tallinn since . The last two missions coverinFt Cherim. HANDLE VIA TAA ':`,7. YHOLF 'CO,ITROL #?~ Ef.: ONLY, 25X1D 25X1 D 25X1A 25X1 D ? 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D SUBJECT: Level of1Activity, Cherepovets and Tallinn "Long Mange SAM Sites". TCS 2060/65. M/EB 71/65 interference from haze and clouds, which especially precluded observation on Neither of these latest missions revealed any further construc- tion progress on the launch complex. As of construction pro- grees.an the road leading west toward the Cherepovets SAM support facility cannot be confirmed, however, there is probably no activity on 25X1D when the ground had a substantial cover of fresh snow. 5. The following information supplements that contained in the previously (referenced NPIC reports: struction activity, however, their proximity to the launch operations area and (a) At Cher'epovets, unidentified activity was initiated In three areas between. One area of earth scarring, approximately 5,500 feet south of launch site A, measures approximately 500 by 250 feet and straddles a dirt road which leads toward a sm single street village located approximately 1,000 yards east of the Cherepovets Petroleum Storage Area. (See the.attached line drawing) The road continues t ough the village and then turns north into the launch operations area. This.rDad was present prior to the initiation of con- struction activity in the launch ar a and is now probably closed off by the security fence. The second area of activity measuring approximately 220 by.100 feet, con- tains excavation and suspect constriction activity and is located approximately 4,200 feet west of launch site A. is activity is,adjacent to the same road, which connects the village of Irdamatka with the village east of the petroleum storage area. The third area of earth scarring, measuring approximately 300 by 230 feet). is located adjacent to the east sid of the launch support ares. fence. It is sus- pected that the first two areas of activity are not related to the AMM/SAM con- the timing, of.the activity requires that.they be mentioned. (b) Most of the activity in the Cherepovets launch operations area during consisted of work on the drain a ditches which surround each of the launch position6. The white objects lined; up along drainage ditches, as revealed by i i i t d d f d b o e p pe.sect ons, n n e or to are U=pect the launch complex drainage system-1 These objects are still in place on 25X1.Q 25X1 D indicating .no particular rush to complete the job, or a work stoppage awaiting completion of 25X1D essential work elsewhere. The small amount of. work on individual launch positions during .. 25X1D (c) The latest Tallinn coverage revealed 25X1D. approximately nine vehicles in the launch area., however the photo ualit was not 25X1D as good as the which covered Leningrad in and it is not possible to identify them as to type. A few vehicles are in motion, and most'are possibly trucks or items of construction equipment. Cherepovets was 25X1 D also covered by only one however, image motion degraded the photo qua.ity to on extent which makes analysis of 1 HANDLE VIA TALENT-"' TYHC1 [" CONTROL SY: 7_[M ONLY I L'tc1 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 25X1 [ 25X1 I 25X1 25X1 D 25X1 D HANDLE VIA .TALF~;T_j,-Y! JOLE CONTROL =>ti `-=TL f%, ONL.ti SUBJECT: Level of /'activity, Cherepovets and Tallinn 'PC$ 2060/65 "Long Ike SAM Bites" M/EB 71/65 vehicular activity very difficult.. However, it is suspected that five to ten vehicles are pafrked in the support area approximately .5 nautical mile Northwest of the launch areas.' It is.also suspected that a few vehicles or pieces of con- struction equiprment are located along the road being constructed north of the village off' Irdomatka. No vehicles can be detected within the launch operations area, however the road skirting the north side of launch site B and C has consider. able tree shadow and it is not possible to negate vehicular activity in the launch operations area. (d) The available photography o Tallinn and Cherepovets (see Attach- ment 2) precludes determination of-the exact month when construction activity was initiated at each complex, though, the period can be narrowed down further with Cherepovets than it can with Tallinn*-, In ccxtparing construction pro .ress at Tel- lien with that at'Sary Shagan Launch Complex A, Launch Site 3, PositIlon 5, it is reasonable to conclude that construction at Tallinn probably started sometime dur- ins the three month period, Photography .reveals that this Is the case with Cherepovets, therefore, one must conclude that, for one reason or anot:rrr. i.-,tN'truction at Cherepovets. wras slowed up by possibly unexpected difficulty, or that Tallinn was given priority. This conclusion is 25X~D based on the degree of progress visible at Tallinn as compared with that evident at Chere ovets. Progreso seen at Tallinn during a sing le month 25X1 D; is greater than that seen at Cherepovets during all of During that single month at Tallinn, revetment walls were erected for three launch positions at Launch 8'te A and for two launch positions at launch Site E. In addition, curved revetments were added opposite launch position openings, along the far side of the access roads at positions one and six, Launch Sites A and B. (e) The following, observations. and conclusions regarding construction pro;rese at the Ta ltnn-type launch revetment at Sary Shagan Launch Complex A is believed pertinent to this'reporti (1) the. construction progress on the long launch revetment at Sary Shagesn Launch Complex A, Launch Site 3, Position 25X was at approximately the some sta&e as that seen at Tallinn on (P) the Sary Shagan position had 25X1 B HANDLE VIA TALE:NIT?K [:l'N0~ F CONTROL ~ti ~T~ w1 ONL D Sary Shagan facility, it is assumed that, as o !construction at the Tallinn launch positions has oseibl ro to the 'construction stave visible at Sary Shlagan on i j6. All measurements appearing, in this report have been made by-the CIA/PID project yet. They should. not be construed-as being mensuration data compiled ,by, the NPI Technical Intelligence Division. ~7* The photo anlyst on this project A on a tension x^422 should you have any further questions. 25X1 D Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000400370057-9 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000400370057-9